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Mypods and Boomsticks The controversial episode! Lisa gets Krusty’s old Mypod and gets herself into serious debt downloading songs. Bart makes a new friend called Bashir Bin Laden, yes those Bin Ladens... but Homer and Oscar are understandably hostile towards Bashir when they find he is a Muslim... And Oscar makes Disney references with Homer.


The couch gag is “Prosperity is just around the corner.” Bart and Oscar are writing it, Oscar then leaves the classroom and cheers “Yay! I’m prosperous!”

The couch gag is a second chalkboard gag. Bart is in the living room writing on a chalkboard “I will not take the Chalkboard home.” His family are very confused.


The episode starts with Oscar sleeping when he is woken up by Homer singing “Arabian nights....! Are like Arabian days....” from Disney’s Aladdin the TV series. Oscar frustrated gets up.

He finds Homer singing in the bathroom.

“Hi Oscar! Were you sleeping?” Homer asked.

“Yes...” Oscar said very annoyed. “Genie, if you must sing do it your lamp!”

Homer turned into Genie. “No can do, pal! For you, see, I’m a free genie!!” said Genie as the word "Free" in neon letters appeared.

“Yes I know Genie. I watched all three Aladdin movies and the cartoon series...” said Oscar. “Say why did you replace Robin Williams?”

“I don’t know. Ask him yourself.” said Homer’s head on Genie’s body. “He probably got stuck in Jumanji again or something...

“Hehehe! Jumanji...” Oscar giggled.

However this silly turn of events was all just a dream...

“Oz, wake up! You were dreaming about my dad as Genie again, weren’t you?!” said Bart trying to wake him up in the car.

“ quiet, Abu...” Oscar groaned.

Hugo blew a klaxon in his ear.

“Aaaaagh! Hugo! Don’t do that!” Oscar yelled.

“You were having dreams about Aladdin again...” said Bart.

“Hehehe! Aladdin!” Homer laughed.

“Where’s the Magic Carpet taken us, Genie?” Oscar asked.

“Oz, knock it off! That’s my Dad, Homer. And this is a car, not a magic carpet...” said Bart.

“The Magic Carpet has taken us to the mall to return this broken microwave!” said Homer.

Bart rolled his eyes at Homer encouraging Oscar.

”Oz go back to sleep...” Bart groaned.

”Okay!” said Oscar. He went to sleep and snores loudly. Then to Bart’s chagrin he was singing A whole woooooooorrrrrrrllllldddd! From Disney’s Aladdin.


They went to mall. The Arabic music store bloke from Please Homer, don’t hammer em! was now selling rugs and prayer mats.

“Oh cooooool!” said Oscar. He sat on one as if kneeling to pray but he started singing “A whole new world!”

The Simpsons except Homer groaned in annoyance.

“These are not magic flying carpets! Get off! Get off!” The shopkeeper yelled at him.

“Fine! Why are you not deported yet!?” Oscar yelled.

“Because you can’t deport someone for not liking the country!” said the shopkeeper.

“They need to make treason a crime again...” Oscar grumbled storming off.

“Oscar don’t cause trouble...” said Marge sighing.

“I’m not. This is causing trouble... Rugrat dingbat flying mat!” Oscar casted a spell with his wand at one of the rugs for sale. It gained the ability to fly on its own accord. It scooped him up and he flew away with it. “Wheeeeee! I’m Aladdin!”

The Simpsons sighed.

“Look! A Mapple store!” said Lisa.

“Apple...” said Oscar.

“Blue haired lawyer won’t let us use the actual name...” Lisa sighed.

They went to Mapple.

”It’s Apple!” Oscar yelled.

“Eeeeeeew! Why is everything white or pastel colors?!” Hugo groaned.

“Quiet boy!” said Homer.

Comic Book Guy was having trouble with his computer.

“Did you get peanut butter in the Ethernet port again...” the shop assistant sighed.

“No. I got mayonnaise in my CD drive...” said Comic Book Guy.

Homer was interested in the glowing cubes suddenly on the screen behind him the Master Control Programme from Tron appeared.

