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Queen Of Springfield


March 25, 2014
Hip Hop
Sarah Muntz, Amanda Simpson
Rapsta Chik

 Queen Of Springfield is a single by Sarah Muntz . It features guest vocals from Rapsta Chik. It is the lead single from Sarah's fourth album Jennifer and the single was released as a surprise on March 25. The song is also the last released by Sarah before her retirement in 2014.


(verse 1: Sarah)

I walk to my throne

Some bitch tryna sit on it

Well Muntz gonna show you how its done

Your time for being queen is gone

Muntz's coronation is already done

Now shes ruling again

Got her orb and sceptre

And if you tryna take me down

Imma intercept ya

Lesson learned right

Bitches can't take my throne

Sarah will rule forever

Lemme show you why


I am the queen of town

Queen of springfield

What you gonna do now?

I run this town tonight

Call me Kanye

I run the town tonight

(verse 2)

Nelson my king

And Rapsta's my princess

When the palace comes down

Muntz will still reign here

I'm the queen bitch dont mess with me now

I got the power

To make sure my guards take you down

Call me Henry number 8

I'mma get you decapitate

Don't fuck with the queen

Or the queen will fuck with you


(bridge 1)


Just because you wearing a crown doesnt make you a queen


Imma make you outta here and yes im trying to be mean


Imma bring you down till i make you shed a tear


Ra-ra-a-a-rapsta chik back me up in here

(bridge 2: Rapsta Chik)

Sarah Sarah

I heard a stupid hoe givin you trouble

Ladies sit down

Yeah i meant to burst your bubble

Sarah queen of springfield

I'm the princess

Just because I got a lower rank

Dont mean I cant beat your ass

Sarah tell them again your the queen

Dont be mean

And yes I mean to get bitchy

I dont care if your name Ricky

Micky or Nicki

Bi-bi-bitch get out my palace

We reighn here

And we will rule you dont

Till you spurtin tears



The queen of springfield is Sarah

Featuring Princess Chik....bitch!

Music Video[]

The music video premiered April 8, 2014. Directed by Sarah herself. Sarah tweeted that she and Rapsta filmed an alternate video before choosing to release this one. She said if it got 1 million views in 24 hours or less, she would release the alternate video. Sarah released the second version the next day at 2pm.


The video starts with Sarah sitting on a throne singing verse 1 and the chorus. She is seen wearing a brown wig. The next scene and bridge show Sarah with her husband Nelson and the children, while scenes of a female shadow putting on gloves and twirling hair. The figure is later revealed to be Rapsta wearing a black jumpsuit and black wig with a gold grill. Rapsta crawls on the floor while rapping her verse. Sarah sings the chorus and Rapsta speaks her line. A choir then sings as Sarah looks out her balcony and looks at millions of her clones. The video ends with the Sarah clones saluting.

Alternate Video[]

The alternate video features Sarah lying on a bed with a crown on. The words #QUEEN appear on the screen in a same style as Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. Chik is seen riding a horse with a small crown and white dress, the word #PRINCESS appears on the screen.