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Marge de Antoinette Marge gets a job at the power plant after Mr Burns sees she can do Homer's job better and because he finds her pretty. However to woo her he gives into her demands which results in Homer and Oscar having to fight off the Burns ninjas and a henchman guarding the donuts. However then Mr Burns Gropes Marge and when he fires her for rejecting his advances she threatens to sue him. When Homer finds out he makes things worse by punching Mr Burns.


During the canon ending to Life in the Fast Lane Homer is working next to Swollen eye man when Marge arrives to classy music. Lenny nudges Homer.

"Marge! What a wonderful surprise!" said Homer "You're here for me right?"

"Of course!" said Marge embracing him in a hug and kissing him. Everyone including Homer's supervisor cheer.

"Way to go Homer!"

"Guys, I'm going to the back of my car with my beautiful wife, and I won't be back for ten minutes!" said Homer leaving. His friends cheer for him.

However Mr Burns is watching. "Smithers! Who is that delightful maiden? Ooooh her hair goes on forever!"

"That's Marge Simpson, sir. Wife of cockroach fodder Homer Simpson in sector 7G." said Smithers.

"Simpson eh? Smithers I'd like to hire her as my secretary! Oooooh those thighs!" Mr Burns found Marge very attractive.

Smithers sighed and frowned as he secretly fancied Mr Burns. "Right away sir...

Marge is soon hired. Lisa at dinner found the news happy.

"You'll just be like Marie and Pierre Curie! Husband and wife studying together!" said Lisa happy.

"Who?" Homer asked.

"They discovered radium, then died of radiation poisoning..." said Lisa.

"Or did they..." said Bart day dreaming. He dreams a city in ruins. A man warns the Curies are coming and they must flee to a woman.

"It's the Curies! We must flee!"

Suddenly a giant Marie and Pierre Curie were tearing apart the city and growling with laser eyes!

The daydream ended. "Cooooool!" said Bart. He has a very bizarre imagination.

Lisa wrote Marge’s resume/CV.

”Worked for the Carter Administration?” Marge asked in disbelief.

”Holy crap!” Peter Griffin yelled. Yes holy crap, Peter! She’s working for Lois’s father!

”Well you voted for him, twice Mom...” said Lisa.

”She meant Jimmy Carter, author...” Bart sighed.

”Shhhhhh!” Marge hushed Lisa. “If someone knew...”

”You voted for Carter?! He’s history’s greatest monster!” The hysterical man yelled.

Marge and Lisa sighed exasperated.


It was Marge's first day.

"Just do the paper work and flatter Mr Burns." Smithers harshly explained her job to her.

"Oh hmmmmmm..." Marge couldn't find anything nice to say about Mr Burns, he was a monster. He bullied her husband about his weight, stole (although rightfully it was his) a teddy bear off of her youngest daughter and ran over her son.

Meanwhile in his office.

"I dreamt about her last night again Smithers. You know those dreams where they fly in through the window?" said Mr Burns.

Smithers imagined such a scene where he was lying in bed and Mr Burns flew in through the window. He moans with pleasure.

"Smithers! Pay attention!" Mr Burns yelled.

"Yes sir?" Smithers asked.

"I want you to make Marge's time here happy. Give her what ever she wants."

"Yes sir..." Smithers sighed.


Marge was asked personally what she required or wanted.

"Well, everyone here is so miserable! I know when I'm sad I like to wear silly hats and listen to Tom Jones!" said Marge. "My husband on the other hand uh, drinks..."

"Excellent!" said Mr Burns he dismissed her but kept staring at her butt. He moaned aroused, being sure Marge didn’t hear him.

The next day was silly hat day. Everyone was wearing silly hats, listening to Tom Jones and drinking. However this just made things worse for some of the workers. A woman was catatonic, a man was sobbing and suicidal and another was polishing a shotgun while discussing to himself about a shooting he was planning. He was a blond man with a moustache like Raphael the sarcastic guy and was wearing a helicopter beanie cartoon hat.