“Inferior code! Life has no meaning! Only data is important!” said the Master Control Programme.

Homer screamed and ran away.

Lisa was dismayed that everything was so expensive.

“Can I have some fake earphones and pretend I have a Mypod?” Lisa asked.

“Yes. They’re called Myphonies.” said the shopkeeper.

Lisa got out her pocket money.

“And they cost forty dollars...” said the shopkeeper.

“I’ll never get a Mypod...” Lisa whined.


Oscar got off of his magic carpet and went to see a technician at the Mapple Store. “Your Mypad charging cables aren’t long enough!”

“That’s as long as we build them.” said the technician.

“Fine. I can get a longer third party one on Jamazon!” said Oscar.

“Oh no you don’t!” said the technician. “Clarice! Call the company lawyers! We’ve got some hardware pirates selling bootleg charging cables! And get the techs to boot a new update that renders the bootlegs incompatible!”

“Your updates brick my Mypad!” said Oscar, leaving.

“Not if you update on time when the update is new...” said the technician.

Meanwhile Krusty is ranting about his Mypod.

“The screen is too small to watch videos on! And don’t get me started on today’s music!” said Krusty. No one paid him any attention. “I said don’t get me started! Won’t anybody get me started?”

Bart was about to but Homer stopped him.

“I’ll get you started Krusty!” said Oscar.

Homer groaned annoyed.

“Ah, that’s more like it...” said Krusty. “So I was listening to U2...l Krusty started telling bad jokes.

“Why you! Get the bad clown started will ya!?” Homer strangled Oscar.

“Dad! Public!” Bart warned him he was in public. Homer looked as everyone stared at him in horror.

“Oops!” said Homer. He released Oscar.


“Krusty, if you don’t want your old Mypod, can I have it?” Lisa asked.

“Sure. Why not.” said Krusty. "Here you go, little girl."

“This is why!” said Denis Leary, tarred and feathered.

Bart laughed.

Krusty gave Lisa his mypod anyway. Hugo was chased out of the Mapple store due to the policy sign that read, "No shirt, no shoes, no service" as he lacked any footwear.

“Yes! I’m a Mapple person!” she copied the silhouettes on the walls.

“We’re all Mapple people...” said the shopkeeper.

Oscar browsed the MacBooks and put on the YouTube video of a severely non verbal autistic kid singing A whole new world from Disney’s Aladdin badly.

”A whole new woooooooorrrrrllld...”

Oscar laughed.

”Oz how is that funny?” Lisa asked.

Bart then decided to cause trouble because he hadn’t done so yet. He unplugged a wire and put in a microphone so no one could hear Steve Jobs talking on the big screen. Bart’s voice booms out instead.

“You are all losers!! Those myPods and other ugly plastic devices I make? They cost a few bucks to make and I pee on them!” said Bart.

“Eeeeeeew!” Everyone groans and drops their Mypods.

“And all the money you spent?! I sleep on a big pile of it while making out with my boyfriend Bill Gates!” said Bart.

Everyone was angry and annoyed.

“Noooooooo!” said Comic Book Guy throwing a stool at the screen and breaking it like in That Fedex commercial. Security tackle him.

“Who dares question our boss that we fired and rehired?” a shopkeeper yells.

“It’s my brother...” Lisa rats on Bart.

“Flay him! Flay him with your earphones!” said the lady shopkeeper.

“Shazbot!” Bart yelped and ran away.


Bart ran away with the Mapple people chasing him. Eventually he lost them by diving into some bushes. He came out at someone’s garden. There was an Arabic boy cooking on a barbecue.

“Mmmmm! What smells so exotic? It smells like a burger being cooked in a rug store!” said Bart.

“Would you like a piece of lamb?” the boy asked.

Bart tried the piece of lamb that replenished itself because the artists are lazy and left it in Bart’s hand. “Mmmmmmm! All this time instead of petting lambs, I should have been putting them in my mouth!” said Bart. “I’m Bart Simpson, by the way. Who the hell are you?"

“Bashir. My parents just moved from Jordan!” said Bashir.

