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Margaret Evelyn Simpson
Gender Female.png
Status Alive.png
Alias(es) Mrs. Simpson (by Gino Terwilliger)
Hair Blonde
Age 1
Relatives Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson

Husband: Gerald Samson (possible)
Brothers: Bart Simpson
Hugo Simpson II (non-canon)
Sisters: Sophie Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Lizzy Simpson
Father-in-Law: Fat Tony D'Amico
Mother-in-Law: Anna Maria D'Amico
Aunts: Selma Bouvier, Patty Bouvier
, Anna-Lisa Hardstone and Emily Bouvier
Uncle: Herbert Powell
Paternal grandparents: Abraham Simpson and Mona Simpson
Maternal Grandparents: Clancy Bouvier and Jacqueline Bouvier
Daughter: Maggie Simpson, Jr.
Nephews: Kirk Simpson, Picard Simpson
Niece: Zia Simpson ‘’’7xcousins:’’’ george Collins lucy Collins jeremiah Collins and kate Collins

First Appearance Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Voiced By Yeardley Smith (Formerly) Nancy Cartwright

Margaret Evelyn "Maggie" Simpson (born June 16, 1988) is the 1-year-old, and youngest, child of Marge and Homer, and the baby sister to Bart and Lisa. She is often seen sucking on her pacifier, and, when she walks, she trips over her clothing and falls on her face. Because she rarely ever talks, Maggie is the least seen and heard in the Simpson family. She was voiced by Nancy Cartwright.


  • She legally changed her surname to "Martinez" in "Fancy Livin'". then changed it back to simpson