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Mayor West Homer has a college reunion and tries to prank the college again to get his friends off the streets. And after an embarrassing situation involving the mayor the town has enough and Adam West runs for Mayor.

Then more college antics.


Homer is going through his bills when he gets a college reunion invite. "Bill, bill, bill... Oh! Llib! (It was upside down) D'oh! Bill! Oh! A letter from college!'

"Cooool!" said Hugo.

Bart yawned bored.

"I'll get to meet Doug and err the other two nerds again! Uh whatever happened to them?" Homer asked.

"Dad your prank got them expelled and Oscar screwed up the happy ending..." said Bart.

"My ending was better." said Oscar frowning.

They went to college that evening. However Homer was still mad at the Dean for no reason other than he hated Deans because he thought they were all like they were on teen comedies.

"Hi Homer!" The Dean greeted him. Homer blanked him.

"He's just stuck in his weird fantasy of teen college comedies..." Bart explained. "I'd love to have you as my principal!"

"Well study hard and you'll have a place at my college." said the nice Dean.

Bart rolled his eyes. Yeah like that's gonna happen.

Hugo sighed and read a book.


However the party was just a trick to fleece everyone out of their money to top up the college funds. Everyone was locked in.

"Not me!" Oscar had an industrial strength laser pen and cut a hole in the steel window barriers and jumped out. Everyone followed him. Some were just unlucky to get some of their money siphoned as they escaped.


Homer was in a mood for pranking.

"You're still mad at the dean..." Bart sighed.

"No I'm mad at the college for trying to fleece us." said Homer. He then saw Doug, Benjamin and Gary hitchhiking.

"Awwww! And I need to help my nerds..." said Homer sighing.

The prank involved a bucket of extra strong glue being dumped on the Nixon guy's head. That was Nixon in the last episode right?

However someone else from one of the college fraternities got there first as Homer learnt the hard way when a bucket of glue already perched on the door fell on his head.

"Hehehehe! Looks like someone fell for our prank!" said some rowdy jocks of a college fraternity.

"Awww! What's happening? I can't see!" Homer groaned.


At home Bart was trying pull the bucket off of Homer's head. However it was stuck fast.

"Is that my fish heads bucket?!" Hugo yelled.

"I was wondering why this thing stinks of rotten fish! Awwww! Now I'm blind and I'm stuck with this smell..." Homer groaned.

"Hugo we'll get you another bucket..." Bart sighed.

Homer and Bart were in the living room. Bart was drilling eye holes for Homer.

"Easy... Easy..." said Homer.

Marge came in and gasped. "Bart! Turn that off! Homer how could you get him to do something so stupid and dangerous?!"

Bart turned off the drill and put it away.

The blind Homer came in handy as Bart could take him to the stores he wanted to go to.

They went to a prankster store. However the store owner was also a prankster. Homer rang the doorbell and a panel in the door opened up and a boxing glove shot out and punched him in his groin. Homer groaned in pain.

"You have to turn the door knob." said Bart. However when he took the knob it came away from the door in his hand. To his annoyance it had glue on it.

They went in and greeted the store owner. Bart wanted some industrial glue remover and some silly attachments for his face. However the store owner didn't have any glue remover.

They went home disappointed.


Meanwhile the mayor was on the news being interviewed about something. However a mother interrupted it carrying a baby.

"Why won't you see your baby!" said Cookie Kwan.

She was holding a baby that looked exactly like Quimby.

"Uh waaa." said the baby.

"That's not mine!" Quimby gasped. He gave the baby to his bodyguard. "Here! Raise it as your own!"

The bodyguard put some sunglasses on the baby and smirked.

Meanwhile Oscar had managed to laser some holes in Homer's bucket for him to see out of.

"Did you see that Boy! Anyone could be that guy's kids!" said Homer.

"Ka-ching!" said Bart with dollars for eyes. They were actually novelty contact lenses.


Homer had something to show Marge.

"Show mom your impression of Quimby's son!"

Bart was wearing Mayor's son written on a sash. "Give me um money father. Me um mayor's boy." said Bart.

"That doesn't even sound like Quimby!" said Marge. "Anyway the whole thing embarrasses me! Does his own wife know about this?!"

