Pop Art In art class Oscar shows off his artistic talents, and reveals his talent for drawing life like drawings is a super power and helps Bart and Lisa protect Springfield. Meanwhile Homer becomes a budding artist after his new barbecue pit goes horribly wrong and he inadvertently turns the result into a work of unconventional art.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Bart and Oscar are going to Mrs Krabappel's class when Skinner explained that she was off sick.

"You'll all be spending this lesson in art." Skinner sends the fourth grade class to the art classroom.

"Cool beans!" said Oscar. He liked painting and drawing.

"Aw geez, Skinner we both know every time I attend art class my work gets sent to the school psychiatrist and I have to spend the day in their office talking to the rabbit doll about the voices in my head..." Bart sighed.

"Bart you will attend art class and you will make something with your name on it that you can send home! Like a nice tea cup or coffee mug!" Skinner explained.

Meanwhile at home Marge decides to make herself a hot mug of coffee. She decides to use one Bart made in art. However it is poorly made and has holes in it so the coffee leaks out. Marge grumbled in frustration and threw the mug on the floor. However she felt bad at breaking something Bart worked hard on.

"Oh Maggie! Why did you do that?!" Marge blamed it on Maggie who looked at her in confusion.


"Bart why don't you like art?" Oscar asked.

"It's not that I don't like it. It's just that I want an F on my report for art so it says Fart! Ahahahaha!" Bart explained before bursting out laughing.

Oscar sighed and rolled his eyes.

"And like I said to Skinner. My art kinda creeps people out and they think I'm psychotic or something." Bart added.

"But if you got a B in art it would say Bart!" Oscar replied.

"I suppose that might be a reason to try hard..." Bart found that difficult to argue with.

However the teacher's constant praising of everything the students drew, even those that couldn't draw very well, grated on Bart.

"Ah, a tortured artist." said the art teacher as she admired the mess on Bart's canvas.

"Really Teach? Really?!" Bart asked in disbelief. "All I did was drown a beetle in my pot of black paint and then let it crawl over my canvas until it died!"

"Oh..." the teacher realised.

Once the teacher left now that Bart had broken her faith in her students, Bart looked at what Oscar had drawn.

"It's your teddy bear creature?! Wow it looks almost life like..." said Bart.

"Whattya mean almost?!" Teddy yelled as he came out of the canvas. His big wet shiny black nose was smooshed against Bart's. He was all too real.

"Ay carumba!" Bart yelled. "Your painting came to life!"

"Well duh. That always happens." Oscar explained.

"Cooool!" Bart cooed.

"I'll show you something cool!" Oscar smirked. He painted a moustache on Bart. Bart felt the moustache and pulled at it. It was real despite having been painted on.

"Whoooooa!" Bart cooed. "Just make sure to erase this moustache before recess."

"If you say so." Oscar replied.


Later at home, Bartman was badgering Lisa to find a new costume and identity that didn't just copy him. Lisa comes up with an orange cape, possibly someone's security blanket, a red mask from a masque party and she was wearing a white bundle of cloth on her head. She dubbed this hero, Mystic Lisa.

"Well, at least that's original now Lis." said Bartman.


Bartman, Mystic Lisa and Oscar (who hadn't found a costume yet) arrived in town to fight some badguys. (Some thugs loitering about town)

They had to rely heavily on Oscar's art powers as he painted a hole and the thugs fell into it.

"Um, maybe you should have picked Stretchdude and Clobber girl tonight." Oscar suggested as it was only his powers that saved the day.


One afternoon Homer was lying in his hammock wearing a straw hat and a Hawaiian shirt singing you put the lime in the coconut! But beer instead of lime.

“You put the beer in the coconut!” He sung while pouring Duff beer into a coconut half with a straw and cocktail umbrella. He then threw the empty Duff can at Ned.

“Ow! Homer!” Ned whined.

“You put the beer in the coconut!” Homer continues to sing and throws another empty can at Ned.

“Homer!” Ned yelled.

But a Honer kept singing Lime in the coconut. However he had not beer cans left to throw at Ned.

“Marge get me some more beer...” Homer whined.

Marge was pulling up weeds and planting new flowers. “Oh! Get them yourself Homer!” she snapped. “And what happened to all the chores you promised to do?!”

