Pop Art II Oscar has a disappointing time at the art museum because someone booked it out for their birthday so Marge takes the kids to feed the ducks at the park but as usual Bart teases the swans. Then he takes up choir singing at Catholic Church and unfortunately gives Oscar a reason to tease him by singing the lion sleeps tonight.

Plot[edit | edit source]

One weekend the Simpsons are at the art museum. Bart as usual is extremely bored.

“What kind of blockhead would want to spend their day here...” said Bart.

”Quiet boy!” Homer told him off.

“Bart!” Lisa scolded him. “Some people like intellectual places! And for your information this was Oscar’s idea so blame him if you must!”

Homer saw the dogs playing poker painting. He screamed. “Aaaaaaaaaagh! They’re dogs! And they’re playing poker! Ahahahahahah! Ahahahaha...” he ran of screaming with manic laughter.

Bart winced at his behaviour.

Oscar saw that Bart was bored as they studied paintings.

“Sorry buddy, I know you hate museums but I’m a cartoonist, I love art! Not this style of art mind you... Picasso and I have such different styles...” said Oscar.

“The pop art and cartoon art by Cathy Guisewite is in the yellow wing though!” said Bart.

“We’re making a day of this! We’re not just looking at art you like Bart...” Marge explained.

“I don’t like any art... Except maybe renaissance art about naked people. They’re funny!” Bart giggled. His mom sighed at him. “But in all seriousness I was mentioning that Oscar might prefer the pop art and cartoonist exhibit.”

“Well unfortunately he’ll have to wait as we’re going through all the exhibits...” said Marge.

Bart sighed.

”Oooooh! The Goya’s black paintings!” said Lisa eagerly.

”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Kronos is eating babies!!” Oscar screamed running out of the exhibit in terror.

”Oscar don’t run off!” Marge caught him to stop him fleeing from the scary painting.

Marge noticed Hugo acting disgusted by the art. “Hmmmmm... not you to Hugo... Why are my two boys such philistines...”

“Mom I’m not acting up like Bart. It’s just that I am left brained. I think with logic because I’m a scientist! I don’t have an ounce of imagination in my grey cells...” Hugo sighed. “These artists use nothing but the right side of their brain, nothing but imagination and uh painting things, which I can’t understand as a logical person. As far as I’m concerned these people wasted their lives making statues and pictures instead of benefiting humanity with goody two shoes things like solving world hunger and curing diseases to cool things like inventing a new doomsday weapon!”

“Hugo not so loud! This is a museum!” Marge asked him to speak more quietly.

“Well that’s my theory of Evil can’t comprehend good out the window...” Lisa sighed.

“I can comprehend good and understand why noble scientists do what they do. It’s just that it’s so mind bogglingly boring!” said Hugo.

The Simpsons were continuing to study a Picasso when Squeaky Voiced Teen as a museum clerk had some bad news.

“I’m sorry folks you’ll have to leave. This wing has been booked for a birthday party.” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

The Simpsons and Oscar groaned.

“What kind of blockhead would spend their birthday in a museum?!” Bart exclaimed.

“Bart!” Lisa yelled.

“Come on kids let’s go...” Marge sighed.

“Awwwww... I was gonna draw moustaches and beards on the portraits... Bart sighed...

As they left they passed a portrait of Frida Kahlo.

“Hehehe! Comical looking monobrow!” Oscar giggled. “No way was it that bad in real life...”

Gerald the baby with a monobrow glared at Oscar as he was pushe about in his buggy by his mom past the Simpsons.


The Simpsons and Oscar left the museum disappointed. “I’m sorry kids but I can’t do anything about people booking out the museum for birthdays and other events...” said Marge.

Oscar was disappointed but understanding that today’s events were beyond his control no matter what.

“Oz, I’d expect you’d be a lot more upset and uh passionate...” said Bart. “You didn’t get to see the cartoon exhibit...”

“If by passionate you mean throw a tantrum I don’t do that sort of thing anymore. Besides it won’t change anything and it’s not very nice ruining everyone else’s time being moody about something.” said Oscar. “If I can get my own way I will make damn well sure I do. But something’s a tantrum doesn’t solve...”

“You shouldn’t have tantrums and expect to get what you want all the time anyway Oscar...” said Marge. “Now it’s a lovely day to go to the park! Their might be duckies to feed Maggie!” Marge explained to Maggie.

Maggie giggled and clapped.

Bart groaned. This day out was getting worse all the time...

They arrived at the park and found a duck pond. Unfortunately there was a sign asking not to throw bread to the ducks. Homer couldn’t allow his baby daughter to be upset so he ripped the sign out of the ground and dumped it in a bin.

“Hey!” A Squeaky Voiced Teen told Homer off so he punched the Squeaky Voiced Teen unconscious.

“Homer..l” Marge sighed.