Oscar saw him and laughed. Ace the vampire winced and looked up at his own helicopter beanie hat.

”Oz no! We’re not related! Now get my funny helicopter beanie hat out off your system...” Ace sighed.

Marge's requests then started to cause trouble. "The food at the canteen is so unhealthy Mr Burns! Everyone eats donuts all day! And maybe some exercise would do them some good."

"Capital idea Marge!" said Mr Burns smiling.

An evil goon was stationed to guard the donuts.

"Anyone else feel like being a hero?" The man yelled.

Homer was going to toilet.

"Simpson! Time for compulsory gym hour!" said Smithers with two goons. He couldn't find Homer as he was hiding. Smithers picked out a random stall and a goon kicked it open.

Homer screamed. "Occupied!" The Goons then dragged him screaming out of the toilet.

"Wow, I've never seen someone so adamant to avoid exercise!" said Mr Smithers.


Homer was waiting in line. A guy at the front got man handled by the goons for tying up his shoe laces.

Suddenly Homer got a note. "To flee unwanted activities, meet me in the abandoned sector 5G" Said the note.

Homer quickly sneaked into the danger! Abandoned sector door that lead to a dangerous abandoned sector of the plant.

It was very dark in there and Homer screamed at a skeleton covered in webs.

Then he heard a creature hiss and saw a giant spider.

"Now that's just ridiculous!" Homer ranted. Just read the note Homer. "Okay... To defeat the Spider's curse, quote a bible verse." Homer tried to recite one. "Thou shall not- ah what the heck." Homer threw a rock at the spider and killed it. He ran past.

Outside the back entrance Oscar was waiting.

"Porcupine head?" Homer asked.

"I see you read my note." said Oscar.

"Okay why are you here?" Homer asked.

"I'm here to sort out your donut problem," said Oscar.

"Okay but I have to be at my station or Smithers will get suspicious. We'll talk there." said Homer.


Meanwhile Mr Burns was thinking romantic thoughts of Marge.

"We never get what we want Smithers..."

Smithers dreamed of Mr Burns bursting out of a giant birthday cake naked and singing "happy birthday Mr Smithers." Smithers groaned with joy again.

"Smithers I have a task for you to woo this Marge Simpson! I want you to kidnap Tom Jones!"

"Yes sir!" said Smithers.

"I'll have him personally serenade her." said Mr Burns.


Oscar blocked a camera and covertly discussed his plan with Homer.

Meanwhile Tom Jones visited the plant but was knocked out with sleepy gas by Smithers. Smithers laughed evilly.

Then on the intercom a Alan Rickman voice announced the plant had been taken over by ninjas.

"Not on my watch!" yelled Homer before jumping into the vents.

Homer burst into Mr Burns' office and beaten up the ninjas and Alan Rickman with Oscar's help.

Bart: Why Alan Rickman...

Oscar: You haven't seen Die Hard have you...?

Bart: No, not really...

Oscar sighed.

Meanwhile the goon with a chain was stopping workers from getting to the donuts.

"Say hello to my little friend..." said McBain before shooting him dead with a machine gun.

The workers cheered and helped themselves to donuts.

"Smithers! Release my Goons Crusher and Low blow!" Mr Burns yelled.

The big goons dragged Homer and Oscar out of his office.

"Oh hi Crusher..." Homer sighed.

"Shut up Homer..." Crusher replied as he didn't like Homer that much.


At home, Homer is strangely unsupportive of Marge working alongside him and quotes nonsense from the bible while the giant spider from the power plant was eating all the food in the kitchen.

”Oooooooh! You ample arachnid! Get out!” Marge snapped and smacked the giant spider on the head. It hissed at her.

”Oz why is that giant spider here?” Bart asked.

”Because it is. It’s funny...” said Oscar smirking.

”But Marge, doesn’t the bible say, thou shall not covet thy husbands um racket?” Homer asked. The giant spider recoiled in pain hissing from bible verses.

