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Mr Burns Goes Too Far part 2 After Mr Burns was shot the town recovers and undoes all the damage he causes. And busy body detective Rex Banner wants to hold a criminal investigation into his murder but Oscar catapults him out of town with an old catapult from the museum.


In the aftermath of Mr Burns’s death Smithers becomes a drunken slob.

“My mouth tastes like an ashtray” he said as he gets up hungover one morning.

“Well now that’s not very attractive!” said Julio the gay hairdresser waking up in bed with him.

“What did I do last night?!” Smithers gasped.

“Well you were such a gentleman Waylon... you brought me back to your apartment. And someone shot Mr Burns!” said Julio.

“Mr Burns is dead?! Well he did fire me so I can’t say I’m upset.” said Smithers.

At the Simpsons house they watch the news of Mr Burns’s death.

“In America many people are gunned down on our streets. But none are more deserving than the tyrant Mr Burns, who was rightfully put down last night by a wonderful hero I would quite like to shake hands with! God bless you sir or madam!” said Kent.

“Hmmmmmm! I don’t like vigilantism... no one should get to decide who lives or dies...” Marge was being a wet blanket.

Oscar glared at her.

“After his death, that we had all been waiting for, thank you once again mysterious hero. Mr Burns was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead by Dr Stupid. Then later he was taken to a better hospital and promoted to just barely conscious. Then Oscar ran a cutlass through his chest repeatedly until he died.” said Kent.

”Oscar!” Marge said sharply.

”Marge he is a monster and deserves it!” Oscar retorted sharply.

”Oscar how would you like it if-“ Marge started.

”Marge! Shhhh! I’m listening to the news!” said Homer.

Dr Stupid was actually Ralph with a PHD. “Hi! I’m Dr Stupid! I’m going to cut out your liver! Oops! Your dead now!” said Ralph as Dr Stupid as he sawed the head off of a Mr Burns dummy.

“I always hated that Dr Stupid.” said Homer.

”And in other news, Springfield is once again being terrorised by the living dead!” said Kent showing footage of zombies attacking Springfield.

Oscar laughed.

”Oz!” Bart yelled.

”What? It’s hilarious! And I only resurrected the dead to get them all to dance to Michael Jackson Thriller...” said Oscar. “And you can talk to the zombie Three Stooges.”

Bart sweat dropped.


In the dining room they discussed who had a motive for killing Mr Burns.

“Bart, he broke your dog’s legs and destroyed your treehouse and fractured your arm and neck in the process.” said Oscar.

“Amen.” said Bart with his arm in a sling and wearing a neck brace and bandages on his head.

“Grampa he destroyed your home.” said Lisa.

“Yeah well I didn’t really like that home...” said Abe.

“And Dad you kinda went berserk after he couldn’t remember your name.” said Lisa.

“Well the new boss will hopefully recall my name. Now let’s all enjoy our iced tea.” said Homer.

“Mmmmmm! Iced tea...” Oscar moaned with joy as he sipped his iced tea.

“Ahem! I think we’re forgetting someone Sister Suspect.” said Bart stirring his iced tea.

Lisa laughed nervously. “I was just getting to me! Well he bankrupted the school which meant no jazz club and my friend Tito Puente getting fired. But I could never shoot someone!”

“Could so.” said Bart.

“Could not!”

“Could so!”

“Could not!”

“Could so!”

“Kids! Kids.... as far as Daddy is concerned you’re both murder suspects.” said Homer.


Meanwhile at Springfield police station Rex Banner, a high ranking detective demanded Wiggum open a murder investigation into Mr Burns’s killer.

“Nope don’t want to.” said Wiggum.

“What in tarnation?! Why?” Rex was flabbergasted by his insubordination.

“Because he was a big old meany and everyone hated his guts.” said Wiggum.

“Wiggum you can’t just decide who doesn’t get justice! The USA won’t stand for it!” Rex scolded him.

“Whattya gonna do about it... I run this town...” said Wiggum.

“Wiggum, by the end of the day I’ll have your badge and you out of this office! Mark my words!” Rex yelled.

“Yeah sure... toodle doo!” Wiggum mockingly went Rex on his way.

Rex stormed off.


Homer was mowing the lawn. Moe, Barney and his friends pulled up in a tow truck.

“Hey Homer! The boys and I are gonna tear down Burns’s sun disk that’s been blotting out the sun! Wanna come?” Moe asked.

“Of course! I’m sick to death of these damn rickets!” Homer had comically bow legs from rickets. (Vitamin D deficiency.) he waded about bow legged.

“I don’t know why you mortals like the sun so much! I’m glad Mr Burns blocked the sun! Now all the vampires can wander the streets during the day!” said Ace as Vampires left their homes to wander the streets during the humans’ most active hours.

