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May 31, 1980
Rap, Rock, Metal, EDM
Joshua Riverra
Sarah Muntz

My Period Panties (With Jizz In My Mouth) is the posthumous single from Sarah Muntz's album Jennifer, the first one since changing her Pr0nstar name to Sarah Muntz the Duntzo. It was written by Joshua Riverra, because Sarah is illiterate (and therefore cannot read nor write her own songs). Her vocal coach was unknown. It was released on May 31, 1980. The song is 12 minutes and 47 seconds, of which 5 minutes is Sarah singing, and the remaining 7 minutes consists of repetitive EDM beats and the sound of Sarah moaning as she gets tortured from sniffing an actual man's pants.


Verse 1:

I used to be a 'Drug Gangs' according to Wikia,

as well as a PR0nstar, and an actress

Then I married Old Mr. Burns, who I slept with every night for under $5

I loved to sniff his butt all night until I then met Nelson Muntz the Fat Cunduntz, still

He loved me even though I had a butt sniffing fetish

He called me his Special Little Butt Her Face


Then I started menstruating through my pantiez

Menstruating from all the men straining I've done

To smell their butt smelliez

All these bitchez in the house know I'm fun

Verse 2:

I divorced Burnsie and traded him for another smelly Man butt

I love to smell the fart of

Mrs Pommelwhore, where are you Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph are trying to force me to smell Their butts now,

and now they be torturin' me in the new way

Called the 'Toture' torture

OoooOOoOoOh but I lovez to be a Butt Her Face and get my face butted

(repeat Chorus)


Mazel tov to all my kinky kikey friendz of the Sin No Cock;

Suck it bitchez, and smell those fart smells of your Jewish men

They all love to get their butt smelled

Too bad bitch, they be wantin' to hose me down with their zits



Music Video[]

This was filmed before she died in the production of Your My Slave. The music video was released May 31, 1980, the same day as the single was released. It features Sarah getting tortured by her bandmates and she was menstruating while sucking all of her bandmates off, much like the music video for Your My Slave. It was also directed by Joshua Riverra, the same director.