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Moe People Homer makes a new popular drink but Moe steals it and gets credit for it while Homer goes mad and sees Moes everywhere in this Moe themed episode!


In the couch gag the Simpsons are just Moes.

The episode starts with Homer at Moe's. He wants a Duff but Moe has ran out. Homer then suggests a drink he invented one night after running out of beers at home to stave off his murderous side.

One evening Patty and Selma came round to show their holiday pictures from when they were young.

"Here is us all climbing the pyramid. Here's a toilet that looks like a cave. Um we took quite a lot of pictures here..." Patty explained. Everyone groaned. "Oh here's a picture of Dad..." Clancy Bouvier appeared on the slideshow.

Marge cried. "Oh Dad..."

"There there Marge... He's in a better place now..." Selma comforted her.

Homer was so bored and thirsty he wanted a drink. "I'm getting a beer..."

"Don't bother. There's one left and I'm drinking it..." Patty explained smugly.

"D'oh!" Homer groaned.

He then ran up to his bathroom where all the medicines were kept.

"Must find alcohol before urge to kill rises!" Homer tried to contain his evil side as he mixed medicines together along with Bart's Krusty the Clown cough medicine. Then for some reason he ignited it with fire before blowing out the flames. He tried the boiled mixture it was surprisingly pleasant... he went back downstairs and drank the mixture while watching Patty and Selma's boring slideshow.

We then return to Moe's after the flashback.

"Oh, so it's anything found normally in a medicine cabinet, Krusty brand cough medicine, mix it all together and set light to it. Got it." Moe wrote down the recipe. "This sounds oddly similar to your Dad's love potion recipe or the entire plot of that kid's book that I once read to Lisa..."

Moe made the drink and blew out the flames on it before trying it. "This ain't half bad!" Moe decided to sell it.

Meanwhile at home.

Bart is watching Kent’s Eye on Springfield documentary.

“Hi, I’m Kent Brockman, your local newshound. And this is Eye on Springfield!” said Kent. The titles start.

They are Kent broadcasting the news from dangerous places, having parties, there are boobs, laser eyed mutant alligator men and explosions!

“Cooool!” said Bart watching the TV programme.

“Bart! Have you been melting your toys in the microwave oven again??” Marge yelled.

“No....” Bart lied.

“First up we have the world’s oldest man meat the world’s fattest man!” said Kent.

“He’s not so fat...” said Bart.

“But first up we have an interview with heavyweight champ Drederick Tatum!” said Kent. He wa interviewing Drederick Tatum.

“I like to eat people’s faces.” said Drederick Tatum.

Bart screamed and turned over the TV.

Meanwhile in the kitchen. Marge was furiously trying to scrape out the melted remains of a James Bond Doll from the microwave oven. “You no good mother fucking! No not you Reverend! I was talking to my microwave oven.” said Marge also on the phone to Lovejoy.

Lisa came in.

“Mom can Janey, Wanda and the twins sleepover?” Lisa asked.

“Hold on Reverend something quite wonderful has happened!” Marge puts the phone on hold. “Of course sweetie! My girl’s having a sleepover! At last!”

“Well I had to lock nerdy Lisa away. It was tough but I did it and got some friends. Thanks Mom.” said Lisa.

“Eeeeugh! A girls sleepover! Do I have to be at this cookie fest?” Bart groaned.

“No.” said Marge.

“But you have to be in this house until you’re sixteen...” said Lisa. “So you’ll be seeing a lot of my friends tonight.

“Actually he won’t if doesn’t want to, because I am offering him a sleepover at my uncles place.” said Oscar.


Moe ade some for a new customer. He liked it.

"What do you call this?" The man asked.

Before Homer could reply Moe suddenly explained harshly, "Flaming Moe! It's a flaming Moe!"

"Okay..." the man was a business man and wanted to advertise it. “What’s in it!”

”I’ll never tell!” Moe said smugly.

”Not even for a briefcase of dollar bills?” The business man asked presenting a briefcase of dollar bills.

”Nope!” said Moe.

Very soon Moe's became very popular with customers.

"How could you steal my drink?!" Homer whined.

"We can't call it a flaming Homer! It sounds too much like Flaming Homo! People might get offended!" Moe explained.

A dodgy business guy tried to bribe Moe for the recipe but Moe was too smart and wouldn't accept the bribe.

"That's another thing, I bet you would have squealed the recipe as soon as you saw all that money!" Moe explained.

"Probably..." Homer sighed.

"Look I'll give you half the money I make selling a flaming Moe ok?" Moe asked.

"Fine..." Homer sighed.


At dinner.

’Mom, instead of milk, can I have a virgin Moe?” Lisa asked. Um that’s just cough syrup,,,

Homer growled.

”Homer!” Marge scolded him.

”Now you listen here!” Homer said to Bart, but he was suddenly Bart as the red boxing glove player or Player 1 from Drederick Tatum’s beat down.

