Simpsons Fanon

Marge In Chains A horrible plague strikes Springfield, Asian Fku from contaminated orange juicer machines. Marge from stress forgets to pay for Grampa’s liquor and gets arrested for Shoplifting. And Homer almost tears a gaping hole in continuity when he lets his guard slip getting clothes from the attic when the laundry isn’t done, nearly revealing the one known as Hugo...


Taking place at the same time as The Plague. Homer is watching TV. He has just finished watching People who look like things.

“And a candle with that.” asked the host.

“And a- No!” The pumpkin headed man made a fool of himself falling for the host’s trick.

Homer laughed.

Then a studio audience show hosted by Troy McClure started called I can’t believe they invented that.

The microwave oven boat! A man sunbathing on a lilo in a pool when a microwave oven boat floats to him and dings.

“Ah! My tacos are done.” said the man.

The doggy door man!

A tiny door man welcomes a giant dog called Rex into a dog flap.

The crystal chandelier for your car!

A man is driving erratically with a chandelier swinging at him distracting him.

“Hi I’m Troy McClure! You may remember me from such shows as Mommy, why does that man not have a face? And Cancer, We hardly knew ye...” said Troy. “And we have a special guest today!

“Hi Everybody!” said Dr Nick.

“Hi Dr Nick!” said the audience.

“What have you got there Dr Nick?” Troy asked.

“The Juice Loosener!” said Dr Nick. He had a machine. He poured oranges into it and turned it one. It rattled about and made a lot of mess and noise.

“Are you sure that thing is on? I can’t hear a thing!” said Troy.

“It’s as silent as a cloud!” said Dr Nick. No it’s not! It’s extremely noisy!

The machine stopped and out came a single drop of orange juice.

“Are you telling me, all that came from all those oranges...” asked Troy. Holding the glass with a tiny amount of juice inside. Dr Nick nodded. “Ladies and gentlemen, until now, this was the only way to get juice out of an orange...” said Troy squeezing an Orange against his face.

“It was?!” Homer asked doing the same thing to get some orange juice.

“Noooo....” Oscar explained rolling his eyes as he used a lemon squeezer like a normal person to get some orange juice.

“Quiet boy.” said Homer.

“Get it now and it comes with this sun tan lotion.” said Dr Nick as Troy was putting the lotion on. “That’s also a laxative!” Troy realises and suddenly rushes off stage.


Homer orders an orange juicer.

However a Japanese factory worker sneezes into the boxes. His manager doesn’t care despite the green germ clouds and sends the contaminated boxes to Springfield.

Across Springfield everyone opens their new orange juice looseners. But green clouds of germs fly out and infect them.

Some days later at the Simpsons house.

“Ooooooh! I’m never gonna get my juice loosener...” Homer whined.

“Dad this arrived in the mail. It’s addressed to you.” said Bart carrying a large box.

“Woohoo!” Homer cheered. He opened the box. A green germ cloud flew out. He screamed.

“Mother, I hope you’ve got a special hug waiting...” said Seymour Skinner helping his mother open her juice loosener he bought her. A green germ cloud flew out.

“Ye gods! I’m infected!” said Skinner as the mystery Illness took effect.

Patty and Selma had lovingly bought each other a juice loosener. However they screamed as the germs flew out.

Tim Lovejoy screamed as a green virus cloud flew out of his juice loosener as he unpacked it.

Germ clouds invaded Springfield. Wiggum is chased. By one and desperately shoots at it before it lunges at him.

Arnie Pye makes himself sick going around and around... and vomits out of the news chopper. Otto is on a roof sunbathing when a shadow falls towards him. He screams.

At the plant.

“I’m not afraid of these germs Smithers! I’ve built myself a sealed glass chamber! Nothing gets in or out!” said Mr Burns revealing from behind a bookcase a glass chamber. However Homer was inside eating a bowl of something. “What the! Who the devil are you?! And how did you get in there?!”

Homer thought long and hard. Easy... just make something up... said his brain.

“Hello, I’m Mr Burns!” said Homer.

Homer’s brain claps sarcastically.


Marge is soon checking the kids for illness as a news bulletin about the Osaka Flu striking Springfield is on. There is a cartoon picture of Godzilla behind Kent as he warns about the illness.

“With all this Osaka flu we can’t be too careful! Open your mouth sweetie so I can take your temperature.” said Marge to Bart putting a thermometer in his mouth.

“Mrs Simpson. What would happen if we got it? Would we be off school?” Oscar asked.

