Simpsons Fanon

Lisa's Sax Bart throws Lisa's Saxophone out the window after Homer gets annoyed by her playing it. Meanwhile a new comic book store opens.


Marge and Homer open the episode copying Peter and Lois’s piano singing opening. So it seems to today, that all you see, is violence and sex on TV!

“Boy, the way the BeeGees played,” Homer sang.

“Moves that John Travolta made,” Marge sang.

“Guessing how much Elvis weighted,“

“Those were the days.“

“And you know where I am,”

“Watching shows like Gentle Ben,” I love that mad bear! XD!

“Mister, we could use a man like Sheriff Lobo again.“ that shooooow I insist is about Lobo Lodestar as a Cowboy era sheriff...

“Disco Duck and Fleetwood Mac,” Omg! Disco duck! That’s hilarious!

“Counting out on my 8 track,”

“Michael Jackson still was black, those were the days!“ Ahhhhh... Mocking Micheal’s Vitiligo...

“The Simpsons was filmed in front of a live studio audience.” said an announcement.

Hugo is watching cartoons.

“Hey the Meathead, whatcha watching?” Bart asked.

“Oh I thought I’d check out the Warner Bros Network.” said Hugo.

Michigan J Frog is dancing on the TV.

”Hello my baby! Hello my honey! Hello my ragtime gal!” He then gets tired. “Man I need a drink...”

He was watching Looney Tunes.

“Dah... what’s up doc?” said Bugs Bunny.

”You’re despicable...” said Daffy Duck.

There was singing.

“I need a drink.” said Hugo getting up to get a drink. Bart quickly took the remote and changed the channel.

There was a movie about Krusty starring Krusty as himself and Mia Farrow as his wife and Chinese children in Qing dynasty clothes as his sons with racist names as part of a joke.

“It's the TV movie of the year: The Krusty The Klown Story: Booze, Drugs, Guns, Lies, Blackmail & Laughter. Starting Fyvish Finkel as Krusty The Clown.” said a narrator.

Krusty played by Fyvish who looks nothing like him in poor clown make up is in clown rehab with clowns. And Clownjas...

“I went through a 5 year orgy of nonstop pills and booze, with nothing to show for it but 4 Emmys and a Peabody Award...” Krusty played by Fyvish cried and sobbed.

“All right, they're going to show his disastrous marriage to Mia Farrow.” said Bart as Hugo and Oscar sat down.

”Was that marriage before or after her marriage to Woody Allen?” Oscar asked.

“Chan Ho, your mother and I are getting divorced.” said Krusty.

“Dad, Chan Ho is over there. I’m Chin Ho!” said Chin Ho.

“Well just pass it on, you all look the same to me...” said Krusty.

Everyone laughs

“Hahahahaha! What a bad father...” said Homer laughing. Maggie had a battery powered power drill and was stumbling about.


Marge is reading a romantic novel about pirates. She then dreams about sailing with a handsome blond pirate (who might be gay).

“Oh the seas sure are heaving!” said Marge as the possibly gay Latino muscular pirate held her romantically as he sailed.

”Not as heaving as your bosoms m’lady...” said the pirate with a gay Latino accent.

Marge giggled. “That earring. Does that mean you’re a pirate?” Yes Marge a butt pirate. He likes cock...

”Maybe. But let’s go back to my quarters darling...”

However an irritating sound annoys him and ends the dream. “Oh what is that awful noise!? Well I’m ending this dream...” said the pirate.

Marge wakes up with a start to Lisa playing her saxophone. She tells Lisa to play it somewhere else.

“Lisa stop blowing my sex I mean sax! Stop blowing your sax!”

“But mom! I have a recital!”

“Well play somewhere else dear. I just sacrificed a camera for a moment’s peace.”

Homer is watching the football when Lisa's music drowns out the sound.

"Lisa! Turn down that racket!" Homer yells.

"I am supposed to practice an hour a day, and it is not a racket," Lisa retorted. "It's jazz music!"

"I'll practice you!" Homer threatened.

“You’ll practice me?! What is that supposed to mean Dad?” asked Lisa before playing her saxophone again. “Some sort of threat?”

”Oooooh! Bart do something!” Homer whined because of the saxophone playing.

"I'll handle this, Homeboy!" Bart goes upstairs and into Lisa's room.

"What are you doing in here, Bart?!" Lisa says in a cross tone at Bart invading her room.

"Homer says to quit playing that racket!" Bart yells.

"No! And it's not a racket! It's jazz!"

"Gimme that!" Bart wrestles the saxophone off of her.

”No! Let go!” Lisa yelled.

”Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” Bart yelled.

“Helllooooooo!” said Kathy Burke as Linda La Hughs from Gimme Gimme Gimme.

”Not now Kathy Burke...” said a Bart snatching Lisa’s saxophone.

"Hey! Give that back! Moooom!" Lisa tries to get her saxophone back but during the tussle Bart throws it out the window and it is run over by a car.

Lisa screams.

”Haw Haw!” Nelson laughed.


Sometime later Lisa is crying and being comforted by Marge.

“Lisa, honey... if it'll make you feel better, I'll destroy something Bart loves.“ Homer tried in his way to comfort Lisa as she sobbed.

“Hey!” Bart yelled.

”Don't worry, Son. If that bothers you, I'll destroy something Maggie loves.” said Homer.

Maggie glared and sucked her pacifier.

”Okay sweetie... If that bothers you I’ll break something of Hugo’s...” said Homer.

”Hey!” Hugo yelled.

"Bart! How could you do such a thing?! Go to your room! Stay there until I call you down for dinner." Marge yells. Bart goes off to his room muttering something under his breath. "And shame on you Homer for encouraging him!"

"What?! I did not tell him to throw her whatacallit out of the window! I just wanted her to be quiet!"

"Well, I hope you're happy! Now I won't be able to play anymore jazz!" Lisa runs off to her room.

"You better get her a new one!" Marge yells.



Bart sneaks out and runs off to Oscar's.

"Hey dude." Oscar greets him at the door wearing just a paper bag and covered in food stains.

"Eeeew! Oscar! Put some clothes on!" Bart sniffs and gags. "Actually, have a bath first then put some clothes on!"

"Fine... close the door behind you." Oscar sighs as he goes upstairs. Bart plays on Oscar's videogame until he comes down dressed in his usual jumper and shorts and sneakers.

"So, what brings you here this time?" Oscar asks.

"Lisa was annoying everyone with her noisy saxophone and Homer wanted someone to shut her up so I threw it out the window. Then it sort of got squashed..." Bart explained.

"I see." Oscar replies and ponders how to respond. Suddenly his good and bad consciences appear. A tiny angel version of him and a tiny devil version of him appear flying near his face.

"That's very mean of Bart! You should make him apologize!"

"No way! Buzz off halo head!" The consciences argue.

”Why you inconsiderate!”

”Let go goody two shoes!”

"Guys quit it!" Oscar yells. In the real world he speaks to Bart. "Well uh. I know what it's like having treasured items, especially an instrument. I have my guitar. I would be pretty mad if someone if broke it."

"You're not gonna lecture me are you? I already feel bad as it is..."

"No. I'm not saying anything. You know you're free to crash here whenever you want." Oscar rolls his eyes. "If you already feel bad, it's your conscience that's gonna make you feel even worse, no one else. Plus I bet your here because your parents yelled at you."

"Yup. That's why I'm so mad. Homer told me to shut her up."

"But he probably didn't say throw Lisa's sax out of the window though."

"No..." Bart sighed.

"It's up to you what you do. I'll be upstairs having some, uh, alone time with my teddy bear if you need me." Oscar headed upstairs to Bart pulling a face.

"I don't even want to know what he meant by that!" Bart remarked.


Lisa runs away and finds herself at the Springfield bridge. Her friend Bleeding Gums Murphy is there playing his saxophone.

"Lisa! Why it's good to see you!" Murphy greets her. "What brings you out so late?"

”My brother threw my saxophone out the window and it got ran over by a truck...” said Lisa.

Bleeding Gums Murphy tutted with sympathy for his only fan.

She discusses her problems until Marge pulls up and makes her come home. Not one to disobey, Lisa reluctantly gets in the car.

”Lisa get away from that man now! And get in the car!” Marge yelled.

”But-“ said Lisa.

"I'm sorry, honey, but you know what I've told you about strangers."

"But mom he's-"

"But nothing! We were so worried about you!" Marge stops herself. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright Mom," Lisa replied. "So how come you never do this with Bart."

"Can you imagine the battle he'd put up? Besides you know his beyond listening now."

Lisa hmmmms like Marge.


Oscar gets up early.

"Why are you up so early?" Bart asks.

"There's a new comic book store opening up. It's called Android's Dungeon or something."

"Cool! Wait up for me!" Bart rushes off to get dressed.


"You let him sleep over too?" Lisa yells.

"There's not much I can do when his stuff vanishes into nowhere." Marge replies. They watch as Bart's skateboard flies off across the street.


Bart collects his skateboard and follows Oscar to the shops. Eventually they pass the Candy is Dandy store and find a new green shop called Android's Dungeon.