"Marge... He probably knocked up all those young ladies before he got married..." Homer replied.

"Hmmmm! Anyway I've booked an appointment with Dr Payne to remove that bucket from your head..." Marge sighed.


At the mayor's office the Mayor had news of another up and coming election. However he was smug because no one ever ran against him. However he received some bad news.

"Adam West is running for Mayor?! Why that...!" Quimby yelled. He paid some goons to throw a brick at his door. Adam West came out in his underwear equipped with a cat firing crossbow.

"Caesar Romero this isn't funny anymore!" said Adam.

”Then why am I laughing? Gahahahaha!” Caesar Romero laughed.


At the Simpsons Homer finally got his bucket removed. He was in the basement planning his revenge and ploy to get Doug and his friends their places back at college.

"How do we know this plan will work Homer?" Doug asked.

"It's simple... Oscar will drive my car at the Dean and we all shove him out of the way! He rewards you guys for saving his life! We all win!" said Homer.

At the college Homer had a friendly word with the Dean. However his car ran the Dean over.

"Did I drive too fast?" asked Oscar. Homer was horrified as the prank had gone horribly wrong.

Luckily the Dean was not injured too badly but needed an prosthetic hip.

"Sorry about pranking you." Homer apologised.

"Prank?!" The Dean asked in disbelief.

"Well... it was only a little one..." Homer spluttered.

"It's okay... I suppose I have been a bit of an ogre recently. Tell you boys what. How would you like to be reinstated to the college. But on one condition. No more pranks!" said the Dean.

"Sure! Anything for you Dean!" said Doug.

"Woohoo!" Homer cheered.


Adam West won the election by a landslide. Without the dead voting for him.

"Oscar..." Bart sighed.

"I should hope not! In fact my first act as mayor is to concrete up every grave in Springfield so the dead can't rise as zombies and eat our brains! Or vote republican..." said Mayor West.

Bart face palmed.

"Raise the dead to vote republican?! Why didn't we think of that?" Rich Texan asked his fellow Republican Party goons. They were all in robes.

"Because that's not real! You can't raise the dead..." Birch Barlow sighed.


Mayor West continued doing various silly things such as wasting town money trying to find who was stealing his water every time he watered the office plants. Um they're drinking it.

And for Veterans Day he built a solid gold statue of the Dig 'em frog mascot and put him where Jebediah was.

"Coooool!" said Oscar with joy.

However everyone hated it.

"Ga hoy! As far as we're concerned in the scientist community his name is Dig Them! We don't want you here Dig Them!" Professor Frink yelled.

There was a riot and Mayor West had to be escorted home to his office.

"See what Mayor West has done you morons!" Quimby yelled.

"Mr Quimby maybe to get reelected you should stop calling everyone morons..." Lisa suggested.


Everyone protested at the Mayors office.

Mayor west was inside in deep thought.

"Mr West your losing popularity faster than Quimby ever did in his entire career." said an aide.

"Never mind. I will continue to Mayor this town for I am Batman!" said Mayor West.

"Oh by the way your meeting with Burt Ward is due in ten minutes." said the aide.

Mayor West had angry rioters outside his office he tried pacifying them by waving keys at them like they were infants. Someone threw a brick at him causing him to have a nose bleed.

“Oh my! I’m a tomato!” He gasped.

Meanwhile Oscar liked the gold Dig em frog statue. He was loafing around it eating a bowl of Honey Smacks.

“Smack, smack, sugar smack! Give me a smack and I’ll smack ya back!” He sung the dig em jingle.

Bart slapped him.

“Ow!” Oscar whined.

“You’re not helping!” Bart yelled.

Mayor West was then briefly replaced by a giant bee that called itself Mayor bee but it stung itself and died.

“I want all bees exterminated...” said Mayor West.

“Sir you cannot do that. Bees are a protected species.” said an aide.

“You dare question me?! Well I’ll pull a few strings. In the meantime don’t let the Noid ruin my pizza.” said Adam West.

The aides sighed and chatted amongst themselves.