“For a very long time!” said Marge.

This gave Bart a very devious idea. He grinned evilly and thought hard.

Inside Bart presumably was a black void and red blobs, his immune system cells with a large blob nearby.

“Sir! The brain is ordering us to surrender to the germs! Apparently it’s a school day!” said Squeaky Voiced Teen as a T Cell.

“Dagnabbit son! Everyone lay down and surrender!” said the other T Cell. They all laid down.

“Oh right! Time to make some pus!” said Snake Jailbird as the red blob eating the T Cells.

Apparently Bart’s idea worked because he was in his pajamas lying on the couch with the sick blanket on him. He was watching cartoons.

“Enjoy your day off...” Lisa was sarcastically disappointed with him for pulling a sickie.


Meanwhile in the shops people panic bought things. Apu was on the roof of his shop firing a rifle at people to behave.

“I say we storm the Kwik e mart and take everything!” said a man.

“No no no! Do not listen to that silly man! Remain calm people!” said Apu.


However very soon everyone at the Simpsons was getting sickly. And they badgered poor Marge for things.

“Get me some more OJ, Mom!” Lisa requested.

Maggie began sucking on her pacifier as if to tell her something, and she started coughing.

"What is it, Maggie?" Marge asked her infant daughter. "Do you want mommy to get you anything?"

“And fetch me some Flintstones chewable morphine!” Bart hollered.

“Bart! There’s no such thing!” Marge called back.

“Marge, the boy’s wasting valuable time! I wanna watch Sheriff Lobo!” Homer whined.

Marge sighed.

“Marge, get me some liquor while you’re out!” bellowed Grampa.

“Abe... The Nursing home said you have to watch your liver! They say you have a drinking problem!” Marge reminded him.

“Dagnabbit woman! Get me my liquor!” Grampa snapped.

Marge went to the shops, stressed.


She imagines all the products as Bart and Lisa’s and Homer’s heads repeatedly making their requests for OJ, Chewable morphine and Lobo. Marge then did a double take thinking her stressed induced illusions were real when she picked up some gummy candies for Oscar. Because on the front was a Bart like character with a big round red shiny nose wearing white toon gloves and blue shoes. The candy was under the brand Buzz candy.

“What the?” Marge did a double take. But it was real.

She paid for her goods while talking to Apu. However she was startled by how expensive her shopping was. She paid for it regardless.

However as she left the alarms went off.

“Marge come to the till so I can check every pocket and invade your privacy!” said Apu. He found a bottle of liquor on her. “By Shiva! Marge were you going to leave without paying for this?!” Apu asked.

“... I suppose I was...” Marge was embarrassed and ashamed. She realized that she forgot to pay for the liquor.

Police all turned up suddenly.

“Sorry we’re late? You said something about Snake and armed robbery?” Wiggum asked.

“That was an hour ago! Never mind that now! Arrest Marge Simpson for Shoplifting this instant!” Apu yelled.

Marge gasped.


The Simpsons were upset to see Marge arrested.

“Homer, don’t let Bart smoke! Dinner is Meatloaf not take-out... Lisa be good Sweetie! Mommy loves you!” said Marge as she was taken away. Maggie wailed for her mommy.

The Simpsons cried.

“Oh, that’s so sad...! I’m gonna miss you, mom!” Bart sobbed tearfully.

Lisa cried and hugged Marge who was also crying. The cops pulled her away.

“Dad what are we gonna do?” Lisa asked.

“We’ll think of something! We can manage with out Mom for a few days...”

“Uh shoplifting carries a few years of custody in prison...” Lisa explained.


Jail seemed frightening to Marge at first but she was joyful to see an old friend.

“Ruth! Uh why are you here?” Marge asked her neighbour.

“Stole my ex husband’s car and rode it across Alkali Flats...” said Ruth.

Marge sighed. Then she saw a very old friend she hadn’t seen in years.

“Phillips! I haven’t seen you in years!” Marge hugged the giant muscular blond woman.

“Marge how ya doin!” Phillips hugged her.

“Uh not good. I got arrested for shoplifting...” said Marge.

“We all did something we’re not proud of, Marge. I’m in here for killing my husband with a Phillips screwdriver. That’s why they call me Phillips!” said Phillips.

Marge sighed embarrassed her friend was a murderer.


At school.

“Haw- haw! Your mom’s a Jailbird!” said Nelson taunting Bart.

“So’s yours.” answered Bart.

