Simpsons Fanon

Scrambled! It’s fast food season at the Krusty burger that means yummy new burgers such as the return of the ribwich so of course Homer, Bart, Oscar and Hugo stuff themselves silly. However Marge is concerned for the boys health so she tries everything to keep them off of fast food, but they are determined. Then something in the greasy food turns everyone into freakish chicken people!

Based on the Super Mario world episode with the chickendactyls.


Bart is in the living room relaxing with his shoes and socks off watching TV. He put his shoes on Hugo’s ears... Hugo is not happy. They are watching Boobrella.

“And now for an eighty minute movie. Frankenstein and the Harlem Globe Trotters meet the mummy and the Washington Generals! Pay attention and you may see a young Ray Romano!” said Boobrella.

“Why am I watching this crap...” Bart sighed.

“Shhhh!” Ace hushed him.

The film is Frankenstein’s monster playing basketball with the Harlem Globe Trotters. Because he is so tall he just puts the ball in the hoop.

The referee gives him a penalty. “That’s a five minute penalty!” said the referee.

“Don’t blame Frankenstein. Me made from the corpses of Denver McNuggets!” said Frankenstein’s monster.

“Is that Ray Romano?” Bart asked.

“No that’s Frankenstein’s monster... He’s one of my Dad’s friends he goes drinking with...” said Ace.

Oscar laughed. “That is so corny! Who else does he hang out with? The wolfman?!”

“Why yes he actually does Oscar...” said Ace as this was true.

“And now for eighty two commercials. Then you can see more of my boooooobs!” said Boobrella.

“Moooooom!” Ace groaned at the TV.

“Your mom is Boobrella?!” Oscar asked.

“That’s her stage name! Do not call her that!” To you she’s Ace’s Mom.” said Ace. “My mom I mean.”

Homer then came in and sat down between Bart and Oscar so the boys had to shift up.

“It’s nice to see a realistic single woman on TV...” said Homer as he sat down.

The TV is showing Apu advertising back to school supplies. “Good morning Springfield!” said Apu.

“Aaaaaaagh!” Homer screamed because he thought Apu was a realistic single woman.

“Ha! You thought Apu was a woman!” Bart laughed.

“Shut up boy...” said Homer as they watched the Duff in the jungle commercial.

“Homer! Apu was having a back to school sale! Turn it back!” Marge told Homer off.

“Uh no he wasn’t... Schools not due to start up again for another week. Uh it’s an inset week...” Bart lied to get another week off.

“Hmmmmm! Bart!” Marge sighed disappointed in his reluctance to go to school.

By the time Homer changed the TV back, the eighty two commercials were finished and Boobrella was back on.

“Bad news folks! Ray Romano has sued to prevent the showing of the movie!” said Boobrella.

“Nooooooooooooo!” screamed Ace dramatically.

“Oh brother...” Bart sighed at Ace’s over the top screaming.

“Ace calm down!” Marge sighed.

“Here’s a commercial for Krusty Burger while I appeal this injunction!” said Boobrella.

There was a steel plant themed Krusty commercial with rugged men throwing cows into furnaces and pouring out the molten results like one would do with molten steel into moulds for Ribwiches a type of rib burger.

“Ugh! This commercial is disgusting!” Lisa yelled at the sight of the cow being thrown into a furnace.

“Quiet Lisa!” Homer scolded her.

Krusty took a ribwich and put it in a burger bun and ate it. “Try my new Ribwich! I like it!” said Krusty.

“Oooooh! A new burger!” said Marge.

Homer drooled and gargled. “Mmmmmmmmm! Ribwich.... gaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggghhhhh...”

“Careful Dad, you don’t have any leg veins left to graft onto your heart!” said Bart.

“I still have arm veins don’t I?” Homer retorted.

“Oh yeah...” said Bart.

“Oooooh! Those Steel workers look so rugged!” Marge was ogling the steel workers.

“Marge... They won’t be interested in you or any woman. The whole steel industry is gay...” said Homer.

“That is not true! That’s just a silly stereotype!” said Marge.

“Hi there fellas!” said Krusty to the steel mill workers at his magic ribwich steel mill.

“Helloooooooo!” they responded with gay hellos.