"Cool! Radioactive Man comics!" Bart coos.

"So where was your usual comic book store?" Oscar asks.

"Apu's store has a magazine and comics aisle."

"Ahh, convenience store." They go inside. Some of Bart's friends are already there.

"Be careful with that! That's a limited addition spiderman featuring the Hobgoblin!" The store clerk is a rude, fat man with a ponytail wearing a spiderman shirt.

"Hey, dude. Where's the big opening party?" Bart asks.

"Feh! There's already too many people in here already for me to watch over- Hey! Do not get soda over that! Ahem as much as I need customers to keep my business running, I simply do not desire the expense of cleaning it up after a part-ay!" replies Comic Book Guy. "If you wish to provide me with company I am having a tea party with my favourite aliens from Doctor Who, Star Wars and Battkestar Galactica this Tuesday. I will be of course dressed as Captain Kirk. The best Captain of the Starship Enterprise ever!" said Comic Book Guy. Yes he does actually have a name but everyone calls him Comic Book Guy.

"Uh... We'll pass..." Bart replied. They bought a comic each and went home.

Plot 2[]

At Oscar's they were reading comics. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"I swear, if that's the authories you have five seconds to get off my property or I'll-" Oscar ranted before opening the door. However it was Bart's parents. They had some suitcases. "Oh it's you guys. What's up?"

"This is all of Bart's stuff. If he refuses to come home and apologize tell him not to bother coming back at all." Marge explained.

"So you're kicking him out?" Oscar asked.

"If you say so." Marge replies giving him Bart's suitcases.

"D'oh! Marge! We're supposed to be setting boundaries!" Homer whines.

"Homer, I've tried everything! I've had enough! If Bart wants to be a delinquent, he can do so elsewhere!" Marge yells. "He's your problem now."

"Suit yourselves. See ya." They left and Oscar shut the door. He took Bart's suitcases in.

"Was that Mom and Dad?" Bart asked.

"Yeah, they've kicked you out."

"Aw geez! That's not what I wanted at all!" Bart whined.

"Relax. It'll be fun! Besides they'll miss you soon enough. They're just mad that's all." Oscar explained. "You have to see from their view, it's kinda your fault. You threw Lisa's saxophone out of the window. Didn't you?"

"Like I said before, yeah!" Bart rolled his eyes.

"So of course they'll be mad. And so is Lisa, I imagine." Oscar explained. "Just wait a few days they'll be back to normal."

"Fine... I'll be in my room." Bart replied.

Meanwhile at the Simpsons.

”Oscar’s taken him in?! Ungh that annoying, selfish little...” Lisa snapped.

Up on the landing.

"Can I have Bart's room?" Hugo asked.

"No." said Homer.

"Can I have Bart's room?" Hugo asked.


"Can I have Bart's room?"

"No! No! And No! You're lucky I have to let you live outside the attic now Social Services are on my case!" Homer yelled.


At Oscar’s, Oz watched odd programmes.

“And now back to Gentle Ben.” said the announcer.

”Well sistahs, I say you kick Nigel to the kerb! Mmmmmhmmmmmm!” sId a sassy black lady into the microphone attached to a Gentle Ben. Ladies cheered.

”I have a question.” A lady asked but Gentle Ben the bear scampered past and started eating from the buffet table.

”No Ben! No!” The camera man yelled. Ben slapped him away and continued eating.

Animal control shot him. He growled and stumbled into the audience and it cut to a test card.

Oscar screamed with laughter.

Bart groaned and covered his ears in pain.

”I’m going out...” he sighed.

Oscar was laughing hysterically.


There was some subplot involving little Bart in Kindergarten.

”And Bart struggled at school...” said Marge telling the story.

”Mom! I want to learn about my saxophone not about Bart!” Lisa whined.

”Hmmmmmmm! Lisa I’m trying to show you even Bart suffered occasionally...” Marge sighed.

”Yeah right....” Lisa grumbled.

Im the past Homer really wanted an air conditioner. He imagines himself in the house shivering wrapped up in winter clothes sighing softly with joy as outside the house is a lifeless desert. Patty and Selma rudely demand he let them in because it is extremely hot outside from global warming.

”Let us in!”

”Yeah let us in you fat lummox!”

They melt because of the extreme heat.

”Oh my god! They’re melting! Meltiiiiiing! Oh what a world, what a world! Who thought a little global warming would destroy their beautiful wickedness!” Oscar recited Wicked Witch of the West’s final words as she melted.

“Oh great! He’s in our thoughts now...” Homer groaned.


