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Lord of the Fries: The Island set immediately after Lord of the Fries: Menace Shoes, the Simpsons are trapped on the weird island with the evil koala and random drugging. While there they deal with sinister bald guy, Ewan McGregor, Nick Nack from The Man With the Golden Gun and Ricardo Montalban aka Khaaaan! And the Incredible Hulk!


Chalkboard gag: My sister is not hiding anything unusual in her locker

Couch Gag: The family arrives at the Hogwarts Express, but Homer misses the train. He says, "D'oh!"


A short summary of Lord of the Fries: Menace Shoes. Homer as his alter ego Mr X was eavesdropping on gossip and spreading it to cause trouble. When he was found out everyone clammed up when he was around. Leaving him with nothing to report on his website. So he made up stuff, like vaccines being laced with brainwashing drugs, which turns out to be a dark secret of a sinister organisation who kidnap Homer and imprison him on their island. However he escaped and defeated his doppelgänger and told his family everything. However the dog sprayed knock out gas at them. They ended up on the weird island where our story continues...

A plane arrives at an island with a long white bell tower, Tattoo from Fantasy island (and he is Nick Nack in The Man with the Golden Gun...) rings a bell and calls down to Richardo Momtalban, “The plane! The plane!”

“Hohoho! No my freakish little friend. That’s a seagull!” said Ricardo Montalban as Mr Roark.

“Hehehe!” The evil sinister koala wearing a carnival mask giggled.

The Simpsons along with several Springfield folk, Mr X from Resident Evil 2 and a living cooked chicken arrived. The Simpsons were not happy to be here.

“Hmmmmmmmm! Drugged and carted off to some strange island away from all that we loved and hold dear!” Marge grumbled. “And I still haven’t found out why you got suspended from school a month ago when your dad brought his new computer and started all this mess!” Marge added as she spoke vexed and annoyed at Bart for refusing to explain why he was suspended from school.

“Now Marge relax... you’ll soon get used to it here and will eventually forget your old life in Springfield...” said a guard working for the sinister island.

“But I don’t want to forget Springfield! I want to go home!” Marge ranted upset.

The guard drugged her with an injection and she fainted.

“Ohhhhhh... this is bliss...” Marge sighed.

Homer was horrified he screamed and tried to fight but the guards drugged him.


The Simpsons and Oscar woke up on a lawn on the island strangely wearing posh clothes.

“Ugh! I hate being drugged! And I hate being kidnapped by evil sinister cults and megalomaniac organisations...” Oscar groaned regaining consciousness dressed in upper class clothes a boy would wear.

“Ay carumba! Someone gave us new threads!” Bart yelled, noticing his new posh clothes.

“Someone stripped and reclothed us in our sleep!? Who would do something like that?!” Lisa gasped.

“A pervert with a snappy fashion sense?” said Oscar.

“We have got to get off this island!” said Homer.

“Oh no one leaves the island.” said a posh guy speaking with other weird posh people.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!” Homer went off to a red English phone booth to call the authorities. “Yeah, police? The army? I’d like to report a really weird island! Send lots of men and helicopters to-“ but the phone booth was rigged to fill with knock out gas. “Ooooooh... I think I need a lie down...”

The sinister evil koala with a carnival mask laughed.


“Someone kill that koala or I will...” said Oscar.

Suddenly a shadow appeared because someone tall arrived.

“Good afternoon... I am your host, Mr Roark. I am at your service.” said Ricardo Montalban.

“Oh good, can you get us off of this island or at least give us our clothes back... I look like I’m dressed for an Agatha Christie Murder mystery!” said Bart.

“I’m sorry, neither of those requests are possible...” said Mr Roark.

“Hey, how comes you look exactly like Ricardo Montalban?” asked Homer.

“KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” Oscar screamed. A dart was fired at him and he lost consciousness.

“Eh my assistant Tattoo will answer any more questions you may have.” said Mr Roark.

Nick Nack as Tattoo arrived.

“Coooooool! That midget from The Man with the Golden Gun!” said Hugo.

“I kill you!” muttered Tattoo as he guided them.


They arrived at the bell tower and home of Mr Roark and Tattoo. Suddenly the Incredible Hulk, played by Lou Ferrigno smashed through a wall dressed as a butler and cleaning. “Hulk clean! Hulk welcome guests!” He politely welcomed the Simpsons and Oscar.