“Marge it’s Saturday...” Homer whined.

“I don’t care! What about painting the garage door like you promised? Or fixing the boiler or getting the snake out of the piano?!” Marge nagged.

The blue piano in the front room was playing itself as something slithered under the keys moving them. Then the piano lid opened and red eyes peaked out at Hugo who was staring at the snake infested piano. The snake the red eyes belonged to flicked its tongue and hissed before going back in the piano.

Hugo winced, disturbed by the sight of a snake in the piano.

“And you still haven’t taken down those awful hostage stickers from the oak tree!” said Marge.

“If I do it will just be more hostages arriving...” said Homer.

Marge seethed annoyed.

“Fine.... I’ll get up and go to the hardware store... on my Saturday... can you live with ruining my Saturday Marge? Huh? Can you?” Homer sighed.

“Sure!” said Marge.

“Really Marge? Really...” said Homer throwing his beer filled coconut half at Ned.

“God! Bless...” said Ned. Homer wondered why he could hear Ned.


Homer took Bart to the hardware store. Oscar took Hugo, for company.

Homer spoke to a Squeaky Voiced Teen clone wearing a hammer hat. “Excuse me. I have a few questions for Pop...” said Homer.

“That’s me!” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

“Wait?! You’re Pop?!” Bart asked. “No offence but I could kick your ass!”

“Hey! Get off my case! The only reason I’m working here is to get a date with Mom!” Squeaky Voiced Teen retorted. The camera pans round to a sexy blonde sharpening her nails on a sander.

“Look, Pop. I am planning some expert home repairs and I need a pair of bolt cutters or wire cutters or something to get the padlock off of my tool box.” said Homer.

“Aisle one. Next to the cat poison.” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

Bart to his amusement found Principal Skinner and Mrs Krabappel shopping.

“Edna look. This dimmer switch could really ratchet up the romance in our love nest...” said Skinner.

“The janitor’s closet?! Ha!” said Mrs Krabappel laughing a short mocking laugh.

Skinner sighed. “What is it Edna? You just seem to say Ha! at everything these days...”

“Seymour, I want to have a baby!” Edna demanded.

Skinner was about to answer but saw Bart staring with an inquisitive smile.

“Um let’s continue this conversation in pool supplies.” said Skinner.

Homer was watching a man build a barbecue. He snapped his fingers and a chicken roasting on a spit roast appeared on the barbecue.

“Oh my god! He’s Thanos!” Oscar screamed.

Thanos snapped his fingers and Oscar dissolved into atoms and then nothing.

“Phew! Thanks Thanos...” said Homer.

“Any time Homer.” said Thanos before going off somewhere.

The man advertising a barbecue Thanos finger snapped and the chicken became a sucking pig, a swordfish and then a small hippo.

“Mmmmmmmm! Hippo...” Homer drooled.

Bart arrived.

“Dad I can’t find Hugo or Oscar...” said Bart.

“Boy, how would you like it if your old man built a brand new Barbecue?” Homer asked him.

“Can I burn evidence in it?” Bart asked.

“We can all burn evidence in it...” said Homer.


Homer had brought a brick barbecue. Lisa helped pave out the cement for the floor of the barbecue.

After she went inside to get a drink all hell broke loose! Homer dropped all the parts into the cement including the instructions.

"D'oh! English side soiled! Must read French! Le grille?! What the hell is that?! Homer yelled. He moaned as he crawled through the wet cement and hastily assembled the parts together haphazardly.

Homer eventually has finished. He is admiring a picture of the barbecue on the box, then he sees the mess he created.

"Why doesn't mine look like that?!" he yells. He then loses his temper and smashes up the pile jumbled barbecue parts with a metal pipe.

Meanwhile in the kitchen.

Marge is cooking while Bart is licking a lollipop.

"How's your father doing?" Marge asked.

Bart turns to look out the window.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhh!" Homer screams as he lunges at the barbecue with a parasol however it gets caught and opens up, sending him flying as the open parasol adds a final touch to whatever Homer had just made.

"I think he's done." Bart replied as he secretly took some sketches of his father's angry outburst.

The Simpsons go outside into the garden. They are confused and slightly horrified by what Homer produced.

"Was that supposed to be the barbecue?" Marge asked.

"Yes..." Homer replied glumly.