”The power of Christ compels thee!” Oscar yelled at the spider and it retreated.

”Homer... the bible doesn’t say anything about rackets...” Marge said sharply.

Oscar swiped a tennis racket from somewhere.

”Hey! That’s my tennis racket! Boy!” Homer yelled as he chased him.

Marge was sending messages via the message tube machine when Homer swooped her off her feet.

"Oooooh! Homie it's not quite lunch time yet. Let me just send this fax." said Marge.

"Let the tube machine handle that." Homer put her fax into a tube capsule and sent it on its way.

"Where does that machine go?" Marge asked.

"I dunno..." Homer replied.

The capsule ended up in a lake where beavers took it to make a dam.

Meanwhile in the B story. Bart is in class.

”Class we are doing an English test today.” said Mrs Krabappel.

Bart groaned in agony. “Nnnnnnnnnngh! Sick on a test day! Ooooooh the irony!”

“Bart have you ever read the story of the little boy who cried wolf?” Mrs Krabappel sighed.

”I’m half way through I swear!” said Bart. Then he got up and left.

”Bart I haven’t given you permission to leave! Sit down!” said Mrs Krabappel.

”But I have.” said Super Super Intendant Oscar. Chalmers’s boss.

Mrs K sighed as Bart smugly went home.

Because Grampa was home he looked over Bart.

”Now let’s see from my good old friend Dr Washburn... Do you have jungle rot? Dropsy? The grippe? Dandy fever? Housemaid’s knee? Dum Dum fever?”

”I have Dum Dum fever...” said Oscar.

”No, you’re just a Dum Dum...” said Bart dryly. Oscar frowned at him.


Meanwhile Mr Burns sent the guy with glasses who stuck a pencil in Homer's butt crack in Lisa needs Braces into a tube.

"Smithers where does that tube go?" Mr Burns asked.

"I don't know sir, it was here when you bought the place.

The tube takes glasses guy to India where some Indian men immediately tell him to dance. Glasses guy starts dancing and they cheer.


At home Bart looks ridiculous with ice packs on his head and steam vapour machines for unblocking your nose from a cold with steam vapour/vapourquil.

”Bart I managed to find a pharmacy that sells leeches! Well it wasn’t a pharmacy more like a bait and tackle store...” said Grampa with a bag of squirming leeches.

”No Grampa, no more home remedies! I suddenly feel much better!” said Bart taking off his ice pack/hot water bottle.

”Oral thermometer my foot! Brace yourself boy this is mighty cold!” said Gramps.

Bart screamed as Grampa stuck the thermometer somewhere as the screen blacked out.

Obviously he mistook it for a rectal thermometer and did it the old fashioned way. Shoved it up Bart’s bum!

Plot 2[]

Mr Burns has Marge in his office talking about more things she'd like. However Mr Burns gropes her butt!

"Oh!" Marge slaps him.

"That's it! You're fired!" Mr Burns yelled.

"You can't fire me because you sexually harassed me! I'll sue your pants off!" Marge yelled.

"You don't have to sue me to get my pants off." said Mr Burns.

Marge screamed and ran out.


Marge explains to Homer that Mr Burns sexually harassed her. He loses it. Bart overhears what had happened.

"Why that dirty, no-good, sick, perverted old monster!" Bart whispered angrily. He secretly began taking pictures with his spy camera of Mr. Burns spying on his mother and held up his tape recorder. He got audio of Mr Burns making suggestive and sexual comments about her.

”Mmmmmmm... that hair goes on forever...” said Mr Burns being recorded covertly. He was aroused by Marge’s French Revolution beehive hair do.

Lisa was outraged about what Mr Burns had done.

"Marge, I'm going out to murder Mr Burns." Homer said dangerously quiet after screaming.

"Homer no! You'll just-" Marge explained but Homer ran off.

He drove to the power plant where Mr Burns was working late that night.

"Simpson! What the devil are you doing here?!" Mr Burns asked when he bursted into his office.