At Oscar’s, Oz is still watching silly programmes.

”And now back to Sheriff Lobo...”

Oscar and I insist it’s about Lobo Lodestar from DC comics as a cowboy town sheriff.

Jurkle winced.

”Ah this is a dull episode... he doesn’t punch anyone...” Oscar sighed. He changed the channel.

”And now back to Disco Duck!” said the announcement.

Disco Stu was confused by a duck in a disco club with him.

”I uh don’t get it... so he’s a duck that likes disco like me, Disco Stu?” Disco Stu asked.

”Probably.” said Oscar.


Homer came home that evening with a new saxophone.

"Oh thank you Dad!" Lisa hugged him.

"Do you know who brought you your first saxophone?" Homer asked.

"No." Lisa replied.

"It was me!" Homer replied. "You were very young back then and Bart was just starting school." Homer then started telling her the story of how she got her saxophone.

Bart was just starting his first day of school. He had his little lunch box and his spikes combed.

"And he looked so adorable! Eeeeee!" Oscar squeed.

"Oscar stop interrupting the flashbacks." Lisa groans. “And go away you horrible!”

”I ain’t going anywhere...” said Oscar from the chimney.

Homer set the scene of Marge getting Bart ready for his first day of school. Eeeeeeee! He’s cute!

”Momma look!” said Lisa.

”I’m sorry sweetie, I’m rather busy getting your brother ready for school.” said Marge. “Now be good sweetie...” she said to Bart. “Homer will you offer our son some advice?”

”Sure, I’ll offer the same advice my own father gave me!”

In a dream Cloud was young Abe. “Homer you’re as dumb as a mule and twice as ugly! If a stranger driving a truck offers you candy, get in!”

”Stupid traumatic childhood!” Homer grunted.

Bart is now at school.

”Greetings children. I am your principal Sinner- I mean Skinner.

The cute little children laugh.

”Oooooh... I’ve lost them...” Skinner sighed.

”your lunch lady, Doris, will provide healthy nutritious lunches every day.” said Skinner.

”Yeah right...” said Doris.

”And your school nurse Ms. Phillips will try her best to treat a variety of ailments with band aids and ointments.” said Skinner then the school lets her go because they can save money by having Doris be the nurse and lunch lady.

”And your school bully is Jimbo. He’ll be dispensing wedgies and swirlies.” said Skinner.

”I look forward to whaling on all of you!” said Jimbo with a Life in Hell bunny on his shirt.

Little Bart gulped.

On his first day he got yelled at by Groundskeeper Willie whom he couldn't understand because of his accent. Then he met Milhouse and they quickly made friends.

After Bart made fart noises by blowing into his palms and Milhouse got his milk up his nose and coughed and spluttered.

As recess ended, Bart put on a performance as Buttman. And swore.

”Boogers! Fanny!” said little Bart.

Kids laughed.

Then he told Principal Skinner to eat his shorts.

”Eat my shorts.” said little Bart.

”Okay I’ll eat your- What?! Your shorts?”

”Yeah! Eat my shorts!” Bart cheered.

Kids laughed.

”Buttman! Dananana Buttman!” Bart sang to the Batman song.

"However not everything went so well for Bart." Marge explained

"Mom, I thought this story was about me, not Bart."

"We're getting to that sweetie." Marge replied.

In Kindergarten Bart's mean teacher told him he'd never amount to anything. Bart is at home in his room laying on his bed one day. Marge asks him if he would like to draw a picture.

"I did." said young Bart. He points to a violent picture he drew of himself committing suicide. Marge is horrified and that night shows it to Homer.

"Oh what a wonderful- Aaaaaaaagh! Burn it! Burn it!" Homer screams at Bart's violent picture. Marge explains they're going to see Principal Skinner and the school psychiatrist about it.

While at the psychiatrist Lisa takes an interest in a toy saxophone. After asking her some questions he determines she is gifted and tells Marge and Homer to nurture her gift.

"Wait so you helped nurture Lisa's talent, but neglected me..." Bart groans. He and Oscar are hiding up the chimney.

"You also neglected Hugo, too!" said Oscar.

"How did you get in there?" Homer gasps.

"From the roof." Oscar replied.

"Not exactly. Afterwards we demanded Principal Skinner had strong words with your teacher. I assume he did because you had a new teacher the following week." said Marge.

"Yup, Mrs. Grumage got her ass fired." Bart replied. "We also got a new teacher named Miss Stanford." He explained. “She was a lot nicer and supportive. So I have no point in this story anymore now that I’m happier now.”