So they fed the ducks bread...

“Eh Eh Eh!” Oscar squawked like Anne from Little Britain and violently threw entire loaves of bread at the ducks.

“Oscar don’t do that!” Lisa told him off.

“But it’s funny acting like a total nutcase!” said Oscar. “Eh Eh Eh!” He squawked again.

Lisa sighed.

Helen and Tim Lovejoy arrived.

“Marge what a pleasant surprise!” said Helen.

“Um hi Helen.” said Marge.

“Is that your boy teasing the swans?” Helen asked pointing to Bart who was annoying a swan so it honked at him and tried to bite him.

“Bart! Stop that!” Homer yelled.

Marge sighed embarrassed.

The camera pans over to Oscar squatting with his shorts and underwear at his ankles as he urinates in the pond. “Eh Eh Eh!” He squawked like Anne.

The Simpsons and the Lovejoys were mortified.


The Simpsons and the Lovejoys and the Flanders had a picnic. Yes it devolves into Homer accidentally impersonating Marge again but wait an see hehehe!

Marge was engaging in idle gossip with Ned and the Lovejoys while in the background Oscar chased some squirrels with a stick naked!

Then the squirrels chased him.

Then he was chasing the squirrels but also being chased by a very angry Homer.

“Be normal! Be normal!” Homer yelled.

“Jessica stop strangling Bart!” Tim told of Jessica because she was strangling Bart.

Bart gagged and wheezed.

“Oscar put your clothes back on!” Lisa yelled.

Then the climax you’ve been waiting for. Homer in his clumsiness to catch Oscar and make him put his clothes back on, tripped and upset the picnic. He got Ned’s line green picnic carpet wrapped around him. A bee hive of angry bees got stuck on his head. He screamed as they stung him,

He he’ll into a blueberry bush and got blueberry juice splashed on him. Mostly his beehive. Then finally Oscar threw a boiling out pie at him and it landed splat on his chest. He hmmmmmmmed like Marge trying not to cry out in pain.

“Homer! Don’t mimic me!” Marge scolded him. the Lovejoys and the Flanderses were embarrassed.


At home Marge was cross with Homer and Oscar.

“I’ve never been so mortified in my entire life! That was the worst picnic ever!” Marge yelled.

“Apart from that one where Yogi bear stole the picnic basket and mauled Dad.” said Bart.

“If anyone’s to blame here it’s naked boy...” said Homer referring to Oscar who now had his clothes back on.

“I was just goofing off...” Oscar sighed.

“Oz, even I don’t do things like chase squirrels naked. Maybe you need to go home for a bit to calm down...” said Bart.

“Yeah nine year olds do not run around naked... maybe toddlers but definitely not nine year olds...” said Lisa.

“Okay fine...” said Oscar. He went up to his room to get some stuff to take home.

“You think I was too harsh on him?” Bart asked.

“Nah...” said the Simpsons.


Oscar went home to his apartment in the same block as Barney’s. He heard a loud belch from Barney somewhere.

“I here ya loud and clear Barney...” Oscar sighed.

Oscar was hungry. “I wonder if there’s any sofa pizza down here... nah just an imaginary dimension caused by my overactive childish imagination populated by an evil Bertie Basset, a mechanical being made up of the king of hearts card, a cotton reel and razor sharp needles for arms, and... a sentient set of scissors...” said Oscar crawling into the sofa. “And gum everywhere...”

He checked his watch. “Hmmmm... perfect time for wearing a diaper and letting Teddy babysit me....


Meanwhile Bart got a letter in the mail. “Probably another death threat from Sideshow Bob...” he sighed opening it. “Hey, it’s from Father Liam Neeson! Inviting me to join the church choir.

“Hmmmmm... You could be a choir boy at Reverend Lovejoy’s church but you don’t even like going to church every Sunday...” Marge sighed.

“Because it was the wrong faith for me...” said Bart.

“So you’ll join this choir because it’s catholic...” Marge sighed.

“No... it’s boring! Why would I want to be a choir boy...” said Bart.

But he got high on all syrup squishee again and ended up joining some how.

Lisa laughed as Bart woke up in horror wearing a choir gown. “Aaaaaagh! Gee sugar can make you do crazy things!!”

Like when he accidentally joined the scouts Marge was very encouraging.

“I think it’s wonderful! But did you have to be a catholic choir boy...” Marge sighed.

“Yes Mom...” said Bart. “But I am seeing Father Liam Neeson right after breakfast to see if I can get out of the choir.”

Homer came in.

“Well if it isn’t the wiener patrol!” Homer taunted Bart.

“Homer stop that!” Marge yelled.


However Bart was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t singing dull hymns but cool songs. Well fairly cool ones he didn’t mind singing. He could use the coaching anyway because last week at scouts he sung Bingo off key at the end. He hoped that wasn’t his voice breaking, he liked having a high pitched singing voice.