Homer screamed.

“Stand still! You have a spark in your hair!” a gay man is slapping his friend to put out a spark.

“Put it out! Put it out!” said the other gay man.

Homer made a nervous sound.

“Hot stuff coming through!” said a muscular gay man in hot pants carrying a large container of molten looking hot sauce for a very spicy version of the ribwich.

“Over there Larry...” said !rusty giving him directions.

Homer chewed his fingernails in horror. “This commercial is sick!” he turned the TV over.

“So you don’t want that new ribwich then Dad...” said Bart.

“I didn’t say that...” said Homer.


Meanwhile Skinner was opening the school up for the first day of school while singing School’s out for summer but changed the words to “School’s open, for the beginning of the new semester!”

“This year he gets it in the back!” Willie is in a dark corner threatening to stab Skinner. Dun dun dun!

“Oh hi Willie! Did you get the letter concerning your pay cut?” asked Skinner.

“Argh! There be many a cuts this year Skinner!” said Willie.

“Quite so!” said Skinner. Sinister music plays as Willie is trying to murder Skinner for some reason...

At morning assembly Bart greets Nelson.

“How was your summer at space camp?” Bart asked.

“Sucked...” said Nelson.

“Good morning fellow space cadet!” said Martin. He was wearing a t shirt with a photo of himself and Nelson dressed as Star Trek characters.

“Shut up or I’ll put my boot in your gut!” Nelson yelled at Martin.

“But I held you up when you were vomiting on the simulator!” said Martin. Everyone started laughing at Nelson.

“I said shut up!” Nelson yelled.

“Okay children take your seats and be quiet.” said Skinner. All the kids sat down and were silent. “Welcome back everyone. I’m sure you all had an exciting summer. I was a maitr’d at the Springfield Country Club!”

“My dad said you were the bus boy!” said Dolph.

“Your dad the raging alcoholic?” Skinner retorted to embarrass Dolph.

“No, his dad the raging homosexual!” Oscar yelled standing up.

“Oscar sit down!” Bart yanked Oscar down into his seat by his sweater.

“You are so dead Tamaki!” Dolph yelled.

“Children please! There’ll be time to kill each other after assembly...” said Skinner. “Now we need to get down to business as we’re already a day behind because someone stole the school keys yesterday morning... I know who the culprit is...” Skinner explained.

“Big deal! Everyone knows the first day of school is a total wank!” Bart said a very rude word...

“Bart said a bad word!” Oscar yelled.

“Shut up wuss!” Nelson told him to shut up.

“Well if by wank you mean educational fun, then stand back! It’s wanking time!” said Skinner.

Everyone laughed hysterically.

“Skinnnnnneeeeerrrr!” Superintendent Chalmers yelled.

“Superintendent Chalmers!” Skinner gasped.

“Do not use that sort of language in front of the children! Do I make myself clear?!” Chalmers told him off.

“But sir! I was only repeating what Bart said- Thanks Simpson... I’m in trouble with my boss now...” Skinner sighed.

“Anyway jokes over children! What Principal Skinner was about to announce was that it is the start of the school spelling bee!” said Superintendent Chalmers.

“Woohoo!” Lisa got up and cheered. Everyone looked at her in stunned silence. “Looks like I’m unpopular again this year...” she sighed and sat down. Bart rolled his eyes for some reason.


The spelling bee started.

It was Bart’s turn.

“Now Bart your word is imply.” said Skinner.

“Imply or implode...” Bart quipped, knowing that joke annoyed his sister.

“Grrrrrrr! Principal Skinner! Make him stop!” Lisa yelled.

“Bart enough foolishness! Your word is imply!” Skinner told him off.

“Imply... easy! I M P-“ Bart spelt out imply.

“Ha! Bart’s made of pee!” Nelson laughed. Everyone laughed hysterically.

“Well I got a laugh out of everyone today. I’m done!” said Bart walking off.

“I made Bart in my pants!” said Ralph.

Jeffrey the kid with dorky bangs who for some reason this episode had bleached his hair platinum blond, went “Eeeeeewwwwww!”


“And now we’re down to our last three finalists. Milhouse your word is choke!” said Skinner.

