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Rapsta Chik
Rapsta Chik.png
Gender Female.png
Status Alive.png
Alias(es) Rapsta Chik, Chiksta (formerly)
Hair Red
Age 33
Occupation Rapper, singer
Location Springfield
Relatives Mother: Fay Middlestone

Father: Michael Middlestone

Half-brother: Zachary Phylson

Adopted sister: Amy Middlestone (deceased)

Aunt: Kari Campbell (deceased)

Ex-husbands: Artie Ziff, Bart Simpson

Wife: Rachel Layton

Daughters: Lisa Ziff (deceased), Delia Simpson

Sons: Ryan Simpson, Bram Simpson

Amanda Lucille Layton-Middlestone (formerly Ziff and Simpson), known professionally as Rapsta Chik (born 31 May, 1985) is an American-English rapper, singer, actress, and director. She currently resides in Springfield with her three children and her wife Rachel Layton.


Amanda was born to teenage parents, an American girl named Fay and an English father named Michael. Her parents were forced into marriage due to the pregnancy and they didn't love each other. At the age of 10, Amanda sneaked out to a Tupac concert, and met him. To save their marriage her parents decided to adopt a child (they were unable to conceive as Michael had a vasectomy after Amanda's birth), and together they adopted a girl named Amelia (Amy for short) and Amanda bonded with her instantly. Her mother eventually divorced Michael and had a son named Zachary with her new husband before they reconciled in the early 2000s. At the age of 15, Rapsta came out as bisexual, and at the age of 19 she married former billionare Artie Ziff. When Artie cheated on her, she divorced him in 2008. That same year, she gave birth to her and Artie's stillborn daughter Lisa, a moment that Amanda described as devastating. In 2012 she began a relationship with Bart Simpson, their twin children Delia and Ryan were born in January 2013. They married three days before. They separated in April 2013, but remarried in July. In December 2014 they had their third child, a son named Abraham. Rapsta and Bart split once again up in early 2018 after Bart once again struggled to remain faithful. Since the split, Bart remarried, and Rapsta decided to make her main focus her children and her music. In September 2018, Rapsta confirmed she's changed her legal name back to her maiden name, and so all songwriting credits will now be by Amanda Middlestone. In December 2018, Rapsta confirmed in a statement that she's in a committed relationship with a woman that she had considered a close friend for many years. In February 2020, it was revealed she was dating openly gay singer Rachel Layton and had been for close to two years. On September 19, 2020, Layton and Rapsta confirmed they had gotten married two days earlier, choosing to hyphenate their surnames.


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Tours & Concerts []

I'm a Rockstar Tour (Young Prince's tour) (guest star) (2013)

TGIF Tour (2013)

2 Days Of Chikmas (2013)

Livin' Life Tour (with Helena Fasesha and Amara) (2014)

We Three Queens Tour (with Helena Fasesha and Amara) (2020)


Acted Films/Television Shows[]

Elf 2 as Selena Perez (2013)

Guide to Finding a Great Guy (Episode: Date Him or Hate Him) as Valerie (2013)

Internet as various characters (2013)

Black Soul as Toots (2013)

Heart2Heart as Jenny (2014)

The Eyes as Ellie-May Johnson (2014)

LOAP Episode 2: Rapsta Chik  (2015) as herself

Soul2Soul (2015) as Jenny

The Eyes: Confrontation as Ellie-May Johnson (2016)

Target Acquired as Aria Shaughnessy (2017)


Heart2Heart (2014)

Soul2Soul (2015)

Gloves (2016)


Queen Chanté's Drag Race (2020 - present, main judge (Season 1), alternating judge (Season 2 onwards))

Nora's World (2020 - present, recurring role) as Orisha