"Whooooooaaaaa!" Bart remarked quite impressed by Homer's monstrosity.

A thin short haired lady who obviously looked like an art critic or someone in the art business came in and gasped at Homer's pile of smashed up barbecue parts and parasol.

"Yes go ahead and stare..." Homer sighed.

"Monsieur!" said the lady. "This is beautiful! What do you call this?"

Homer is confused. "Uh, it was supposed to be a barbecue but it went horribly wrong and in my anger I smashed it up." he explained.

"Ah, I see the pain and anger." said the lady. "I would like to buy it for my gallery."

"What?!" Homer gasped with his family also shocked. "But it's just a pile of junk!"

"Non non non! Zis is what we call 'outsider art!'" said the lady shaking her head.

"You think I'm an artist?!" Homer gasped.

"Oui. Well, with time. Once I feature you and your work at the exhibition." said the lady.

"Woohoo!" Homer cheered.


Marge was jealous.

"Hrmmmmmm! I wanted to be the family artist! Now I'm competing with your smashed up barbecue thing that lady considers to be art!" Marge ranted.

"There's no need to be jealous dear. We can both be artists!" said Homer.

"Hmmmmm! I have to agree with Mom. I can't stand these modern outsider artists who think anything can be called art! This wasn't what Andy Warhol meant by everyone having their fifteen minutes of fame!" Lisa ranted.

"I wonder if we can sell Dad's other failed DIY projects as art." Bart remarked as he recalled various failed attempts to build Santa's Little Helper a dog house and Bart a bed which resulted in a nightmarish clown bed.

Oscar was in the backyard with a toy.

“Whatcha got there?” Bart asked as he came out to see him.

“A Beanie Baby.” said Oscar holding a Beanie Baby. For some reason it squeaked when squeezed. “I’ll never get rid of it.” Oscar explained. “It’ll follow me to the ends of the Earth!” He said dramatically while swing the Beanie Baby around.

Bart snatched the Beanie Baby and threw it over Ned’s fence and far, far away.

“Hey!” Oscar whined. “Why you little!” He strangled Bart for throwing away his Beanie Baby.

Plot 2[edit | edit source]

Homer showed off his sculpture at the exhibition. Everyone loved it except one person.

"You're out of your vector, Cueball!" said Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You. He was standing near one of his garbage sculptures.

"Ha! Cueball!" Bart giggled.

"Hey! Did you just call me bald?!" Homer yelled at Sho.

"Well done, Einstein." Sho said sarcastically.

"I don't like your tone!" Homer yelled.

"Bring it on old man." said Sho confidently.

"Why you!" Homer was about to start a fight.

"Homer no!" Oscar got between them. "He's a shinigami!"

"A what now?" Homer asked. Dumbfounded.

"A Japanese death god... a bit like our Grim Reaper/Death." Oscar explained.

"Aaaaaaagh!" Homer screamed.

"So zetta smart! You factoring hectopascal!" Sho said to Oscar.

"Um thanks, I guess." Oscar replied.

"May I ask why a shinigami is hanging about an art exhibition?" Lisa asked.

"I'll answer that." came a young voice before Sho could give a sarcastic remark full of maths jargon. A young boy with grey hair wearing a smart shirt with the top few buttons left undone appeared. "I'm Joshua, the head of all reapers. Sho's just taking part in the art exhibition with his um sculptures..."

Bart grimaced at Sho's pile of garbage. "Well, our Dad submitted this thing which was supposed to be our barbecue."

"Humans never cease to amaze me... What will you think of next..." Joshua sighed.

After another meeting with the art lady who decided to become Homer's coach, she explained in order to remain famous he would have to keep making new sculptures. Already people were getting bored of his barbecue sculpture.

Then he rudely ate canapés with his mouth open.

“Dad close your mouth when you’re eating...” Lisa sighed.

Then Jasper Johns was stealing buffet food and stuffing it into his jacket.

”I know you! You’re Jasper Johns!” said Homer.

Jasper Johns threatened to kill him.

“Hey check everyone out Jasper Johns!” said Homer.

“You tell anyone and I’ll kill you!” Jasper Johns threatened him as he grabbed his shirt.

Homer screamed and fled.

Meanwhile Oscar also got a death threat from an artist. He was watching Bob Ross paint.