“This is just that wacky programme Dad likes to watch...” said Bart.

“It’s even more beautiful than I remember!” Homer cried.

“I can’t get a bead on where Mr Roark’s loyalties lie... probably with the masters of this freakish island unfortunately...” said Oscar. “Cos, with the sheer volume of guest stars in Fantasy Island, we could raise an entire army!”

“Yeah there’s enough guest stars in this show for you to go nuts over... just like that time you made us watch a marathon of the Twilight Zone so you could play spot the guest star...” Bart groaned.

“Yeah I know, We will be rubbing elbows with all kinds of stars... Adam West... Caesar Romero...Jill St John...” Oscar sighed giggling.


However the Simpsons and Oscar got drugged and woke up in a psychedelic room with people dressed like they were from the TV series The Prisoner.

“Ugh... drugged again...” Oscar groaned regaining consciousness.

The Simpsons and Oscar were confused to find once again someone stripped them then dressed them up, this time in identical black The Prisoner suits with numbered badges.

They were greeted by Number 6. He wasn’t happy to see Homer.

“You!” He yelled when he saw Homer.

“Uh oh!” said Homer. He ran off chased by Number 6.

“Greetings, I am number 15, pray what number are you?” An old man who was Number 15 asked.

“I am not a number! And don’t you for- Oh. I’m number 3.” said Oscar.

Bart was bored as Oscar asked the trapped geniuses why they were here. Bart did not care for genius and intellect. It bored him.

However Hugo thought their inventions were cool.

“Number 21 discovered how to turn water into petroleum.” said a The Prisoner numbered person.

“Hmmmm, sounds like she was attempting to create a renewable source of gasoline. Inventing a means to get cars to run on clean sources like water would have been more noble...” Lisa sighed.

“Yeah but that’s scientifically impossible! You can’t get energy from nothing!” said Hugo.

“I invented the bottomless peanut bag.” said Number 6 still chasing Homer for stealing his boat.

“Coooool!” said Oscar stuffing his arm deep into the peanut bag, spilling peanuts everywhere. “That would be great for watching a circus performance!”

“I thought so too! Now if only I could invent a bottomless popcorn bag...” said Number 6.

“Number 11 here knows the deadly secret within Tic Tacs...” said Number 21.

Oscar screamed terrified. “Aaaaaagh! Deadly Tic Tacs!”


Then they woke up from being drugged again.

Oscar had been drinking tea because he had a cup and saucer with him.

“They drugged our tea! The one thing from dear old Blighty I enjoy!” Oscar ranted.

Bart laughed at his patriotism of Britain. “Ha! Limey!”

“Yank!” Oscar retorted.

“Peasant!” Bart retorted. Because Britain is still a monarchy.

“Frog!” Oscar retorted again. Because Bart is French American. French on his mom’s side.

“Stop it! Stop it at once!” Marge told them off for bickering.

They looked around the room. The walls rippled and morphed like they were inside a giant lava lamp with red and black swirling and morphing giving the room a surreal look. There were also egg shaped chairs to sit in and artsy desk gadgets Homer liked dotted about.

“Oh sweet Lord! A Newton swinging ball toy! A drinking bird! A cymbal monkey! A lava lamp!” Homer looked at all the gadgets he didn’t get to admire last time because he was so worried about his family and angry at being taken.

“Cooooool! I love pointless gadgets that don’t do anything useful!” said Hugo. “Or violate the principle of the second law of thermodynamics!”

“Hey! On this island we obey the laws of thermodynamics!” Homer scolded him.

“Guys quit yakking. I think this is the office of the mastermind behind this whole operation.“ said Oscar.

“Absolutely correct, Number 3.” said Sinister Bald Man coming out of a hatch in the ceiling while sat in a chair.

“Aaaaaagh! The guy from the computer screen!” Bart screamed.

“Yes... It seems we meet again, Number 5...” Sinister bald man greeted Homer.

Homer threw his saucer at bald guy.

“Ow! Please stop that...” said Sinister bald guy.

“Sorry.” said Homer.

“Hey why have you kidnapped us, man?!” Bart said annoyed.

“I will explain all in good time...” said Sinister Bald man. Homer threw a cup at him but it missed and shattered against a wall.