“That lady in my Dad’s Playdudes? You live in her?! Prrrrrrrr!” said Bart being stupid.

“No! Jordan is a country in the Middle East!” said Bashir.

“Oh Bashir! Have you made a new friend?” Bashir’s mother said very happy to see him make friends.

“Bashir! You didn’t tell me you have such a beautiful sister!” said Bart.

“Oh! Such a charmer!” said Bashir’s Mother. “They get stoned to death back in our home country.” she said in a serious tone.

“Eep!” said Bart.

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” said Bashir’s Mother.

“Sure! I always accept food from strangers... and it’s fun driving my parents nuts worrying about where I am...” said Bart eating another piece of lamb.


“Where’s Bart?” Marge asked as they left the Mapple store and went to their car.

“He just texted. Said he is having dinner at his new friend Bashir’s house and told me not to tell you so you’ll be worried sick about him.” said Lisa.

“Hmmmmmmm!” Marge murmured, annoyed with Bart while Hugo got into the car.


The next day Bart walked Bashir to school.

“Okay so you’re new to school. Here’s a few pointers. Don’t talk to Martin. He’s a nerd. In fact, avoid all the nerds altogether.” said Bart. “Secondly, never let anyone know you’re new. The bullies see that as an easy target...”

“Who’s new?!” said Jimbo. He appeared with Nelson, Dolph and Kerney.

“Uh, no one, Jimbo!” Bart lied.

“I’ll be the judge of that, Simpson!” said Jimbo. “What’s your name, newbie?”

“Bashir.” said a Bashir.

“Bash here? I love a name with directions!” said Kerney. Oh dear...

“Hey! Don’t pick on Bashir just because he is different and his god might be- Uh what religion are you bye the way?” said Bart.

“Muslim.” said Bashir.

“Uh oh.” said Bart holding his hands over his mouth.

“You’re the reason my dad can’t take his shoes on aeroplanes!! Die suicide bomber!” Kerney yelled. He tried to punch Bashir.

Bart blocked him with his skateboard.

“Ow!” Kerney yelped, hurting his hand on Bart’s skateboard.

“Hey. back off man! We’re all different religions! Jimbo you’re Christian! Dolph, you’re Jewish. And a Kerney, you’re in that cult Moe started...” Bart exclaimed.

“I had to join! My mom is doing the one true lord!” said Kerney.

“You’re the one true lord!” said Jimbo.

“Shut up!” Kerney punched Jimbo. Then they all started fighting. Bart and Bashir sneaked away.

Plot 2[]

“I’m really sorry about that, Bashir!” Bart apologized.

“It’s okay. It is understandable that you’re country is angry at the actions of a few maniacs acting in the name of Allah.” said Bashir.

“Hey! No! It is not alright for people to be angry at your faith just because a few nutters used it as an excuse to fly planes into buildings!” said Bart. “I like you no matter what!”

“Thanks Bart.” said Bashir.

Meanwhile barring anymore racism from Kerney, Lisa was watching Itchy and Scratchy on her Mypod. Sherri and Terri thought she was ignoring them but when they saw she had a Mypod they thought she was cool and wanted to be friends.

They watched various Itchy and Scratchy episodes throughout recess. One where Scratchy had a Mypod but Itchy turned the volume up so high the volume bar broke out of the Mypod. Then Scratchy’s head exploded. Skinless in Seattle. Flay me to the moon...


“Now that we’re friends Sherri and Terri, lets listen to some Josh Groban!” said Lisa.

“Eeeeew! Josh Groban?! Aaaaaagh!” They ran way, disgusted by Lisa’s nerdy choice of music.

“This is just like that time I used to own a Monkees lunchbox...” said Lisa.


At home Bart had obviously walked home with his new friend Bashir because when he got in he said “Alsalam ealayk!” instead of “Goodbye!” or “See ya!”

“Wow! Bart’s home on time! In a good mood! Has a fantastic new catchphrase! As salami Lenkum!” said Homer pronouncing it wrong.

“Daaaaaad! Do not do that!” Bart whined. “It’s alsalam ealayk. It’s Arabic for Peace be upon you! Bashir’s family are from Jordan!”

