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Marge has dreams about Mona’s message from Mona’s fake will that there was a mysterious man at Maggie’s first birthday. Then the Simpsons have to return to Ireland because they left Grampa there.

Hence more Irish references and leprechauns and Irish geological sites.


The chalkboard gag is: “The Lucky Charms leprechaun is entitled to steal my cereal.”

The couch gag is the Simpsons drawn as animation cells. First their eyes, then skeletons etc then skin, then clothes. However Homer remains on the couch naked. Marge gasps and pulls down an animation cell to give him clothes.


Oscar comes home from town to find Hugo outside chained up in the yard like an animal. He was also wearing nothing except a diaper.

“Awwwwww! Baby Hugey!” Oscar tried to hug him but he snarled at him as he hated being hugged.

“Oz Dad’s just being a right jerk to Hugo again.” said Bart.

“Why do you care? I thought you disliked Hugo because he scares you. And er kidnaps you and tries to sew you and himself back together again.” said Oscar.

“Yeah but I know you care for Hugo.” said Bart.

“Well time to beat Homer black and blue.” said Oscar making a fist gesture angrily.

“No Oz!” Bart stopped him.

“Fine I’ll ask Marge.” said Oscar. “Marge! Homer’s being a real jerk to Hugo! Can I beat some sense into him?” Oscar asked.

“Oh is he now?” Marge asked annoyed and holding a wooden spoon. “Certainly Oscar!”

Oscar made a smug grin at Bart and went inside the house to beat up Homer for being cruel to poor Hugo.

Bart frowned at him. Then he winced when he heard Homer being beaten up badly and screaming and crying.

Some time later Oscar came out to take Hugo’s restraint collar off.

“Okay Hugey sit still, I’m gonna try to take off your restraint collar with some bolt cutters.” said Oscar.

Hugo’s stomach groaned and gurgled. He clutched his sides desperately needing the loo and grunted as he took a big smelly, slimy poop into his diaper with a splat.

“Eeeeeeew!” Oscar groaned. Hugo was still grunting and pooping.

“Now that’s kinda hot...” said Oscar.

”Oz stop getting aroused by pooping...” Bart groaned.

Yet another moment later, Oscar was in Bart’s room changing Hugo’s diaper. Hugo was lying down on Bart’s bed.

“How about just cleaning me up and fetching my clothes Oz?” Hugo asked.

“Awww... can’t you wear a diaper for a little while? You look cute!” said Oscar.

“No that’s not my thing... and stop hitting on me...” Hugo groaned.

Bart came in horrified Oscar was changing someone’s diaper on his bed. “Oz! Don’t change him on my bed!! Do that somewhere else like Lisa’s room!” Bart yelled.

“I put down a waterproof plastic sheet...” said Oscar.

“I don’t care! Not in my room!” Bart yelled sending Oscar and naked Hugo elsewhere.


Eventually Hugo was dressed in his shabby torn worn out clothes again. A torn orange shirt with holes in it and stains and shabby threadbare blue shorts Marge tried to recover by stitching mismatched patches of cloth on them.

“Apparently Dad tied Bart up in the yard like a dog once for some reason. So he’s a real jerk to both of us I suppose.” said Hugo.

“Probably. But his excuse will probably be because I’m always misbehaving.” said Bart.

“That doesn’t make that any less wrong Bart.” said Hugo. “Now I’ve missed an hour of valuable science experiment time. I almost split an atom!”

“Maybe if you didn’t bite Dad he wouldn’t have tied you up outside wearing a diaper.” said Bart as Hugo went up into the attic.

“Why does he always retreat there when I fought to free him from there?” asked Oscar.

“Because its like the Warner Bros water tower to the Animaniacs. Yes it’s a prison to me, but it’s also become like a home for me.” said Hugo. He then went to start experimenting.

Oscar and Bart shrugged their shoulders.


Then Homer nursing his injuries from being beaten by Oscar is watching hockey like he was at the beginning of Eeny Teeny Maya Moe.

“There should be laws against being beaten up in your own home.” Homer whined wearing an ice pack on his head. He was bruised all over and bandaged.

“There is Dad. It’s domestic violence...” said Lisa. “But don’t expect any sympathy from me. You were being really mean to poor Hugo! No wonder Oscar was riled!”

“I’m trying to watch the game! Pipe down!” said Homer.

On the TV there was a hockey game. Two players from opposing teams were fighting each other.

“Oh you hate to see this!” said the announcer.

