Simpsons Fanon


Homer notices that Lisa is very good at the piano and her saxophone is clogged up. Homer goes out of his way and buys her a piano, unintentionally putting the family in a serious financial debt. And seriously insane situations as The piano is Oscar from Oscar’s Orchestra.

To save his family and Bart’s sanity, Homer gets five jobs at once. Lisa eventually decides it would be best to sell the piano for the sake of the family. To make Lisa feel better about having to sacrifice her piano, Homer takes her out to an all you can eat vegetarian diner. Homer eats the vegtables for his daughter but once he arrives home he dashes straight upstairs to the bathroom, feeling rather sick, and vomits into the toilet, much to his son Bart's amusement as he laughs outside the door.

Meanwhile, Marge gets involved volunteering to help out at the Springfield General Hospital, with Bart and Maggie lending a couple of helping hands.