Simpsons Fanon

Science Unfair Bart and Lisa sabotage each other's science fair projects at a series of science fairs. Meanwhile Homer spends the day eating snacks on the sofa while watching football.


Bart is at a science fair at school one day. He has invented a crazy dance zapper that makes whoever it zaps do crazy dances.

“Well Edna, for a school with no Asian kids-“ said Skinner.

Cosine frowned.

”Never mind, forgot Cosine the Chinese kid...” said Skinner.

“I’m Korean you racist!” Cosine yelled.

”We put up an excellent science fair thi- Go Go Ray?” Skinner asked Bart about his experiment.

Skinner examines it with disbelief.

“Allow me to demonstrate Seymour...” said Bart smirking.

Bart zaps him. He starts doing a star jump-ish dance. Mrs Krabappel laughs at him.

However Bart zaps her. She starts doing the monkey. "Can't stop doing the monkey...!" she says while dancing.

Bart rapidly zaps teachers with his invention causing everyone to dance!

”I’m disrupting the learning process! And I love it!” Bart cheered.

"Congratulations Bart! First prize! First prize!" said Skinner. However it was just a dream as his voice faded away and Bart woke up to Lisa saying first prize to him repeatedly.

"Lis, what are you doing?" Bart asked.

"Sorry just rubbing it in. Well good luck anyway. Even though I'll win this year yet again...!" Lisa replied.

At breakfast Lisa had a giant tomato on the table.

Homer laughed when he saw the giant tomato.

”Homer! I want you to encourage and support Lisa with her science fair project...” said Marge sharply to Homer, telling him off.

Homer whined.

”Aaaaaaaaagh! Attack of the killer tomatoes! I’ll save you Lisa!” Oscar yelled taking out a huge ass laser cannon.

”No! Hands off my freakishly giant tomato!” Lisa yelled stopping him.

”Geek...” Bart called Oscar a geek for referencing a reading book.

”Oscar stop being silly...” Marge sighed.

”Yeah, syrup is better than jelly.” said Bart with a plate of pancakes covered in syrup and one with pancakes topped with strawberry jelly or as us Brits call it, jam.

Lisa explained that her tomato was genetically modified and fed anabolic steroids to grow giant. The experiment is to solve world hunger with giant fruits and vegetables.

"What if people don't like fruit or vegetables?" Bart asked.

"Bart... Fruit and vegetables are vital to our diets. If you don't eat them you could get extremely unwell..." Lisa explained. "What's your experiment?"

"A cootie shot." Bart had a toy syringe with something orange in it. Possibly play-doh.

Lisa sniggered. "Didn't you submit that last year?"

"That was preventative. This one is like the morning after pill." Bart replied. His mobile phone then rang. It was Milhouse. He was asking desperately about the cootie shot. "How can you accidentally French kiss your dog?!" Bart asked him.

"Well I'm submitting Freckles and Flaps, My pigeon-rat." said Hugo. "So I can apply for conjoined twins to have reattachment surgery! Mwuhahahahaha!"

"Hugo, no! We're not getting reattached!" Bart scolded him.

”How about some sort of Go Go Ray that makes people do funny dances, Hugey?” Oscar asked.

”......... No.” said Hugo after a long pause squinting at Oscar.

”Where’s your science experiment Oz?” Homer asked tousling Oscar’s wild brown locks of hair boisterously.

”I thought I’d investigate the effects of cigarette smoking and tobacco on dogs...” said Oscar.

Santa’s Little Helper came in smoking a cigarette and coughing in a sickly manner.

“Oscar, don’t give the dog cigarettes.” Marge told him off.

”Why you monster! Why would you do that to my best friend?!” Bart yelled at Oscar strangling him.

(Oscar wheezing and gasping for air.)

There was a horn beeping outside.

"Oh that's the school bus! Kids you better hurry up!" Marge explained. Everyone finished their breakfasts and took their lunches and left.

“You better get off to work sweetie.” said Marge giving Homer his lunch and a kiss.

“Hehehe... Little does she know I’m planning to skip work early to go to the duff Brewery...” Homer thought to himself.

“Roll in nine leave at five! That’s my motto said Homer.

“They won’t suspect a thing...” Homer thought.

“Homer are you planning on sneaking out of work early...’ said Marge.

“Agh! She suspects something! She must be killed!” said Homer’s Brain.

Homer screamed and ran off.