Homer rolled his eyes as he got in the tow truck with Moe and his friends from the bar. They drove off.

Meanwhile the Kwik e mart was barricaded as Zombies tried to break in.

”No! Back! Back I say! You foul undead fiends will not eat my brains!” Apu shot at the zombies.

”We vegan zombies! We eat graaaaaaaiiiiiinns!” said a vegan zombie.

”And Tofuuuuuuu!” said another.

Meanwhile Bart whined holding his red cap because the lack of sunlight turned his hair ginger again.

“Ha! Rusty’s back!” Lisa laughed.

“Lisa don’t make fun of your brother’s hair colour!” Marge told her off.

“Hi Rusty!” said Nelson at a window.

Bart growled annoyed and put his lucky red cap on.

Meanwhile Oscar was very pale and sickly.

“Oh my! Oscar your rickets has reached Tiny Tim stage!” Mage gasped.

“Ello guvnor!” said Tiny Tim in a silly cockney accent resting on crutches. He then coughed and spluttered with sickness.

“You boys need some vitamins right away! I’m taking you both to Dr Hibbert!” said Marge.

At the sun disk machine Homer and his friends chanted Heave! Ho! As the tow truck pulled down the sun blocking machine. It crushed a nearby town.

“Um what town was that we crushed?” Moe asked.

“Eh, just Shelbyville...” said Carl.

“Oh no matter...” said Moe.

“I think you crushed Sean Bean too.” said Homer looking through some binoculars.

“For England James?” said Sean Bean weakly from somewhere as he was dying from being crushed by the sun blocking disk.

“Like I said. No matter.” said Moe.

Meanwhile in town the sunlight burnt and killed the vampires. Except those that retreated in time and Twilight vampires.

And at Dr Hibbert’s surgery.

“Hmmmm! Yes I can prescribe two courses of high dosage of vitamin D Marge.” said Dr Hibbert writing something. “But it’s gonna cost you! Ahehehehe!” Hibbert chuckled.

Hmmmmmmmm...” Marge sighed.


Mr Smithers thought he shot Mr Burns. He went to a Catholic Church to confess.

“Father I- Good Lord!!” Smithers gasped. He had walked in on a Catholic priest molesting a choirboy.

“Get out! Get out!” The Catholic priest shouted as he was still molesting the poor choirboy.

Smithers gagged and ran off to be sick somewhere.

At the Simpsons the news was on.

“And that’s how the late Mr Burns descended from everyday billionaire villainy to cartoon supervillainy.” said Kent.

“Hmmmmm. Lisa I think you’re a bit young for those Nancy Drew books, how about you help solve the mystery of the mud in the freezer?” said Marge as Lisa read a Nancy Drew Book.

“Who wants chocolate ice cream?” Bart called from somewhere.

“Oh me! Me! Me! Me!” Homer asked eagerly.

“Nancy Drew? I’d rather read books by Nancy Cartwright.... Mmmmmm! Ay carumba...” said Oscar reading a book with Bart on the cover called “I didn’t do it! By Nancy Cartwright.”

“Hmmmmmm! Oscar it’s time to take your vitamins...” said Marge.

“Fine....” Oscar took some vitamin D capsules with a glass of water.


At lunch the Simpsons once again discussed who could have killed Mr Burns.

“Well mom, in 85% of these cases it’s usually that the murder victim is killed by an associate or disgruntled employee! Ie Smithers!” said Lisa.

“Oh please Lisa... everyone knows from crime dramas on both sides of the Atlantic that the killer is always who you least suspect.” said Oscar.

“Like a dog with shifty eyebrows?” Homer had shifty eyes while humming a tune.

“Um no...” said Oscar.

“I have to use the outhouse.” said Grampa going off somewhere.

“We don’t have an outhouse.” said Lisa.

Homer screamed. “My tool shed! Oh Dad!” Homer chased after his dad to stop him going to the toilet in his tool shed.

The Simpsons sweat dropped.

“Wait! Where’s Bart?” Marge asked as Bart was absent from lunch.

“Hanging out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Cookie Monster.” said Oscar.

In a cartoon sewer the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme played as the turtles, Bart and the Cookie Monster wearing colourful eye masks flew out of a pipe on skateboards to defeat the evil Shredder.

“Cowabunga!” Michaelango, Bart and Cookie Monster yelled together.

“Hmmmmm! No silly references Oscar...” Marge sighed.


Meanwhile Sideshow Mel was moonlighting as Sherlock Holmes and solving crimes. However his attempt to free an innocent man resulted in Wiggum stupidly freeing Dr Colossus.