“Can you use it in a sentence?” Milhouse asked.

“Why yes! Homer Simpson choked Bart because he was angry with him.” said Skinner.

“That is a slanderous defamation of my character!” Homer yelled as uh the parents were watching the spelling bee.

“Oh this is easy! F- Oh darn it! Stupid! Stupid!” Milhouse somehow spelt Choke wrong.

Everyone laughed at him.

“Stop laughing at him! You’ll scar him for life!” Skinner told everyone off. But they continue laughing. “Well I suppose it is infectious...“

“Hugo your word is somagopulus.” said Skinner. Hugo was wearing Bart’s glasses and a white scientist lab coat and a bow tie.

Hugo face palmed. “Skinner that is not a real word...”

“Excellent! It was a trick word to get you eliminated!” said Skinner. “Now Lisa yours is...”


At home in the kitchen.

“Lisa I am so proud of you!” said Marge after the spelling bee. “Except for when you yelled Free Tibet! down the microphone... do you have to make everything a political soapbox... last yeah it was save the whales. I’m sorry but the whales are doomed...”

A white whale at the kitchen table coughed and frowned at Marge.

“Oh I forgot Moby Dick is staying with us...” said Marge.


Homer went out for a drive but stopped suddenly and was delighted because he saw the ribwich frog.

“The ribwich frog!” Homer left his car in the road to cause an accident so he could go to Krusty burger.

“Try the ribwich! It’s only available for a limited time!” said the ribwich frog. “They’re so good you’ll croak!”

“Hmmmmm.... now I’ve been fooled by many fast food chain mascots...” said Homer.

“Try the sauce! I’m soaked in it!” said the ribwich frog. His costume was soaked in ribwich sauce.

Homer got some on his finger and tasted it. He gargled and drooled. “I could lick you all day....” it was that delicious.

“And yet my wife and kids think I’m a failure...” said the ribwich frog.

Homer went inside the Krusty burger.

“One Ribwich please!” Homer paid for a ribwich burger. He bit into it. It went in his blood stream and something in the burger made him addicted as he got big pupils and drooled and kept buying and eating ribwiches...

The ribwich frog laughed insanely. Krusty rubbed his hands and laughed evilly. “Yes! Yes! Bwahahahaha!”

Homer kept eating ribwiches while Squeaky Voiced Teen picked his nose! Eeeeew!

Homer after having his fill drooled.

“Are you alright sir?” Squeaky Voiced Teen asked as Homer made weird noises and had a seizure.

“I have tasted the ribs of God!” Homer declared before having another seizure.

“Drool bucket in aisle twelve!” Squeaky Voiced Teen called for a member of staff to clean up Homer’s drool.

Plot 2[]

Lisa was heading for another spelling bee round. This time it was against Shelbyville.

“Dad hurry! I don’t want to be late!” said Lisa.

“I’m sorry sweetie but daddy can’t attend this round. Because he tried a delicious new burger and is now addicted to it!” said Homer.

Lisa was sad.

“Marge me and the boys are sitting out this turn of events to do a fast food episode where we get addicted to fast food, you probably try to get us to eat healthily using various methods... that doesn’t work and something really bad happens to us...” said Homer.

“Hmmmmmm! Homer this is the most important day in your daughter’s life!” said Marge.

“Even more important than her wedding to Milhouse?!” Homer asked.

“Milhouse?!” Lisa asked in disgust.

“Ladies, I am not doing a spelling bee episode... unless I get a Hooked on Monkey Phonics monkey to help me learn to spell. Like Cartman did...” said Oscar.

Marge and Lisa sighed...


Oscar was sitting on Bart’s chair in his room when Marge came in.

“I looked everywhere but the only store that sells monkeys to help people is that store for disabled people Homer got Mojo from.” said Marge.

They opened the Hooked on Monkey Phonics box. “Eeeeew! I don’t like monkeys...” Marge groaned as she picked up the monkey from the box and put it aside. “It says a disclaimer here that if the monkey turns up dead to ring the company to get a replacement but luckily the monkey seems to be in good health.” said Marge.

The monkey was climbing on Oscar and screeching and hooting.

“Hehehe! Monkeys...” Oscar giggled.

