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Mabeline "Mabel" Simpson (née Gurney) is an ancestor of the Simpson family and Homer's great-great-great-grandmother. Mabel's first husband was Hiram Simpson (with whom she had one child, Eliza) and her second husband was Virgil (with whom she had another child, Abraham). She is also an ancestor of the Van Houten Family through Eliza's marriage to Milford Van Houten.

She and her family worked with the underground railroad, but when her husband Hiram betrayed their activities to the slave owning Colonel Burns, she fled with the runaway slave Virgil to Canada, meeting Abraham Lincoln along the way, who offered that she cover her conspicuous hair with his stovepipe top hat. Later, she legally divorced Hiram (also getting one of his shoes in the divorce settlement although he keeps the laces) and married Virgil, who had proposed to her on a bridge marking the border between the United States and Canada. Since Virgil had no last name he took the surname "Simpson." Mabel and Virgil had one known child, Abraham, whom they presumably named after Abraham Lincoln and who himself is the presumed namesake of Abe "Grampa" Simpson, Mabel's great-great-grandchild. She is identical to Marge, because the latter is in fact her great-great-great-grandniece through Mabel's brother.

Mabeline "Mabel" Simpson
Mabel Simpson Tapped Out.png
Gender Female.png
Status Deceased.png
Hair Blue
Occupation Housewife
Relatives Parents: Troy Gurney, Jr. and Jen Boulevard

Brother: Daniel Gurney
Sister-in-law: Jody Brambles
Ex-husband: Hiram Simpson
Husband: Virgil Simpson
Children: Abraham Simpson I and Eliza Simpson
Son-in-law: Milford Van Houten
Daughter-in-law: Gabby Crouse
Grandchildren: "Old Tut" Simpson, Lou Simpson, Hugo Simpson I, Dulcine Simpson, Gaston Simpson and Kirkedemious Van Houten
Great-grandchildren: Orville Simpson, Boris Simpson, Twitta Simpson, Bonita Simpson, Elrita Simpson and Arrière-Grand-Père Van Houten
Great-great-grandchildren: Abraham Simpson II, Bill Simpson, Chet Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Hubert Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Hortense Simpson and Terry Van Houten
Great-great-great-grandchildren: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell, Abbie Simpson and Michael Van Houten
4xGreat-grandchildren: Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson and Grandpa Van Houten
5xGreat-grandchildren: Kirk Van Houten and Norbert Van Houten
6xGreat-grandchildren: Milhouse Van Houten and Annika Van Houten
Nephew: Joshua Gurney
Niece-in-law: Engela Franklin
Great-nephew: Thomas Gurney
Great-niece-in-law: Ingrid Woods
Great-grandnephew: Ferdinand Gurney
Great-grandniece-in-law: Alvarine Bisque
Great-great-grandnephew: Lou Gurney
Great-great-grandnieces: Jacqueline Bouvier and Gladys Gurney
Great-great-grandnephew-in-law: Clancy Bouvier
Great-great-great-grandnephew: James Bouvier
Great-great-great-grandnieces: Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier and Selma Bouvier
Great-great-great-great-grandniece: Ling Bouvier (adopted)