”It has come to my attention and evidence that you’ve arrested an innocent man!” said Sideshow Mel smoking a pipe.

Mr Teeny screeched. In subtitles it read “Elementary my dear Watson!”

”Okay Dr Colossus, you’re free to go.” said Lou releasing Dr Colossus.

“And stay away from Death Mountain!” said Wiggum to Dr Colossus. Young Link sweat dropped.

“Awwwww! But my stuff is there! And I almost enslaved the Gorons!” Dr Colossus whined.

“Not that Death Mountain Oz!” Lisa yelled in a comic panel. I don’t care. My jokes are funnier.

“And that goes for you too Link!” said Wiggum to Young Link.

“Ha! Yaaaaaah! Tyaaaaaah?” Young Link yelled in gibberish.

Meanwhile the Simpsons reunited with Bart.

“Bart where have you been?” Marge asked as she hugged him. “You missed lunch and Oscar has been making silly references all day!”

“Oh don’t worry Mom! I had pizza with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!” said Bart wearing a green eye mask and eating pepperoni pizza.

“Hmmmmmm!” Marge sighed.

“And we foiled the turtles’ most insidious supervillain ever! The Shredder! Aka Uncle Phil.” said Bart eating pizza.

“WWWWWWIIIIIIILLLLLLL!” Shredder yelled for his nephew Will Smith.

“Yo! I’m in the Men in Black now homies!” said Will Smith as Agent J.

Bart face palmed.

Rex Banner arrived.

“I’ve single handedly found who shot Mr Burns. The murderous villain is- Hey unhand me!” said Rex but Oscar clicked his fingers and Homer and the barflies grabbed Rex and the know it all librarian brought out an old fashioned catapult. They tied up Rex and gagged him. Oscar fires the catapult. Rex flew somewhere far, far away. Never to bother Springfield ever again.

“Hmmmmm! He was just trying to apply real justice. Not your biased vigilante justice! This town sickens me sometimes!” Marge stormed off.

Plot 2[]

The Simpsons house, the attic.

“I promise I'll help you find a safe way to socialize with humans.” Oscar said to Hugo who was chewing his own leg.

“That'd be great, Oz. I feel so cooped up in this place. It's like a prison, except without the thrill of a daily cavity search.” [pauses] Oscar winced at him. “Did I say thrill? I meant fear.”

”Okay that was just weird Hugey.” said Oscar.

”Oz are you in the attic bothering the mutant again?” Homer yelled.

”He’s not bothering me!” Hugo yelled.

”Shut up mutant! No one likes you!” Homer yelled.

”You shut up!” Oscar yelled down at Homer.

”Anyway what’s happening outside this attic?” Hugo asked.

”Mr Burns is dead. Wiggum won’t investigate who killed him. Which I agree with. And Marge disagrees because she dislikes vigilantism.” said Oscar.

In canon Wiggum ruined everyone’s lives investigating the rightful death of a monster like Mr Burns.

Wille was being interviewed.

”Where were you after the town meeting?” Wiggum asked.

Wille wearing traditional Scottish clothes of his clan. Ie a bonnet, a kilt and sporran and holding bagpipes was crossing and uncrossing his legs like Sharon Stone.

The cops recoiled in disgust because Scots do not wear underwear under their kilt.

”I’m warning you! Do that again and you will be charged!” Eddie told Groundskeeper Willie off.

Then Tito the new music teacher was interviewed.

”Kill Monty? Sure I hate his guts. But why kill him when I can set his soul on fire with a slanderous beat.” said Tito Puente. “Listen, if you will, to my revenge.” He played the bongos and an evil looking toothpick chewing Latin Guy was singing. “Uno, dos, tres.” He counted then sang. “Wounds won't last long But an insulting song. Burns will always carry with him So I settle my score on the salsa floor. With this vengeful Latin rhythm Burns Con el corazón de perro Senor Burns El diablo con dinero It may not surprise you. But all of us despise you Please die. And fry in hell. You rotten Rich old wretch!”

”Adios viejo Oh, olé.” said Tito finishing.

“Yeah! Okay, okay, I believe you're innocent.” said Wiggum. “Well actually everyone in this case is innocent even the killer! Because Mr Burns is a inhuman monster and deserves to fry in Hell. But Marge is protesting on her own that I pursue Justice for Mr Burns. I won’t. He doesn’t deserve it.”

”You’re free to go.” said Lou.


Marge was annoyed that real justice wasn’t being applied. Only mob justice.

”So if I punched Hitler in the face, I’d be a criminal...” Oscar snapped.

”Yes!” said Marge.

”You know What Marge. For once you are wrong. Dead wrong! Get outta my sight!” Homer stormed off.

”Yeah Mom...” said the kids.

Marge sighed.