“Well...” Bart asked giving his “Any popped eyeballs?” squint.

“Think of it as revenge... your father found out about our secret to lace vaccines with brainwashing drugs, we took him in to keep him quiet. He escaped our clutches and subdued an agent. And now you naughty fishies are caught in my net...” said Sinister bald guy.

“Vaccines contain mind controlling drugs?!” Hugo asked.

“Yes. That’s why every flu season there is a big rush to the shops, it is all part of our plan to help Walmart...” said Sinister Bald man.

“That is just diabolical!” said Hugo.

“Oh and I suppose it’s true that vaccines cause Aspergers too.” Bart asked.

“No! They don’t Bart! Aspergers is a condition you are born with!” Oscar scolded Bart.

“Well your father’s little website may have spread a rumour mill and started the rise of the anti vaxxers...” said Sinister Bald man.

“You idiot!” Oscar yelled at Homer and strangled him. “Now we’re all gonna die from a measles epidemic because stupid people will refuse to give their kids their booster shots!”

“Oz do you like being brainwashed then...” Bart sighed.

“Hell no! As for you um, whatever your name is...” Oscar yelled at Sinister bald guy.

“Number 1.” said Sinister bald guy.

Homer laughed and mocked him. “Hellllooooo! My name is Number 1!”

“Whatever. Look Number 1, you can’t go around putting mind control drugs in vaccines! I won’t stand for it!” Oscar ranted.

“And what is a child supposed to do to stop me?” said Number 1 of the island, not to be confused with other Number 1s like the Stonecutters leader or Nigel Uno, as he smiled an icy smile confident Oscar couldn’t stop him.

“Nothing at the moment...” Oscar growled annoyed that for some reason he couldn’t do anything to stop the evil bald guy. “But take this as a warning! Mark my words! Your sinister operation here on this island? I will put a stop to it!”

“Oh I am so scared...” said Sinister Bald man.

“I can read sarcasm...” said Oscar. “And you should be! People who seriously mess with me and my friends end up meeting a grisly end!”

“Oh be nice. Here have some ice cream...” Sinister bald guy offered a bowl of ice cream laced with pills and injection needles. Oscar grimaced.

“Do you honestly think I am that stupid to try to eat any of-“ Oscar sighed. But suddenly Homer greedily devoured the ice cream and drugs. “Homer....”

“What?” Homer asked and fainted from the drugs.

“Oh too bad. I guess we will have to do things the hard way...” said Sinister Bald man as he put a mask on and pressing a button, he released knock out gas into his office while laughing evilly. The Simpsons and Oscar lost consciousness...


Meanwhile Tattoo was serving guests drinks while Mr Roark magically made their wishes come true. I have no idea how, I unfortunately never watched Fantasy Island but apparently Mr Roark is aware of other magical beings like genies and Djinns. So he might be some sort of genie perhaps.

Tattoo needed to go on his break and get to Phuket, Thailand to see his other master, Christopher Lee/Scaramanga.

“Master! Please! Please!” he begged Mr Roark.

“Hohohoho! Okay my freakish little friend. But first touch the seagull.”

Tattoo sighed and poked a dead seagull.

He then got packed up for the day and somehow flew out to Thailand. Apparently only he can leave the Island.

Plot 2[]

Tattoo then arrived at Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is pronounced Fuck-it. Which might suggest the Thais have a sense of humour like their potty mouths...

Tattoo arrived and met up with his other master, Scaramanga who was practicing his sharpshooter skills with his golden gun.

“Nick Nack!” said Scaramanga addressing Tattoo as Nick Nack. The assassin, who kept mostly to himself on an unfortunately named Thai beach was a tall man in stark contrast to Tattoo/Nick Nack. Well he would be taller because Tattoo has dwarfism so everyone is taller than him.

Aside from being tall, which isn’t a great description of him, Scaramanga had three nipples and resembled Dracula. Well if Dracula was a “day walker“ vampire that is. Seriously James Bond should have been able to defeat him just by opening the curtains!

Tattoo/Nick Nack was holding a tray with a bottle of champagne and wine glasses on it for Scaramanga. He did not speak much. In fact I don’t think he speaks as Tattoo that much either.

“I kill you!” Okay he says that under his breath a lot.

