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Millhouse Jr. is Lisa's second child. He is 2 months and has blue hair.

Other Future[]

In 2098, Millhouse Mussolini Van Houten, Jr. is a 16 year old geek like his father was. He has a zit, red glasses, and a tuxito. His nephew is the son of Drake Starbeam and Zia Van Houten, Josh Starbeam. At first, Millhouse Jr. is worried after looking up the last name "Starbeam" on the "Ultranet" and discovering Drake comes from a long line of bullies, and Millhouse Jr.

Millhouse Jr. as a teenager

doesn't want his nephew / god-son to be a bully, so he spends more time with Josh, baby sits him, and teaches him the differences between right and wrong. After looking into the future through a tiny hand-held time machine, Millhouse Jr. changes his mind after seeing that Josh has became a nerd, too, so Millhouse undos everything he did using time travel, but realises Josh has started beating up other babies due to the fact he was never taught the difference between right and wrong. Millhouse goes back in time to stop himself from going back in time, but then an adult Josh travels and prevents them both. 25 year old Josh tells them because of time travel that he became a bully and was sent to prison when he got older for getting into fights, so Josh tells them to return back to there own times and handel with it by spending time with Josh again, just like normal. Another Josh from a different future, who has zits and glasses, says that he became smart he got to go to college and got married, so the 2 Millhouse Jr.'s decide to listen to them, and spend more time with Josh, so the 25 year old Josh who is in prison disappears along with his entire reality, wich kind of freaks out Millhouse Jr.