“Now we’re gonna take some hunter green here. And we’re just gonna paint a happy little bush right there.” He painted a little bush on his painting. “And it’ll be our little secret. He got angry. “Because. If you tell anybody. That that bush is there. I’ll come to your house and I will cut you!” He threatened menacingly.

“Ay carumba!” Oscar yelled.

The French artist lady, who is now called Astrid, found Homer hiding from Jasper Johns and introduced him to a Japanese lady called Kyoto.

“Hey did you sleep with any of the Beatles?!” Homer asked annoyed.

“No. That was Yoko Ono...” said Kyoto.

Then Astrid introduced A German man called Gunther with short red hair and resembling a James Bond villain.

“So you’re Eurotrash eh?” Homer asked.

“Ja...” Gunther sighed.

Finally Astrid introduced a British man called Cecil Hampstead.

Homer just glared at him for being British.

“Aaaaaaagh! Somebody help! I told some artist in a beret about Bob Ross’s hunter green bush in his painting and now he’s trying to kill me!” Oscar screamed as he was being chased by Bob Ross.

Homer and the artist friends of Astrid sweat dropped and face palmed.


Homer went down to the basement to work on more sculptures.


Marge was in the kitchen painting furiously as she was still annoyed at Homer for stealing her thunder.

Lisa was admiring her work and giving her words of encouragement.

"Thanks sweetie, but I'm just not happy with this picture of that fruit bowl..." Marge sighed as she was painting a picture of a fruit bowl.

Bart came in to put some rubbish in the bin. A can of buzz cola. However he found some broken pieces of his mug he made in art.

"Who broke my coffee mug I made you?!" Bart asked. Crestfallen that his hard work was smashed to pieces.

"Hmmmmm... It was an accident sweetheart... I'm sure whoever broke it didn't mean to..." Marge replied. "You can always make another...


Homer was in the garage with lots of junk.

“Dad what are you doing with all that junk?” Lisa asked.

“Making art sweetie.” said Homer.

“Hmmmmmm... Homer, I think that was just a fluke...” said Marge.

“Nonsense! I’ve always been an artist! Ever since my school girl days of painting pictures of Ringo Starr...” said Homer.

“That is my life your explaining!” Marge snapped.

“Anyhow my art comes from anger, but I’m Mr Mellow!” said Homer.

Bart snarked. “Ha! Yeah right!”

“Kids I am giving you permission to make me angry. Go ahead! Rile me!” said Homer holding a sledgehammer near one of his junk sculptures that wasn’t smashed up yet.

“Well um... Mom found out the engagement ring you gave her was actually made of rock candy...” said Lisa.

“Mmmmmm... rock candy...” Oscar groaned and drooled. “Tooth breaking sweetness...”

Homer felt a tinge if anger. “Go on...”

“Well I’m failing at maths and the other day I was a little attracted to Milhouse...” said Bart.

Milhouse outside the garage peeking in made bedroom eyes at Bart.

Homer snapped and screamed smashing up his sculptures.

It was another night at the exhibition. Homer had three new pieces. He explained each of them. The first one was supposed to have been a bird house but ended up a jumble of hastily nailed together bits of wood and barbed wire. A desperate tapping and chirping could be heard from within.

"Is that a live bird trapped in there?!" An art critic asked.

"Um probably." Homer replied.

Unfortunately a lot of the art critics were staunch animal rights protesters and angrily stormed out of the exhibit. Those that weren't walked out anyway because they found Homer's work repetitive. He was just following the same theme over and over.

“What’s happening?! You weirdos love this stuff!” Homer whined.

“Homer, artists stay famous by painting or making new things. Your latest sculptures are the same thing. People want to see something new.” Astrid explained.

“But I have a theme! Like Picasso’s blue period!” said Homer.

“No you just have a smashed up bird house, a tricycle and I have no idea what that thing is,,,” said Kyoto.

“It was some metal shelves and a chainsaw. Then hi threw mash potato at it...” Homer said glumly.

“Basically you’ve gone from hip to boring.” said the British guy.

“Ja. Why don’t you call us when you get to kitsch? Ahahahaha!” said Gunther laughing dryly.

The art critics left. The British guy said something about heroin.

