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Nelson Mandela Muntz
Nelson muntz 2.png
Gender male
Hair Brown
Age 15
Occupation Gangster
Relatives Wife (future): Sarah Muntz

Children (future) Andy, Janet and Unborn Baby
Stepsons (future): Kerli Muntz
Jennifer Muntz
Father: Mr. Muntz
Mother: Mrs. Muntz
Grandfather: Judge Muntz
Cousin: Reilly Muntz
Unnamed Sister (Possibly Deceased)
Unnamed Grandmother
Cousin: Chuck Muntz

First Appearance Bart the General
Voiced By Nancy Cartwright


Nelson is a 15 year old high school drop out who is married to the 51 year old EDM/punk/dubstep singer/Drug Gangs! Lead Prostitute/pr0nstar Sarah Simpson after getting paid 5 bucks to get her pregnant with a baby he didn't even want named Janet Muntz. He first met Sarah when she was earning pennies a day while she performed perverted acts in front of jail as a member of the sex-noise band Punk Town and held the position of Lead Prostitute for the Drug Gangs! gang Pink Fuzzing. Sometime later, he found out that he was Sarah's cousin when a half-faced baby was born.


When Janet was born, Nelson found out that Sarah had poked holes in his condom in order to get her pregnant, when he had previously tried to break up with her for Sarah's Latina friend, Karina Lopez who smelled like Mexican-style ceviche tacos but was spicier than habanero peppers and Sarah, who only smelled like a broken-down trailer trash toilet in Vermont. He filed a lawsuit on charges of fraud, but ended up settling after being offered a settlement of $50 (10 times the amount he was previously paid by Sarah to have Janet and Jennifer together, at the same time, even though they were not twins) after Sarah entered a BDSM/Fifty Shades of Gray-inspired sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship with Mr. Burns, Barney Gumble (especially after Marge told her to stay away from creepy old men who liked to seduce younger 19 year old girls), Artie Ziff (who had been married to Rapastafarian Chicken at the time), and Frank "Grimey" Grimes Junior III, and therefore could finally afford to pay Nelson money - after her failed pr0nstar/singer/Drug Gangs! career got even worse. He also won royalty rights to two of her songs, My Period Panties and the Rapastafarian Fried Chicken "lost collaboration", Queen of Springfield.

Relationship with Karina Lopez[]

They went out once for coffee on the beach after Sarah turned out to be banging more than five guys while he was dating her. Besides Lisa, she is the only one Nelson would have married, had it not been for Sarah's whining and stalking him to have more babies for under $5.

Relationship with Lisa Simpson[]

They were childhood sweethearts, and they also dated for a short while during high school, but broke up for good after Lisa found Nelson smelled like Adrien Brody's Russian girlfriend's butt (which smelled like rotten Hungarian borstch-goulash). Even to this day, Nelson admits that Lisa had made the best choice she ever could by leaving him.

Relationship with Sarah Muntz[]

By the far the longest so-called "relationship" he's had with a woman.

Personal life[]

He is now mentoring under Dr. Jenson Carlos in the art of IVF, the same one done for several of Sarah's 5,000 pregnancies and collecting royalty cheques from Sarah. His two cronies were Matthew (AKA Black Weasel) and Nicholas (AKA White Weasel) that would include their brother Jeremy (AKA Other White Weasel).


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