“I love to see this Homer cheered.

“Well I don’t! I once lost a tooth because Bart got a little to enthusiastic in a hockey game fight...” said Lisa.

“And now the other players are joining in!” said a commentator.

Lots of hockey players are fighting.

“Some one could lose a tooth!” said the other commentator.

“Amen.” said Lisa sighing. Homer shushed her.

Then Maggie gurgled and stood in front of the Tv holding a book called Pat the Bunny.

“No Maggie! Daddy doesn’t have time to Pat the Bunny!” said Homer gently pushing her out of the way. “Daddy’s watching an important mid Atlantic hockey game. Yes I know our team isn’t playing. It’s just important Sweetie.”

“And the Sesame Street ice skaters are looking bored waiting for this game to end!” said a commentator as Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird waited and ate hotdogs.

“And Fernando has broken through the Isotopes defence and heading for the goal!” said the commentator. “Will he score for Utica Mohawks?” Oh maybe Homer’s home team is playing after all...

Homer screamed. “Stop him Babando!” said Homer.

Marge angry turns off the TV.

Homer screams.

“You’re supposed to be spending time with your baby daughter!” Marge yelled. “Instead I find you watching hockey games and tormenting Hugo by chaining him up in the backyard!”

"That is it!" Oscar fumed. "I am calling social services on your butt!"

“I will spend time with Maggie after the game. I just wanna know what the score is...” said Homer holding Maggie.

“I’ll tell ya what the score is, bub! Your daughter doesn’t even know who you are!” Marge ranted.

“Of course she does! Watch!” said Homer gently putting Maggie on the floor so she can crawl. “Where’s Daddy? Come to Daddy Maggie.

Maggie looks down the couch that’s magically much longer and seated at it are a line of potential Daddies. Homer, Kang the alien, Santa’s Little Helper, Justin Timberwolf and Fernando the seemingly gay Latino pirate from Marge’s dreams.

”Come on Maggie! Come to Daddy!” Homer cooed.

”No, come to your real father, spawnling!” said Kang.

”Halloween episodes are not canon, Kang...” Homer sighed.

Justin Timberwolf sung Hairy back and um, Howl me a river.

”Author no!” Bart whined.

Fernando the gay muscle bound pirate who’s not actually gay according to Marge’s imagine was making bedroom eyes at Marge.

”Hands off my Marge you fruity pirate imaginary friend!” Homer yelled.

However Maggie saw the TV. She crawled towards it and hugged it.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.

“Hmmmmmm! Maggie the TV doesn’t feed you or change your diapers does it?” said Marge. “Apart from Mommy who sometimes changes your diapers?”

Maggie crawled towards Homer who looked happy. But then she immediately crawled towards Santa’s Little Helper and hugged him.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.


Eventually Homer went to take Maggie for a walk. “Fine! I’ll take Maggie in her buggy...” said Homer going.

Marge put on the TV.

“And now, picking the perfect apple.” said the TV.

“Ooooooh!” said Marge interested in the program.

Lisa was watching her dad put Maggie in her stroller. But there were loads of dogs and Santa’s Little Helper. Santa’s Little Helper sniffed Maggie and gently grabbed her and laid her on the ground and took off her pyjamas with his teeth and then ripped off her diaper with his teeth and put a clean diaper on her with his teeth pulling the sticky sides down.

Homer glared at him for showing him up.

“Hehehe! That’s how the Curious Bear Cub changes my diaper!” Oscar laughed.

There was a cut away of the Curious Bear Cub sniffing Baby Oscar’s diaper with his big green shiny nose. Oscar gurgled and squeezes his nose. It squeaked like a toy. Oscar giggled.

The cartoon green bear cub then laid him down and sniffed him a lot before deciding to change his diaper.

Back in the real world.

“Well Lisa, I’m doing what your mother wants me to do, I’m taking Mugsy for a walk.” said Homer. He had strapped her back into her stroller.

“Maggie...” Lisa sighed.

“Mom’s not naggy... she just sets the bar impossibly high...” said Homer.

“Shouldn’t you make sure Maggie wears a sweater?” asked Lisa holding Maggie’s purple sweater.

“Impossibly high...” Homer sighed.

Half way up the block, Santa’s Little Helper caught up with Homer and Maggie to give Maggie a bottle of milk. Homer took it and tested its temperature. “Hmmmmph! Not even warm! Typical dog...” Homer sighed.


