Simpsons Fanon

Large Marge Marge gets a boob job, Bart gets Krusty in trouble and tries to help him regain his popularity with a little help from Stampy, Sideshow Bob escapes prison again and Peewee Herman makes a guest appearance.


Homer is watching TV with Lisa. They are watching the election Truman won. Homer bets Dewey will win even though everyone knows Truman surprisingly won.

The documentary showed the headline that Dewey was winning.

"Ha! In your face! In your face!" Homer taunts Lisa.

But the headline was wrong...

Homer screamed.

The documentary explained Truman won according to history.

"Not if I stop that inauguration!" Homer grabs the boom box time machine from last Treehouse of Horror.

"Dad! No! Just accept you lost the bet..." Lisa sighed.

"Did somebody say stop an inauguration?!" asked the screaming green anorak lady who was screaming Noooooooo! at Trump's inauguration.

“Coooool!” said Oscar.

"Nobody's screwing with time..." Lisa replied dryly.

“I wanna mess with time!” Oscar yelled. Screeching slightly as he spoke.

"Look, I've won Daddy daughter day bet so I choose our activity."

"What is it..." Homer sighed.

"Building shelters for the homeless!" said Lisa.

Homer screamed.


Lisa took him and his friends to build shelters.

"Hobo homes... Isn't this what Jimmy Carter normally does?" Homer asked.

"Yes but he made it so trendy that everyone does it now!" Lisa explained. "Look! All the former presidents are doing it! There's Bill Clinton... George Bush Sr and the nice man who finished last, Jimmy Carter himself!"

”He’s history’s greatest monster!” That Guy in the episode Marge in Chains yelled.

Lisa grimaced exasperated. “No he’s not...”

Jimmy accidentally hit Bush with a ladder.

"Why you!!" George Bush Senior got angry at him.

"I'm sorry George!" Jimmy begged.

"That's alright. No hard feelings." George appeared to accept his apology but then shoved a claw hammer's claws up his nose and pulled hard. "I'll slaughter you you...!"

"Nyaaaaaaa! Nyaaaa!" Jimmy cried.

Bill laughed.

"Oh you think this funny do you knucklehead?" George asked before hitting Bill with the hammer.

Bill made a Curly sound.

Lisa groaned and rolled her eyes.

They then got down to work. Homer was painting something.

"Dad what are you doing?" Lisa asked.

"Well, I figured if Bart can be El Barto, I can be El Homo!" said Homer. He had written El Homo in purple paint.

A gay Spanish guy arrived. "Oh! If I only had your courage senor..." said the gay man.

Homer was flattered but realised what he meant and screamed and painted over his tag.

Suddenly after he left and Homer was reacting to the gay man coming onto him, Bart split the screen so now half the scene is at the homeless shelter site and the other half is in Bart's room.

"Hey, who told you I'm El Barto?!" Bart asked in disbelief.

"Duh, it's written on your blog..." said Homer.

"Oh." Bart and his room vanished from the screen split so now the scene is just at the building site.


"Dad where's your wedding ring?" Lisa asked.

"Here." Homer pulled out a ring off of his finger that was clearly a bandaid wrapped in tin foil.

"Dad that's a bandaid wrapped in tin foil." Lisa replied.

"The real one is inside a turtle..." Homer sighed.

Cookie Kwan and Lindsay Naegle turned up, because apparently they're carpooling now. They were looking for single men. Lindsey reassured Cookie that loads of single men were here.

"Well, he's not much to look at..." Lindsey was examining Homer. "But he is a good father!" Homer had a tan line on his finger. "Tan line! He must be new on the scene!"

"Can I help you?" Homer asked them.

Cookie shoved Lindsey out of the way,

"I'm Cookie Kwan from the west side! Stay away from the west side!" She is fiercely obsessive over the west side. "Sign here, here, kiss me here and sign here.


Meanwhile Marge was driving Maggie about while listening to the Disney radio station.