All was well for Scaramanga. He killed three rival assassins today, his man servant returned from his other job and soon James Bond would arrive.

“Personally I felt when they casted Christopher Lee as Scaramanga they should have made The Man with the Golden Gun about vampires, and golden guns, and evil wizards, and lightsabers...” said Oscar.

Bart groaned as the family sat round a table on the lawns of the island to have lunch. He groaned because of Oscar’s silly reference gags.


The Simpsons had lunch or drinking tea as we get back to the ending scene from the last episode in the Lord of the Fries tetralogy. Marge and Homer in posh outfits were heavily drugged to pacify them. In their drugged calmness they forgot their woes for now and drank tea.

“You know, apart from the random drugging, this place ain’t so bad!” said Marge.

“Yes, truly God’s country!” Homer replied drinking tea as their kids bounces around on orange space hoppers.

Suddenly the sinister evil koala with a carnival mask giggled. “Hehehe!” and sprayed knock out gas at the camera.

“See you on the island...” Homer sighed drugged.

“Yes... the island...” said Lisa high on something.

After the sleepy gas Homer woke up on a Penny farthing bicycle. “Uh? Aghhhhh!” He screamed as he tried to steer the bike and had to bail. “Oof! Ahhhhh, flowers...” he landed in some flowers. A little yellow flower sprayed him with gas. “Ooooooh! Why does everything here spray you...” he groaned.

The evil koala with a carnival mask giggled. “Hehehe!”

Homer was poked awake by his family. Their calming drugs had worn out. So they were back to worrying about getting off of the island.

“Dad wake up! We have a celebrity guest!” said Lisa.

Homer saw Ewan McGregor waiting. Because he was in a movie about an island with Scarlett Johansson.

“Hey where’s Scarlett Johansson?” Homer asked.

“Uh... I have know idea who she is. How about Scarlett O’hara?” asked Oscar sat on an orange space hopper and wearing Edwardian clothes.

“Um no....” said Homer.

“Anyway... as I was saying Obi Wan Kenobi... the weird midget butler of this place who I think I saw in a James Bond film has gone off to a Thai island to work for your sworn enemy Count Dooku!” said Oscar. “You should give him a good kicking with your lightsaber!”

“Oz...!” Bart whined. “I could use a drugging right now to blot our Oscar’s stupid references...”

“No drugs!” Marge said sharply.

“Whoever designed this place is as high as a kite... Look! The flamingos have hats on!” Oscar gasped. There were flamingos wearing bowler hats.

Homer screamed at something. “Oh God! There’s dogs! And they’re playing poker! (Maniacally laughing)” Homer screams with mad laughter and runs off in a mental breakdown. There were dogs playing poker at a poker table apparently.

The Simpsons and Oscar winced at Homer’s odd behaviour from seeing dogs playing poker.

“Anyway, I need some time to myself to bounce... and think of a way to get us off of this island...” said Oscar.

Oscar bounced off on his orange space hopper. With cartoonish bouncing sounds he bounced down the path Homer was cycling down on a Penny Farthing bike. But he lost balance and fell face first into a bed of cute flowers...

“Oof! Awwwww! Little flowers...” he cooed at the flowers. A tiny yellow flower sprayed him with knock out gas. “Oooooh! Bad flower!” He whined.


Eventually the Simpsons and Oscar woke up in a dining room. Tattoo was there serving then food.

Sat at the end of the table was their gracious host, Scaramanga... “These as you are most aware are mushrooms.” said Scaramanga.

Lisa had a wine glass of red liquid she sniffed it. “Eeeeeeugh blood!”

“Correction, free blood!” Homer drank his glass of blood with relish. Eeeeeugh!

“What?! He’s played by Christopher Lee! Dracula!” said Oscar as Bart slammed his own head into the table annoyed by the cameos.

“Sorry Oz, Bela Lugosi fan until death! Bela! Bela!” Ace cheered.

“Boys this is a fancy lunch Mr Scaramanga was kind enough to make for us, now behave!” Marge told them off.

“Can I have some Tabasco to put on my mushrooms?” Homer asked Scaramanga.

“I do not have that in my cellar I’m afraid. I’ll have to add it. Nick Nack!” said Scaramanga.

“I kill you!” said Tattoo as Nick Nack.

He went to the kitchen where they did not hear from him except when he rang the bell to call Kra to serve the next course.