Meanwhile Hugo and Oscar were rebuilding the hot tub that Grampa smashed up in In the Name of the Grandfather. Hugo was hammering in the boards.

”That board is lopsided Hugo. That’s why I ace Woodshop class.” said Bart swaying and sanding planks.

Hugo rolled his eyes.


Then Homer and Maggie’s potential fathers in the park got into a fight over her.

“Let go! She’s my daughter!” Homer was fighting with Kang.

“No technically she’s mine because I fertilised Your wife!” said Kang.

“Treehouse of Horror episodes are non canon!” Homer yelled.

Justin Timberwolf was singing Justin Timberlake songs with wolf ad-libs.

“Shut up Justin Timberwolf!” Homer yelled.

“She knows me more than you!” Kang argued. Maggie was sat in her stroller. “Koochy koochy coo!” Kang cooed and made baby talk to her.

“Hehehehe! Again male parental unit! Again!” said Maggie in her deep alien voice.

“D’oh! Maggie loves baby talk!” Homer groaned.

“That was Rigellian! You brainless Earth ape!” Kang yelled.


At home Hugo was sat in a diaper again bored or miserable about something when Rigel VII Maggie hissed and latched her tentacles around his head wrapping them tight around his neck. He muffled trying to yell as he tried to pull her off of him.

“Oooooooh! Face hugger tentacle hentai! Mmmmmm!” Oscar got aroused.

“Oz stop talking about hentai!” Bart yelled.

Marge was having a nap when she dreamed about Mona’s fake video will. She explained Maggie inherited a soft toy given to her on her first birthday by a mysterious man. The Simpsons always promised that one day they’d go out and find that man. And no it wasn’t Homer or Grampa Abe.

“Find him Marge, find him.” Mona’s voice echoed in her thoughts.

Marge woke with a start.

She then spoke to Mons about this over some coffee. But suddenly Homer screamed and ran in.

“We have to fly back to Ireland! I left Dad there!” Homer yelled.

“Oh lord!” Marge gasped.

In Ireland.

“Hello? Helloooooo!” Abraham Simpson called for his family. “I’m cold...”

“No time for coffee! Everyone pack! Marge get the kids ready and packed!”

“Homer stop! How do you intend for us to suddenly get to Ireland?” Marge asked.

“I don’t know! Maybe the Queen of England might help.” said Homer.

Plot 2[]

The Simpsons and Oscar and Mona flew on Leprechaun Airlines. The same airline that flew them to Ireland in In the Name of the Grandfather. The leprechaun pilots were once again telling the passengers over intercom the names of Ireland and to look out for Kathy Ireland.

“Now listen up. Bart no getting drunk again! Lisa, no arcade games gags! Mutant kid, don’t embarrass me and Oscar, no silliness!” said Homer. Oscar groaned. “Otherwise you can stay at home and help rebuild our Hot Tub Grampa broke!”

Oscar tried to not be silly.

“We’re approaching Ireland now folks!” said the leprechaun pilots.

Suddenly the plane was approaching Draygon as it roared and tried to swat the plane with its tail.

“Why you little! I said no silliness!” Homer yelled strangling Oscar.

“Dad! Let go of him!” Bart yelled.

The leprechaun pilots once again went on about Ireland being home to good poetry and bad poetry. And Vogons...


They got a car and drove about Ireland commenting on it.

“Oh look! A guy in a really thick woolly sweater being poked by an old lady with long bony fingers!” said Homer.

An old lady is berating a man in a thick woolly sweater about the youth of today while poking him with her long bony fingers.

“I can’t feel a thing!” said the man joyfully.

“Look! Leprechauns!” said Lisa as there were leprechauns walking about like they were regular citizens of the town the Simpsons were driving through.

“Yupprechauns!” said Bart as the yuppie leprechauns said things like “Ya ta tee! Plasma screen TV!”

“Oh sumner in Tuscany!”

“Everything is so quaint here!” Lisa admired the cobbled roads and old stone buildings. “Like a tin tray of grandma’s cookies.”

“If Mr Burns didn’t force me on the run I’d be a grandma with cookies.” Mona sighed.

“And knitting?” Bart asked eagerly.

“Sure why not.” said Mona as they drove to their hotel.

Oscar looked out the car window to see leprechauns looting boxes of Lucky Charms cereal from the supermarket. Happy Little Elves waving and Curious bear cubs. He giggled. And Hulk and Thing fighting. He chuckled.

“Oz are you making stuff again...” Bart groaned.