Homer screamed.

”Hi there!” said a boy off screen as he could only be heard.

Homer screamed.


One morning Homer looked terrible. "Moe, Moe, Moe..." he repeated.

"Bart are you going to Moe the lawn today?" Marge asked.

"Sure but you promised me Moe Moeney." Bart replied.

"I Moe, I Moe." Marge replied.

"After his done can we go to the Moevies? There's a Moetini on!" Lisa asked.

"Sure. All Moe and no Moe makes Moe a Moe!" Marge explained.

Everyone said Moe repeatedly.

Maggie took out her pacifier and said "Moe!"

Homer got up and went out saying Moe repeatedly.

"What's up with Dad?" Bart asked.

"I don't Moe, I mean know." Marge sighed.

"Can you believe Maggie's first word was Moe?!" Oscar commented.


Homer went out but everyone in town who greeted him had Moe's face!

"Hi Homer!"

"Hi Homer!" The Moes greeted him.

Homer screamed and fell over. The flowers had Moe faces as well! "What's a matter, Homer?" They asked him. He screamed and ran home.


One evening he was still mad about Moe.

"You should be happy something you made is making people happy." Marge sighed.

"Oh! I'm making people happy! I'm the happy man who lives in a gumdrop house on lollipop lane!" Homer said sarcastically before shutting himself in the hall. "By the way I was being sarcastic!"

"Well duh..." Marge sighed.


The following evening Lisa had a sleepover with her friends. They were having some sort of ritual involving a candle and water to see what their future husbands would be.

"Aw a mop! That means he'll be a janitor..." Wanda sighed.

"Or an Olympic torch! He could be an Olympiad!" Lisa comforted her.

"I got a pan!" said Janey.

"The wax never lies..." said Lisa.

Bart was on the roof spying on them. For some weird reason in this episode Lisa has a skylight... the skylight breaks under him.

"Uh oh!" When it shattered he screamed and fell on Lisa's bed surrounded by her friends while they were playing truth or dare.

"Ahhhh!" The girls screamed.

"A boy!" Wanda gasped.

"That's Lisa's brother!" said Sherri. "I dare you to kiss him!"

"Okay!" Wanda, a blonde girl with braces kissed Bart.

He screamed in disgust and ran away.


Meanwhile Homer was watching the TV. Bart came down and waved his arms about trying to speak.

"What?" Homer asked.

Bart wrote "say something!" On a miniature chalkboard.

"Why?" Homer asked.

"Because I'm jinxed! Damnit!" Bart yelled.

Homer punched his arm.

"Ow! Why did you do that for?!" Bart yelled.

"Because you spoke while you were jinxed! And uh, that was also your punishment for cursing. Now leave me alone. Married with children is on!" Homer replied.

Bart encountered the girls again.

"There you are! Let's give you a makeover!" said one of the girls.

Bart screamed and ran about the house.

"After him!" said Janey. Eventually they chased him to an open upstairs window. Bart had no choice but to throw himself out. He landed with an "Oof!" but was nonetheless unharmed.

"oh well..." said Lisa. Then they saw Maggie crawling about. "Oh come here Maggie...."

Homer was reading a magazine when he found Maggie dressed up and covered in makeup.

"Lisa?! What are you and your weird friends doing up there?!" He yelled.

Marge saw Maggie. "Oh Homer! They're just playing! Oh Maggie! What have those girls been doing to you?" She laughed sheepishly before taking Maggie to have a bath.


The following night at Moe's he had Aerosmith playing.

"Hello St Louiiiiiis!" said Steven Tyler who looks like a pale ghoul! Eek!

"Um Steven... this is Springfield." Joe Perry explained.

"Oh yeah..." Steven sighed. "You ready to rock?!" He asked.

Everyone cheered but not loud enough.

"I said are you ready to rock?" Steven asked.

Everyone cheered louder.

Aerosmith started playing.

Moe was wealthy and very happy until a crazy Homer in his dressing gown interrupted the party to tell everyone the secret ingredient. It was cough syrup.

Unfortunately the dodgy guy trying to bribe Moe was there and left knowing he had no reason to continue bribing Moe.

And to top it off Homer fell on Aerosmith crushing them.


Moe eventually lost all his new business and had to go back to just being a regular quiet bar.

"Homer... You idiot... We could have been rich!" Moe ranted.

"I could have been rich! You just had to be greedy!" Homer sulked.

"Fine! Have the rest of the money! Buy the rights to drink and see how successful your unfortunate named drink is!" Moe ranted.

Homer did so and successfully shutdown the other bars the drink was sold to by the dodgy briefcase guy and opened up his own bar selling Flaming Homers.

It was mostly successful except to gay people who picketed outside complaining it was offensive.

"How is my name offensive?!" Homer asked.

"Ooooooh..." the gay people realised and they stopped their protest and went in to buy flaming Homers.

The end.