Simpsons Fanon

Rabbi Krusty Is an episode in my fanon. After clearing Krusty of robbing the Kwik-e mart, Krusty promised him a reward. All Bart got was another seat at the live show and a t shirt. Disappointed, he demands Krusty spend dinner with his family. Meanwhile, Homer makes a new friend at Moe's and Krusty reveals he is Jewish and estranged from his father.


An episode of Krusty is drawing to a close. Krusty is praising his sideshows for all their hard work.

”I hold in my hands, the final ax. Hehehehe...” said Krusty holding an axe.

There was a comedy sketch involving the axe. Probably lumberjacks.

"And I'd like to thank Sideshow Mel, Corperal Punishment and Tina the ballerina for being such good sports." said Krusty. They're covered in pie.

”And from Knots Landing, Miss Donna Mills. Oh, she was a sport. See you some other time! Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk!“ said Krusty laughing as the episode drew to a close.

“Great show, Krusty. I really laughed when--“ said Roger Myers Jr but Ms Penny Candy interrupted.

”You've got a merchandising meeting.“ said Ms Penny Candy.

“Cancel it!” said Krusty smoking a cigar.


“Cancel it!“

”The line on the Giants is 5½/.”

”Put a dime on it.”

"Thank you" dinner with Bart Simpson?” asked Ms Penny Candy.

“I don't know any Bart Simpson.”

“The boy who saved you from jail.”

Flashback to Krusty gets Busted.

“Well, we made a terrible, terrible mistake. Ah... won't happen again.” said Chief Wiggum.

”It better not you dingbat!” Krusty snapped. He softly praised Bart. “There was one boy who trusted me... all along. Bart?”

”Yes, sir?” Bart asked.

”Thank you.“ said Krusty in the flashback.

”Oh, yeah. Cancel it!” said Krusty to Ms Penny Candy. How rude!


One morning at the Simpsons. Homer was collecting his mail when the new extremely rude neighbour who moved in at Ned’s was going through his mail too.

“Morning, neighbor!” Homer said politely. Ironic as he always told Ned to shut up.

“Morning, hideous freak of nature!” said the rude muscle bound neighbour.

Homer cried and ran inside.

Marge is on the phone to Ms Penny Candy.

“Hello? Mrs. Simpson? Lois Pennycandy, Krusty the Clown's assistant.” said Lois.

“Hello, Mrs. Pennycandy.” said Marge.

“It's Miss Pennycandy, I can assure you.” said Lois. Yeah I’m sure there’s a Mr Penny Candy somewhere.... “I'm sorry to inform you... that Krusty will not be joining Bart for dinner.”

“This is the fifth time he's cancelled. How can he hurt someone who loves him so?” Marge said annoyed.

“Oh, Mrs. Simpson... I've wasted my womanhood asking that same question. I apologize for him. Something really important came up.” said Mrs Penny Candy.

“Lousy mildew!” Krusty ranted at something.

”That's good enough. Well, thank you for calling. Good-bye.” said Mrs Penny Candy.

”How many Krusty autographs do you want?” said Krusty.

”A hundred.” a client asked.

”Done.“ said Krusty.

”Sweetie, I'm sorry... but Krusty isn't coming to dinner again.“ Marge explained to Bart.

”Oh, man.” Bart groaned. Crestfallen.


Bart is writing a letter furiously to Krusty yet again inviting him to dinner.

"Bart, you shouldn't hassle celebrities..." Marge explained.

"Yeah, I'm banned from going anywhere near Alec Baldwin because I wouldn't leave him alone." Homer adds.

"But he still hasn't rewarded me for helping him after Sideshow Bob framed him..." Bart groaned.

There is a flashback to Krusty Gets Busted.

"We um made a horrible mistake. It won't happen again." Chief Wiggum apologised.

"It better not! You dingbat!" Krusty was annoyed at being wrongly accused and having to go through a court case.

However he was in a good mood with Bart. "But there was one little boy who stood by me, no matter what." said Krusty scruffling Bart's hair boisterously.

The flashback ended.

"But you got to go on his show, and you got a signed t-shirt!" Marge rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, he wrote my name wrong! Look! I'm not Bort!" He points to the shirt in a display case. It says Bort in block capitals under Krusty's face. Marge sighs and agrees to let him send the letter.

"I don't want you getting into trouble, though."

Another night, Marge is making pork chops. Mmmmmmm.... pork chops... she is seasoning them with spices from Homer’s badly constructed spice rack. She gets a disappointing phone call from Krusty’s secretary Ms. Pennycandy.