"Now for rap songs rewritten for babies!" The radio played Who let the dogs out but rewritten as "Dad left the milk out!"

Marge sang a long.

”Who left the milk out! Yuk! Yuk yuk! Dad left the milk out!”

Maggie found the song irritating and stuck her pacifiers in her ears. Look! She looks like a baby Lisa!

"Oh look! It's Daddy!" said Marge.

However He looked like he was showing off to some ladies.

Marge was angry. "I've seen enough guys flirting to know that's flirting!" Marge drove off angrily.

However it was actually completely innocent.

"Nnnnnnngh! And that's how my beautiful wife brought our sons Bart and Hugo into the world!" said Homer.

Cookie Kwan and Lindsey were touched. "Aaaaaaaawww!"

The presidents were tangled up in some pipes.

"Um can someone help?" Bill Clinton asked.

"I'll help you!" George tried to cut him with a saw.

"Ow ow ow!" Bill whined. George then whipped him with the saw.


At bedtime Marge had words with Homer.

"Homer do you still find me as physically attractive as when we met?"

"Of course dear!" said Homer.

"Hmmmm, because it concerns me to see you flirting with other women..." said Marge

"Flirting?! Marge! I was only explaining to them how Bart and Hugo were born, with body language..." Homer replied.

"Eeeeeugh!" Marge gagged.


Meanwhile under the floor baby t.rexes were hatching! And further down in the living room Bart was having a sleepover with Milhouse.

"Bart, you know when I was crying at recess? I'm finally ready to tell you." said Milhouse.

"Uh, lets see what's on TV." said Bart uncomfortable.

"I don't stick out my neck for nobody Frankenstein! No one! Grrrr!" said a guy on the TV. Bart turned over the channel. The Batman theme played.

"Oh cool! The old Batman show! With Mayor West!" said Bart.

Batman and Robin had been caught and tied to a carousel.

"Struggling in vain! This must be the work of the pale faced harlequin, Clownface!" said Batman.

Krusty appeared in costume. "Ooahahaha! Why if it isn't the Batmensh and the Goy Wonder!" Krusty quipped.

"Wow! Krusty was a bad guy?!" Milhouse gasped adjusting his glasses.

"Why sure! He was also Uncle Venderschmoyt on Bewitched!" Bart explained.

"Now prepare for a spin boys! Hee! Hoo! Ha! Pull the rope!" Krusty's minions pulled a rope attached to the carousel. It spun really fast. "I now send you off to... the twirly gates! Hooahahaha!"

"Holy jeepers Batman! The blood is rushing to my head!" said Robin.

"Yes Dick. Soon we will literally blush ourselves to death..." said Batman.

"Cool! We should totally try that! Batman got out of it alright." said Milhouse.

Krusty was being arrested.

"How did you get out of that?!" Clownface asked.

"With this can of carousel reversal spray." Batman explained.

"Aaaaww... is there anything you don't have in there?!" Clownface groaned.

"Yes, patience, for harlequin hoodlums like you! Take him away officer!" Batman replied.

The Irish policeman took Krusty/Clownface away.


Marge was out in the park with Gerald's mom. She asked her why Homer would lose interest in her.

"Marge I'm about to do this as your friend." Gerald's mom grabbed her belly flab. "Look! Look at it!"

Marge gasped. "What would Oprah do?" she pondered.

Marge went to a plastic surgery clinic.

Comic book guy was at the front of the queue. "I need to fit into this Superman costume for a funeral."

Next was Marge's turn. "I need to make myself attractive to this man." Marge had a picture of Homer in a speedo.

"One five minute suck and tuck!" said the receptionist.

Marge was soon in surgery.

"Dr I have a few questions." Marge asked.

"Time is money. Speak into the mask." said the surgeon as he put the mask on her and the Gas put her to sleep.

Marge woke up in bed later. Hmmmm! I don't feel like I've had liposuction...

