When Homer sends a mixture of jelly,soap, and soup to space,because the space is,like homer said,"heat,cold,heat,cold,heat,cold",it later mutated into a goo-like creature,the Lordakians.maggie was in Flanders house,and could not help them.bart saw no choice but to reveal his powers to his parents,and defeated them,but a lordakian survived,and engulfed him,absorbing his powers.he kept his powers,but the Lordakian turned into Kaiser Lordakian and fled.Marge and Homer were shocked because of bart's powers.But this was just the beggining...The Kaiser Lordakian went to Homer's brother house and absorbed the powers of his daughter.He searched the entire Springfield for the simpsons named Angelo,Appoline,Maggie Junior and agent O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D..The power was too much for him and he mutated into Death Kaiser Lordakian,became black,has more tentacles,his presence changes the area(sky:dark and and depressed.water:dry.temperature:high.volcanos:many and active.),and now has organs.he multiplicated and formed an army,but the combined might of the simpsons defeated them.Marge and Homer finally accept bart as he is.NOTE:lisa accidentally mixed aerogel with the other 'ingredients'.that is why the lordakians can collect informations about people when they engulf them.The Lordakians were inspired in the game Dark Orbit's aliens of the same name,and they want to destroy Kang an Kodos.