StretchDude and ClobberGirl: My Sister, My Sidekick is an episode of my fanon. And it got a comic adaptation. StretchDude and ClobberGirl go on various adventures saving people when their mom asks them to take Maggie with them. An incident at Frink's laboratory gives Maggie both Bart's stretching and bouncy powers and Lisa's super strength. They decide to make her their sidekick, but her babyish antics get in the way during missions...


“It all started one Halloween night when we were zapped by Radiaton...” Bart narrates over a flashback to Treehouse of Horror X, Desperately Xeeking Xena. Bart and Lisa are zapped with X rays and become super heroes.

“And that night we became. Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl...” Stretchdude and Clobbergirl are beating up Snake as he tries to rob a bank.

“Like Ow!” Snake groaned as Stretchdude punched him.


StretchDude and ClobberGirl are about to go out when Marge asks them to take Maggie with them.

"But Mooooom!" They groan.

"No buts! Lisa, you could use this opportunity to teach your brother to be responsible for his baby sister for once..." Marge explained.

“But she doesn’t have any powers!” Bart explained.

“It would be very dangerous!” Lisa explained.

“But nothing! Your little sister is feeling left out!” said Marge

“But moooooom!” Bart and Lisa in their super hero outfits as Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl whined.

“Homer! You’d promise you’d back me up if there was a commercial on!” Marge nagged.

“...ugh... Kids you heard your mother! Share your superhero adventures and powers with your little sister...” said Homer

Bart and Lisa whined.

Maggie sucked her pacifier as Bart held her.

"You're still mad at me because she drove your car around town?!" Bart groaned.

"Fine..., I'll hold Maggie." Lisa took Maggie. Marge packed some supplies for them like diapers and milk formula etc.

They said their goodbyes and went to Professor Frink's lab.

Bart along the way had morphed his lower half with his rubber powers into a coiled spring and bounced about. He frowned as Clownja, Oscar’s pet clown jack in a box monster copied him by bouncing about. Bart then morphed his arm into a swing so Maggie could ride about on a fun swing as they went to see Professor Frink.

This bites! Aquaman never had to take his sister crime fighting! Wolverine never had to take his sister crime fighting!” Bart ranted.

“Oh stop complaining! Besides Dad’s right. It’s time to visit...

“Hello, Bart and Lisa.” said Frink.

Before they could answer another Frink greeted them.

“Earwigs! Eyelids! I’m seeing double!” said Bart/Stretchdude.

"Bahoy! I see you have seen the results of my cloning experiment!" said Frink.

"Yeah about that... Did this have anything to do with the extra Homer roaming around on April Fools day?"

"Before the mass clone attack Dad caused himself with a magic hammock..." Lisa added.

"Why yes, your father came here asking about books on inventing and went in my cloning booth! I'd really appreciate it if you gathered up your dad and his clone quickly before anyone finds out..." said Frink.

"Uh... about that..." Bart said nervously. "I think that's a bit late..."

"Great glavin!" Frink gasped.

"I know, we're sorry!" Bart/Stretchdude apologized.

"No, I was yelling because your baby sister is touching my cloning machine!" Frink yelled.

"Ah! No, Maggie! No!" Lisa tried to take Maggie away from the machine but it was too late and they got zapped.

There was a malfunction and Bart and Lisa were fine, but Maggie gained the ability to bounce all over the place like a rubbery bouncy ball. She also gained a snazzy costume.

Maggie giggled as she bounced across the lab.

"Oh great glavin! It's like flubber! With the bouncing and breaking things! And oh god! Robin Williams!" Frink yelled madly.

"Sorry man! We'll sort this!" Bart said as he used his powers to catch Maggie and stop her bouncing but just made things worse as he became a trampoline.

"I'll handle this Bart!" Lisa caught Maggie.

The lab was in ruins.

"Gee we're sorry man." Bart apologised.

"No matter. I'll get myself fixed up soon enough... just go home young heroes." said Frink.


Meanwhile Homer is in the kitchen trying to get the dog to follow commands.

"Sit! Sit! Sit!" Homer yells. Santa's Little Helper gets up on his hind legs and begs. Homer face palms. "I don't know what that is, but that's not sitting!"