The Simpsons arrived at their hotel. This time avoiding a pinching. Some time later they left dressed in green clothes. Ie Bart had a green shirt and green shorts.

“Well I’m taking the kids sight seeing.” said Marge.

“Well I’m going for a drink and er will try to find Grampa. Should be easy that we’re in the same neighbourhood we were in last time.” said Homer.

“And I will try to stay sober.” said Bart, but if this ends up being a snooze fest...”

Marge sighed.

”I will be baking cookie and knitting and doing grandma stuff.” said Mona pinching BRt, Hugo and Lisa’s cheeks lovingly. The kids cringed as the disliked having their cheeks pinched.

Homer went to O Flanagan’s.

“One Whiskey, with out the E.” said Homer.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Oscar yelled in a deep voice in a demented manner.

He paid for it when served and tried it.

It was too weak an not potent enough.

“Hey! I thought you Irish were known for drinking heavily! Give me your most Irish drink!” Homer demanded.

“Okay, Irish stout served in a potato.” said O Flanagan.

“I said an Irish drink!” Homer said annoyed.

O Flanagan served him a strong traditional Irish beer.

“That’s much better.” said Homer.


Meanwhile Marge and the kids were sight seeing at Irish landmarks again. First up was Giant’s causeway. Basalt hexagons.

Bart, Lisa, Hugo and Oscar were re enacting Q*bert on it. Cue Q*bert noises.

“I said no arcade game references!” Marge told them off.

The kids sighed and got down from a hill of basalt hexagonal columns.

Then they went in a hedge maze. They imitated the Pac Man ghosts as Pac Man music played. Marge face palmed.

Then they went to see the Blarney Stone.

Once again the tour guide explained people kiss the stone for good luck or good fortune in the future.

“Hmmmm! I don’t like the idea of girls getting a gift for kissing. It sets a bad example for my daughters...” said Marge.

Then she wanted to know where Stone Phillips was, if he was there.

“Or the Rolling Stones...” said Oscar.

“Hmmmm, no Oz...“ Marge sighed.

Bart was inside the wall of the Blarney Stone spay painting his butt grey again.

“Doing this prank sober is much more fun! I can hold a tune!” said Bart. “K I S S M Y A S S spells kiss my ass!”

A man kissed his butt. Eeeeew!

“Fresh!” said Bart in a silly voice.

Then the Irish bully with a switchblade came along wanting to carve his name on the Blarney Stone.

Bart ran off screaming with his grey butt showing.

Marge sighed.


At O Flanagans.

“So what happened to the smoke easy?” Homer asked.

“Oh we had to shut that down, on orders of the funny Irish police man.

There was a fat old fashioned Irish police man twirling his club while saying “Ah toy toy! Oh me Jesus. Top o the morning to you sir.”

Ned Flanders who was there for some reason was reading a Sarah Sloan movie poster for a film called “My Big Gay Baby.” and had a baby on it wearing spiked leather clothes and a leather hat. Mmmmm kinky...

“I have a date with a movie star!” He gasped.

“Yeah sure you do! And I’m going apple picking with Scooby Doo! Ah toy toy toy.” The funny cartoon Irish police man laughed.

And he was doing just that.

“Raggy! There’s some more apples over here! Hehehehe!” Scooby said to his friend Shaggy.

“Like this activity is totally way cool Scoob! Pick your own food!” said Shaggy eating an apple.

“What the hell kind of cut away was that?!” Homer yelled.


Marge and the kids were at the Ring of Kerry. A Stone Age Stone ring to mark the sun rising and setting. There were white witches and druids and cultists there.

“Hmmmmm! So many Neo-Pagans...” Marge sighed. “My pious children’s souls are at stake!” She paused. “Well it’s too late for Lisa...”

Hugo laid Bart across a stone and tied his wrists and ankles. He was about to perform a pagan human sacrifice on him.

“Hugo! No sacrificing your brother!” Marge told him off. “Lisa no witchcraft!”

Lisa was practicing magic.

Then they went into town. There was a cathedral. Outside in a graveyard were people reading books.

“It must be Bloomsday.” Lisa explained they were fans of a novel by Fitzpatrick Bloom called Ulysses. Which unfortunately does not feature giant man eating cyclopses. Odysseus is a latinised version of Ulysses.

“And this is why I’d rather go to Scotland...” Bart groaned bored.

“Nah... Scotland is always featured in gay cartoons like the Family Ness and their bag pipes just sound gay too.” said Oscar.