“Mmmmmm! This salmon terrine is delicious...” said Oscar eating. “But I think someone only served us half of the dish...”

“Half! You get the rest later!” said Nick Nack through an air vent.

“Nick Nack!” Scaramanga told his man servant off for trolling his guests.

“Oz why is most of this episode Herve Villichaize references...” Bart groaned.

“Oh I get it, the fat ballet dancer eating cake means turn left...” said Homer.

Tattoo/Herve sighed as he stood on a stool feeding a big fat ballet dancer cake.

Then the Simpsons were put off their food because Sinister Bald man came in. “Ah, enjoying lunch are we Number 5?”

“We were until you came in!” Homer scowled.

“Wait, I’m better at sarcastic remarks towards my enemies!” said Oscar. “Well... look what the cat dragged in...” he said to Sinister Bald man.

“Hmmmmm, yes... your acrimony Of me has not gone unnoticed Number 3,” said Sinister bald man.

“You can’t keep us here! We have family and friends! They’ll soon realise we’re missing!” Lisa whined.

“Oh but I can. And on the contrary. Why the Simpsons are coming home from School, Work and shopping for their daily couch gag right now...” said Sinister Bald man.

At the Simpsons were the Tracey Ullman Simpsons sitting down on the couch.

“I liked the German Impersonator of Dad... he helped me with my homework.” said Lisa over a scene of the Tracey Ullman Simpsons living. This consisted of Tracey Ullman Homer being an ogre and strangling Bart.

“Why you little!” Retro Homer strangled retro Bart.

Suddenly Mr Burns’s impersonators he hired to trick Bart that his family no longer loved him in Burns’s Heir appeared.

“Director says it’s our turn now.” said the guy as Homer who said Bowl! instead of D’oh! He had his Homer mask off so his true face, brown hair and glasses and all were visible.

His Marge was a black haired lady with a cigarette holder like Cruella De Vil’s. His eldest child and son Bart was the Chinese midget who smuggled himself back to America with the Simpsons in Goo Goo Gai Pan. His middle child Lisa was the bald cigar chomping midget.

“I don’t get paid enough for this...” the bald cigar chomping midget sighed.

“Oh quiet you!” said Mr Burns dressed as Marge.

“D’oh!” said Fernando the assassin dressed as Homer.

“I’ll be waiting in the car dudes...” said Smithers dressed as Bart.

Then there were a family of Moes...

“Um ok...” said the Moe Simpsons.”

Lester and Eliza’s family.

“I fancy chocolate frosted milkshakes.” said Lester’s Dad.

And the German doppelgänger Homer and his family. They all had foreign accents.

“Vhy you kleiner...!” German doppelgänger Homer throttled his Bart.

“That scene went on far too long Oscar...” said Bart.

“I think I just found a great idea for a future Treehouse of Horror episode...” said Oscar.

“Hmmmm yes, well now Number 5, it’s time you and your family be erased...” said Sinister Bald man. He pressed a button on his hover chair and a secret door opened and a German speaking Homer arrived.

“Destroy the Simpsons!” Sinister Bald man yelled.

“That arranged can be.” said German Homer approached the Simpsons and Oscar menacingly while threatening music played.

Homer screamed.

“Oooooh... getting your minions to do your dirty work...” said Oscar. “Well two can play at that game...” Oscar played X Gonna Give it to ya! on his boom box radio. Suddenly Mr X from Resident Evil 2 smashed through a wall wearing a black trench coat and hat.

“Blast! I forgot about your ludicrous pop culture references!” Sinister Bald man thumped the keyboard of his hover chair annoyed.

“Plus your drugging and knock out gas won’t affect him! Because he’s undead!” said Oscar.

The undead science experiment mutant called Mr X easily pummelled German doppelgänger Homer.

“Tch! Well too bad for you I play the minion game twice!” said Sinister Bald man pushing a button. Another secret panel opened and out stepped Michael Myers... (He must have borrowed him from Ernst Starvro Blofeld/Dr Loomis)

The Simpsons gulped frightened. But Oscar wasn’t phased.

“Well unfortunately for you, so did I...” said Oscar as the living cooked Chicken from the last Lord of the Fries episode in the tetralogy arrived. (Menace Shoes) The living cooked chicken carcass was wielding some nunchucks.