“They live inside Katie Price?!” Homer gasped.

“No!” Bart face palmed. “It’s a country in the Middle East... I’ll show you on Lisa’s atlas globe.”

“I’ll get the globe Bart...” said Lisa.

“Middle East?! Uh I’m sure Moe warned me about that place...” said Homer.

“Whatever he has to to say I don’t want to hear it Dad!” Bart said annoyed. “I’ve had all day of Kerney being racist to Bashir just because he’s a Muslim!”

“Ah! Don’t say the M word around Oscar!” said Homer. “And I’m sure Moe warned me about that too.”

“Dad, Oscar’s out which his a good thing as I am in no mood for anymore racism!” said Bart.


Homer was changing the lightbulbs to economic ones.

“Darling... I’ve changed all the lightbulbs in the house to economy ones!” said Homer.

“Did you dispose of them properly in a safe and environmentally friendly manner?” Marge asked from somewhere in the house.

“Yes dear!” said Homer.

Outside in the garden was a burning pile of lightbulbs exploding and popping.

“I’m wearing one above my head like a cartoon!” said Hugo with a lightbulb hovering above his head and glowing.

“Gimme that!” Homer snatched the cartoon bulb. “In this universe we obey the laws of physics! Not cartoon physics!”

Hugo sulked. The doorbell rang.

“Who is it?” Homer put on his gay Abraham Lincoln voice.

“Bart you dropped something on the way home!” said Bashir.

“Ooooooh! I’m not decent! Let me throw something on!” Homer was dressing as Abraham Lincoln.

“Dad... are you doing the gay southerner Abraham Lincoln again...?” Hugo groaned.

“Quiet boy!” said Abraham Lincoln Homer.

“How may I help you fine gentleman? Hehehehe!” said Abraham Lincoln Homer answering the door to Bashir.

“Bart dropped this, sir!” said Bashir holding Betsy. Bart’s slingshot. She was alive again. Her big round Simpson eyes looked about as Homer took her from Bashir.

“Sir?! That’s the sort of polite greeting you’d have to strangle out of a kid!” said Homer pulling too hard on Betsy’s elastic band, hurting her. She winced. As how a sentient slingshot with eyes can.

“Bart never told me he had such a handsome older brother!” said Bashir.

"Actually, that is our father." Hugo spoke. "I am his formerly conjoined twin brother."

“Ooooooh!” Homer blushed honored by his compliment. “I’m actually thirty eight.”

“Thirty eight waste I see!” said Bashir looking at his stomach.

“Oooooooh!” said Homer touched by his compliments. “Actually I’m size fifty.” Homer explained. “See ya around kiddo!” He shut the door as Bashir left with a polite “Alsalam ealayk!”

“I like that phrase! Salami Lenkum...” said Homer.

“Was that Bashir?” said Bart coming down stairs.

“Yeah, he said you dropped your slingshot.” said Homer handing Bart his slingshot.

“Betsy!” Bart cried taking his slingshot and hugging it. It had happy closed eyes.

“Hehehe... Kids and their weird pet names for their toys...” Homer giggled.

Bart was annoyed by something. “Did he do the ‘I didn’t know Bart had a handsome older brother thing’?”

“Yeah... he’s so polite...” said Homer.

“D’oh!!” Bart slapped his forehead. “He was supposed to do that to Mom! Now everyone’s gonna think he’s gay!” Bart ranted going upstairs to call Bashir probably.


At Moe’s.

”I’ve always wondered, which way is Mecca from here?” Carl asked drinking his beer.

”Why don’t you ask Homer on the account of Bart’s new Muslim friend, Bashir.” said Moe.

”He is so polite....” Homer was pleased with how polite Bashir was.

”Homer this is serious! Bashir is a Muslim and therefore up to something!” Moe explained. Then he was stupidly racist. Or by today’s standards rightfully cautious of an evil race and showed Homer an episode of 24.

”Okay Fayed! Where did you hide the nerve gas?” Jack Bauer was interrogating a terrorist.

”Under The Statue of Liberty’s dress! And she loved it! Gahahahaha!” The terroist laughed.