“Ah touché.” Nelson realized he had been had. "Let's play!"


At prison, it’s lunch.

“It feels good to have a decent meal cooked for you for once!” said Marge.

“Your husband never cooked for ya?!” Phillips asked her.

“Well... he tried to once...” said Marge.


One romantic night Homer served Marge a fish that was still alive and jumping across the table spilling things.

“Homer! I don’t think this fish is even dead yet!” said Marge.

“Honey I’m rather busy with the lobsters right now! Ow! Ah! Sonnuva!” Homer was in the kitchen being attacked by lobsters. He was trying to put them in a pot of boiling water.

The flashback ended with Marge sighing.


“Marge, allow me to introduce Tattoo Sally!” said Ruth bringing a woman covered in tattoos.

“Oh my! That’s a lot of Tattoos!” said Marge.

“You should see the one on my back!” said Tattoo Sally. On her back was a fold up style tattoo that read “what kind of slime would I marry?” But the picture was impossible to get.

“What kind of slime would I marry?” Marge asked.

Sally folded up her back folding up the tattoo. It was a picture of the ugly man off Mad Magazine and the message was. “What, Me worry?”

“How clever!” said Marge. Then she imagined Bart showing off his Mother heart tattoo.

“Oh Mooooom!” said imaginary Bart showing off his tattoo.

Marge grumbled annoyed.

Plot 2[]

At home Homer explained some ground rules.

“Now I don’t want to do a lot of dirty dishes. So we all drink straight out of the faucet or milk carton. We eat over the sink...”

“Who’s gonna change Maggie’s diapers?” Bart asked.

“We’ll let her roam free in the yard and let nature take its course!” said Homer.

“Um, I believe if we all do our fair share it won’t be so hard to keep the house tidy!” said Lisa.

Oscar grimaced.


Days later, the house was a war zone. The sink was flooded. Mess everywhere with the fridge open so the dog could get in. An alligator was loose in the house...

“An Alligator?!” Lisa asked.

“It was Bart’s idea, he thought it would be funny.” said Oscar.

Then in the hall.

“Dad! We’ve run out of clean clothes.” said Bart.

“I feel like I’ve won this same red dress forever...” Lisa sighed. They had dirty clothes on.

“Just go into the attic! There’s loads of clothes up there!” said Homer coming downstairs dressed in Marge’s Bride gown. He seemed to be enjoying it too much...

"And not to mention something some attic monster. " Oscar added.

Bart and Lisa shrugged and went upstairs.

Homer suddenly realized what he said. “No wait! Stay out of the attic! Stay out of- Wahhhhh! (thud!) D’oh!” He tripped on the bride dress skirt and landed on his face with a painful thud.

“Daaaaaad...” Bart asked. “Why is there a boy that looks just like me in the attic...?” Bart saw a boy named Hugo. Hugo was glaring at him while wearing chains.

“D’oooooh!” Homer got up and rushed upstairs.


Meanwhile Grampa had problems with the toilet.

“I’ll give your liver such a kicking!” Grampa was fighting with an alligator that was half way stuck in the toilet. It kept snapping at him when he fended it off with a toilet plunger. Then he dropped his false teeth in its mouth and it crunched them up into pieces.

“D’oh! That’s the thirteenth time that’s happened...” said Grampa except toothless so he sounded unintelligible.


It was visiting time at the prison.

“Mom!” The kids hugged Marge.

“Hi kids! Homer... is that a Halloween costume....”

Homer was dressed as devil Homer. “Maybe...” he was playing with his tail.

“So how’s things?” Marge asked.

“The gator got stuck down the toilet so now we have to feed it.” said Bart like this was completely normal. “Right now Oscar thinks it’s a Super Metroid boss...”

At the Simpsons in the toilet where the gator is. Oscar has a radio playing Kraid, Phantoon, and Crocomire’s boss theme music loudly while firing foam darts at the gator.

“Alright! I’m fighting Kraid!” Oscar grinned.

The Gator snapped at him.


Back at prison the Simpsons sighed as if Oscar had been doing this often.

“Mom we miss you! If there was only some way we could get you out of here.” Lisa asked.

“I know! All I need is a tall blue wig, a party dress and a crowbar!” said Bart. In a dream he imagines himself dressed as a beautiful small lady. He wooed the sherif with a dance, because the sherif is a pedophile... and knocks him out with a crowbar and takes the keys to release someone from a prison cell.

“That’s nice dear! But I don’t think that’s gonna happen...” Marge replied.