“Now Oscar, you promised if you got this toy you would write the rest of Lisa’s spelling bee story and learn how to spell.” said Marge.

“I will Mrs Simpson...” said Oscar.

They were in the dining room. Marge put on the Monkey Phonics tape. A metronome played and the monkey played his drums to the rhythm.

“Chair! How do we spell chair?” The childish tape asked.

“Easy! C H A I R!” said Oscar.

“Very good Oscar!” said Marge scruffling his big spiky hair do.

“Mom that’s one of the easy words that even a kindergartener should know... they’re there to weed out the extremely dumb or handicapped kids...” said Bart.

“Bart you didn’t even finish spelling imply because Nelson made everyone laugh at you.” said Lisa.


Lisa was in her tracksuit with a sweat towel jogging.

“Did Sherri and Terri tease you about your butt again...” Oscar asked wearing his Phonics monkey on his head.

“Yes but that’s not why I’m exercising... this is how I coach myself with spelling! I go for a jog around town and people ask me to spell things!” said Lisa.

Lisa went out jogging. She passed Cleatus’s shack.

“Spell scabies.” Cleatus asked.

“S C A B I E S.” Lisa spelt out scabies.

“Now our latest baby has a name!” said Brandine holding her baby by the scruff of her shirt.

“You’re not supposed to hold the baby like that...” said Cleatus.

Lisa passed Otto.

“Spell AC DC!” said Otto.

“Easy! AC DC!” said Lisa jogging away.

“Uh Uh! You forgot the lightning bolt!” said Otto.

“Fine.... AC lightning bolt DC...” Lisa sighed.

“Woooooo! Rock on!” Otto cheered.

Lisa jumped over Barney who was sleeping on the pavement.

“Uh Uh! You shall not pass unless you can spell relax!” said Barney.

“R E L A X.” said Lisa.

“Uuuuuuurp! Great! I would also have let you past if you played the poké flute!” said Barney.

Lisa rolled her eyes and left.

Red from Pokemon adventures pulled out the Poké Flute and played it.

“You shall pass!” said Barney.

Red threw an Ultra Ball at him and caught him.

“Ow! I’m not a snorlax!” Barney whined.


Meanwhile Homer took Bart, Hugo and Oscar to Krusty burger for lunch. They were going to gorge themselves on unhealthy fast food...

Homer ordered eight Krusty sunny side burgers. A Krusty Burger with a fried egg on the patty. Four fries, onion rings and four shakes. However Hugo didn’t like the Krusty Sunnyside Burger. “Fine give me something with fish in it too.” said Homer.

“That’ll be the Krusty fish sandwich sir!” Squeaky Voiced Teen explained.

“Yeah that.” said Homer. “Oh and five ribwiches.”

Homer paid for lunch and took it to the booth he was sitting at with Bart, Oscar and Hugo.

Krusty was in the back on the phone to his lawyers.

“Whattya mean I can’t sue the Krusty Krab for copyright infringement?! It’s my name! I’m Krusty!” yelled Krusty smoking a cigar.

“Oh...” his lawyer realised.

At Homer’s booth.

“Shame you only like fish boy, these Sunnyside burgers are delicious!” said Homer eating the Sunnyside burgers.

Hugo was about to eat his fish sandwich.

“Uh Uh! Do the calorie test...” said Homer.

Hugo sighed and rubbed the fish burger on the window, it turned see through. A pigeon crashed into it. “There is no scientific explanation for why that happens! Probably a confusion for the test for the presence of fat in foods with grease proof paper...” said Hugo before eating his fish sandwich.

Back in the back room Krusty was having a conversation with his suppliers about an ingredient in his food.

“It does what to people?!” He gasped. “Oy vay... Get me my lawyer...”


Homer, Bart, Hugo and Oscar arrive home with food stains on their faces and clothes from stuff like ketchup and Krusty’s secret sauce for the burgers etc And very fat bellies.

“Ugh! Look at you! You’ve all been gorging on fast food and now you’re all fat!” Marge scolded them. Tomorrow you’re all going on a diet!”

“Diet? Yeeeuck!” Homer groaned as he hated diets.