"You need to give him an incentive, Dad." said Hugo.

"Shut up, boy..." Homer told him to shut up.


They go home to tell Mom the news.

She's exasperated but glad that Maggie is unharmed and very happy with her new powers.

"We could use a new sidekick, Mom! Can she come with us on missions? Please!" said Lisa.

"Sweetie, I'm so proud you're so eager to babysit! Certainly!" Marge agreed.

"Oh great, you've just volunteered us to play babysitter again..." Bart sighed.

"Come on Bart, think of how powerful we'll be with an extra team member?" Lisa asked.

Then the theme tune kicked in!

Stretchdude and ClobberGirl!

He's a human rubber band, she's the Hulk in pearls!

He's a limber lad, she's a powerful lass!

He'll wring your neck! And she'll kick your ass!

Stretchdude! And ClobberGirl! Stretchdude Clobbergirl! Stretchdude...(fade out)

Narrator: Tonight's episode, My Sister, My Sidekick!

There is a title card of Stretchdude and ClobberGirl in a heroic pose with Maggie as the bouncing battle baby and a giant, green ominous looking Snake Jailbird in the background.

Stretchdude and ClobberGirl are called out to an incident at the Kwik-e-mart. They take Maggie with them.

"This is your first mission as a superhero, Maggie! Are you excited?" Lisa asked.

Maggie gurgled happily.

However the mission was marred when during a fight with Jimbo's gang Maggie messed her diaper.

"Eeeeeew! Maggie did you have to do that now?!" Stretchdude groaned.

"I'll handle this..." ClobberGirl laid Maggie down and changed her diaper. "Eeeew! Maggie you do stink a bit!"

Maggie giggled as she was being changed.

Then while foiling a bank robbery Maggie cried all the time they were there.

"Thank goodness she didn't get super deafening cries as a superhero power..." Stretchdude sighed covering his ears.

Then on another mission she slept so they had to wait until she woke up. The bad guys got away.

Bart and Lisa realized she wasn't hero material yet.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't think she's good partner material! She just poops and cries and sleeps all the time!" Bart explained.

"I'm sorry, Maggie but we're gonna have to let you go..." Lisa explained.

Maggie started crying again.

"Oh great, she's crying..." Bart groaned.


Stretchdude and ClobberGirl audition new partners but they come up with terrible ideas for super powers.

Ralph. "Paste man!" The power of shooting glue at people.

"Cool! Gooey!" said Oscar.

"Next!" Stretchdude and ClobberGirl sighed at once.

Hugo turned up painted green. "I am the Hulk!"

"Next!" said Stretchdude.

Milhouse turned up as Fallout Boy.

"This is hopeless, we should stick with Maggie for the time being..." ClobberGirl sighed.


They went to Frink’s with Bart as a coiled spring from the waistline downwards bouncing along the way.

They got there and asked Frink to use his fixed machines to remove Maggie’s powers.

“Certainly not! Such an experiment would be dangerous!” said Frink.

“So you won’t do it?” Bart asked.

“No but my unethical clone will.” said Frink as his clone was there dressed in black.

“Greetings children.” said Clone Frink.

“He’s like an evil twin but none of the killing and the maiming and Gah-hoy! the hurting!” said Frink.

Hugo as the Incredible Hulk liked the sound of Frink mentioning evil twins. “Coooooool! Mwuhahahaha!” He laughed evilly and rubbed his hands together.

“Professor stop encouraging my brother...” Bart groaned.

Later the Simpson kids except Hugo were strapped into chairs of a power transfer machine.

“Can I get gamma radiation powers that cause me to turn big and green when I’m angry, Professor?” Hugo asked painted green and only wearing his rotten old shorts with holes in them.

“No Hugo...” Bart groaned.

“Gahoy! This equipment is reliable and safe, barring you’re not carrying anything metal on you...” said Evil Frink.

“I wear braces!” Lisa warned.

“Oops...” said Evil Frink clone.

The equipment blew up again.

Bart was splattered against a wall as a puddle stunned.

Oscar commented that in comic form, this adventure looked like Lisa had two faces. “Like the Roman God of gateways, Janus.”