Marge grimaced as she saw him run off screaming and slamming the front door shut.


Homer was in line. Crusher and Lowbow were beating up workers who stalled in line ie doing their shoe laces up.

”To escape unwanted activities head into sector 3E” Homer read an old riddle.

Homer snuck out of work via the deadly abandoned sector.

In sector 3E he encountered a giant monster spider! Homer screamed and the giant spider hissed.

“To defeat the spider’s curse, quote a bible verse.” Homer read Barney’s note. “Thou shall... Ah what the heck.“ He threw a rock at it. It died.

Homer threw himself out a window.

Barney had a comfortable mattress on his car.

“Hey that looks like Princess Di!” He drove forward “oh it’s just a pile of rags...”

Oscar ran up to him and punched him in the face hard. “Not funny!” Oscar screamed angrily.

Homer landed on the hard ground. “Ow!”


On the trip to school Lisa was holding her giant tomato.

At School Principal Skinner greeted them.

"Oh, hold my tomato Bart." Lisa gave Bart her tomato as she went inside for a bathroom break or something.

“Soitenly! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!” said Bart laughing and doing an impression of something... Apparently it’s Curly from Three Stooges.

”Why you knuckle head!” Oscar yelled hitting him on the head.

”Ow!” Bart whined.

”Whoop whoop whoop!” Milhouse ran around in a circle whooping.

”Why you!” Oscar yelled being Moe of the Three Stooges.

Skinner was doing his laces up.

Bart stared at his butt and the tomato. He had a naughty idea. He threw the tomato at Skinner.

Skinner saw the shadow covering him too late. He screamed "Noooooooooo!" in slow motion and the tomato splattered over him and some splattered on everyone.

Lisa screamed and ran as she saw what Bart was doing. "Bart nooooo!" she got splattered with tomato too.


That afternoon after school, Lisa was in her room crying and being comforted by her mom.

"It's not fair! Why does Bart do such careless things!?" Lisa cried.

"Hmmm! Bart! You're grounded!" Marge told Bart off and sent him to his room. (Shared room with Hugo.)

However Bart sneaked out.

”My science project is gone and the fair is in two days!” Lisa cried.

”Hmmmmm... Oh I know! How about you run a hamster through a maze?” Marge asked.

”That’s a great idea Mom!” said Lisa. She thought of Bart as a hamster scurrying through a maze. He gets stuck in a corner.

”Help! Help!” cried Hamster Bart.

Lisa laughed as her thought ended.

”What’s so funny dear?” Marge asked.

”Oh I was just thinking of a joke I heard on Herman’s head...” said Lisa.


Meanwhile Homer and Barney went to the Duff Beer factory. They went on a tour and tried samples of beer.

The Tour guide asked if they heard of the rumours about a batch of Duff contaminated with Strychnine.

”Strychnine?!” Homer gasped horrified.

He turned round and screamed when he saw a dead strychnine victim with their face forced into a creepy smile like in Treehouse of Horror V when Ned as a dictator forced everyone to smile. “What the hell are you smiling at?” Homer told off the corpse.

Barney spoke to a worker in charge of monitoring beers on the conveyor belt for contamination. Anything contaminated had to be taken off and dumped.

”Hi (name)! Whatcha doing?” Barney asked.

”Checking for contaminated produce. Rat... rat... human ear.... rat... rat...” However he was momentarily distracted saying goodbye to Barney that he missed Hitler’s head in a bottle of Duff.

”Ooooooh! The furnaces!” said Homer.

”The rat pipe!” said Barney. A pipe rattled and squeaks came from it.

They then watched a speech between JFK and Nixon.

“I um err take this time to express my feelings to this finely brewed beer!” said Quimby sounding JFK. Everyone cheered.

”I um would also like to express my desire to have some of that delicious beer...” said Nixon. Everyone booed him for copying JFK.

”Wuss never drank in his life!” Homer ranted.

Then Lenny got turned into a blueberry trying an experimental Duff that wasn’t ready yet.

”Now are you sure you didn’t try anything in my factory?” Baron Howard K Duff VIII asked. Strangely he resembles Gene Wilder Wonka.

”No...” Lenny lied.

”Are you sure? I’m just saying...” said Baron Howard K Duff VIII.

”Hey shut up Howard!” Lenny as a blueberry yelled.

In a testing room.