Homer screamed angrily and punched him very hard knocking him unconscious.

Homer was horrified by what he did. "Oh god!" He panics and runs away.

He ran back home and hid in the living room.

"Homer! What's wrong?" Marge asked.

"I punched Mr Burns in his three hundred year old face!" Homer cried. "I think I killed him!"

"Coool!" Bart cheered.

"Ha! Couldn't have happened to a worse man!" Lisa cheered.

"Now Homie, I'm sure he's fine, unfortunately... if you apologize to him I'm sure he'll forgive you." said Marge.

"Uh you don't know Mr Burns, Marge..." Homer replied.


Mr Burns rehired Marge. He was spying on her via the security cameras.

“Closer... closer... closer Smithers!”

The camera went too close and clonked Marge on the head.

“Ow!” said Marge rubbing her head. However, unbeknownst to Burns, Bart was watching him from the air vent. He had been suspecting his mother was being sexually harassed at work.

“A little too close Smithers...” said Mr Burns.

“What do you want done about Homer Simpson striking you sir?” Smithers asked.

“Oh have him flogged...” said Mr Burns bored.

Homer was flogged by a medieval headsman. While spinning a wooden wheel to generate power.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Homer said every time he was whipped. “After lunch can I whip you?”

“No.” said the medieval executioner guy.

Homer groaned as he continued his punishment.

Bart had seen more than enough. He had gathered more than enough evidence to prove Mr. Burns' seductive behavior against his mother and quickly rushed home to inform Oscar.

He also told Lisa about Mr. Burns' lewd acts towards their mother and then told his aunts Patty and Selma. He also informed his maternal grandmother Jacqueline and his paternal grandfather Abraham. He even told them about the evil man having Homer flogged by a medieval headsman.

"Bart, this is serious! We should report that man to the police!" Oscar pointed out. "Sexual harassment is against the law!"

“So is murder.” said Bart glaring at Oscar.

“Cut that out!” Oscar yelled.


At School Bart pulled another sickly because Mrs K tried to re give him the test.

”Ooooooh my ovaries!” Bart groaned. He’s a girl now...

At Home he watched Krusty. There was a Timberwolf on the dangerous and weird animal exhibit.

”And today on Krusty’s safari, we have the Timberwolf....” said Krusty. “So Doc, what can you tell us about the Timberwolf?” Krusty asked.

”They are very nervous and don’t like loud noises.” said a wild animal vet holding the wolf’s leash. The wolf was nervous and snarling.

”Loud?! Why that’s the word of the day! Hooahahaha!” said Krusty pulling a rope. Loud sirens went off and bells ringing and lights flashing and confetti.

The wolf got very frightened and broke free and ran off.

”Oh no!” The wild animal expert lady in safari clothes lamented.


At the Plant in Burns’s office, Imperial Death March plays. Dun dun dun! Duh duh duh! Dun dun dun!

Bart in a recording booth face palmed.

Burns was looking at the cameras at his workers.

“Lollygaggers... clowns... fools...slugabeds...” He said grumpily as he observed workers sleeping or goofing off. Particularly all of sector 7G. However he then saw Marge working. “Oooooooh! The enrapturing siren...”

“Um I have some bad news sir. You’re being sued for sexual harassment... successfully.” said Smithers.

”What?! Did Snyder not accept the bribe?!” Mr BUrns asked.

”No sir! He is a very honest judge! A little too honest if you don’t mind me saying so...” said Smithers.

”My team of lawyers must have tried something to brush this under the carpet!” Mr Burns ranted.

”I’m sorry sir but you’re due in court next Thursday...” said Smithers.

”Blast that scheming temptress!” Mr Burns snapped as he watched Marge.


Meanwhile Bart took time off every time a test was brought up in class with silly illnesses.

”Bart you were sick last week with that bout of Tourette’s Syndrome!” Mrs Krabappel sighed.