“Wait! Come back!” Homer whined. “I’m a god to you people!” Then this bit is cool! “Worship me or fear my wrath!!” Lightning struck. “Oh, please, fear my wrath! Please?!”

Oscar arrived and prostrated himself before Homer. “All hail Homo Jay! What is thy bidding master?”

“Oscar! Stop being so blasphemous!” Marge told him off for worshiping Homer as a false idol.

Very soon everyone forgot about Homer.


Marge tried to comfort Homer, but was secretly happy now that she could focus on her Art.

“Hey, Ray J Johnson never changed his act and he’s more popular than ever!” said Homer lying on the rug in the lounge.

“You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay! You can call me Ray J! Just don’t-“ Homer sung a bit Ray J did as part of his act.

“Dad I’m already sick of Ray J after a few minutes!” said Lisa.

“You just need some inspiration.” said Marge. “Let’s do something cultural together! Like going to the art museum!” said Marge.

“Nah... not my thing...” said Homer bored lying on the living room rug.

“Hmmmm! Homer don’t lie there. That’s Oscar’s spot when he wants to be a baby and play with his teddy bear creature.” Marge sighed.

“Hey this is my house, I paid for it so it’s my spot!” said Homer.

“Nuh uh. He called it.” said Lisa.

“No he hasn’t!” said Homer.

“Well he’s calling it now.” said Lisa as Oscar came in wearing just a diaper and carrying Teddy, his teddy bear creature.

“Oooooooh! Got me with their legal mumbo jumbo!” Homer whined and went off. Baby Oscar lies on the vacated rug that resembled an archery target and let Teddy sniff his diaper.


One evening at Moe’s. Astrid, Gunther, Kyoto and Cecil were there.

“So you lot are art critics. How’s that working out for ya?” Moe asked them as he cleaned his beer mugs.

“Eh, to be honest, we’re adrift... lost in a sea... of decadent luxury and meaningless sex...” said Gunther.

“Uh huh... so, uh, where might this sea be located...” Moe asked the German art critic.

“Off the cost of Whore island. And near Phuket, Thailand...” Gunther quipped, humouring Moe’s serious requests for this imaginary ocean of sex...

At the plant, Homer was sketching Lenny and Carl in the showers.

“Uh Homer I’m not entirely comfortable with this...” said Carl.

“Relax Carl. He’s just doing it for his art. Right Homer?” Lenny explained.

“Um yeah... the art...” said Homer sketching and drawing.

At School, Bart in art class was making something out of clay when Unchained Melody started playing.

“Ooooooooooh! My looooooove! My darling! I hunger, for your touch!”

Bart grimaces as he looks over, taking the camera view with him to show Oscar, Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze as a ghost making a clay pot with wet clay while Demi and Patrick were passionately snogging and making out.

Then Homer took Barney to Machu Picchu for some reason!

Homer and Barney dressed for a vacation with Homer wearing a tacky Hawaiian shirt and carrying a camera were at the ruins of the Mayan city of Machu Picchu. Despite the name there were no Pichus from Pokemon but there were oddly some Mayan soldiers still. Three stooges Mayan soldiers...

“Ow! Why you chowder head!” One guard slapped another.


The Moe soldier/guard then poked a fat one in his eyes.

The fat guard cried in pain and held his hands over his eyes.

“Whoop whoop whooooop!” came Curly sounds as Homer was astonished by this sight.

“Why yooooou!” The Moe soldier yelled.

Homer rolled his eyes.


In bed his wife was not happy with him. Homer assumed it was because he went to Machu Picchu with Barney. But actually it was because he had muscled in on her hobby. Art.

“How would you like it if I um... took part in a belching contest?” Marge asked.

“Well to be honest, I’d be rather turned on... prrrrrr!” said Homer aroused.

“Goodnight Homer...” Marge sighed and turned off the lights.

“Uuuuuuurp! Night Homer and Marge!” said Barney.

“Barney get the hell outta my house and go home!” Homer yelled.

Plot 3[edit | edit source]

One afternoon.

“Homer, I’ve been thinking. Maybe we can be artists together.” said Marge. “Like Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego.”

“Aaaaaaagh! Mono brows!” Homer screamed imagining Marge with a black monobrow.

Baby Gerald and his mother walked past pushing Gerald in a prom glaring into the Simpsons house.