“I’m sorry to say once again Krusty will not be accepting Bart’s dinner invitation...” said Mrs Pennycandy.

“Oooooh! How can he be so horrible to someone who loves him so much?!” said Marge.

“I don’t know Mrs Simpson. I just don’t know...” said Mrs Pennycandy.

Meanwhile upstairs, Bart is in his room miserable and lying on his bed in his cute Krusty pajamas playing with a talking Krusty doll. It keeps going “Ooooooooh...” in a low groan over and over.

Bart then writes a letter announcing he was handing in his membership badge.

“Dear Krusty,

I am your biggest fan. This’ll be the last letter I’ll ever send your ass! It’s been six months now and still no word! I don’t deserve it...” It continues in similar angry fashion. Mmmmm Eminem...

That night in the master bedroom. Marge talks with Homer.

“Homer.” Marge asks Homer who’s asleep. He moans about something. “Homer...” Marge asks him again. He moans some more. “Homer give me a sign your listening...”

Homer farts.

“Homer!” Marge yells.

“What...” Homer woke up groaning.

“It’s about Bart. Krusty has really let him down...” said Marge.

“And... As if it’s normal to expect celebrities round for dinner.... Stupid M Night Shalamalamdingdong, too good for my wife’s casserole...” Homer mumbled.

“I know dear but I’m really concerned about how angry Bart’s letters are getting! Look at this one he wrote tonight! He’s reached Stan Mitchell commits murder suicide from Eminem’s Stan song! If we don’t do something he could wind up doing something terrible!” Marge explained.

Bart drives off in his car with the tires screeching as he drives erratically.

“Oh no!” Marge gasped. “We’re too late! He’s driving off somewhere late at night and he’s took his girlfriend with him!”

“Oz, stop with the Eminem references...” Bart sighed.

“Never!” yelled Oscar.


At Krustylu studios, Krusty is going through his mail again and tossing away the fan mail. Suddenly his secretary, Lois Pennycandy reads Bart's letter.

"Isn't this that boy who saved you from being framed for armed robbery?"

"Yeah, the kid's starting to become a real stalker... I might have to see my lawyers..." Krusty replies.

"No, you should thank him for what he's done! Did you ever actually look at this boy and thank him for saving you from jail?"

"Hey, whatever happened to doing the right thing because it's right and not just to get rewarded?" Krusty smokes a cigar.

"Krusty your always refusing to do things unless you get paid. You even demanded you be paid for your community service the other week." Lois replied.

"Fine! I'll go to the little yutz's dinner party..."


Bart comes home with muddy shoes.

"Bart use the door mat..." Marge sighed.

"Why, bother? My shoes will just get muddy again when I go outside..." said Bart.

"Bart! Do as you're told, young man!" Homer yelled.

Bart scraped his shoes across the door mat until they were clean more or less. He then goes through the mail.

Bart receives a reply from Krusty's secretary giving him the good news. "Awesome! Krusty's coming to dinner."

"Oh that's sweet of him. You can have one friend round." Marge explained.

"Oh that's easy, Milhouse." Bart runs off to invite Milhouse round.

That evening Krusty arrives in a limo. He acts pleased to see Bart and sits down to officially thank him for saving him from being framed for robbing the kwik-e mart.

"Just be yourself Krusty." Bart welcomed him in.

"Okay. Wait in the car Mr Teeny!" Krusty says to Mr Teeny.

Mr Teeny makes angry monkey sounds.

"Awwwww! I wanted to see the monkey perform tricks..." Homer whined.

“Hehehe! Monkeys...” said Oscar giggling.

”Dad, Krusty’s our guest. Not an unpaid jester.” Bart whined.

”Make with the funny, clown!” Homer demanded.

Bart sighed. ...

However while joking around with Bart he has a serious word with him.

"Just one thing Bart, don't hassle me with letters anymore. I could easily get my lawyers involved, but then I learned you are my biggest fan, and you did save me from going to jail."

"Yeah... I guess I got a little over the top... I won't send you any more letters..." Bart said in an apologetic tone.

"Why exactly do you think Krusty owes you a night with him? What ever happened to doing noble things because it's right, not because there's a reward..." Lisa rolls her eyes.

"That's what I said to my secretary, but she's more like my wife lately, telling me what to do..." Krusty groans. "She made me come here." He whispers to Lisa. Bart and Milhouse then watch The Krusty the Clown show. Which is still on strangely enough...

