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Homer's Favorite Child is the first episode and season premiere of Season 33 and final and the 729th episode overall of The Simpsons, having premiered on May 2022.[1] (The original Simpsons. Not some fan-made series.)


Homer & Bart Simpson go to the movies & Krusty Burger. Then they come home. Marge asks Homer who his favorite child is. Homer says he'll answer later.

Later Homer is sitting on the couch drink beer when Bart comes up & asks if he is Homer's favorite. Homer looks at Bart & tells him to watch TV with him, changing the subject. Bart frowns, but watches TV with Homer.

It is dinnertime, & The Simpsons are eating spaghetti & meatballs. (Yum! Bart & Homer's favorite!) Everyone has meatballs on their plate but Lisa. Lisa asks Marge who is Homer's favorite. Marge sighs & says that Homer never pointed that out. Homer shoves a meatball in his mouth at this point. Bart looks at Homer & sticks out his tongue. Homer strangles Bart. Bart rubs his neck. Marge grumbles. Maggie sucks her pacifier.

Later, right before everyone who goes to bed, Homer calls the family over. He says that he wants to announce who his favorite child is. Bart jumps up & down for some reason. Lisa shrugs. Marge says, "Finally." Homer pauses to add suspense. Bart whimpers, as he thinks that Lisa will be his father's favorite.

Homer takes a deep breath, warns the family about announcing his favorite child might have disastrous consequences, & smiles at Marge. Bart stomps his feet & shouts, "Just tell us already!" Homer scowls at Bart.

Homer's favorite is Bart. Bart is happy & Lisa is mad. Marge is grateful that Homer answered his question. Maggie just sucks her pacifier.



  • In secret, Maggie is pissed that Homer loves Bart more than her.
  • How would Bart be Homer's favorite if he abuses Bart excessively?
  • This is the first episode with a fan-made opening.
  • Production Code: IABF17
  • Bart reveals that his older brother Anthony was 10 years and 3 months old when Bart was born