“I was thinking we could make a day trip to the art museum.” said Marge.

“Okay. But only if they have Fussball there. They do have fussball right?” Homer asked.

He imagined he was at an art museum playing table soccer with Michelangelo’s David. He won against David.

“Yes! Take that Michelangelo’s David! Okay who’s next?” Homer cheered and asked who was next.

“Meeeeeeeeeeeee!” Edvard Munch’s the Scream yelled.

Marge sighed at his bizarre day dream as the thinking cloud collapsed into tiny clouds.

At the art museum.

Homer was looking at a picture of the Life in Hell comics bunnies and fez wearing Ackbars.

“Matt Groening?! What’s he doing in a museum?! He can barely draw!” Homer yelled.

“Homer shhhhh! You’ll anger God!” said Marge.

“Oh yeah? What’s he gonna do?!” Homer asked in defiance. Suddenly a giant pencil eraser on the bottom of a pencil tried to erase him. “Ahhhhh! Oh no! I’m being erased!”

“Hey pally! Move it bub! We’ve got an installation to install ate!” said Raphael installing a giant pencil in its podium as an exhibit.

“Oh! A Claes Oldenburg!” Marge explained that’s who made the giant pencil.

Homer whistled a Wolf whistle. “He must be a hundred foot tall monster...”

Then Marge showed Homer a Turner painting.

“Now this is a Joseph Turner. He stood out because he painted landscapes of Venetian canals in an era where everyone was painting portraits!” said Marge.

“It’s glorious! The streets are paved with water! You could ride a walrus to work!” said Homer being stupid.

“And Picasso started drawing realistically before moving on to cubism. By the end he was just drawing crank call letters to his agents. They called it his angry jerk period.” said Marge.

“(Homer gurgling and drooling)” Homer was drooling at something. “Mmmmmmm! Split pea soup... with ham!” He was looking at Andy Warhol’s painting of a Campbell’s soup can.

“Well Homie, are you inspired?” Marge asked.

“Hmmmmmm... no I couldn’t come up with something like a giant pencil or soup... I’m tired. I’m taking a nap.

Homer went to sleep and had a very weird dream about art...

Homer was sleeping in the Sleeping Gypsy painting when a lion licked him and woke him up.

“Hey! What the?!” Homer asked carrying a lute or some sort of string instrument.

He then found himself in Italy near the leaning tower.

“Where am I?” He asked.


“Diiiiiiiieeeeee!” Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man started punching Homer while screaming karate war cries.

“Ow! Ouch! Ow! You’re mean!” Homer whined as Vitruvian Man rolled away.

Suddenly Homer was in Picasso’s the three harlequins.

Three colourful figures were playing instruments.

“Hasta la vista baby!” they said pulling out machine guns! Cooooool!

Homer screamed and was shot in a hail of bullets that left weird trapezoid holes in him. “Eh?”

Then water dripped on him. “What the?!”

He was in Salvador Dali’s the Persistence of Memory. A melting clock was dripping on him. “Eeeeeew!” Homer groaned. He screamed when a torrent of water fell on him.

Suddenly someone threw soup cans at him. “Ow! What the?!”

That someone was Andy Warhol.

“Oh no! Andy Warhol!” Homer screamed.

“Soup’s up, fat boy!” said Andy throwing soup cans at Homer.

“Ow! Ouch! Ow!” Homer cried. Then Andy picked up a giant soup can. “Aaaaagh! No please! Andy! No!”

However obviously this was all a dream as Marge shook Homer to wake him.

“Homer wake up! You’re just having a bad dream!” said Marge.

“Oh Marge why does art hate me?” Homer asked then he found he had somehow punched his fist through a valuable painting in his sleep. “Uh oh.”


However Homer wasn't beaten yet, he was planning a new stunt to get recognised as an artist.

Lisa found him in the basement planning something.

"These outsider artists... They do stupid stunts and get famous for them right..." Homer asked.

"Unfortunately..." Lisa sighed. "But don't do anything dangerous please Dad!"

"You're boring... Where's Bart?" Homer sighed.


Meanwhile upstairs Oscar was mucking about with his art powers on Bart. He painted a big shiny wet black nose on him, over his actual nose.

"Egad! My nose is huge!" said Bart. He sniffed with his new shiny black nose that looked like Teddy's.