Then Brian Griffin stormed in complaining of an extortionate parking ticket. Meg as the mayor’s secretary insisted the mayor can charge what he likes because she was being a stubborn bitch. No wonder he people hate her. Brian slapped her.

“That felt good.” said Brain.

“Okay I’ll have words with him,” said Meg submissively.

Mayor West returned asking what happened. He was eating a pizza.

“Oh nothing... it’s just-“

Suddenly the Noid attacked and stomped on West’s pizza while making high pitched noises and goofy laughter. Mayor West chased after him. When he got the Noid he smashed his face against the desk, slammed him repeatedly against a wall and then threw him into a wall. Then he snapped his neck.

“Perhaps it was the Noid who should have avoided me...” said Nayr west eating his pizza.


Homer was at college because reasons and nuclear safety inspectors probably twigged he cheated his exam to return to work dangerously unqualified. His family go to visit.

”Oh college! Such a lovely place of academic studying and learning...” Lisa sighed being a geek.

Bart gagged in disgust.

“I wonder if they have a science lab here.” said Hugo.

”Probably.” said Lisa.

Lets wait in the library for your father.” said Marge.

the Simpsons minus Homer went to the library. Bart was the only one bored, because books and learning bored him.

Lisa read Hemingway, Hugo read Jules Verne books like 20,000 leagues under the sea. Oscar somehow found a The Dinosaur that Pooped series book, in a college library! He laughed as he read it.

”Shhhhh! Read quietly Oscar. This is a library...” said Marge.

”Well I’m bored. Off to bother the nerds.” said Bart. He went off and found some nerds at a reference desk. “Hey guys, I heard an assistant professor ship just opened up!” The nerds looked over joyed. “In the university of psyche!! Nahahahaha!”

the nerds groaned as Bart laughed.

Plot 2[]

The Simpsons then sat in on Homer’s nuclear physics class.

”Out with the old, in with the nucleus.” The lecturer professor quipped.

Everyone laughed except Homer.

”I don’t get it...” said Homer.

Hugo laughed at the clever science joke. “Hehehehehe! Nucleus...”

Bart groaned at his nerdy brother.

the professor dropped his papers. “Whoops!” said the professor.

Homer laughed loudly and obnoxiously.

Everyone frowned at him.

Then he got so bored he asked to be dismissed from the lecture.

”Fine, it’s your diploma Homer.” said the professor.

Homer’s family were mortified Homer would rather chase squirrels with a stick than study for his career.

Homer was outside giggling as he chased squirrels.

after class.

”That was so boring I cut the ponytail off of the guy in front of me.” Bart groaned holding a brown ponytail. “Look at me! I wasted my whole life in college and now I make 600 dollars a year!” He played with the ponytail.

”Bart! Don’t make fun! Just because some of these kids made bad decisions with their lives...” said Marge.

”Look at me! I’m two of the guys from Mcfly and I thought it was a great idea to wreck my record deal and boyband to write kindergarten books about dinosaurs with diarrhoea because now instead of fan girls we’d rather have infants with their minds in the gutter who think poo and bums etc are funny...” said Oscar borrowing glasses and a fedora from a nerd while reading the The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas.

”Hey!” Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher yelled.

”Oscar. Stop that.” said Marge. “So they made a bad business decision...”

”Yeah sure, I really regret writing kids books with toilet humour in them...” said Dougie Poynter.

”I know I’d rather have the multi million dollar record deal and fan girls.” said Oscar.


Lisa went to the college duck pond and fed the ducks. When she threw bread, white ducks or geese squawked and fought over the bread. Lisa missed her bread crumb toss and the crumbs landed on the ground nearby. Suddenly to her confusion, college students arrived and greedily ate the crumbs.

”Hey! No food for you grad students until you grade 3000 papers!” said the nice dean, who is suddenly evil now and has a different voice. He whipped them with a whip and chased them.

Lisa looked very concerned.


At lunch Homer sat with his family. “Oh this place is horrible Marge! It’s nothing like it is on TV! Ie Animal House and School of hard Knockers!” Homer whined. “The deans are sickeningly nice and everyone respects them! There’s no jocks beating everyone up, I’m not allowed to bring alcohol onto the campus and I broke some dudes guitar and he sued me! Successfully!”

