Simpsons Fanon

Character Info[]

Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Occupation Student
Affiliation Good
Family Adopted father: Homer Simpson
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Since Brian died in Brian's war, the Simpson family decide to get a replacement. They manage to adopt the religious catholic Selma Fanba, an African child. The first Selma focusing episode is Selma the Fellow, in which she decides she wants to become a man and tries to get her new adopted family to pay for the procedure. She then starts talking in her manly voice. So, since noticing that Marge had catholic Selma, they decide to kidnap Selma. With the cries of help from Selma was heard on Brian's doggy-style grave, Vinny the new pet dog comes to rescue her.


  • Homer Gets Promoted
  • Homer the Popeye
  • Stewie's Temp Job at the Park
  • Vinny's Job at the Park
  • The Rise of an zombie child
  • Where are you? Part 2
  • Marge's journey
  • Selma the fellow
  • Dancer shift
  • Sleeping Apples
  • Singing in fallring lane
  • Marge & Molly
  • Switch Brains
  • Who kidnapped Mr. Griffin? (Part One)
  • Who kidnapped Mr. Griffin? (Part Two)
  • Homer's Big Score
  • Tak's return
  • The Regular Simpsons movie
  • New Pilot
  • Voting for President
  • Easter Special
  • The energon mission
  • The babysitter
  • The Fall of Benson
  • Dinobots vs Tina
  • The stolen heart
  • Robo Error Part 1
  • Robo Error Part 2
  • HugeHead's Revenge
  • Mordecai VS thanksgiving
  • The Island yellow