The Simpsons sweat dropped.

“And that’s supposed to help us how?” Bart asked.

“Beware the silly ones Bart...” said Oscar. Silly characters are sometimes the most dangerous in combat.

The living cooked chicken beats the crap out of German doppelgänger Homer as Mr X and Michael Myers fight.

“We came a long way since the start of this tetralogy. We started on an island. Now we’re finishing up on an island. Barring if I am inspired to continue into a sequel.” said Oscar.

“Please don’t! Just let us have a happy ending for once...” Bart whined.


The Simpsons then made their escape during this distraction. But they encountered Nick Nack in one of the rooms throwing Scaramanga’s wine collection at them.

“I kill you!” said Nick Nack throwing wine bottles.

Homer picked up a large suitcase and stuffed Nick Nack inside it. However he did not go in without a fight.

“Ow! You’re hurting me! Ow! Leggo!” Nick Nack whined as Homer stuffed him in the suitcase.

They then encountered guards armed with assault rifles as alarms and sirens went off.

“This is where I help. Hide and don’t whine about me using guns.” said Oscar getting out a sub machine gun. Like countless awesome high octane gun battles in Janes Bond movies he gunned down the guards.

Then the laughing koala appeared and giggled wearing his carnival mask.

Oscar sighed and shot him. “Good riddance...” he said standing over the dead koala. “You can come out now Simpsons.” said Oscar.

The Simpsons and Oscar made it to a holding pen full of, to Oscar’s delight as he lost his lucidity, celebrities who appeared on Fantasy Island. There was Adam West, Jill St John, Don Knotts etc.

“Loooook! Adam West!” said Oscar carrying his sub machine gun.

“Batman!” Homer gasped.

“Daaaad, we’re too young to remember that Batman... we grew up with Michael Keaton...” said Bart.

“I liked George Clooney...” said Oscar. Then he pointed out more celebs. “Jill St John!”

“Oh! Hubba hubba!” said Bob Hope.

“And Bob Hope it seems.” said Hugo.

“Cooooool! Phyllis Diller! The Queen Ant from A Bug’s Life!” said Oscar.

“Ha! I’ve been around in the media long before you were even born kid.” said Phyllis Diller.

“Yeah but I like A Bug’s Life...” said Oscar.

Bob Hope made a disappointed groan.

“Yes we all know you have a crush on Jill St John but don’t fancy Phyllis Diller that much...” said Homer.

“There they are! Get them!” Sinister Bald man yelled.

“Uh oh! We better skedaddle!” said Bart.

Plot 3[]

However the Simpsons and Oscar were quickly surrounded by armed guards.

“There is no escape! Any last words?” Sinister Bald Man asked.

Oscar saw a lever nearby that had a sign reading “Danger, this lever unlocks the celebrity holding pen. Beware! Some of them are insane!”

“Well? Come on! I’m at least giving you one last thing to say before I have you all killed!” said Sinister Bald man.

“Eat my shorts!” said Oscar pulling the leaver and releasing the celebrities as alarms went off.

“Warning. Containment breach. Warning. Containment breach.” said a computerised voice.

“No! What have you done!?” Sinister bald guy gasped as the freed celebrities ran amok distracting and in some cases attacking the guards.

Oscar grabbed a gun from a stricken guard.

“See you at the party Richter!” Oscar quipped gunning down the guards.

Michael Ironside with no arms frowned. “I’d give a round of applause for that remark but...”

Oscar laughed.

The Simpsons fled during the mayhem.

They heard Herve Villechaize whining again.

“Ow! Ouch! You’re hurting me!” He whined as Bill Cosby kicked and hit him.

“About which I do not care very much,” said Bill Cosby serious and not speaking gibberish.

Don Knotts was not very helpful in subduing the guards as he admitted defeat upon being surrounded by ostriches.

“Why are there so many ostriches? The brochure said they would only be a few! This is a terrible vacation!”

The Simpsons sighed and rolled their eyes.

Homer head butted guards to get past.

Bart fired rocks from his slingshot at them.

Phyllis Diller asked Ricardo Montalban that her fantasy was to be a sex goddess...

“Yeah like an old bag like you could be a sex goddess...” said Oscar rudely.

“Oh crawl back into your turtleneck Sheldon...” said Phyllis Diller zapping him with magic into a cartoon tortoise.