”Hrrmmmmm! Oh Homer...” Marge sighed.

”And why are all the fraternities got Greek letter names like Alpha Delta Alpha?! Are they Trekkies?!” Homer asked.

”Probably but that’s how the fraternities are labelled up in alphabetical order. Greek Alphabet...” said Lisa.

”I think it’s cool that way! Mmmmmm masters degree in Greek...” said Hugo.

”Shut up freak...” said Homer. Oscar kicked him under the table. “Ow!”

”Why not call them Chuggers or Belchers...” Homer whined.

”Because colleges are not like TV Homer, full of drunk students floating America’s draconian drinking laws to get drunk and smash up the place and disrupt everyone’s learning...” said Oscar.

”Our drinking laws are not draconian...” Lisa sighed.

”Yes they are. Along with your age of consent law... mmmmm! Sorority girls...” said Oscar aroused.

The dean who for some reason is nice again said hi politely to Homer. “Hi Homer. How’s it going?”

“You see Marge? You see?! Oh why can’t the Dean be mean and hated like Dondalinga... at least then I could prank them! But here my life has no meaning!” Homer cried.

”Homer! Stop setting our son a bad example!” Marge nagged.


Chemistry class.

Homer was in chemistry class with Hugo sitting in on the class.

”Now today class we will be testing for the different food groups in food such as sugars, fats, proteins etc. Now I will burn this donut to demonstrate how many calories it has.” said the professor holding a donut in a set of tongs and had a Bunsen burner with its flame set to receiving gas and oxygen because the flame was blue and not flickering and the oxygen hole was open. He burnt the donut on the flames which turned an ethereal shade of blue as the donut ignited.

”Nooooooooooooo!” Homer screamed.

”The blue flames tell me that this was a particularly sweet donut.” said the professor.

Homer cried and slumped over his desk. “This is not happening! This is not happening!”

Hugo grimaced and comforted his crying dad by rubbing his back.

Debate club.

Artie Ziff was debating. Homer kept rudely interrupting him and arguing with him over his finer points about Plato.

”Homer you are an ignoramus!” said Artie.

”Hey! That means I’m stupid! Doesn’t it?!” Homer yelled.

”Homer there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity...” said Artie.

Homer continued to interrupt.

”Homer would you like to give someone an else to interrupt?” said the teacher.

”Sure! Here’s my rebuttal!” Homer pulled down his trousers and mooned the class. Everyone gasped and Marge was mortified.

in the halls Homer caught Artie talking to Marge and making hubby sounds while staring at her cleavage too long. He punched Artie with a hard left hook.

”Homer!” Marge told him off for punching Artie.

The jocks who rigged the door of the building Nixon was staying at with the glue bucket had just sabotaged a drinking fountain to spray people and laughed when a nerd got sprayed.

”Alpha house!!” The dean from Futurama yelled.

in down time Homer returned to his fraternity with Benjamin, Doug and Gary.

”Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” said Doug. Copying the Robots from Bezerk.

”Guys it’s me Homer.” said Homer.

”We are the knights who say, Ni! Ni! Ni!”

”Oh god no! Not Monty Python! It burns!” Bart groaned in agony.

”Coooool!” said Oscar rubbing his hands with glee.

and he spent an excruciating hour with Benjamin, Doug and Gary reciting entire Monty Python sketches.

”I don’t like spam!” Oscar screamed dressed as a woman.

”Okay this blows! Now to do stand up comedy!” said Homer standing up.

”At last...” Bart sighed with relief.

”Okay so if a boys house is called a fraternity. What do they call the girl houses? Maternities?! Eh? Eh?” Homer quipped.

”No... they call them sororities...” said Gary.

”Stop heckling!” Homer yelled. “Now what’s the deal with...”

Bart groaned. Well at least they’re not quoting Monty Python...

”I’m outta here...” Oscar groaned, bored.


A funny tour of the college cafeteria that ended up cut from Homer Goes to College.

A black haired squeaky voiced teen was guiding Homer and other students around the cafeteria.