”(Bart yapping like a chihuahua) Yap! Yap! Arf! Shut up bitch!” said Bart having a verbal tic.

”That is not funny! Censor that now!” SJWs demanded this scene be removed.

”Next they’ll remove The Last of Us for Peter Shepherd’s bout of swearing.” Oscar sighed.

”Chickenshit!” Peter as Ellie swore.

”Peter!” Judy yelled.

Meanwhile more cameras a little too close gags.

”Please, please, come closer!” said the Arabic merchant from the opening of Disney’s Aladdin. The camera zooms extremely close up smooshing against his face in a comical manner. “A little, a little too close!” said the merchant pulling himself self away with cartoonish sounds like the sound of a suction cup dart being pulled off of a window.

”I gotta see that again!” Oscar grinned rewinding the camera too close gag again, because he is obsessed with it...


At the plant.

Smithers arrived in Marge’s office with orchids and scented bath oils. Scented.....

”Oh!” Marge was surprised by him arriving.

”It’s okay Marge. Here is an apology gift of orchids and scented oils. I’m sorry Mr Burns is being a right stick in a mud... Human Resources have warned him numerous times he can’t grope female employees...”

”Well I think you’re very nice Mr Smithers. Thank you.” said Marge.

”Just call me Waylon...” Smithers smiled.

Meanwhile Ace’s possibly long lost uncle was polishing his gun planning a violent shooting.

”I am the angel of death! The time of purification is at hand!” He said while polishing his gun. Coooool!

“The kids at Sunday school get scared every time I yell that in the middle of class...” said Oscar at home.

”Why do you think?!” Bart sighed face palming.

At school Bart got sick again.

”Bart are you wearing make up and putty to claim you have leprosy...” Mrs Krabappel sighed.

Oscar coughed.

”Fine... go home...” Mrs Krabappel sighed.

Grampa eventually twigged Bart was taking advantage.

”(Angry jabbering) Bart! Have you ever read the story of the little boy who cried wolf?!” Grampa scolded him.

”A bit... it was quite funny at one point then it sort of went down hill and I don’t remember...” said Bart.

”(Jabbering) Is that light green?!” Grampa asked annoyed. It was red....

”Yes Grampa...” said Bart.

”It better be...” said Grampa running a red light.


Meanwhile at work were silly shenanigans....

”Everyone gets promoted ahead of me... Lenny, Carl, Tibor... (Yes the idiot that lost the key to Marge’s office...) and you Marge...” Homer sighed.

”Well um dear.... if you want a raise that badly maybe you should try to work harder...” said Marge.

Homer gasped. “Marge! I work as hard as a Japanese beaver!”

”Ah so! Ah so! Me rikey chew wood long time! Gna gna gna gnaaaaaw!” said a racist caricature of a Japanese man in the form of a cartoon beaver with a racist accent.

”Isn’t that a mocking Chinese accent?” Homer asked the fourth wall.

”Chinese Japanese... look at these, hairy knees...” said Oscar pulling at his eyelids to do Chinky eyes.

Meanwhile in Burns’s office.

”I know! I’ll invite Marge out for a candle lit dinner! You, me and dig up Al Jolson!” said Mr Burns.

”Uh did you say Al Jolson?” Oscar asked.

”Yes, now what are you thinking boy...” Mr Burns sighed.

”Nothing....” Oscar said grinning.

”Sir, do you remember we did that once before?” Smithers replied.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s dead. And rather pungent...” said Mr Burns. That’s just freaky... “The rest of the night I don’t remember and I’d rather not recall it...”

”That’s just freaky...” said Oscar wincing.

“I know! I’ll have Tom Jones serenade her! Kidnap him again!” said Mr Burns.

”Sir I just finished a month long prison sentence for doing that...” said Smithers.

”Oh fine... steal from a candy gram...”

”Uh no sir...”

”Hire a candy gram land shark?”

”No sir...”

”Fine hire a regular candy gram...”


Bart tried pulling a sicky again.