This session they were singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

“Awinba way, awimba way, awinmba way!” Backing voices.

“Oooooo eeeee ooooo oooo! (Swahili singing)!” A choir boy sung.

Bart’s turn. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle! The lion sleeps tonight!” Bart sung. “So pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaeeeeesssss come back to Seymour! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaeeeeeeesss return to the dork!” Bart could hold his voice high for a very long time. Of course he was ad-libbing the words as usual.

“Bart no ad-libbing...” Father Liam Neeson gently admonished him.

“Okay I’ll sing properly Father Neeson...” Bart apologised.

Later Father Liam Neeson was dealing with a Toyardian/Flying Space Jew door to door salesman expecting money.

“Republic credits will do fine.” Father Liam Neeson did a Jedi mind trick.

“No they won’t!” said the Toyardian.

“Republic credits will do fine.”

“No they won’t!”

”Republic credits will do fine.”

”No they won’t!”

“I am outta here...” Bart sighed and went to get changed.

Oscar met him after choir practice.

“Wanna go draw moustaches on the portraits?” Oscar asked.

“Awesome!” said Bart. They snuck into the Springfield art museum. There was a musical montage of them drawing moustaches, beards, scars, monobrows and glasses on the faces of people in paintings. But Bart stopped when he found Frida Kahlo already had a monobrow.

Oscar used his magic art skills to repaint the Mona Lisa as Krusty the Clown. Bart high fives him.

Plot 2[edit | edit source]

Marge was reading the newspaper about a mysterious vandalism attack on the art museum last night. The article stated that the mystery vandal left his signature El Barto on one of the walls. Who is this El Barto? the newspaper asked.

Marge sighed.

Homer was jealous of Bart.

“Now what’s your problem Dad...” Lisa asked.

“It’s not fair! I used to be in a choir!” said Homer.

“You did?!” Bart asked.

“Sure. But then my voice broke...” said Homer.

There was a flashback of kid Homer in a choir singing. Abe was watching him proudly. Suddenly Homer’s voice broke and went deep. He sung badly in a deep voice.

Abe sighed disappointed.

“Oooooh...” Homer in the present sighed sadly.

“You know what they say about creepy catholic priests and choir boys...” said Oscar. “Why I heard...”

“Oscar! No! They do not do that! Especially in the Lord’s house!” Marge scolded Oscar for talking about creepy pedo priests in the Catholic Church.

Bart imagines himself as Bartzan singing The Lion Sleeps tonight. Until green bear monkey things grab him and pin him to a tree while they try to put a diaper on him.


Homer was having a nightmare. He had invented something but no one would let him see it.

“No! Let me through! I wanna see it!” He tried to push through the journalists.

“Homer! Wake up!” Marge suddenly appeared in the dream to wake him up.

He woke up in a sudden to Marge waking him. “Uh?”

“Homer you were just having a bad dream!” said Marge.

“No I must see my invention! It’s the only way to solve our money problems!” said Homer.

“Money problems? What money problems?! Homer are we in financial trouble again?” Marge asked. They were always getting into debt or bankruptcy.

“Ooooooohhhh... Marge my loyal Queen...” Homer looked at Marge and imagined her as a Queen. “No of course not! It was just a dream.”

Lisa walks past the master bedroom door. Homer imagines her as a princess. “And my darling little princess Lisa...”

Then Bart walked past. “And who can forget dear old Rat Boy...” said Homer imagining him turning into a rat mutant.

“Rat Boy?! I resent that!” Bart yelled. He started chewing the walls.

“Bart stop gnawing on the dry wall...” Marge told him off for chewing the dry wall.


Meanwhile Oscar was in the attic with Hugo. Hugo was experimenting.

“It’s not fair! Bart and Lisa get to become super heroes!” Hugo whined as he mixed chemicals together.

“Uh no offence Hugy but Mad Scientist isn’t exactly Super Hero material...” said Oscar.

“Well okay I don’t want to be a hero, but a costumed super villain with super powers at least!” Hugo sulked. “Any ideas?”

“I know! You could whip up a mutagenic potion that turns you into a mutant rat boy and call yourself Rat Boy!” said Oscar.

Hugo whacked him with a rolled up diploma. “No! Bad Oscar!” He scolded Oscar like he was a pet dog. Oscar flinched and whined.

Bart then came upstairs to the attic.

“Oz...” Bart asked.

“Yeah?” Oscar asked him.

“I need help with a girl...” said Bart.

“Okay...” said Oscar wondering why Bart came to him of all people.

“Sherri won’t go out with me...” said Bart.

Oscar rolled his eyes.


In class Oscar was talking to Sherri, one of the purple haired twins that used to tease Bart.

“So why don’t you like Bart?” Oscar asked.