“Why not? The Griffin’s sprung Lois out of jail... Then they went on the run to live in China town...” said Oscar. He was fighting the gator an hour ago, that was a flashback/cutaway gag.

Marge sighed.

“Kids, your mother and I would like to spend some time alone...” asked Homer sending all the kids away as he had something to say in private.

Marge thought it was gonna be something heart felt like “I really love you Sweetheart! I miss you!” But...

“Bart saw Hugo in the attic! Oh my god! Bart saw Hugo in the attic!” Homer was panicking.

“Oh lord! Now calm down! What has he said about it?” Marge asked.

"Wait a minute." Bart asked. "What or who the hell is Hugo?"

“Strangely Nothing! I think he thought Hugo was just some of the crazy stuff we left in the house from our untidiness like that gator.” said Homer.

“Oh good. There’s no need to be worried...” said Marge.

Bart couldn’t sleep because Hugo was in the vents groaning and making a lot of noises.

Then Hugo woke Lisa with his groaning and banging about in the attic. She shivered in fear. Then he woke Oscar. But Oscar wasn’t frightened.

“Oh hi, Attic boy.” said Oscar sleepily.

Hugo growled in reply and crawled off somewhere in the air vent system.


The next day in the messy and insane house Bart got up to find Oscar with a tube of green craft paper pointed at the alligator stuck in the toilet as boss music from Super Metroid played.

“Oz, get away from that alligator it’s dangerous... and turn off that video game music...” said Bart.

“I am not Oz, I am famous bounty hunter Samus Aran and I’m fighting Kraid!

Bart sighed and went off to the master bedroom en-suite, along the way he found Lisa in her room sat cross legged on her bed listening to Tina Arena Chains and sobbing over a picture of Mom. Bart felt glum too that Mom had been wrongfully arrested.

At the hospital. Crowds of people demanded a cure for the Asian Flu.

“A hehehehe! Now you people know the only cure I can recommend is plenty of vitamins and bed rest! Anything I give you will only be a placebo... Ah hehehehe!” said Dr Hibbert chuckling.

“Maybe there’s a cure in that truck!” said Squeaky Voiced Teen. The crowd shook and tipped over a truck but it on,y contained wooden beehives. The bees inside upset and angry at being disturbed swarmed and attacked everyone. People screamed and fled the angry swarm. Apparently this is a prediction of the murder hornets invading.

After breakfast Bart read Curious George and the Ebola virus. But the monster in the air vents (Hugo) was disturbing him by growling and breathing.

“Dad the monster in the air vents won’t shut up...” said Bart.

“I’ve told you! There are no monsters in the air vent or the attic!” Homer snapped.

In town was a bake sale.

“It’s a shame Marge couldn’t attend this year. She loved bake sales.” said Maude to Helen.

“Harry how much money did we make?” A woman asked a man who may have known Marge well.

“We’re short by 50 dollars. Just the amount that we would make from Marge’s marshmallow squares...” said Harry.

“Errrr um! This is terrible news!” said Mayor Quimby. “People we will not be able to afford a new statue of Lincoln so instead I give you a new statue of Jimmy Carter in light of our poor bake sale...”

A statue of Jimmy Carter is unveiled.

“Jimmy Carter?! He’s history’s greatest monster!” The Guy related to the kid who warned Mr Burns’s grandfather that the Japanese would eat us alive screamed.

“Get him!” Moe yelled.

People rioted and pulled down the statue of Jimmy Carter and kicked it.


Meanwhile Homer was shopping with the kids. But people were panic buying. Homer witnessed people taking lots and lots of toilet rolls.

“Hold up Simpson. No entry without a mask on. You know there’s Osaka flu going around.” said Chief Wiggum handing out masks. Homer sighed and put the surgical mask on.

Lisa notices people panic buying. Mrs Krabappel bought bags of dry cat food. Kibble.

“D’oh! There’s not much left! Should have got here earlier... Wadded beef? Cream of crud?!” Homer found only minimal and weird items left.

“Daaaaaad! Can we get outta here?! This virus is making people grabby!” Lisa whined as some one was touching her hair.

“The last pineapple! And it’s a great size too!” said Mrs Glick kidnapping Lisa because she thought she was a pineapple. She put Lisa in her trolly.

“Hey! I’m not a pineapple! I’m a little girl!” Lisa whined.

“That’s what the pumpkin said.” said Mrs Glick.