“Oh very funny! And in this neck of the woods it’s called a sweater, not a turtleneck...” Tortoise Oscar retorted.

Then the monster from Frankenstein with neck bolts and resembling Herman Munster, helped subdue the guards.

“It’s alive! Alive!” yelled Dr Victor Frankenstein.

Hugo laughed as he fled with his family.

“Quiet boy...” Homer growled.


William Shatner as far as I know was never on Fantasy Island because this might happen..William Shatner upon seeing Ricardo Montalban trembled with furious anger and screamed “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”

“William Shatner, I really wish you wouldn’t scream like that...” Roark sighed.

“Master! The plane! The plane!” said Tattoo as people were escaping on the planes.

“No my freakish little friend. That’s a seagull.” Roark chuckled.

The Simpsons found only the flashing red lights of the sirens were now operating as internal corridors were dimly lit.

However in a power core room taking place through several stories of a facility on the island, the Simpsons encounter Sinister Bald Man in a hover chair.

“Oh no... this guy...” Bart sighed.

“Why don’t you just leave us alone?!” Homer whined.

“You will not escape!” snarled sinister bald man losing his calm composure. He pressed a button on his hover chair and guns and drills came out of it. And buzzsaws too.

However a cartoon turtle shell glee into him knocking him down the power core. He screamed as he fell.

“What the fudge?” Bart asked as the green cartoon turtle shell landed from a ricochet nearby. Then Oscar’s head, arms and legs sprouted out from the shell. He looked like when Peter Shepherd in the Jumanji cartoon got slowly turned into a tortoise. Oscar basically was wearing a tortoise carapace and plastron.

“Oz!” said Bart. He thought Oscar looked rather silly in the tortoise shell. I reminded him of when Mr Burns was singing See my Vest.

“Let’s get outta here.” said Oscar.

However Oscar appeared to be taking a detour.

“Um Oz.... the airport is that way...” said Bart.

“I know!” said Oscar. “I’m getting our clothes back. I am not wearing this tortoise shell, or Edwardian clothes ever again.”

“I liked the Edwardian clothes.” said Hugo.

“Well you would because you’re a geek...” said Bart to him.

Hugo cried.

“Bart!” Marge scolded Bart for being mean.

Oscar broke into a storage room where the kidnapped people’s clothes are kept. He found a box containing Homer’s clothes, Marge’s, Lisa’s too. And Bart and Hugo’s... Maggie’s pajamas and Oscar’s sweaters and other garments.

“We don’t have time to dress now Oz.” said Lisa.

“Yes we do! Between scene transitions!” said Oscar pulling the fourth wall aside to the next scene.

They were now heading for the planes as Oscar gunned down guards. Somehow the escaped celebrities had started causing catastrophic damage to parts of the island as things exploded around them.

The Simpsons and Oscar ring their usual outfits got on a plane.

“Um none of know how to fly a plane Oz...” said Bart.

“I’ll fly us out of here!” said an old timey world war scarf wearing and goggles on helmet jacket wearing fighter pilot as he took the controls.

Homer scowled because an old scarf and jacket pilot guy got into a fight with him one Valentine’s Day when he was trying to stop Apu’s many romantic gestures to Manjula ruin Valentine’s Day for the other husbands in town.

The Simpsons and Oscar and Pilot guy flew home to Springfield.


In Springfield the townsfolk were confused to see two copies of the Simpson family.

“Ugh! One is enough...” Lovejoy groaned.

“Shut up Reverend!” Homer yelled annoyed.

“Those Simpsons are obviously imposters... look you can see the false Homer has recently shaved his head and he’s talking in a German accent...” said Oscar.

Sinister bald man appeared on some TVs in a TV shop.

“Destroy them!”

German Homer and imposter Simpsons with accents tried to attack the Simpsons but the real Simpsons kicked their asses having got some martial arts training from Oscar while trapped on the island.

After the imposters were dealt with.

“Mind explaining to us all what the hell happened?” Wiggum asked the Simpsons.

“Well it’s a long story...” said Oscar.

And James Earl Jones narrated how Oscar explained the adventures he and the Simpsons had when they were captured and all was happily ever after.

Until Gamblor, Lordakia, Hoju and many other bizarre things including beavers attacked.

The end.