Meanwhile across the Ward...

"You moron! You've killed my girlfriend! Oh baby what have they done to you!" Quimby yelled at the surgeon.

"This woman is as flat as an ironing board! Then where did I put those breast implants?" the surgeon asked. Marge screamed.

"My maguppues have been turned into gazombas!" Marge yelled at her new breasts.

"Wow! Are those real?! Oh wait." asked the surgeon before realising.

... Marge was very cross with the surgeon.

"How can giving me a boob job be an accident?! This is malpractice!" Marge yelled.

"Malpractice? Is that a word now! Look come back in 48 hours and if I haven't been charged with manslaughter over the patient I mixed up with you I'll personally fix your boobs for free." said the surgeon.

"Hmmmm! Very well! And I'll bring my husband and maybe he'll perform some malpractice on you!" Marge left angrily.

"Yeah sure, he's gonna be so angry..." the surgeon replied sarcastically.


Meanwhile at school Bart was trying to copy the stunt he saw in Batman. With Milhouse tied to the school's roundabout.

"Well it's no carousel but it'll do." said Bart.

"Bart I'm not comfortable with this..." Milhouse whined.

"Relax... if you want to stop just give the signal.

Bart pulled the rope attached to the roundabout and it spun really fast. In fact it spun so fast it came off its axel and flew into outta space!

Oh shazbot!" Bart gulped.

Milhouse on the spinning roundabout flew past Kang and Kodo's ship.

"Amateurs..." said Kodos reading a newspaper.

Milhouse and the roundabout smashed into the UFO restaurant now full of the skeletons of the patrons who didn't come back after Treehouse of Horror X and flew back towards Earth. The UFO restaurant went off into space.

It then crashed into Chalmers's car.

"Skinner!" Chalmers yelled.

Bart and Milhouse were taken to Skinner's office. He's back because of the status quo.

"The status quo?! Ay carumba!" said Milhouse.

"Milhouse... Don't ever do that again..." Bart sighed.


Skinner was very angry with Bart. "You tied a student to playground equipment and sent him into outer space! Explain yourself Bart!"

"Uh we were testing a new space craft..." Bart replied.

Plot 2[]

What will happen to Bart? What trouble will Marge's boobs cause and how long will this fanfiction go on for?!

At home in the kitchen Marge was trying to get groceries from the cupboard but her boobs kept slamming the cupboard door on her.

Marge was annoyed with her enormous boobs.

Suddenly the cat hissed and ran out the back door because Maggie was annoying her somehow. Maggie head butted the door and fell over and cried.

Marge tried to comfort Maggie but her boobs got in the way. Maggie gasped at them.

"I'm sorry Maggie, these silly things will come out in two days..." said Marge.


That evening.

"Bart! I can't believe you got yourself and Milhouse expelled!" Lisa ranted. "Dad! Say something!"

"Too conflicted by having a satanic daughter to listen, drinking." said Homer. "Now if you excuse me, i have a thing in the attic to feed."

"Dad! I'm a Buddhist! Sheez!" Lisa stormed off to her room.

Marge popped her head round the door. "I'm not feeling very well, I'm going to bed early! Goodnight!" said Marge.

"What about dinner?" Homer asked.

"Just get a takeaway..." Marge replied hurrying upstairs.

”Woohoo!” Homer cheered.

“Sweet Valley High!” Milhouse cheered.

”Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley Hiiiiiiiigh...” Oscar sang.

”Milhouse I swear if you don’t stop referencing things...” Bart growled.

Elsewhere the pets spoke.

“Why would I want Purina when I've got Fancy Feast right here?” said Snowball II.

”That’s our master’s dinner for tomorrow!” said Santa’s Little Helper. The cat got at the food Marge left out to defrost!


Later at bedtime.

"Someone is tucked in extremely tight!" Homer commented.

"Goodnight dear, I'm very tired..." Marge lied. Homer got in and turned out the light.

