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Lou Simpson was one of the five children of Abraham Simpson I and Gabby Crouse. He is the great-granduncle of Homer Simpson.

Louis "Lou" Simpson
Gender Male.png
Status Deceased.png
Hair Bald
Relatives Parents: Abraham Simpson I and Gabby Crouse

Siblings: "Old Tut" Simpson, Gaston Simpson, Hugo Simpson I, and Dulcine Simpson
Grandparents: Virgil Simpson and Mabel Simpson
Great-grandparents: Troy Gurney and Jen Boulevard
Half-aunt: Eliza Simpson
Marital half-uncle: Milford Van Houten
Half-cousin: Kirkedemious Van Houten
Great-uncle: Daniel Gurney
Marital great-aunt: Jody Brambles
Second cousin: Thomas Gurney
Wife: Zorina Ovadia
Children: Bob Simpson, Eckhardt Simpson, and Twyla Simpson
Grandchildren: Vern Simpson, Eckhardt Simpson II, Lotus Simpson, Verna Simpson, Fernice Schedeen, and Ingrid Schedeen
Great-grandchildren: Mort Krupp, Lola Krupp, Pomona Krupp, Connie Krupp, Endora Krupp, and Archie Krupp
Great-great-grandchildren: Alberta Bazaar, Violet Bazaar, and Hazel Bazaar