“Hi Lisa! We’re gonna be made into a pie!” said Ralph.

Lisa grimaced.

“Boy where’s your sister?” Homer asked.

“Um Mrs Glick, that creepy lady who lives on her own, took her.” said Bart.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.

Homer was paying for his goods and thinking about his poor wife.

Marge was depressed in prison being comforted by her friend Phillips.

“Apu, I’d like you to drop the charges against my wife.” said Homer.

“No offence, but we’re putting that bitch on ice.” said Apu. Yeah I don’t know why he’s horrible in this episode...

Homer slugged him with a knock out punch Muhammad Ali would be proud of.

Everyone cheered for Homer.

“Homer! Homer! Homer!”

“Daaaad! You just assaulted Apu!” Bart whined.


At the Flanders.

Rod is in bed speaking nonsense and shivering.

“Daddy, Rod is speaking tongues!” Todd said to his parents.

“Oh Neddy!” Maude gasped.

“Now Todd, I wish that was the case but your brother is just delirious from a fever.” said Ned. “Oh Lord what did we do to deserve this plague?!”

The doorbell rang.

“Oh my.” Ned answered the door. There was an angry man there with a crowbar patting it menacingly.

“Are you Ed Flanders?” The man asked.

“Heavens no! I’m Ned Flanders!” said Ned.

“Oh, my mistake! Good day!” said the man politely and he left.

In town some towns folk who were on Apu’s side made up horrible rumours about Marge.

“That batch of gingerbread she made once for the church? I found a hair in it.” said some one.

“I heard she has webbed toes...” said another.

At the Simpsons house.

Lisa got in exhausted.

“There you are sweetie! I was so worried about you!” said Homer hugging her.

“Yeah well that’s Mrs Glick for ya. Mistaking me for a pineapple... so what’s been happening while I was gonna be in a pie?” Lisa asked.

“Dad punched Apu.” said Bart.

“Daaaad! Why would you do that?” Lisa whined.

“Hey! He was nasty about your mom, saying she deserves to be put on ice/locked up!” Oscar defended Homer.

“Oh,” said Lisa. “Well that makes a difference.”

Bart grumbled and rolled his eyes.

The Simpsons minus Marge the sat down to watch Kent Brockman on the channel 6 news.

“And in other news. The chick in The Crying Game is actually a man! That is all.” said Kent.

“Eeeeeeeeew!” Homer and Bart groaned.

Oscar vomits. “I fancied her! Or should I say him!” He groaned being sick.

Plot 3[]

When it was time to replenish the orange juice by buying oranges for the juice loosener. Homer got request wrong for silly reasons.

“Dad we need more OJ.” said Lisa looking in the fridge.

Homer went out and returned later with OJ Simpson. “Here’s you twice removed sorta third cousin sorta uncle OJ The Juice Simpson sweetie!” said Homer.

“I was acquitted! That means I didn’t do it!” said OJ.

“No Dad! I meant orange juice!” said Lisa.

“Well say that then!” Homer whined.

“Dad that’s my mannerisms! I call orange juice OJ...” said Lisa.

“Lisa we have a juice loosener...” said Homer.

“It sprays juice everywhere, makes a terrible noise and I don’t like bits in my juice!” Lisa ranted,

Next was Bart’s impossible request.

“Get some Flintstone’s chewable morphine Home boy.” said Bart.

Homer broke into Umbrella Corp’s Paris laboratory to steal their latest bio weapon. A chewable morphine shaped like pink Barney Rubbles from The Flintstones.

Homer arrived home exhausted.

“Wow! These do exist! Shame they’re all Barney Rubble...” said Bart.

“Dad no! They’re not chewable morphine!” said Lisa.

“They’re not?” Bart asked.

“No! They’re ecstasy pills!” said Lisa.

“D’oh! Stupid druggies obsessed with cartoons...” Homer groaned.

“Homer Sheriff Lobo is on.” said Oscar.

“Oh!” Homer went to watch Sheriff Lobo. Which is about Lobo Lodestar from the Superman comics as a old Texan sheriff.

”No it’s not Oz! It’s an old western starring Claude Atkins...” said Lisa.

“Hey Oz he didn’t get your things.” Bart reminded him.

“Oh my Clown Bart gummy candy? I can get that myself as long as I wear my mask.” said Oscar.

“Oz it’s Buzz Candy... stop saying the mascot looks like me as a clown...” Bart sighed.

”Clown! Huuuuuuawww!” Oscar squealed.

Bart sighed.