”Oh my God!” Homer is in one of his far right moods again. “What do I do!?”

”Relax Homer. If you want Bart to stop being friends with Bashir and stop him undermining American values and western culture just mock and discriminate his family!” said Moe.

”Or get them deported!” said Barney.

”Or... invite them over for dinner!” said Homer.

”Um yes... then after dessert Jack Bauer them to spill all their intentions and secrets!” said Moe.

”Uh no.... What the hell is your problem with Muslims anyway?” Homer was concerned by his friends odd racism.

”I tell you what my problem is with them!!” Oscar yelled. “This!” He showed on his Google Android tablet a video of the 9/11 attack.

”Oh god! Our precious twin towers! Who did that?!” Homer screamed.

”Muslims...” said Oscar sharply.

”Okay Moe. I’ll straighten Bart out. Like I tried to when that faggot John was trying to turn him gay....” said Homer.

”Okay now you’re being an ass...” Oscar frowned at Homer.


Marge was pleased Homer suggested inviting Bashir and his family round for dinner.

”Homer that is very polite and understanding! Unlike Oscar...” said Marge.

”If Bash here blows you all up in the name of Allah, don’t come whining to me in heaven that I told you so...” said Oscar polishing his gun and putting up Uncle Sam posters that said “I want you out!”

Bart rolled his eyes.

”You really should have stayed over at your uncle’s... ass...” Bart snapped.

”Oh no I am dying to see where your virtue signalling and befriending a faith that wants to murder us all for not worshipping their god! gets you!” Oscar ranted.

The Doorbell rang.

”Leprechaun!” Lisa yelled eagerly.

”She really needs to see a doctor...” said Bart.

Bart answered the door. Bashir was there with his mom and dad.

”As Salamya Lenkum!” He and his parents greeted the Simpsons.

”As Salamya Lenkum!” The Simpsons replied.

”Oh how polite! Bart you must have told your family all about us...” Bashir’s Mom said smiling as they came in.

”Oz be polite.... say As Salamya Lenkum...” Bart sighed at Oscar’s hostility towards Bashir and his parents.

’Aloha Snackbar!” Oscar yelled and stormed off.

”Just ignore him... he’s obviously here to ruin the evening...” Bart sighed.

At dinner.

”So... Where did you and your wife meet?” Marge asked Bashir’s mom and Dad.

”At Jordon state university of science and maths.” said Bashir’s dad. “I took up chemistry.”

”Hmmmmmmm.... I last heard science was used to make bombs...” said Homer.

Bart face palmed.

”I’ll bring dessert...” said Homer menacingly.

”Oscar are you gonna join us or just be a little Hitler?!” Marge scolded Oscar.

”I am not going in there... Bashir’s dad might Admiral Ackbar in there and blow up!” Oscar replied from the lounge.

”It’s a trap!” said Admiral Ackbar.

Homer arrived with a cake that looked like the flag of the USA. “Care to cut the cake....?” He asked glaring at Bashir’s dad. “Hey Lenny watch this!”

”Homer I have soap in my eyes!” said Lenny sat at dinner wearing a shower cap and covered in soap suds.

”Um no thanks...” said Bashir’s dad.

”What’s a matter? Don’t like the taste of freedom?!” Homer said rudely.

”Daaaaaaad! Don’t be so rude to Bashir’s family just because they’re Muslim and their surname is Bin Laden! Oh crud!” said Bart when he realised why Oscar was being so hostile.

”Son you do not respect me by disrespecting your father! And yes my brother is that maniac that blew up your world Trade centre.” said Bashir’s dad.

”I like how you Italians think...” said Grampa.

”Shut up old man!” Homer yelled at Abe.

“I think we should leave...” said Bashir’s Mom.

”Sure.... Ruin a perfect evening....” said Homer sarcastically.

”Homer! You’re teaching Bart a horrible lesson of intolerance!” Marge yelled.

”No he’s not! He’s teaching Bart a good lesson of patriotism and understandable fear and caution of a hostile race that believes their god has told them to murder us all! You wouldn’t have tea with a man eating lion would you?!” Oscar ranted.