“Oz it’s very difficult to show movement in a static image...” Lisa explained as Bart reformed himself back to his usual shape.

“Where’s Maggie he asked.

Maggie was flying.

“Ay carumba!” Bart yelled and used his stretching powers to make it look like his eyes were leaping out of his sockets in a cartoon manner.

“Wow! At least she can fly now!” said Lisa.

“Yeah but how did we learn to fly again?” Bart asked.

“From Lucy Lawless, Xena...” said Lisa.

“Mmmmmmm! Xena...” Oscar drooled aroused.


However once again Maggie was unhelpful. While Bart as Stretchdude was fighting robbers Lisa was changing Maggie’s diaper.

“Um a little help here?” Bart asked all stretchy as he morphed about to avoid being shot.

“Do you want to change her?” Lisa as Clobber Girl replied holding a dirty diaper.

“Uh no...” said Bart.

Then while trying to stop clowns from robbing the bank.

“Cloooooooowns!” Oscar got stupid over clowns again.

“Oz no!” Bart whined.

“Clow! Ja! Clownja!“ Clownja spoke in Pokemon speak.

However Maggie was frightened of clowns for some reason and cried.

“Um we’d usually beat you guys up, but could you guys just leave? You’re scaring our sister.” said Clobber Girl as Maggie sat there and cried. Bart as Stretchdude had his finger on his lips trying to hush her gently.

“Oh okay. Sorry about that.” said a clown robber.

“Yeah um okay...”

Then Mayor West called them to say a volcano erupted.

“Yes we know Mr Mayor. But Maggie is having her nap.” said Lisa in the phone. Bart as Stretchdude made his legs really long as he walked about on very long legs bored.

Then Moe sailed in a wooden boat in a river of lava. That went about as successfully as a chocolate teapot...

Steve from Minecraft sighed and built himself a small rowing boat out of warped fungus wood. Yes I know it doesn’t exist yet as of this episode and season but that comic panel is just asking for it!

However they were called out by Professor Frink when he explained Snake broke into his lab and cloned himself several times and now the clones are robbing the bank.

"Snake?! But he's threatened to kill me almost as much as Sideshow Bob!" Stretchdude gulps.

"No he hasn't! And besides he's not gonna recognize you in costume..." ClobberGirl sighed.

They go to the bank with Maggie. There are lots of Snake Jailbirds robbing the place.

"Put your hands up! Like this is totally a robbery!" said Snake. His clones agreed with him.

"We're here to stop your villainy, Snake!" said Stretchdude.

"Yeah!" said ClobberGirl.

"Oh no! Superheroes!" Snake and his clones said together.

The three young heroes fought the snake clones, finding that the lightest injury broke them to lifeless pieces.

However there was too many clones.

"We need a new strategy..." said Stretchdude. "I've got it!"

Stretchdude stretched himself between two pillars and Lisa used him like a giant slingshot to fire Maggie at the clones.

“Man and I thought you were annoying when you kept hiding my slingshot for attention Mags...” said Bart as Lisa stretched him.

“Bart this is insane! It won’t work...” said Lisa.

“Yes it will! Now let go! You’re giving me a wedgie!” Bart replied.

Maggie when launched, bounced everywhere giggling and smashing apart the clones. Eventually only the real Snake was left and he was badly injured from the fight.

"Okay dude and dudettes! I like totally surrender!" Snake whined.

"I hope so! Because we're gonna be keeping an eye on you until the cops arrive!" said Stretchdude morphing into a big eye and back again.

Wiggum and his officers arrived and took Snake away.

"Gee, uh thanks kids. You've saved the day once again!" said Chief Wiggum.

They got medals and their pictures taken for the newspapers. A newspaper with them illustrated was shown.

Snake was in prison, with his cellmate Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr, vowing his revenge.

"You'll pay little super heroes!"


At Home the Simpsons celebrated.

"I call you..." Stretch Dude said proudly. "The Bouncing Baby!"

Maggie gurgled.

Very soon they were called out again. But this time Marge wanted the kids to take the dog and the cat with them!

The ending theme tune played as Stretchdude and ClobberGirl shrugged and the cartoon irised out.

The end!

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