"Hey, if you're here, how are you doing the live show?!" Bart asks Krusty.

"That's a stunt double." Krusty explained. Then Itchy and Scratchy comes on. "Awwww! I told Roger Myers this episode was terrible...!" The episode is a bad one with very little violence.

"Wait, you know Roger Myers, personally?" Bart asks in interest and fascination.

"Obviously... How else did you think I'd be allowed to show his cartoon?" Krusty sounds annoyed by Bart's questions.


Soon it was dinner. Before dinner Homer asked for them to say grace. Bart and Oscar rolled their eyes and reluctantly prayed.

“Now hold on Homer. I think our guest should start us off tonight.” said Marge.

”Oh okay.” said Homer.

”Ahem. Bless us, O Lord” Milhouse started praying. Bart frowned at him and then elbowed him roughly. “Ow!”

”She meant Krusty! Dummy!” Bart snapped.

Krusty however was praying in Hebrew.

"What the hell was that?!" Homer asked in a shocked tone.

”He’s talking funny!” said a voice from the air vent.

"That was Hebrew. Krusty, you're Jewish?" Lisa asked.

"Of course. My father was a rabbi..." suddenly he breaks down in tears.

"Krusty? What's wrong?" Marge asked

Krusty stops crying to answer. "Hnnnk, oh it's a long story..." He tells a story of his childhood. "My father is Rabbi Krustofski. My name is not really Krusty the clown.”

”It’s not?” Oscar asked being stupid.

Bart face palmed.

”My real name is Herschel Krustofski.” Krusty continued. He paints a picture of a little green haired Jewish boy walking by a joke shop with his father the town rabbi. “People respected my father as a wise rabbi and often asked for advice.”

“Rabbi should I finish college?”

”Yes! For it is better to have knowledge then none!” said Rabbi Krustofski.

”Rabbi should I have another baby?”

”Of course! Babies are a blessing!” said Rabbi Krustofski.

”Rabbi should I get a Chrysler?”

”Um can you rephrase that as an ethical question?” Rabbi Krustofski asked.

”Is it right to have a Chrysler?”

”Of course! It’s a great car!” said Rabbi Krustofski.

Herschel begs his father to be allowed to go in the joke shop. He states he wants to be a clown.

Rabbi Krustofski tells him off demanding he stop with this clown business.

Plot 2[]

However Herschel is caught spraying himself with a water seltzer in the bathroom and Rabbi Krustofski throttles his son in and oddly similar way to how Homer would to strangle Bart.

"Why you little-!" (Krustofski strangles Herschel.)

”Why you little-!” Homer in the present threatened Bart,

Marge face palmed.

Then Young Herschel mocked his father at Synagogue during yeshiva.

”Blah Blah Blah! Moses!”

Rabbi Krustofski throttled Herschel.

Then the story because it has extremely Jewish people in it it has Young Herschel going “Oy Gevalt!” and “Oy vey iz mir!”

Oscar laughed.

Herschel stopped being a clown until he was a young student and worked under the alias Krusty while wearing heavy make up. His father attended comedy auditions, not realising Herschel was taking part because of his make up, until one night a clown sprayed Herschel with water washing off his makeup and revealing him to his father. Rabbi Krustofski was so furious that his son had disobeyed him that he disowned him on the spot.


Back in the present. Krusty finished his story and began crying again.

"Don't worry Bart, you don't have to follow in my footsteps." said Homer.

"Homer, I don't even like using the bathroom after you!" said Bart.

"Why you little!" Homer strangles Bart.

"Don't worry, they do that a lot, Krusty..." said Oscar.

"Oh that's so sad!" Lisa said, trying to show compassion. "Bart we have to do something!"

"Like what? We don't even know where this Rabbi Krustofski lives!"


Later Krusty had cheered himself up by looking through the Simpsons photo albums.

"Awww! I can't believe that's you, Bart!" Krusty chuckled at Bart's baby photos.

"Okay this is getting rather embarrassing..." Bart said while blushing.

"Coooool! You're naked in that photo!" said Oscar. It was a picture of baby Bart sitting naked on the toilet.

"Okay, show"s over!" Bart yelled, confiscating the photo album and putting it away.


The next day, they went to the library.

“Oz are you coming?” Lisa asked.

”No I’m watching TV.” said Oscar.

”Fine. Suit yourself...” said Lisa.

On TV.

“Academy Award Playhouse... now returns you to Hercules Versus the Martians.”

