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Now That's What I Call Music!


August 5, 2014

Now That's What I Call Music! is the 1st edition of the Now! series in Springfield, releasing on August 5, 2014. The album features 21 tracks including the Springfield Hot 20 Singles number-one hits, "Problem", "I Don't Care", "Holes" and "Queen".

Track listing[]

  1. "Problem" (Jane Mik featuring Felicia)
  2. "Black" (Young Prince featuring Austin Greyhound)
  3. "UR 2 L8 (Remix)" (Isla Chan featuring Rapsta Chik)
  4. "I Don't Care(Felicia)
  5. "Queen" (Helena Fasesha)
  6. "Hell Yeah" (LaQuaria Ghetti featuring Rapsta Chik, Sonny Wilson, Hit-Boy, Flo Rida and Tyga)
  7. "Say" (Amara)
  8. "No Soy Estupido" (Faces)
  9. "POWR" (Rachel Layton featuring Austin Greyhound and Iggy Azalea)
  10. "Go Get It" (Joshua Riverra featuring Felicia)
  11. "Delicious" (Under the Radar)
  12. "Reach For The Stars" (Rapsta Chik featuring Tupac Shakur)
  13. "Holes" (Austin Greyhound)
  14. "Shout" (DJ TRAKZ featuring Rapsta Chik)
  15. "Golden Heart" (Bart Simpson featuring Rapsta Chik)
  16. "Goodnight & Goodbye" (Nick Riverra)
  17. "Bad Chick" (Isla Chan featuring LaQuaria Ghetti and Amara)
  18. "Someday In Our Lives" (Amara featuring Young Prince)
  19. "Twerk" (Bart Simpson featuring LaQuaria Ghetti and Rapsta Chik)
  20. "I've Been Blind" (Rachel Layton)
  21. "Black Widow" (Felicia and Helena Fasesha)