”Bsrt! You’ve been off sick with the measles, the smallpox and that bout of rabies...” said Mrs Krabappel.

Bart growled and foamed at the mouth with bloodshot eyes.

”Fine... your test is cancelled, mr I won’t do the test!” Mrs K sighed. “Milhouse about your answer to question six....”

”Ivanhoe was a about a Russian man and his garden tool. And...?” Milhouse read his paper he got an F on.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

”Oz that’s not that funny...” Bart sighed as he went home.

As Bart walked home he encountered a big scary timber wolf snarling.

”Aaaaaaaagh! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” Bart screamed.

”Not again...” Mayor Quimby sighed.

At home Grampa had a clove of garlic.

”Boy let’s rub some garlic on you before the next full moon!” said Grampa to Bart.

Ace hissed at Bart’s Grampa.

“Gramps, I need to go to hospital for a rabies jab! Enough of that bungus!” Bart whined.

”No! You have Lycanthropy now, you’re a werewolf!” Oscar insisted being moronic. “Arooooooooooo!”

Bart face palmed.

Plot 3[]

Bart had to deal with Grampa insisting he was a werewolf and Marge dealt with a rather odd apology dinner from Mr Burns.

First up she had a call at the front door.

”Mrs Simpson? Candy gram.” said a muffled voice.

Marge opened up the door. On the porch was a land shark. It ate her head first.

”Mmmmmmm. Saturday Night Live...” said Homer taking the box of candy from the land shark....

Bart face palmed.

Marge some how alive and well arrived to a candle lit dinner with Mr Burns, Smithers, Tom Jones tired up and gagged and the rotting corpse of Al Jolson.

”Mr Burns if you think for just one sec- Oh my goodness! Is that a decaying corpse?!” Marge gasped open seeing Al Jolson.

”That is the late Al Jolson Marge.” said Mr Burns.

”I told you it wasn’t a good idea to exhume him sir...” Smithers whispered.

”Mr Burns you are very sick man!” Marge snapped getting up to leave.

Suddenly Owl Jolson the singing cartoon owl came in with a banjo singing I love to sing a.

”I love to singa! About the moon ah and the june ah and the spring ah! I love to singa! About a sky of blue, or a tea for two!”

Marge sweat dropped.


That Sunday at Sunday school.

”Class fill in the missing words to the Lord’s Prayer on these sheets please.

Bart groaned in pain.

”Nice try Bart... you’re not pulling a sicky from Sunday school...” Lisa sighed.

”I am the angel of death!! The time of purification is nigh!!” Oscar yelled at the top of his lungs, startling children in Sunday school.

”Oscar stop yelling that in class!” The Sunday school teacher said sharply.

”Ms. Albright? Is my kitty in heaven?” Ralph asked.

”For the last time Ralph, no!” said the teacher.

Bart growled and bursted out of his church clothes and turned into a big hairy werewolf with black fur.

”Oh my goodness!” Lisa gasped.

Children fled screaming.

”Oooooh big wet shiny black nose dog boy!” Oscar cooed honking werewolf Bart’s big wet shiny black nose. It squeaked like a toy.

Bart as a werewolf growled and mauled him.

”Ow! Bart! That’s my spleen!” Oscar cried.

Meanwhile Marge made reference to the title of the episode while dressed as Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake!” The cake was actually brioche.

Meanwhile Oscar was alive somehow despite being mauled by a werewolf. He decided to time travel back to an earlier point in the episode to get one over Bart in an argument.

When the Simpsons found out Marge was being sexually harassed by Mr Burns.

”Bart, this is serious! We should report that man to the police!" Oscar pointed out. "Sexual harassment is against the law!"

“So is murder.” said Bart glaring at Oscar.

Oscar was about to yell at him annoyed but another version him from the future with bandages and crippling injuries whispered to him a response to zing Bart.

“Killing people may be illegal, but then again, so is the music on your iPod” said Oscar calmly and full of smugness.

”D’oh!” Bart groaned.