”Welcome to our spaceship, mighty Hercules.“ said the Martians,

”Heh-heh.“ Oscar chuckled at the random programme.

At the library.

Lisa did some research on Rabbi Krustofski and found where he lived.

"Come on, let's go!" Lisa said as they went to find him. They arrived at the ethnic quarter outside Springfield. Avoiding local merchants such as the khlav kalash vendor and a lady selling puppets they knocked on a house door.

"Yes? Oy vey! What is with the children?" asked Rabbi Krustofski.

"We're wondering, do you have a son called Herschel-" Before Bart could finish, Rabbi Krustofski angrily slammed the door on them.

"I have no son!"

"Oh great Lisa, we have the wrong guy..." Bart groaned.

Rabbi Krustofski opens his front door "Oh no, I am the Rabbi Krustofski, but once again I must mention I have no son." and then slams it shut again.


At Moe's Homer takes Krusty there to console himself over remembering his father. While there he meets Barney Gumble. He already knows Barney's evil cousin, Blond Barney.

"Urrrp!" Barney belches.

"Oh hey Barney." Homer replies to the barfly. "One beer for me and whatever Krusty wants. (He's paying...)"

"Homer, I only sell Duff." Moe explained. "Why is Krusty here anyway?"

"Oh, his dad disowned him and we're trying to find him." Homer replied.


Lisa is at home trying to think of ways to get through to Rabbi Krustofski.

"Lisa, pipe down! I'm trying to make a prank phone call! Uh yes, is Seymour there, last name Butts?" Bart is prank calling Moe again.

"Seymour Butts? Is there a Seymour Butts? Hey everybody! I wanna Seymour Butts!" Moe yells. Everyone bursts out laughing.

"Ok!" Barney replies about to moon Moe.

"Oh it's you again! Listen here pal, if I ever find you I'll gouge out your eyes and shove them up your butt so you can see my foot before I kick your ass!" Moe threatens the unknown caller (Bart). Bart laughs on the other end before putting the phone down. Lisa rolls her eyes.


At Moe's.

"I hope you find whoever that little brat is, Moe." said Homer.

"Ugh. This place is depressing... I miss having Schnapps at the friars club..." said Krusty.


Meanwhile in a bus terminal while waiting for the bus Rabbi Krustofski is watching the TV when a documentary for Krusty the clown comes on. He growls and reads a newspaper.


They concoct a plan where Bart dresses up as an Orthodox Jew and quotes the Torah at Rabbi Krustofski. However each time he counters with an equally valid line from the Torah and other Jewish scriptures. Bart comes home exhausted, but Lisa encourages him to continue.

Oscar’s plan Uh... Bart bothers Rabbi Krustofski again.

“What do you children want?! I don’t give out candy!” Rabbi Krustofski rants.

“Um, oh look! An uncircumcised baby!” Bart yelled.

“Where?” Rabbi Krustofski asked, getting out his scalpel.

Baby Oscar in a diaper acting as bait sees Rabbi Krustofski and screams before running off in terror.

“Come back here, little uncircumcised child!” Rabbi Krustofski calls as he chases Baby Oscar.

“No! Not on your life!” Oscar screams.

Bart sweat drops.

”Bart how is that helping?!” Lisa groaned.

”It was Oscar’s idea...” Bart groaned.

Eventually, a weary Bart is playing chess with Rabbi Krustofski and eventually gets through to him that he should forgive Krusty.


”Jews aren’t supposed to play chess. Kalonymus Ben Kalonymus forbade it at the turn of the fourteenth century...” said Oscar.

”It’s true! Oh lord! Please forgive me for playing this wicked game!” Rabbi Krustofski swept the pieces off the board in horror and begged God for forgiveness.

Bart dressed as an elderly Jewish man with a beard sweat dropped.

Oscar then pestered Rabbi Krustofski with Jurkle’s dad.

”Yes? Oh Mr Shweinburgstein. What can I do for you?”

”Oz I dare not question the Rabbi...” said Jurkle’s dad.

”Just do it! He won’t let his son be a clown...” said Oscar hissing sharply.

”Um your Rabbi-ness, if my son came to me wanting to do stand up comedy I’d be okay with it.” said Jurkle’s dad.

”Infidel!” Rabbi Krustofski yelled.

Jurkle’s dad cried and ran off sobbing.

Oscar winced.

Bart dressed as a Jew eventually got through to Rabbi Krustofski.