”Mmmmmmm! Gummy Duffs!” said Homer eating gummy beer bottle sweets.

Barney was lying under the taps drinking from them.

”Barney you’ve had way too much! Time to go home!” Homer explained.

”No! I haven’t tried Duff Dark, Medieval Duff or Lady Duff or Lady McDuff! Oh no!” said Barney as by mentioning Lady McDuff he was immediately assaulted by Macbeth’s murderous henchmen with knives.

Homer sweat dropped.


Later some weeks before another science fair, Lisa had purchased a hamster and was experimenting with him.

"So what's the experiment, sweetie?" Marge asked.

"I'm doing an intelligence test between hamsters and humans with Bart as the test subject!" Lisa explained.

"Hmmmm! I really wish you wouldn't do science experiments on your brother..." Marge sighed.

"I'm just getting him back for destroying my tomato..." Lisa explained.

”Hey Lisa. Could a Hamster fit their whole arm in their mouth like this?” Bart asked at Lisa’s bedroom door. He stuck his whole hand in his mouth but couldn’t get it out again, “Mmmmmmmph! Mmmmmmm! (Muffled sounds that probably meant “Never mind...””)” Bart walked off embarrassed with his hand stuck in his mouth.

Later Lisa started the experiment. The first one was based on a booby trapped piece of food. Lisa had rigged a piece of food to electrodes and placed the trapped food in the hamster cage. When the hamster bit it he got a shock and flinched in the corner.

"Hamster has learned a valuable lesson..." Lisa said as she made notes. The hamster would learn to be more cautious before biting things.

Next was Bart's turn. A cupcake on a table was wired up to a hidden circuit that Bart couldn't see.

Bart saw the cupcake and naturally wanted it. He touched the cake but was zapped.

"Ow!" He tried to grab it again but was zapped every time he tried.

Bart made a Curly/Shemp sound slapping himself annoyed.

"It's electrified! Knuckle head!" said Oscar. Bart however insisted on trying to grab the cupcake and got zapped.

Lisa giggled and scored Bart a zero.


At Duff factory Homer could see Barney inebriated was trying to drive.

”Barney you’re too drunk! Gimme your keys!”

”No!” Barney argued.

”Gimme your keys!“ Homer insisted.


”That’s it!” Homer tried slamming Barney’s head in his car door.

”Ow! What are you doing? Ow!” Barney whined.

”If you won’t listen to reason you’ll listen to force!” Homer growled.

”Ow! Fine! Be that way! Oooooh cousin...” said Barney smirking as he called for his evil cousin Blond Barney.

Homer gasped and was punched in the face by... after a camera pans round to reveal his attacker to be... Blond evil Barney from the older episodes!

Good, or in this case slightly less evil Barney laughed as he got in his car in the driver’s seat with his cousin sitting next to him and they drove off inebriated.

“Hi Barney!” said Chief Wiggum dressed as a giant beer German stein before being knocked over by Barney driving erratically.

”Get out of the road! Stupid talking giant beer stein!” Barney yelled as he drove erratically from being drunk.

”Ow ow ow! (Cries)” Wiggum cries as he rolls about down a ditch in his costume. “Hey this actually fun! Weeeeeeeeee!” Then he crashed into a tree and blew up violently in a massive orange fireball for some odd reason.

Plot 2[]

Next was using intuition and the environment to fetch something or solve simple puzzles.

There was a piece of food on the bookshelf in the hamster's box. He naturally couldn't reach. However he pushed a bed towards it and climbed up to get the treat.

Lisa was impressed.

Now it was Bart's turn. There was another cupcake on the bookshelf. He tried to climb the bookshelf...

Naturally of course, it fell on him with an almighty crash and squashed him.

Homer and Marge came into the noise.

"Bart! What the hell?!" Homer yelled.

"Oh my boy!!" Marge was worried as he was seriously injured.

"Oh no! I didn't want that to happen! Bart why did you do that?!" Lisa was upset Bart was hurt.

"Lisa! No more experiments on your brother! He could have been killed! You're grounded young lady!" Marge told Lisa off.

Lisa ran off to her room crying.


After going to hospital. Bart came back bandaged up and his arm in a sling. He set about getting his revenge on Lisa...

To start with he stole her black diary upon reading it and finding it was about her experiments.

"Bart! What have you done with my diary?!" Lisa yelled.

Bart was sitting in his bedroom chair and stroking Lisa's hamster like a Bond villain. "I have hidden it. You will never find it..." said Bart.

