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Miss Lydia Honeybelle is Lisa's new teacher after Miss Hoover's retirement.


She is a kind, upbeat, bright, upbeat, hip, lovely, helpful, bubbly, patient, warm, caring, loving and motherly young woman who loves children, especially Lisa. Unlike the other teachers at Springfield Elementary, Lydia doesn't smoke or drink.


She speaks in a sweet, warm and motherly voice and manner yet she is firm when it comes to discipline, but never holds a grudge against her students for their bad behaviors. Lydia has soft platinum wavy blonde hair. She also wears a simple pair of earrings, a few layered necklaces, a printed A-Line midi skirt, a pair of neutral sandals and a burnt orange feminine tee with a knot at her waist.


Lydia enjoys her job teaching children as she loves kids. She does hatha yoga stretches in the mornings and takes yoga classes along with cardio after work.

Her hobbies include gardening, reading, cooking vegetarian meals, listening to music including jazz, tennis, playing her guitar, meditating, dancing, jogging and going for walks on the beach.

She dislikes mean and sadistic teachers, meat, Donald Trump, discrimination, bullies, tobacco and alcohol, drugs, untrustworthy and unreliable people