“Rabbi, did not a great man say... and I quote, "The Jews are a swinging bunch of people. I mean, I've heard of persecution... but what they went through is ridiculous. But the great thing is after thousands of years... of holding on and fighting... they finally made it." End quote.” said Bart.

“I never heard the plight of my people... phrased so eloquently. Was that Rabbi Hillel?” Rabbi Krustofski asked.

”Nope.” said Bart.

“Judah the Pious? Maimonides? The Dead Sea Scrolls!”

“I'm afraid not, Rabbi. It's from Yes, I Can, by Sammy Davis,Jr. An entertainer, like your son.” said Bart.

”The candy man?“ Rabbi Krustofski asked. Oh god that’s it! I’m making fun of that!

Oscar screamed.

”Oz can you not,..” Bart groaned.

”Candyman! Candyman! Candyman! Candyman! Candyman! Candyma-aaaaaaaaagh!” Oscar recited until Sammy Davis Jr as Candyman stabbed a hook through him.

Bart winced horrified.

As such caused by Oscar’s deranged antics they had to try again.

Bart wearing a Jewish beard went to the sauna where Rabbi Krustofski and several Jewish men were relaxing.

Bart spoke with the rabbi about forgiveness and um dreidels... and um... bagels.

However Oscar was in the sauna doing a strip tease and flossing with his towel.

’Oz What the heck?! Get out!” Bart yelled.

”I believe in miracles! Till you came alooooong! You sexy thing!” Oscar sang naked.

Bart face palmed.


At Synagogue.

Bart strangled Oscar for being stupid throughout the third act.

”You stupid little!”

“Hey! Be nice, Bart, It's Jurkle’s birthday.” said Homer.

“Yeah, we was blowing out his candles!” Oscar wheezed with Bart’s hands round his throat.

You dumbass! Those candles aren't for Jurkle’s birthday. They're for... (hacking wetly) Chanukah! (starts walking off)” Bart explained angrily while ignorantly taking the piss out of Hebrew.

“Harmonica?“ Oscar asked.

(hacking) CHANUKAH! You have to (hacks) when you say it.” Bart explained hacking/hawking phlegm.

”Bart! Enough! Stop being ignorant!” Lisa yelled.

”I would like to mention you two are supposed to be reuniting Krusty with his father and not inviting yourselves to my family’s Chanukah...” Jurkle sighed.

”Jurkle’s right Bart, we’re supposed to be-“ said Lisa.

“Bart, what's... (hacking) "Hanna-kah?" Milhouse asked.

(hacking) “Chanukah is that special time of year between Christmas and "Misgiving," when all the besets holiday shows are on TV!” said Bart.

”Thanksgiving...” Lisa sighed. “And this has nothing to do with reuniting Krusty with his father!”


Lisa’s room.

“What's the one thing rabbis prize above everything else?” Lisa asked Bart.

”Those stupid hats?“ Bart asked being ignorant.

Jurkle throttled him. “They’re called shtreimel! And they’re sacred to my faith you idiot!”

“No, Bart-- knowledge. We'll hit him where it hurts-- right in theJudaica.” said Lisa grinning.

“"Glub, glub, glub." "Oh, Noah, Noah, save us, save us!" "No!"” said Bart talking in dumb voices. As he played with a pop up book about Christian Bible stories.

”Bart! No! The Jewish faith is not just about Noah’s ark!” Lisa yelled.

At a deli diner.

Bart and Lisa then went to a deli Rabbi Krustofski went to often because of the hoagie sandwiches...

”And what can I get you kids? Come ooooooon! Big whoop! Wanna fight bout it?” said a New Yorker Deli worker.

”Just another bowl of complimentary pickles.” said Bart.

”Bart, Jews don’t just eat pickles...” Jurkle face palmed.

”Okay get me anything with bacon in it...” Bart asked.

Jurkle leapt across the table and throttled him.

Plot 3[]

After squeezing the life out of Bart Jurkle ordered a bagel.

Ace the vampire kid from Romania ordered a pastrami sandwich on rye bread with hot mustard and pickles because his people invented it. The Romanians, not the vampires...

”Oh by the cruelty of Vlad the Impaler! What is going on in there?!” Ace yelled as there was a fire in the kitchen.

”Um the northern lights?” Oscar replied.

Ace grimaced exasperated.

Elsewhere Lisa was watching the Jazz Singer. Well an adaptation with the celebrities I know of in it.

Bart wasn’t happy she wasn’t helping with Krusty and his dad.

”Bart I am not learning ancient Hebrew!” Lisa replied.

”I’ll learn Andient Hebrew! But only to use it to summon demons!” Oscar declared.