"Found it!" said Lisa having found the diary.

"D'oh!" said Bart.


Homer caught Barney and pulled him aside one evening at Moe’s to give him a harsh lesson in drink driving.

”So you think you can drive drunk can you? Well let’s see I give ya ride home...” said Homer drunk but still able to remember Barney’s obstinance yesterday at the Duff factory.

Homer got in his pink car drunk and barely drove a yard before crashing into a lamppost.

Marge was at the police station.

”Marge your husband has been found DOA.” said Wiggum.

Marge gasped. “My Homie is dead or alive?!”

”Oops! No I meant found DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol. I always get those two confused.” said Wiggum.

Marge sighed relieved but disappointed in Homer.

”He’s stewing in the drunk tank Mrs S.” said Lou.

After Marge left a lady arrived.

”Yes, I am Mrs Phillips. You said my husband was found DUI?” said Mrs Phillips.

”Um.... Why don’t you speak with that officer over there...” said Wiggum.


Homer was taken to court.

”Don’t worry Mr Simpson. I have a long line of surprise witnesses. Each more surprising than the last! The judge will be baffled...” said Lionel Hutz.

He went out to the recess room to see the witnesses. He screamed. “Oh my God!”

”Pipe down in there Mr Hutz!” Judge Snyder yelled. “Homer Simpson I sentence you to death!”

Homer screamed.

A court advisor or barrister whispered to Judge Snyder.

”Oh wait that’s my next case! Sorry Homer! I sentence you to Alcoholics Anonymous and you are suspended from driving for a month!” said Judge Snyder.

Homer whined.


At a town science demonstration by professor Frink, he watched Frink fly his baby son in a mini plane but it crashed through a window.

"My wife is gonna kill me..." Frink sighed.

"I didn't know he was married..." Oscar remarked.

"I didn't know he had a kid..." Bart replied.

At School Bart demonstrates his science experiment. A hamster flying a toy plane. The parents all thought the hamster was cute wearing his little hat and scarf.

Lisa was horrified that Bart won just by appealing to cuteness and by stealing her experiment.

She had to get him back, somehow.


Homer went to Alcoholics Anonymous. It was ran to his annoyance by Ned.

”Hi diddly ho! I’m Ned Flanders.” said Ned.

”Hi Ned...” said everyone.

”Last year was my first and last blackberry schnapps.” said Ned imagining this scenario.

”Neddy, did you clip Ann Landers today?” Maude asked as Ned blindly groped the bed trying to find it because he was drunk and had taken his glasses off. He got into bed.

”Ha! Ann Landers is a boring old biddy!” said Ned.

Maude gasped.

The dream ended.

”I was more animal then man!” Ned cried.

”Um okay...” said Homer.

”I am Otto! I love to get Blotto!” said Otto.

”I am Hans Moleman. Alcohol has ruined my life! I’m thirty five years old!” said Hans Moleman.

”I’m Homer J Simpson. And I’m only here because the stupid Court made me come here.” said Homer annoyed.

The AA gasped at his unwillingness to accept he has a problem with his alcohol.

”I don’t have a problem with my drinking. Other people have a problem with my drinking!” Homer ranted.

”Homer you are beyond redemption! Get out!” Lovejoy kicker him out.


At home in the bathroom one night.

”Homer I have to fill in this questionnaire from the court. Do you often drink alone?” Marge asked.

”Does God count as a person?” Homer asked.

”No...” said Marge.

”Yes I do!!” God boomed.

”Okay fine! You’re a person! Geez...” said Marge.

”Then no. I drink in the company of our Lord.” said Homer.

”Homer you are lousy company when drunk...” said God.

”God please...” Marge sighed. “Homer do you sometimes need a drink to go to sleep at night?” said Marge.

”That would be nice dear.” said Homer.

”Do you hide beer round the house?”

Homer has hidden several Duff Beers in the cistern of the toilet. “Who doesn’t?”

”Mmmmmmm! Toilet beer...” said Oscar drooling.

“Do you drink to escape reality?” Marge asked.

”I don’t need alcohol to escape reality! Doo de doo! Doo doo doo, doo doo! Doo de doo! Doo doo doo, doo doo!” Oscar replied rolling his eyes about in oppositite directions and singing clown music.

Marge sighed. Her husband was a drunk in denial and Oscar was just insane.

