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Lisa gets enrolled in a summer jazz/hoop combo dance class at the Springfield Community Center.


School is out for the summer, and the Simpson kids are bored at home with nothing to do but watch Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Marge decides to try to find some fun activities for Bart, Hugo, Oscar, Maggie, Eric and Lisa (And the weird Victorian orphan kid from HOMR) to do during the summer holidays. Homer, as usual, is at Moe's Tavern with his drinking buddies, Barney, Lenny and Carl, having a drink. Barney’s evil blond identical cousin aka Retro Barney starts a fight over British prime ministers again.

Marge talks to a group of mothers at the park while on a walk with Maggie and Eric. She asks for suggestions of summer activities for her kids to do. Luanne points out that the Springfield Community Center is offering summer dance classes for kids ages 8-12. Taking Luanne's advice, Marge enrolls her daughter Lisa into a summer jazz/hoop combo dance class. After the dance class orientation with their teacher Miss Katherine Rogers, Marge takes Lisa shopping at the Springfield Mall for required dancewear for her summer dance class and ring in their purchases and head home. During the shopping trip she reminds Lisa it cannot be like when she took up ballet and started smoking. Or when Bart took up Ballet and triggered Homers homophobia and got chased by Jimbo etc because they wanted to beat him up for practicing ballet.

A few days later came the first day of Lisa's jazz/hoop combo class at the Springfield Community Center. Lisa arrived to class 2B dressed in her tan split-sole jazz shoes, black spandex shorts, a pair of tan convertible tights and a fuchsia colored leotard. She also had to remove her pearl necklace and have her mother take charge of it.

"You must be Lisa Simpson, here for summer dance class?" a woman asked. Lisa looked up to see the young woman she and her mother had met at the orientation. She had black hair tied into a bun, yellow skin like most Springfiedians and a beauty mark on her left shoulder. She was wearing a light blue leotard, black spandex jazz pants, stud earrings, and tan jazz shoes.

"Rogers, Miss Katherine Rogers. I'm your summer jazz/hoop combo dance teacher, Lisa." the woman introduced. "I hear you were bored at home and your mother decided to find you something to do during summer break."

"True, Miss Rogers," Lisa admitted. "Stuck at home with my big brother and baby sister with nothing to friends are away at summer camp and my dad spends his time at the bar."

"Well, honey, you're in luck!" Miss Roger's grinned. "This summer, you'll be learning something new! Jazz and hoop dancing! But first, time to take roll call. Ahem, Lucy Neal?"

"Here!" 5th grade girl announced.

"Jessica Lovejoy?"

"Here!" The reverend's misbehaving daughter answered.

"Sherri and Terri Mackleberry?"

"Here!" Sherri and Terri chimed in unison.

"Sara Anderson?"

"Here!" Sara answered.

"Taffy Ray?"

"Present!" Taffy answered.

"Jeanette Hutz?"

"Here!" Girl with ponytail responded.

"Lynn Shunick?"

"Present!" Brown haired girl answered.

"Harper Jambowski?"

"Here!" Lisa's former friend responded.

"Eloise Sloyan?"

"Present!" Smug girl answered.

"Lisa Simpson?"

"Here!" The eight-year-old vegetarian Buddhist answered.

"Yeardley Watkins?"

"Here!" Girl with glasses answered.

"JoAnn MacNeille?"

"Present, Miss Rogers!" replied "Little Miss Springfield" girl.

"Cheryl Duggan?"

"Here!" Brown long-haired girl answered.

"Deirdre Radcliffe?"

"Here!" German Santa girl replied.

Quenely Woosterfield?"

"Here!" Quenely answered.

Lisa winced nervous and worried. Quenely was Simon’s evil step sister/half sister who keeps trying to kill him.

"Isabella Coates?"

"Here!" Bella-Ella answered. "But call me Bella-Ella."

"Dorit DeRocili?"

"Here!" Dorit answered.

"Megan Stotler?"

"Here!" Megan answered.

"Tessa-Rose Jelensky?"

"Here!" Tessa Rose replied.

"Sloan Renwick?"

"Present!" Sloan answered.