“Right that’s it! Get the hell outta here Oz!” Bart snapped.

”What?!” Oscar asked.

”You heard me! Get out!! I never want to ever see you again!” Bart yelled.

”Fine... terrorist lover...” Oscar packed his bags and stormed off.

”You too!” Marge snapped at Homer. “Get out! Find one of your bigoted friends to kip on their couches at!”

Homer whined.

Maggie was about to eat the USA cake.

”Don’t eat that sweetie. That’s poison.” said Homer.

”Don’t speak to our children! Get out!” Marge yelled.


Homer was leaving for one of his friend’s apartments. When Marge stopped him.

”Homer I’m willing to let you stay if you apologise to Bashir’s family.” said Marge.

”But we’re the more civilised and democratic country! We accept gay people now! Stupid queers...” said Homer.

Marge furiously slammed the door on him.

Homer groaned. “I think I’ll see if I can stay at Barney’s...”

Oscar was heading to his uncles. “I’m sorry I suspected you of being soulless murderers of innocent children... I hope we can put it last- What am I saying?! I’m not in the wrong! Bart is for naively falling for Bashir’s “Oh I’m not like those terrorists! I’m a moderate!” Spiel... If he gets blown up or stabbed, it’ll be his own fault! Screw him!”

Oscar went to his uncles.

That night he dreamed about Genie,

”Hey Al! Oh you rubbed my lamp! You like me! You must really like me!” said Genie.

Oscar laughed riding the magic carpet.

”Good morning Ramadan!” said Genie as a Muslim.

”I am crazy Achmed! And our prices are Hussein!” Now he was an Arabic used car salesman.

”Here’s Genie!!” Now he was Jack Nicholson.

”Hehehehe! Now do Flanders!” Oscar laughed.

”No. now I will destroy your decadent Christian values and western society!” said Genie.

”No!” Oscar yelled.

Genie turned Lovejoy’s church into a mosque and Lovejoy into an imam.

Genie turned Suicide records into a music store that just sold Cat Stevens records.

And Kearney Jimbo etc were turned into billionaires wearing jewels and driving fast cars.

Oscar stirred in his sleep.

Homer had the same nightmare.

”Hehehehe! I love being blue and magical! Up yours Robin Williams!” Homer laughed in his sleep while he slept on Barney’s couch.

Plot 3[]

The next morning Homer passed Bashir’s house on his way home to beg Marge to take him back. He saw Bashir’s dad had boxes of dynamite in his garage. Homer gasped.

At the Simpsons.

”Marge I swear! They had boxes of dynamite in their garage!” Homer begged.

”Homer I don’t care! We are going over to Mina’s to apologise for your bigotry!” Marge snapped.

As they headed there.

”Look I’ll prove Genie is right! Let’s not obviously listen as Amid goes off to work.” said Homer.

”Dear I wish you didn’t have to work for that awful company...” said Mina.

”But I love blowing up buildings!” said Amid.

Homer gasped horrified.

”Old abandoned ones of course to make space for new ones to be built.” Amin added.

”But darling, you work way too hard.“ said Mina.

”Yes. I am killing myself...” said Amin. Homer gasped. “But after this demolition I am off to a better place.” Homer gasped horrified. “That fancy office down the street with the water fountain.”

”Oh I love you!” Mina kissed her husband and he went to work.

Mina was unhappy Marge brought Homer.

”Oh it’s you... what do you want...” Mina sighed.

“Homer has come to apologise.” said Marge. She pulled Homer’s ear.

”I’m sorry I was offensive and bigoted towards your culture and religion.” said Homer.

”Apology accepted.” said Mina.

”Wait I heard your people are very welcome towards guests.” said Homer.

”Homer this is just a wife’s day! Otherwise we would have picked a time when Amid wasn’t working. In fact why are you not at work?!” Marge said to Homer.

”It’s okay Marge, come in.” said Mina.

”Praise be Oliver!” Homer cheered.

Oliver Twist winced.

”It’s Allah...” Mina sighed.