“Oz stop using the word gay like that! Just say lame or that it sucks...” said Bart.

“Well this should interest you Bart. A street busker! Singing lovely Irish love songs!” said Marge.

A young bearded man was on his guitar singing a very romantic song. “I’m trying to win back the girl I love.” He started singing.

“I don’t know you. But I want yooooouuuu all the more!”

“Leave me alone! I have a husband!” a lady yelled.

“And stop sending her piano!” The Italian man threw a piano out the window. It smashed to pieces on the ground below.

Marge and the kids decided to go back to the pub.


Marge and the kids enter the pub.

“Well how was your day?” Homer asked tipsy.

“Terrible. The kids got bored that they mucked about! Even Lisa which is highly a rare lapse in her behavior!” said Marge.

“We were just playing Q*Bert on the giant’s causeway mom! Don’t be so melodramatic!” Lisa whined.

“I said no arcade game references and no silliness from Oscar!” Homer told Lisa off.

“But Dad-“ Lisa whined.

“Well I made a commitment on the promise my day wouldn’t be boring! Today was dull! So I’m drinking again.” said Bart.

“Bart no! You’re only ten!” Marge told him off.

“Drinking!” Bart insisted sitting at the bar,

Marge grumbled. “Homer so something! That is not normal for a child to be drinking!”

“Well it’s funny.” said Oscar as Bart drank a bottle of beer.


“Well what activities other than drinking do you want to do kids...” said Marge.

“I actually liked today Mom. It’s just you and dad have really got to get off my back about making Arcade game references...” said Lisa.

“Fine...” Marge sighed.

“I would like to see if there’s an arcade round here.” Bart hiccuped with drunk ness while he slurred his words.

“Science museum or fishing.” said Hugo.

“Hunting for leprechauns!” said Oscar.

The Simpsons sighed at his silliness.

The pub door rang as a customer came in.

“Leprechaun!” Oscar yelled in a silly voice as he ran off. The Simpsons face palmed.


Oscar travelled along the streets of Dunkilderry until he came to a point where half the street was painted and decorated green and half painted and decorated orange.

“This must be the boarder between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.” said Oscar.

Orange and green people and green and orange people, and the leprechauns were bickering. Then Hulk and the Thing started fighting.

“Cooooool!” Oscar cooed.

But yupprechauns and the funny police men broke up the fighting.

“Okay break it up! Break it up!” said a police man.

“So it’s a brawl you want, see?” said another police man.

“Shame on you! Fighting in front of a child!” The yuppie leprechaun scolded the fighting people at the boarder. He was pointing to Oscar.

“Hehehe! A small person! Wow you’re more than three times my age but half my height!” said Oscar teasing the yuppie leprechaun.

“I’m a leprechaun boyo, and didn’t your ma or Da teach you o respect tour elders?” said the yuppie leprechaun.

“My parents died when I was very young. I don’t like to talk about it sir.” said Oscar.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” said the yuppie leprechaun.

“It’s okay sir. I’m just here to have fun. Seen any rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them?” Oscar asked.

“That’ll be in the field of rainbows over yonder.” The yuppie leprechaun gave him directions.

Plot 3[]

Oscar was on his quest to find leprechauns and stuff. He was following the yuppie leprechaun while eating bowls of Lucky Charms cereal.

“Why do I have to follow you. I can navigate by myself...” Oscar groaned as he ate his cereal.

“Because a child needs adult supervision.” said the yuppie leprechaun having to look up at Oscar rather than down upon him to have eye contact.

“Why are leprechauns small?” Oscar asked.

“I don’t know! Why are humans big?!” The yuppie leprechaun asked baffled by his questions.

Meanwhile the Simpsons put aside their activities for now to find Oscar because they were worried about him.

“Oscar? Oscaaaaar?” Lisa called.

“Oz where have you got to...” Bart sighed.

“Hmmmmm. These Irish sure are modern when it comes to accepting love in all its forms...” said Marge.

There were two yuppie leprechauns sat at a table in a cafe. They were clearly in love with one another. Yeah gay yuppie leprechauns.

“Has anyone seen this boy?” Lisa showed people a picture of Oscar. Luckily they did.

”Yes Lassie, he went that way.” said a yuppiechaun.

Meanwhile Oscar and the yuppie leprechaun arrived in leprechaun town. A cartoonish fantasy town of leprechauns.

“This is rather fruity...” said Oscar.

“I’d say it’s rather cheerful. Just watch for some of the leprechauns here.” said the yuppie leprechaun.