“To keep you boys from being tempted while I’m at Lisa’s spelling bee, she’s through to the state finals! I’ll be keeping you boys locked in. I’m sorry but it’s for your own good!” said Marge locking Bart, Hugo, Homer and Oscar in.

“Oh come on Marge let us out!” Homer whined. He fights with the front door. He groans as Marge drives off.

“Don’t worry Homer. I’ve got my skeleton keys back! Hehehehe!” said Oscar holding a large keychain with keys on it.

Marge is annoyed to come back later to find Homer and the boys got out and stuffed themselves with fast food. There were burger boxes and wrappers everywhere.

“That’s it! We are having something healthy for dinner! Some vegetables will do you good!” said Marge.

“Mmmmmm! Vegetables!” said Lisa. “And I know just where to get some!”

They went to the Kwik e mart. Cleatus had opened a vegetable market stall. Despite not being allowed to grow things on his land.

“I can now what with my scary deliverance cousins having a few not so friendly words with the government!” said Cleatus.

We cut to the government agents being held hostage by deliverance red necks.

“Hey get your stall out of my parking lot!” Apu told Cleatus off for setting up a market stall in his parking lot.

“Come on Brandine, the sidewalk will be our premises now.” said Cleatus as they packed up and set up on the sidewalk.

The Simpsons arrived.

“Look at this! It’s like a corn dog with out the dog!” said Homer peeling a corncob’s leaves open to show the corn.

“Dad that’s corn...” said Lisa.

“Yousa can have whatever you want, just put it in this sack.” said Cleatus.

“You may not!” Brandine angrily took the sack. “That’s my baby carrying sack!” Three babies poked out their heads. “Look at their faces! They’sa traumatised! I’m taking them for a walk in my wheelbarrow!”

“Awwww! The little yokel babies!” Oscar cooed.

“Yousa want a baby?” Cleatus asked Oscar.

“You may not! They’re my belly fruit!” said Brandine.

The Simpsons rolled their eyes at this domestic between Cleatus and Brandine.

“Look at all these wonderful healthy vegetables!” said Lisa.

“Ugh! Bet they won’t protect you from a hoard of flesh eating zombies...” said Oscar.

“Oz that’s... a cool idea for a mobile phone game!” said Bart.

“In the future they’ll be called apps...” said Oscar.

“Then it’s settled! We will have vegetables! Vegetables, you have been promoted from side dish to entree!” said Marge.

“Mom why are you talking to a pepper...” said Bart.


At home, the Simpsons are in the kitchen eating dinner. A healthy vegetarian dinner.

“I don’t miss meat at all! Maybe I had Lisa wrong! This portobello mushroom is just like a big rubbery fungus steak...” said Homer.

“More spinach and cheese tray bake Dad?” Lisa asked him.

“Why just give me the whole tray.... mmmmmm gluttony...” said Homer but suddenly his stomach made an unhappy groan. “Oooooooh! I think I’m having a food baby!” He felt sick.

Bart’s stomach was upset too. “Oooooooh! I feel like something took a crap inside of me!” He groaned.

“Bart! Don’t use that word!” Marge scolded him but was suddenly stricken by a stomach ache. “Oh crap!” She felt sick.

The Simpsons and Oscar, but not Lisa, all suddenly clutched their hands over their mouths as their faces turned green and their cheeks bulged... they suddenly ran away from the table.

Maggie threw up in her jack in a box. Clownja was not happy. He put a sign on his box reading “I am not a sick bucket!”

Homer vomited in Lisa’s saxophone because all the toilets were occupied by his family members being sick into them.


The Simpsons and Oscar were on the couch wrapped up in blankets looking very poorly...

“Since your stomachs are very sensitive right now I’ve brought you some weak tea and dry toast...“ said Lisa. She was holding a tray with a teapot and slices of toast on it.

“No fair! How come Lisa doesn’t get sick?” Bart whined.

“Because your bodies are so used to eating processed junk that it’s a shock to eat some vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals and trace amounts of bug feces.” said Lisa.

“Eeeeeeeew!” Oscar gagged.

“Lisa! Stop putting everyone off of their vegetables!” Marge told her off.

“But I’m not! It’s scientifically proven that...” Lisa explained.