”Oz that’s Aramaic and no...” said Bart.

”Sasshhhh! This film is about a Jewish jazz singer...” said Lisa holding her saxophone.

Bart rolled his eyes.

Al Jolson from the original play was in it.

”I love to singa! About the the moon ah and the June ah and the spring ah! I love to singa!”

Bart winced exasperated.

Then Jerry Lewis was in it, hopefully as a mad scientist.

Then Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline. Everyone except Bart sang along.

Bart sighed.

”Oz. What do you see when you look in the mirror?” said Bart annoyed at Oscar.

“Me, looking fabuloooous!” said Oscar.

Bart face palmed.


Krusty the clown was on. Milhouse was watching his show. The episode of Itchy and Scratchy was Scratchy playing baseball with his son when Itchy and his son run them over with a combine harvester. They then toss Scratchy’z head about.

The cartoon made Krusty cry. He sobs and asks the directors to cut to commercial.

Elsewhere in the sewers. Four cartoon turtle ninjas were eating pizzas with disgusting toppings.

“Mmmmmm! Pepperoni and marshmallows.” said Michaelango.

”Yeeeeuck!” Oscar wearing a colourful superhero eye mask groaned.

”Oh well what’s your favourite topping then?” Michaelango asked sulking.

”Hawaiian.” said Oscar.

”Eeeeeeeugh!” The Turtles groaned.

Bart and Lisa were still trying to get Rabbi Krustofski to stop being an ass and speak to his son again. Jurkle was eating latkes.

”I know this episode involving Judaism because Krusty is Jewish but do you have to throw it in...?” Bart asked the fourth wall.

Yes as Jurkle is also playing with a dreidel.

Homer came in. “Boy I need you outside chopping wood.”

”Dad this is very important. I am trying to reunite Krusty with his estranged father.” said Bart.

”Now Boy.” said Homer.

Bart frowned he reluctantly did as Homer asked.

Evergreen Forest.

Homer found a good tree to chop down. While he was admiring it, “What a good thick tree to make fire wood from.” Oscar was in the background pointing at Bert Raccoon.

Bart grimaced.

Homer chopped the tree. It took quite some effort. “Why! Won’t! You! Die?!” Eventually a sixth whack from his hatchet destabilised the tree and it fell. However for amusing reasons it fell upon Homer crushing him.

”D’oh!” Homer groaned.


Oscar got Krusty and his Dad to talk but...

“Herschel, life is not fun. Life is serious. Seltzer is for drinking, not for spraying. Pie is for noshing, not for throwing.” Rabbi Krustofski lectured him.

Some Clownjas jabbered angrily.

”What are those things?!” Rabbi Krustofski asked.

”They’re Clownjas. A clown headed monster I created. And they dislike people who don’t like clowns... Now make up with your son!”

”Why should I? Insolent young pup?” Rabbi Krustofski asked.

“Because I will summon Sammy Davis Jr as the Candyman on you!” said Oscar.

”No Oz! This is serious!” Lisa groaned.

”I don’t have time for this. I have to be at the Synagogue in forty minutes!” said Rabbi Krustofski.

However he stopped at the deli Jurkle was strangling Bart at earlier.

”What can I get yous? Come ooooooon!” asked the abrasive owner in a manner similar to Fry’s boss from the pizza parlour.

“Well, I want a good sandwich. But the Joey Bishop? Too fatty.” said Rabbi Krustofski. The Rat Pack were offended. “The Jackie Mason? I don't know.”

”That’s your own voice actor! Fool!” Oscar heckled.

“Sauerkraut makes me gassy.” said Rabbi Krustofski. “The Bruce Willis? I don't even like his work.”

”How dare you! Die Hard is awesome!” Oscar yelled.

”And what's this, a Krusty the Clown?“ Rabbi Krustofski asked.

”It’s bacon, pork sausage and ham with a smidge of mayo.” said the waitress who sounds like Lunch Lady Doris.

”Blasphemy!” Rabbi Krustofski was offended.

”Oh yeah, hehehehe! Jews can’t eat that... what was I thinking...” Krusty chuckled sheepishly.

Krusty reluctantly hosts the Krusty the Clown show when all of a sudden he has a special guest. His father.

Rabbi Krustofski forgives Krusty and apologizes for not accepting him as a clown. They then sing "Oh, my Papa" and finish with Rabbi Krustofski throwing a pie in his face.


This episode introduces Krusty's father. Rabbi Krustofski.