"Anyway we went to King Toots and well, you know your father, he was a little clumsy and dropped your saxophone." Marge added.

"Yeah, it was supposed to say, Lisa, remember your daddy loves you. But I had an accident with it."

"So that's why it said D'oh!" Lisa looked at her new one it had an equally loving message that unfortunately was cut off by a D'oh!

"Oh and I kinda dropped that one too."

”Anyway we tried to get you into an academy but...” said Marge.

”The entry fee is 6000 dollars.” said the head mistress.

”How about 500 dollars.” said Homer.

”Mr Simpson the fee is non negotiable...” said the head mistress.

”How about 750?” asked Homer.

”Actually you’ll find the fee is negotiable...” said Oscar in the past as he pointed a gun at the head mistress.

”Okay okay! I’ll admit your daughter for a five hundred dollar fee! Please don’t kill me!” The head mistress cried.

Marge sighed.

In the present beams of light bursted out of cracks everywhere.

”What the Hell!?” Homer gasped.

”Oscar must have altered the past...” Hugo sighed.

”Oh Daddy! Thank you for sending me to Ludwig’s Musical Academy!” said Lisa suddenly very upbeat and happy.

”Oh that’s okay dear.” Homer sighed happily.

”Okay what is the point of the story we just told?!” Marge sighed annoyed.

”I dunno but I’m going home. Bewitched is on.” said Oscar.

Marge sighed.

Plot 3[]

“Oz your ass pulling shortcuts are as bad as Matt’s resetting the story back to the beginning for the sake of status quo...” Homer sighed.

”I am trying to make you all happy!” Oscar whined.

”By turfing a teacher out of her job for putting down and insulting a wiener kid and bankrupting a school?!” Homer replied in question.

”That wiener was your son at kindergarten age!” Oscar snapped.

At Springfield Elementary.

“Edna our school is in bad shape. Our test scores for extra funding just needed one more good gifted student.” Skinner sighed.

”Maybe we’d get more high grades if we actually nurtured the kids and provided the correct materials. Plus that old kindergarten teacher we had certainly didn’t help the struggling kids by rudely telling them they’d amount to nothing...” said Edna.

Meanwhile at a gifted school.

”Excellent saxophone solo as usual Lisa!” said the posh old fashioned musician teacher. With swept back hair and glasses. “Unfortunately because of your tight fisted father and that gun toting boy I assume he adopted... Our school is in bad shape financially... You do know we cannot afford to enrol students at only 500 dollars each?”

”Yes Mr Rehnquist.” said Lisa. “Why not just me. Oscar didn’t threaten the head mistress to admit everyone for that price did he....?”

”No. but the other kids if they found out about your discount, they’d find it very unfair.” said the music teacher.

”Oh look it’s the poor girl who cannot afford to be here, but is because her tight fisted father threatened the school... Thanks a lot Simpson! Our entry payments just went up astronomically and the school has had to cut corners! Ie no caviar at lunch!” A boy ranted. Other kids jeered.

Lisa sighed.

Meanwhile at home, Peter Griffin and his family suddenly bursted in and started singing I like to move it move it.

”I like to move it! Move it!”

”I like to move it! Move it!”

”I like to,”

”Move it!”

Loud upbeat music as the Griffins dance and colourful disco lights.

The Simpsons wince and sweat drop.

Then Hugo unleashed with a doomsday device in the attic, ultra global warming that rendered the outside world dangerously hot. Everyone had to live in air conditioned houses and travel underground from now on.

”Oh thanks freak...” Homer sighed as the world outside the house was now a very hot desert.

On the plus side though, the heat melted Patty and Selma.

”Woohoo!” Homer cheered.

”But it also melted your records Homer. Some records melted out of their covers.

”D’oh! Poor Sabre Dance!” Homer cried.

And in rather odd news that’s good or bad, depending on how you feel about it. Your air conditioner is voiced by Phil Hartman.

”What?!” Homer gasped.

”Hey I’m Phil Hartman and I’m your air conditioner. You may remember me from such films as Jingle All The Way and The Brave Little Toaster.” said the air conditioner.

Homer grimaced exasperated.


Meanwhile at Lisa’s gifted music school sure she was bullied for being too poor to be there to the point everyone had to pay more to make up for her discount. But her talent was nurtured. She never met Bleeding Gums Murphy as someone to recognise her gift because her teachers did. And as such she never got upset when he passed away because she never knew him.

And in odd circumstances the music teacher’s piano was Oscar from Oscar’s Orchestra.

”No author...” Lisa sighed as the piano was Oscar from Oscar’s Orchestra.

Oscar Tamaki laughed.