Oscar got very aroused and wanted to be sniffed by Bart, however he would never explain his weird desires. He settled for squeezing Bart's shiny black nose. It squeaked like a toy. Oscar giggled as he squeezed Bart's nose.

"Ugh! Don't squeeze my nose..." Bart grumbled. He used his psychic powers to return his nose to normal.

"Well at least you can undo any transformations caused by my powers." Oscar remarked.


In the basement.

“Dad have you heard of Christo?” Lisa asked, helping her dad get inspired by art to make something.

“That jerk who revealed the magicians’ secrets?” Homer asked.

“No!” Lisa sighed exasperated.

“Oh oh oh!” Oscar interrupted. “The Latino Jesus Christ of ham and cheese French toast sandwiches?!”

“No!” Lisa yelled annoyed at his stupidity. “Christo was an artist famous for large scale out door projects.”

“Such as?” Homer asked.

“He once wrapped the Reichstag in plastic.” Lisa explained.

“Not the Reichstag?!” Homer sounded horrified.

“Yes Dad.” said Lisa.

“Big deal. The Nazis set fire to it in 1933 and last week I climbed it dressed as Spider Man. But Jimbo Waled of Wikipedia told me off...” said Oscar.

Lisa tried to ignore his interruptions.

“He also set up hundreds of yellow umbrellas along the California highway.” said Lisa.

“Why the hell did he do that?!” Homer asked.

“To make the world a more magical place, I guess.” said Lisa. That’s just silly.

“Although they did blow over and kill some people...” Lisa added.

“Killer umbrellas? Of course!” said Homer. “How exquisite!”

“No Dad! That’s not what I was trying to-“ Lisa spluttered.

“To Japan!” Oscar yelled and ran off with Homer.

Lisa sighed exasperated.


That night Homer snuck Bart out for a drive while he was asleep. Once he woke during the drive, Homer explained their plan.

They then steal everyone's front door mats and throw them out the car, blocking up every single sewer vent on the street.

“So long Welcome!” said Bart throwing out a welcome mat.

“Eat my dust Casa del Flanders!” Homer threw out a Ned’s welcome mat.

“Shalom Bless this house!” Bart threw out what I think is Lovejoy’s door mat.

“Go to hell Simpsons!” Homer threw out his own door mat. Then he realised. “D’oh!”

At the zoo Homer is putting snorkels and goggles on the sleeping goats. He hears Bart's heavy breathing and Bart arrives covered in nasty scratches.

"It wasn't easy but I've done the grizzlies." Bart explained. Oscar sniggered.

"Good, I'll do the elks and you do the mountain lions." Homer passed him some more snorkels and goggles. Bart didn't like this arrangement.

"Why are you making me do all the dangerous animals?" Bart asked.

"I didn't bring you out past your bedtime to ask stupid questions now get to it!" Homer replied.

Bart went off muttering like Muttley.

Oscar was startled by Homer screaming.


Homer had opened the boot of his car and was suddenly attacked by a flock of Kasa obake. Japanese umbrella demons or umbrella yokai.

(Angry snarls and chattering of umbrella yokai)

“Aaaaaaagh! My eyes! My eyes!” Homer screamed as the umbrella demons attacked him.

They then flooded the entire town and zoo with hoses.


Marge woke up the next morning to find the entire street flooded and zoo animals swimming about in panic with snorkels and goggles on. She gasped at this spectacle. Then Homer, Bart and Oscar sailed by in a canoe.

"Homer! Did you flood the entire town?!" Marge yelled. "And why was Bart with you?!"

"Relax honey, I thought of making the town like Venice, the most romantic flooded city in the world. Except Atlantis..."

Homer's art coach floated by on a door.

"Homer this is beautiful! Although did you 'ave to flood ze 'ole town?" remarked the art lady critic who helped him become an artist.

However everyone else didn't like it and were very angry with Homer.

He was arrested after the town was cleared of flood water and the zoo animals were put back in the zoo.

Marge came to visit him in prison.

"Homer, you did a very reckless thing. But it inspired me to paint this!" Marge painted Homer's flooded town.

"Oh it's beautiful Marge!" Homer admired the painting. "I'm sorry Marge, maybe I'm not cut out for being an artist."

Marge comforted him until visiting time was over.

The end.

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