”We’ll look it up in the Corona...” said Homer. Damn it Matt! Stop predicting the future!

”Holy crap! Matt’s a soothsayer! Or a Timelord!” Oscar gasped.

”I warned you people! I warned you!” Matt Groening yelled.


Lisa was at home.

”Package for Lisa Simpson!” said Squeaky Voiced Teen.

”Oh!” said Lisa. She answered the door and got a large package with the Mapple logo on it. “Thanks!”

She took it and went in the lounge. “Oooooh! It’s from Mapple... Oh it’s my bill... it’s rather big for a bill.” Lisa gasped at the large bill. “$1,200?! But I only downloaded 1,212 songs... Mom and Dad are gonna flip!”

“Actually they are far too busy with Dad’s Islamophobia right now...” said Hugo drinking a buzz cola.

Lisa winced. She had to go and see Steve Mobs and ask him to lower her bill or something. I can’t afford $1,200!

At Mina’s.

”So.... Death to America and all that...” said Oscar.

“Traitor! Your heart is as black as your turtleneck!” Homer yelled.

”Oh why did I wear black today...” Oscar groaned tugging at his black turtleneck sweater.

Marge sighed. Oscar was just making things worse.

”So Homer what else have you seen from the future?” Oscar asked.

”Trump will be president...” said Homer looking into the future.


That evening.

I see the boys need a male role model now Homer’s a bigot. I warned you not to marry him!” James snapped.

”Look Jim... can you just take Bart out to dinner with his friend Bashir?” Marge sighed.

“Too embarrassed to ask Homer eh? Okay for you sis. But I want to see Bart behave from now on! Dad bet his leg upon it!” said James in the basement.

”Yes I know...” said Marge.

James Bouvier took Bart to dinner with his new friend Bashir and Amin. Bart went wearing Arabic clothes and a tiny Abu hat.

”Hehehehe! I like my tiny Abu from Aladdin hat!” Bart giggled.

Amin took them to a hookah bar.

”Wow! So you just suck on that pipe all the time?? Mmmmmmm! Smells like a fire at a Persian rug store and perfumes...” said James inhaling from the hookah.

”Try the chicken shushmush. It’s a chicken that’s been ran over and shouted at!” said Amin offering a plate of chicken.

”Mmmmmmmm! You can really taste the fear!” said James.

James looked at his watch. “Oh Bart we might need to call it a night, I need to pick up my laundry.”

”Sanjita can do that. Sanjita! Pick up this man’s laundry and take it to 7 42 Evergreen Terrace! At once!” Amin demanded from an Arabic woman.

”Yes darling.” said the woman taking James’s receipt for the laundromat.

”Wow! Women are so obedient here!” said James.

”Yes, Arabic women do as they are told...” said Amin.

”Wait, I get to smoke on this wonderful device. Wear a tiny Abu hat, boss girls about and shout Admiral Ackbar when I do stuff?! You sir have got yourself a Muslim!” said Bart.


At Home the Simpsons except Homer were exasperated by Oscar holding a protest sign reading “Do not murder me because of my faith.”

They then went to watch Amid demolish the old mall.

”I do all the maths and calculations.” Amid explained to the Simpsons.

”Did you factor into your calculations one fat bald idiot...” Bart groaned as Homer took the dynamite and tied it round a bridge and blew it up.

”Dad that mall was supposed to come down... it has been shut for weeks...” Bart groaned.

”And the bridge?” Homer asked.

”That opens today!” said Bart.

”Do we really need it?” Homer asked.

”Yes! There is a Duff beer factory on that island!” said Bart,

Trucks full of Duff drove into the river.

Homer screamed. “My babies!” He dived into the river and saved a six pack of beer but left poor Hans Moleman to drown.

Bart face palmed.

Later he went to mosque with Amid and Bashir.

”Bart this is the Iman. He is our spiritual leader.” said Amid. “Like the Reverend or a Rabbi.”

”Sir can you show me how to ululate?” Bart asked.

”He means that war cry you jerks make when you’re killing infidels.” said Peter Griffin.

”Ho yah! Gimme five yo!” Oscar laughed high fiving him.