Oscar accidentally provoked the angry leprechaun from Treehouse of Horror XII. He shouted Irish sounding gibberish and swore at him.

“I told you to watch out kiddo.” The yuppie leprechaun took him by his hand and lead him away.

”Sheesh! What’s their problem?!’ Oscar asked.

”Oh it’s because they spend all day drinking liquor and whisky instead of making shoes.” sId the yuppie leprechaun.

They stopped at a cafe with leprechauns. The yuppie leprechaun told Oscar to stick with him and the other yuppie leprechauns because they were peaceful and civilized.

“What about that leprechaun stealing the boxes of Lucky Charms cereal?” Oscar asked.

“Errr... he’s harmless. Just annoying because likes Lucky Charms cereal...” said the yuppie leprechaun.

“These are my Lucky Charms! Mine! Ya hear me?!” said Lucky the leprechaun stealing Lucky Charms cereal.

Oscar ordered a shamrock shake. He looked over at the swearing leprechauns. Green ones supporting the Republic of Ireland were fighting with orange ones that were loyalists to Britain.

There were also Curious Bear Cubs from Happy little elves because he demanded it so. And pyromaniac tiny leprechauns, like the one on Ralph’s shoulder. They cackled in Irish while starting fires with matches that were giant compared to them.

Then in a burst of green lightning the evil leprechaun from Leprechaun played by Warwick Davis appeared.

“I want me gold!” said the evil leprechaun from Leprechaun.

“Eep!” The yuppie leprechaun was scared.

“Uh he won’t hurt me will he? Mr leprechaun?” Oscar asked.

“Well it depends, do you have any of me gold?” The evil leprechaun asked.

“N-no sir. Honest.” said Oscar.

“I knew that any way. And I don’t harm children. Well I did jump out of a fridge a scare that kid once. But only because it was funny!” said the evil leprechaun.

“So um, what are you doing now apart from trying to find your gold?” Oscar asked.

“Well, if there’s one thing I like more than gold, it’s shining shoes...” said the evil leprechaun.

“Well I’m wearing sneakers right now. But I do wear shoes to church. Only because Marge, my friend’s mom insists upon it.” said Oscar. “You could work as a shoe shiner. I never bother to shine my shoes and it would make Marge happy to see me tidy in church for once.”

“If you find me gold I’ll shine your shoes all day long! Mwuhahahaha!” said the evil leprechaun then he left.

Before Oscar could ask what the hell happened he heard Marge and the rest of the Simpsons call him.

“Guys I’m here.” said Oscar reuniting with the Simpsons.

Marge admonished him for running away and thanked the yuppie leprechaun for looking after him.

“Well now there’s that evil leprechaun from the movie Leprechaun looking for his gold...” said Oscar.

“We don’t have time for that! We have to find my dad!” said Homer.

“I’m here you good for nothing son!” said Abe.

“Dad!” Homer hugged him.

“Let go you big softy! I just found this leprechaun gold! I’m Rich! Richer than all of you!” Abe laughed.

“Leprechaun gold?!” Oscar gulped.

“Uh oh.” said Bart.

“Gimme my gold!” said the evil leprechaun.

“You better do as he says Gramps.” said Oscar.

“But I found it!” Abe said petulantly.

“Abe! He’ll kill you!” Oscar yelled.

“Yes I’ll kill ye!” said the leprechaun.

“Okay fine. Keep your gold...” said Abe. “I only came here because this is what I think Ireland is, populated with leprechauns living in little mushroom houses...” said Abe.

The Simpsons rolled their eyes.


Baby Oscar and Baby Bart were wandering around town when they encountered Sage and Onion, the gross leprechauns from Live and Kicking on CBBC.

“Eeeeew! I know these guys Baby Oscar said in Baby language.

“You do?” Bart babbled.

“Yeah. They’re really gross...” said Oscar.

Sage and Onion were pulling at long stretchy booger from their noses.

Jamie Theakston told them off for being disgusting while he was reading fan letters.

Then Sage and Onion were playing with globs of slime from somewhere...

Oscar felt queasy in disgust and wet his diaper which he did when seeing slime or gross out humour.

Then Sage and Onion shrunk them with leprechaun magic and tormented them in a gross manner similar to how Oscar would deal with when encountering giant babies. For example Sage glued him to a table by his hands with two snot rockets. (Squeezing streams of snot out at him.) Baby Oscar groaned in disgust as he was stuck fast. He struggled and squirmed.