”Homer I want you to do something for me. Please...” said Marge.

”Okay sweetie.” said Homer drinking a Duff from the Cistern.

”I want you to have no beer for a month.” said Marge.

”Okay no deer for a month.” said Homer.

”But tomorrow night is venison night!” said Marge.

”Oh my God! You’re eating Bambi!” Oscar screamed and ran off crying.

”Honey, I’m sure you meant beer not deer.” said Homer.


One Saturday afternoon Homer was watching the game and eating snacks. He had various bags of savoury snacks and dips. He also had a can of beer.

Marge came in. "Hmmmmm! That can't be good for your heart..."

"Marge... my heart is fine..." said Homer. Suddenly inside him, something large was being squeezed through his blood vessels into the heart.

Homer had chest pains all of a sudden and made a pained gasp. Marge gasped in horror. However Homer was able to remedy the pain with beer.

"There, that put out that fire..." said Homer. Marge grumbled at him not taking what just happened seriously.

She tried to talk about it in bed but he had taken food to bed with him to eat during the night.

"Hmmmm! You shouldn't be eating food in bed..."

Homer had another chest pain again. He hit his chest until it stopped.


The next morning Bart was teasing Lisa at breakfast with the see? Food! trick and then put his chewed up food in her cereal.

"Daaaaaaaaad!" Lisa screamed.

Homer had a chest pain. He was doubled up in agony.

"Dad?! Are you alright?" Lisa asked.

"Just... You ever feel like a hundred red hot pokers are stabbing you in the heart...?" Homer replied.

"Dad you should go and see the Doctor! I think you're having a heart attack!" Lisa explained.

"Don't be silly dear! I'm fine!"


Soon another science fair rolled round. How many science fairs does this school have?! Bart was doing a chemistry experiment. However he had to momentarily leave his experiment unattended. Lisa used the opportunity to sabotage it with a chemical she knew would screw it up without harming anyone.

Bart came back and performed the experiment in front of Skinner. However instead of doing whatever he expected it to, there was an explosion. The entire gym was splattered with green slime like Bart's failed science experiment in Bart the Genius.

"Oops!" said Bart as everyone was covered in green slime.

Lisa was happy to get revenge on Bart. And what was better was that he was unaware his experiment was sabotaged. So he wouldn't try to get her back.

”Behold the power of gravity!” said Milhouse pushing a slinky down a slope. It stopped. “Ooooooh....”

”Pretty lame... Milhouse...” said Nelson.

Elsewhere at the science fair the blond kid in Bart's class was having trouble with his possessive Dad who wouldn't let him near his volcano experiment.

"But Dad it was supposed to my project..." said the boy.

"I spent too long on this to let you mess it up! Now go and stand in the corner!" His Dad snapped.

Elsewhere Martin was in a hot air balloon.

"As Phileas Fogg I shall fly around the world in eighty days!" said Martin.

"Bring us back some kettle baked potato chips!" said Oscar.

"Oscar, that was just a brand name... Phileas Fogg didn't actually make potato chips..." said Martin.

Nelson who had a hunting exhibition shot Martin's balloon, it deflated over him.

"Aw, I was aiming for his head..." Nelson sighed.

Homer who was supposed to be there to stop his kids sabotaging each other’s experiments saw Ralph’s experiment an alcohol fuelled car.

”Hmmmmm.... an alcohol fuelled car ey?!, Homer asked. He day dreams he is refuelling an alcohol fuelled car at the gas station which is now an alcohol fuel station and drinking the fuel.

”One for me. One for you. One for me. One for you.” He said fuelling the car then drinking some of the alcohol fuel himself.

”Hehehe!” Homer chuckled.

”Alcohol fuelled car?! That’s even dumber than an alcohol fuelled robot!” Hugo dressed in a lab coat and glasses ranted.

”Hey, Bite my shiny metal ass!” Bender from Futurama yelled.

Plot 3[]

At home Homer was eating a bag of pork rinds.

"Homer... I really think you should cut down on the unhealthy snacks... Tomorrow you're going on a diet!" Marge scolded him.

"Fine..." Homer sighed.

The next morning he had oatmeal for breakfast. However he didn't like it.

"There's a bug in it." He threw it away.

Marge sighed.

Homer made himself an unhealthy breakfast of bacon and scrambled egg.

"Dad, there's a bug in it..." said Bart.