“Because he’s smelly and gnaws on things like a rat boy!” said Sherri.

Bart was gnawing a biscuit like a rat,

”And he is a smelly ugly dork!” said Terri.

”Please... Ugly is such as a smelly word...” said Oscar wearing a back to front base ball cap.

“Well who do you like...” Oscar asked.

“Tommy....” said Sherri sighing romantically as the camera panned over to an incredibly handsome blond boy in a checkered red shirt. The sun light shone on him making him even more handsome.

“Well duh... he’s hot... everyone is attracted to him... even the dudes...” said Oscar. “But Bart has inner beauty like you find in a rodent... and besides you’re no prize yourself! You have to pick what you can get sistah!” said Oscar sassily clicking his fingers.

”Yeah you’ve got to grab what you can get!” said Jake Boyman.

”Lisa we know that’s you in that costume...” said Terri. Lisa sighed and took off her wig and glasses and ran back to class.

“Oh well... I suppose Bart’s not that bad...” said Sherri. “Why does he want to go out with me anyway? He thinks girls have cooties...”

“I don’t know... That is a very good question!” said Oscar. They both glared at Bart who was whistling innocently.


Oscar came home from school to news from Hugo.

“Eureka! Oz, I have taken your advice and made a mutagenic potion!” said Hugo.

“Cool!” said Oscar. “So what’s it do? Try it.”

“I was just about to demonstrate...” said Hugo sharply. He drank the potion. It turned him into Rat Boy hybrid mutant like how Homer imagined Bart as a Rat boy earlier.

“Coooool!” said Oscar.

“Nice tail Hugo.....” said Bart. “You better have a way to reverse that or you’re in trouble...”

“I know what I’m doing...” Hugo said dryly rolling his eyes. “Unlike you when you play with the Professor’s stuff!”

Bart hmmmmphed and sulked.

“That’s not all Oz. I have another potion that turns me into Hugozilla. I got the idea using my Dream reader 3000 helmet on Bart to read his uh imagination. Hehehe... Bartzilla...”

“Yeah we need to talk about that...” Bart was not happy with him eavesdropping on his dreams and thoughts.

“Is that even scientifically possible? Because becoming a Godzilla knock off seems oddly similar to bringing Marie and Pierre Curie back as atomic super men with eye lasers...” said Oscar.

“Gamma vision Oz... and maybe I was too hasty. I forget mad science allows all sorts of seemingly impossible things.” said Hugo.

“That’s because they are impossible Hugo! Will you quit doing crazy stuff like bringing back dinosaurs and making atomic supermen?! It’s stupid!” Lisa yelled. She stormed off back downstairs.

“It’s not stupid! It’s advaaaaaaaanced!” said Hugo calling to Lisa but she was already heading downstairs.


Bart had to get ready for choir that afternoon. He was in his room singing the lion sleeps to night. Oscar smirked as he sung a high note. He was covertly recording Bart.

Bart finished not noticing he had been recorded. “Oz what are you doing skulking around? Never mind, I have to get going...’ said Bart.

After Bart left Oscar laughed evilly as he sent his recording to all of Bart’s friends.

Oscar went to his room to draw in his magic sketch book with his magic pencil. He drew Japanese umbrella demons or kasa-obake. Suddenly several green umbrellas with one eye each and their tongues sticking out fluttered about the place before fleeing down the landing.

”Oops!” said Oscar.

”Oscar! What did I say about creating mythical creatures in the house?!” Homer yelled.

”Don’t...” Oscar sighed.


Homer had problems of his own, he had pissed off works of art again as outside the house gathered Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, Picasso’s Three Muscians, holding tommy guns. Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Kronos/Saturn etc.

Homer screamed.

Then Doug Vaccaro aka Barbecue Thanos arrived with the Infinity Gauntlet. Followed by Jasper Johns stealing buffet food and Bob Ross patting a crowbar.

Homer screamed again.

”Actually I’m just here to bear the devil out of Oscar.” said Bob Ross.

Oscar screamed.


At School Bart sang in choir club and wondered what he saw in Sherri that he wanted to go out with her.

In the play ground the Curious Bear cub from Happy Little elves disrobed Jake Boyman, tied him or her to the climbing frame and made him or her wear a diaper. Jake/Lisa sweated and grimaced as the Curious bear cub sniffed his or her diaper with his big wet shiny green nose.

Jake struggled and squirmed.


At Home Marge got Hugo eating out of the bin again when she poured away some Christmas cookies.

Hugo made delighted eating sounds as he ate out of the bin. “Ack! I think I ate a dog food can lid!” He cried.

Upstairs Oscar was lying in his bed while Teddy his living teddy bear creature sniffed his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Oscar just watched, blushing as he peed himself. Teddy then squeezed his nose squirting streams of snot at Oscar, splattering snot across his diaper. Oscar groaned in disgust.

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