“Not one more word young lady!” said Marge trying not to be sick.

“Fine... there’s no bug feces in vegetables...“ Lisa sighed.

Plot 3[]

Eventually the Simpsons all went to bed early. Lisa being the only one not sick nursed them and tucked them in. Right now she was attending to Bart.

“I’m still annoyed you didn’t get sick this isn’t fair!” said Bart.

“On the contrary, I’d figure you’d love to have time off sick from school!” said Lisa.

“Lis I don’t actually get sick. I fake it. Why would I want to waste my sick days in bed miserable and throwing up, with a fever...” Bart replied.

Lisa frowned at the thought of him faking illness to truant from school.

“Just get some rest. I can sing you a lullaby...” said Lisa.

“You sing?” Bart asked.

“Sure! I sung that striking song for Dad’s strike at work... I wrote the Jazz man song I sung with Bleeding Gums Murphy when he was on his deathbed.” said Lisa.

She sung a lullaby. Hush little baby. It was super effective! Bart’s eyelids grew heavy, he yawned and went to sleep.


Some days later the Simpsons were on the mend. Because they were now in their pyjamas eating KFC.

“Well you must be feeling much better now to be keeping down solids!” said Lisa.

“Yeah no more vegetables ever again! Now I’m only eating food I know had a soul!” said Bart eating fried chicken.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

“That’s why KFC is called soul food.” said Oscar.

“No it’s called that because the commercials always show black people eating it. That’s a racist stereotype!” said Lisa. “Everyone except vegetarians loves KFC! It’s the third most popular fast food!”


Soon Bart, Hugo, Oscar and Homer were back to their usual gluttonous selves and feeling rather hungry from the few days of being sick. They were back to gorging on Krusty Burger food again.

“Oh dear....” Marge sighed.

She came to burger boxes and wrappers again, but this time something horrible had happened to Homer and the boys... They had grown feathers and wings! They also clucked like chickens when they spoke.

“Bwark! Marge! Bwark wark! What’s happened to us?! Bwark!” Homer asked while clucking like a chicken.

“Well either you upset a witch again and got turned into a chicken hybrid or something you ate did that to you...” said Marge.

“I bet it’s that nasty Krusty Burger food! You don’t know what goes into that...” said Lisa.

I’m not to bothered! Finally I’m Baron Von Chickenpants! Bwark!” said Bart.

“No you’re tonight’s dinner.” said Lisa.

“No you’re tonight’s dinner...” said Bart.

“Mom! Bart sent my insult back at me!” Lisa whined.

“Don’t fan the flames if you can’t handle them Lisa...” said Marge...


Homer took advantage of Bart’s chicken like appearance. One morning he greeted Bart.

“Good morning chicken!” said Homer.

Bart rolled his eyes.

In bed Marge was concerned about Homer and boys and their mysterious illness.

“What if I undo my top button.” said Homer.

“No Homer...” Marge sighed.

“What if I talk like this...” he put on a sexy voice.

“Good night Homer...” Marge sighed.

“What if I sing to you... I gave my love a chicken... it had no bones...” Homer sung. “Mmmmmm! Chicken...” he sighed.


However the next morning the mutations worsened. Bart was chicken from the waist downwards with chicken talons and had a beak where his nose and mouth should be.

“Marge, Bwark! I’m worried! Bwark! Wark! I mean what if we’re stuck like this forever...” said Homer. He imagines himself at a Bart’s wedding to a woman.

“And now I will sing a song for the bride and groom.” said Homer. He clucked Here comes the bride but in chicken noises.

“Bwark Bwark Bwark! Bwark wark a wark!” Homer sung in chicken noises.

Back in the present.

“This is so embarrassing! My family are chicken mutants and it’s the big day of the spelling bee!” said Lisa,

“Not to mention the host is trying to get us to drop out so this new kid with glasses called Alex wins. Apparently people think he’s cute...” said Hugo.

Lisa was waiting at the spelling bee for her turn. The biased judge’s favourite contestant was a cute little boy with big thick rimmed cartoon glasses, ginger hair and wearing a baseball cap called Alex. Alex was chewing bubblegum and blowing bubbles with it deliberately.

“A corrupt host?! Someone better call the mayor!” said Marge.