”Oh this. Alilililililili!” said the Iman ululating.

“Coooool! How do you do that?” Bart asked.

”It’s easy my boy. Just sing La la la Bamba with extra laa’s but no bamba at the end.” said the Iman.

”Lalalalalalalalala...” Bart sung.

”Good! Very good! Now you’re getting it!” said the Iman.

”Bamba.” said Bart.

”Oooooh! Close! Just remember there’s no Bamba...” said the Iman.


The Simpsons decided to ignore Homer’s bigotry and Oscar’s seething hatred of Bashir’s family and race, they had an apology party.

”Araaaaaaabian niiiiiiiights! Are like Arabian Daaaaaaaaays! More often than not. Are hotter than hot. In all the wrong waaays!” Homer sung as Genie. He was a blue genie...

”Dad.... stop being Genie...” Bart sighed.

”Let’s add our friends Bashir, Mina and Amid to our Christmas card list. Next to our Jewish friends...” said Marge.

Omg! Jurkle is canon!

”No! Jurkle is not canon!” Bart groaned.

”Where’s Lisa?” Homer as Genie asked.

”Oh she racked up a huge bill on her Mypod and is going to see Steve Mobs about it.” said Bart.

”Huw huge?” Homer as Genie asked.

”$1,000.” said Bart.

Homer screamed.

”Now dear, it was probably an accident. She didn’t know Mypod songs cost money.” said Marge.

Lisa went in a USB stick shaped submarine to an under the sea fortress.

Steve Mobs was moving holographic screens about.

”Sir a vessel is docking.” said a lady.

”Who’s inside?” Steve asked.

”Ome of your many customers. Jazzlover92” said the lady.

Steve pondered. “Ah. Lisa Simpson. Let her in.”

Lisa Simpson arrived.

”Hi Lisa Simpson! What can I do for you?” said Steve Mobs.

Lisa was tearful and sniffling. “I may have accidentally bought 1000 songs onto my Mypod that I cannot afford! Can you maybe sort out some sort of discount?” Lisa asked.

”Um... no...” said Steve Mobs.

”Pleeeeeeeease! I’m only eight years old! I don’t have a thousand dollars!” Lisa whined.

”I’m sorry but our slogan may say Think differently but our real slogan is No refunds... You should have thought about that when you downloaded those 1000 songs, sweetie...” Steve Mobs sighed.

Lisa sniffled tearfully.

”Wait, I have an idea! How would you like to work for Mapple paying off your debt?” Steve Mobs asked.

”Would I?!” Lisa asked eagerly.

She was now on a street corner dressed as a Mypod handing out leaflets. She was not enjoying it...

”Think differently... think differently... think differently...”

This is where the credits roll in canon.

”Think differently...”

Oscar was walking by.

”Oh my god! Spongebob!” He gasped.

”I’m not Spongebob! I’m a Mypod... Think differently.... Think differently...” Lisa sighed as she handed out leaflets.


Oscar and Bart are in the lounge in therapy for Oscar’s racism.

”Okay this is our last resort... here to to teach you religious tolerance in this time of hatred is the Black Eyed Peas.” said Bart.

”Coooooool!” said Oscar.

Black Eyed Peas sung Where is the love. “People killing, people dying! Children hurt, can you hear them crying? If you practice what you preach, then you’ll turn the other cheek! Father, father help us! Send us a guide from above! Because people got me, got questioning... where is the love?”

”Aaaaaagh! It’s so loving it burns! It burns!” Oscar screamed in agony.

Bart sweat dropped.

”Oh and you were foolish to think I could ever be your friend, infidel... in the name of Allah, you must die!” Bashir pulled a knife on Bart.

”Aaaaaaagh! Bashir why?!” Bart cried.

”Because you are infidels! You blaspheme the words of our lord! We must kill unbelievers!” said Bashir in a dark tone.

”Not on my watch! You’re under arrest!” said Agent Sparrow arresting Bashir and handcuffing him.

Bart was disheartened Bashir was evil and brainwashed. As well as sad that Oscar was right. It was only a matter of time when the west retaliated....

The End!