”And here is the student cafeteria where each day we sell two pounds of powdered eggs, soybean burgers and mock apple pie filler.” said Squeaky Voiced Teen with black hair.

”Mmmmmmm! Filler...” Homer drools and gargles.

”No! Don’t encourage Oscar!” Bart yelled.

”Mmmmmm... Unnecessary crap...” Oscar sighed.

Then the Squeaky Voiced Teen showed everyone the Audiovisual or in his words, audio visisual..., centre where students learn modern languages.

Students were just watching and reciting lines from the Bumblebee man show.

“Ay Ay Ay! Mia Los langosta!”

”Ay Ay Ay! Mia los langosta!” The students repeated after Bumblebee Man.

Homer laughed. “Oh god! Stop it you’re killing me! Ahahahahahaha!”

Marge and Lisa rolled their eyes.

after that tour Oscar found a vending machine. “I’m thirsty.” He bought a can of that Worcester sauce drink from Homer Goes to College. and began drinking it.

”You disgust me...” Bart said angrily in cold fury at him.


At home Bart was watching TV. Krusty was outside the Shoe King store.

”Shoe King eh? Is there a Shoe Queen? Eh? How about a Shoe Parliament?” Krusty quipped.

”I am sorry sir. I do not understand a word you are saying.” said the foreign shopkeeper.

”Just laugh. You’re on TV...” said Krusty.

”Ugh... well might as well go to school, in the middle of the day...” said Bart heading to school at an odd time because I said so.

Bart left the house for school but Homer’s college friends Benjamin, Doug and Gary were there.

”Your dad insisted we give you a lift to school.” said Doug.

”Eh... no... I’ll be fine...” said Bart.

”Oh we insist! You can never be too careful! There are bullies out there!” said Gary.

We cut to the school. Benjamin, Doug and Gary were lying on the ground with Nelson standing on them triumphant.

“If we ignore him, perhaps he’ll go away...” said Benjamin groaning.


At Homer’s college Bart and Hugo were in an empty lecture hall.

Hugo was writing a long formula on the chalkboard.

”Get bent.” said Bart.

“You just earned yourself a week of detention!“ Hugo snapped.

“There's no detention in college.” said Lisa.

“Oh. Right. Well, then I'm taking away fifty points from Gryffindor!!” yelled Hugo.

Bart face palmed.

”Hugo that’s a J.K Rowling book...” said Lisa.

”Fine. I sentence you to death!” Hugo yelled.

Elsewhere Mayor West had a statue unveiled on third street. A golden statue of Captain Crunch. Mayor west is insane.

Oscar sang the Sugar smacks theme by the gold statue of the Dig ‘em frog while eating sugar smacks cereal.

”Mom’s worried about you, you shouldn’t go off on your own Oscar.” said Lisa arriving.

Oscar’s phone rang.

“I gotta take this. It's my ac-clown-tant... you know, a clown-accountant. He's got this giant calculator that only ever adds up to boobs. Pretty funny, but frankly, I think he's been stealing from me.” said Oscar.

Lisa winced.

Elsewhere in the Barber and hairdresser class of barbershop college Clownja was cutting hair of clients. Despite that he has no hands?!

”I haven’t got any arms or hands...” said Clownja. A jack in a box with a cartoon clown head.

”Well you’re still doing better than those dancing police men.” said the tutor.

There were dancing police men cutting a guy’s hair.

”Oz stop reading my dream journal...” Bart whined from the lecture hall he was still in with Hugo.

“Now let’s set it to fart setting.” said Homer down the hall.

(farting sounds)

Homer laughed.

Back in the clown barbershop college Clownja was cutting client's hair when Lee Marvin's vallet with overgrown hair threw down his newspaper and ran out of the barbershop.

Clownjas jabbered and hopped after him while holding scissors and shavers.

Bart winced. "What on Earth is going on in that scene?"

Plot 3[]


  • Adam West, in fact, is a mayor of Quahog town in TV show called "Family Guy", which also airs on FOX.
  • When Oscar mentions raising the dead to vote republican this was a reference to the episode Sideshow Bob Roberts where Sideshow Bob uses the names of dead people and animals to vote for him in a case of voting fraud.