"And last but not least..." Miss Rogers peered over her attendance sheet. "Is Wilbur Stewart here?"

"Here, Miss Rogers!" called out a Nick Jonas-esque voice from the back of the classroom. There stood an 11-year-old boy with dimples, slender figure, short and curly platinum blonde hair. He was wearing black jazz shoes, black jazz pants and a blue t-shirt.

"Okay, now that I've taken roll call." Miss Rogers said. "Let's start with warm-ups, shall we?"

However, Lisa has a bit of trouble keeping up as she keeps tripping over her feet and falling over during warmups, which causes the other girls in her class to cruelly mock and laugh at her.

"I can't believe that baby Lisa fell over!" Sloan jeered.

"She's a total klutz!" Bella-Ella added, sneering. "She must have a run in her tights by now!"

"Lisa totally farted when she fell on the floor!" Jeanette howled laughing.

"I captured the whole moment on video camera via MyPhone! I will send it to YouTube for the whole world to see!" Tessa Rose announced. "She will be such a riot!"

"Ahem, no cell phone use during class." Miss Rogers said in a firm voice as she began to collect all the girls' phones and placed them into a box.

Lisa begins to cry. On the other hand, Wilbur Stewart offers to help Lisa and encourages her to keep trying her best and to not give up.

Wilbur's pep talk helps and inspire Lisa keep on trying, no matter the odds. So after class, Wilbur invites her over to his dad's beach condo to practice.


  • This episode title is a reference to ABBA's song, "Dancing Queen"
  • Stores at the malls Marge and Lisa shop at for jazz/hoop combo dance class: Dance in Your Pants, Chick-Ballet, iHIPHOP, The Dance Boutique, Jazz Dance Emporium
  • The Itchy and Scratchy cartoon title: "Flaying Without Wings" is a reference to the song by Westlife, "Flying Without Wings,"
  • Marge talks to Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, Luanne Van Houten, her sister Selma, Brandine Spuckler, Agnes Skinner, Sarah Wiggum, Helen Lovejoy, Mrs. Muntz, and the other moms at the park
  • Summer Dance classes offered at the Springfield Community center:
    • Jazz/Hoop Combo
    • Ballet/Tap/Jazz
    • Hip Hop
    • Lyrical/Acrobatic
    • Hoop Dance
    • Irish Dancing
    • Modern Dance
    • Contemporary Dance
    • Ballet/Tap combo
    • Performance Team
    • Musical Theatre
    • Ballroom
    • Pointe
    • Lyrical Dance
    • Acrobatics
    • Modern Jazz
    • Flamenco
    • Tango
    • Jazz/Ballet
    • Prop Dance
    • Belly Dance
    • Jazz/Hip Hop Combo
    • Moe’s self defence shot gun dance class
    • Elocution lessons falsely advertised by a black street rapper stood outside the classroom to lure in cool kids.
    • How to peel an orange classes headed by Hans Moleman.
  • Nick Jonas guest stars as Wilbur Stewart, the boy in summer jazz/hoop combo dance class who helps Lisa
  • Students in Lisa's summer dance class: Jessica Lovejoy, Wilbur Stuart (the boy whom Lisa develops a crush on), Sherri and Terri Mackleberry, Sara (last name revealed: Andersen), Taffy (last name revealed: Ray), Sloan (surname revealed: Renwick), Quenely Woosterfield (Simon’s step sister who keeps trying to kill him), Girl with Ponytail (name revealed: Jeanette Hutz), brown-haired girl (name revealed: Lynn Shunick), Dorit (surname revealed: DeRocili), Megan (surname revealed: Stotler), Harper Jambowski, Bella-Ella (surname: Coates), Tessa-Rose (surname revealed: Jelensky), Girl with Glasses (name revealed: Eloise Sloyan), Smug Girl (name revealed: Yeardley Watkins), 5th grade girl (name revealed: Lucy Neal), "Little Miss Springfield" girl (name revealed: JoAnn MacNeille), brown long-haired girl (named revealed: Cheryl Duggan), German Santa Girl (name revealed: Deirdre Radcliffe)
  • Mia Michaels guests stars as Katherine Rogers, the summer jazz/hoop combo dance class teacher