The five members of Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature, or simply the Masters, are five Fourth-Wall-breaking creatures that work for the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature. They literally control the universe. The current masters are Matt Groening the Creator, God, the Animator, Professor Farnsworth, the Director, Spongebob, the Illustrator and Snoop Dogg, the sound mixer

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Background Edit

Each of the Masters have a job, the Creator writes stories and articles, the Animator puts the stories into effect, the Director make sure no one breaks the rules, the Illustrator draws characters, settings, items, and other entities, and the Master DJ mixes sounds.

Trivia Edit

  • Bureaucrats are elected every time one Bureaucrat resigns, is promoted or demoted, is sued off the job, or dies. One obvious requirement for becoming a Bureaucrat is being able to break the Fourth Wall.
  • Sometimes one of the Masters can juggle several jobs.