"Eh..." Homer continued to eat his food despite the bug."

The next morning Marge suggested he try a rice cake.

"What is this?! A beer coaster?!" Homer examined the rice cake.

"It's a rice cake. You eat it." Marge explained.

Homer tried it. But it was dry and bland. "Ugh! It tastes like cardboard!"

"Now Homer, you can put something on it to make it taste nice." Marge explained.

Homer piled lots of cheese and other stuff on it however.

Marge grumbled.


Marge had another suggestion to get Homer to be healthy.

"Instead of watching TV, how about you take the dog for a walk. In fact take Hugo too." Marge suggested.

Homer went "D'oh!"

He then got the dog ready and put on his leash. He then put Hugo's collar and leash on him. However Hugo kept struggling and trying to bite.

"Ugh! Keep still and let me put it!" Homer made angry noises trying to get Hugo's collar on.

During the walk Flanders annoyed Homer with a friendly hello, Hugo peed on his lawn, Hugo and Santa's Little Helper fought over a beetle they both wanted to eat. Santa's Little Helper got it.

"Hugo! Get away from that!" Homer saw Hugo was trying to pee on something again. "Why you little!" He strangled Hugo.

(Hugo gasping and wheezing.)


When he got home, Marge took him for a check up. The doctor had grave news. Homer was showing early signs of a heart attack. The causes being his diet, his drinking and stress. The doctor proposed a spa day for Homer and a strict diet.

Homer went to the spa but his fatness caused him embarrassment. While receiving an Asian style massage the masseuse got stuck in his flab and started sinking like it was quicksand.

"Oh! Help! Someone please throw me a rope!" cried the masseuse.

"Don't struggle... you'll only sink faster..." Homer sighed.

After the spa, Homer went on his strict diet. However it wasn't long before he was back to his usual unhealthy habits.


That evening and this bit is really funny...

Patty and Selma were selling their brand of Tupperware containers called Supperware. Great pun ladies...

”This one, you can fit your whole head it!” said Selma stuffing the Tupperware container on her own head. The shiny container grotesquely squashed her face. Jub Jub, her pet lizard screamed and jumped on the lamp shaking.

”Don’t be silly Jub Jub! It’s me, your mama!” said Selma.

”Ay carumba!” Bart yelled when he saw Selma’s squashed face.

Oscar winced and wet his pants.

”Oh dear... Oscar’s had an accident... one moment folks...” Marge sighed taking Oscar upstairs to get changed.

”Anyway, this one is for sandwiches...” said Patty.

Homer was bored.

”Oh....! I could murder everyone in this room for a beer...” he whined in his head.

”Urge to kill rising....” said his brain in a menacing voice.

Meanwhile upstairs Marge hummed and sung pleasantly while she changed Oscar’s diaper. She wasn’t mad at him. She understood he couldn’t help it. Plus she liked mothering. Even an overgrown baby who’s actually Nine years old and should be toilet trained by now.

Oscar lied there on his back on his bed as Marge changed his diaper. He sighed happily pleased by Marge’s understanding and kind patience towards him.


One afternoon Homer broke his sobriety despite never agreeing to it in my fanon and instead giving up venison instead because he thought Marge said deer instead of beer, was dismayed to find his beer gone. He screamed.

Outside on the front lawn, Bart had set up a lemonade stand, Except he was selling beer.

”Bart’s tavern is open for business! Another beer Barney?” Bart asked.

”Uh Lisa, I don’t think you’re allowed to sell liquor... Urrrrrp!” Barney called Homer’s kids by the wrong name again.

Bart sighed. He answered Maggie’s toy phone. “Uh huh? Mr Butts, first name Seymour? Okay everyone! Seymour butts? Seymour butts? Is there a Seymour Butts here? Hey everybody! I wanna Seymour Butts!”

Everyone laughed.

”Why you! If I ever get ahold of you I’ll!” Bart threatened the imaginary caller.

”Bart!” Homer screamed.

”Uh oh!” Bart gulped.

”You! Undercutting my business and stealing my customers will ya?!” Moe yelled catching Bart as he ran away.

’Eep!” Bart gulped.

”I am going to..... tell your father what you’ve been doing! You little scamp!” said Moe giving him a rather mild threat and dragging him off to his very angry Dad who was expecting to grab Bart and throttle him before he ran off.

Bart found this worse than Moe’s usual violent threats.

The end.