“No need Mom! I wrote a letter to Bill Clinton. He’s set up a sting operation to get the host disbarred.” said Lisa.

At the spelling bee finals.

Lisa was sat next to Alex as he blew bubblegum bubbles with his gum and popping the bubbles.

“My nose makes it’s own bubble gum bubbles!” said Ralph blowing snot bubbles.

“Eeeeeew!” Lisa groaned.

Suddenly military guys arrested the biased judge under orders from Bill Clinton.

“Thanks Lisa. I’m disbarred... I hope your happy... Now instead of getting a champion everyone wanted we have a boring knowitall girl and here freakish chicken people family!” The corrupt Host was fired.

Lisa smiled smugly as she took to the stage.

“Blast! That no good goody two shoes Lisa...” Mr Burns ranted. “I have my finger in too many evil pies to fail now! By the way how has my plot to turn the whole town’s fast food lovers into chickens going?” said Mr Burns.

“Very well sir! They don’t suspect a thing!” said Smithers.

“Excellent...” said Mr Burns.

Meanwhile at home Bart watched a programme with Brian Blessed in it.

“Brian Blessed, how would you like your eggs?” A male voice asked.

“SCRAMBLEDDDDDDDDDDD!” Brian Blessed shouted very loudly.

Oscar as a chicken mutant walked in scratching the carpet with his chicken talons then grunted as if he was going to poop. He grunted and cried in pain as he laid an egg.

“Who wants an omelette?” Oscar asked.

At school Alex was annoying Lisa by blowing bubbles with his gum.

“Alex stop that! That’s really annoying!” said Lisa.

“Shan’t!” said Alex.

Lisa growled annoyed.

The biased judge was at the evil republican meeting. “Mr Burns, believe me I’ve got a plan to make sure Lisa doesn’t win that spelling bee!” said George Plimpton.

“You better have! I can’t stand those blasted Simpsons!” said Mr Burns.

At the spelling bee to the tune of I put a spell on you was a montage of the contestants spelling.

Jurkle is eliminated when he gets Acerose wrong. He spelt it aserose.

“Ha! He is an Ass ah rose!” Bart laughed.

“Um yes he does resemble a pine tree leaf.” said Frink.

“Dude I didn’t bring my Gameboy, this is my only entertainment.” said Bart.

Up next was Alex. He had to spell anthrax. Which he did successfully. However because of his very young age he prounced his ls and rs as W’s. “Anthwax.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaw!” Every one cooed at how adorable he was.

“Awwwww! He’s so adorable! I wouldn’t mind tucking him in at night!” said Marge.

“You’re coming with us Ma’am!” said an FBI agent. “Agent Stoner FBI!” Marge was arrested by the FBI because they took her comment massively out of context.

“Homer help! Marge cried.

Homer as a chicken mutant was too busy squawking and scratching the floor for worms to eat.


Behind the scenes during recess of the competition. Lisa found a friend, a chines girl being pushed by her strict parents to win.

“I’m sorry. My parents don’t even care for my intellect. They’re always yelling at my brother.” said Lisa.

“I wish I had a brother for my parents to yell at. But, they can’t. Blame China’s one child per family policy...” said the Chinese girl.

Meanwhile Hugo was reading while Alex was being cute while licking a big purple lollipop. Then Hugo grimaced because Alex shoved the whole thing in his mouth grotesquely distorting his head so it was wide and flat. Then twisting his lollipop so his head looked like it got squashed between two swinging logs before going back to that flat I just swallowed a sewer lid look and back again.

Hugo sighed and read his book.

Suddenly Alex was chewing bubblegum and blowing a big bubble, it grew bigger and bigger and bigger... Hugo took out his sewing needle and popped the bubble. Alex cried as he was webbed up with gooey pink bubblegum. Realising it was in his hair too he cried and ran off.

“Alex! That is the last time I let you chew gum!” Alex’s mom said off screen.

Hugo smirked and read his book in peace.

Meanwhile chicken Homer and chicken Oscar went on a hippy rodeo across America but instead of hippy stuff and free love... it was following the Ribwich as it was marketed across America. They are shown in various Krusty Burgers across America eating Ribwiches.