"Marge give me some blanket! Oh!" They tussled with the blanket. "Hang on! What's this?! It's enormous!"

"Homer I..." Marge tried to explain.

"Hold on there's another! Ooooooh! Hehehehe!" Homer was touching her boobs... yuck!


"What happened?" Marge asked.

"I fell out of the bed." said Homer. He then started squeezing her boobs again.

Later the next morning.

"Now Homer the silly Doctor promised he'd take these out in two days so don't get too attached to them!" said Marge.

"Yeah he's a monster... Hey! I know! Let's go out to dinner! You, me, the kids and the twins!" Homer asked.

"Patty and Selma are coming?! But I thought- Oh you meant my boobs!" Marge replied.

"Of course I meant your boobs!" Homer rolled his eyes.

Bart came in with a sock stuck to his pajamas.

"Mom! Lisa pushed me into the laundry basket!" Bart whined.

"What ever he said isn't true! And- Oh my! Mom? What happened? Your endowment's bigger than Harvard's!"

"I think we can all agree that Lisa came up with the most witty remark!" Homer replied.

"Actually I thought of it earlier when I saw them yesterday." said Lisa.

Maggie frowned and wrote something on a miniature blackboard. It read: "I saw them first!"

"Sure you did Maggie, sure you did..." Lisa said with a smirk.

"Oh alright, I'll keep them. We'll go out tonight." said Marge.


They went to Luigi's. The Flanderses were in front of them

"I'm a sorry. No tables for you." Luigi turned the Flanders family away.

Then the Simpsons arrived. Luigi was drawn to Marge's boobs.

"Mamma Mia! Do you want a table?" Luigi asked. Before they could answer he guided them to one. "Right this way Simpsons!"

They sat at the table.

"Wow, your guns got us great seats Mom!" said Bart.

"You never say that when my guns get us great seats!" Oscar whined, offended. He was carrying two uzis.

"Oz... nevermind. Look! We're near the lobster tank!" said Bart.

The lobsters in the tank were ogling Marge.

Luigi offered to serve them his finest dish.

"I'll serve you my finest pasta! Instead of that crap in a can I give to everyone else!" said Luigi.

Skinner and his mother had been served pasta in a can still in a can shape.

"It's as cold as my love for you." said Agnes.

"And Marge, if your mouth gets tired, Angelo here will chew for you!" said Luigi. A man with big jaws appeared.

"Yes, I like a to chew!" said Angelo sheepishly.

"Thank you fellas!" said Marge. They left to prepare the Simpsons' food.

"Mom! Doesn't it bother you that they're only giving you this attention because of um those?" Lisa addressed the boobs.

"That's not true Lisa. There are a lot of complicated issues here that can only be explained through song..." Homer got up to sing.

"Ho boy..." Oscar sighed putting his fingers in his ears.

Homer's line compared Marge to a plate of spaghetti that was on their table sprayed with whipped cream.

"My spaghetti!" Oscar groaned.

"You're like X men number 3 in a vinyl bag!" said Comic book guy.

"You're like a hot muscle car! And all the wheels are bad!" said Snake. "With Bart's bloody decapitated head as a hood ornament too!"

"Nyaaaaaagh!" Bart screamed.

"Arrr! You're like my favorite film, Titanic!" said Sea Captain.

"Because it's romantic?" asked Lisa.

"No because it has such a beautiful ship!" said Sea captain.

"You're like a wealthy patient with no insurance and riddled with disease!" said Dr Hibbert.

"Keep in mind, these are only temporaries!" said Marge.

The song reached its crescendo.

"If I were still mayor and you were single I'd have you as one of my secret dates!" said Quimby.

"Joe!" Mrs Quimby yelled.

Then the song finished.

"And they're all miiiiine!" said Homer.

Everyone sat down.


"How comes you've never sung a song to me like that before?" Marge asked.

"I uh was getting around to it..." Homer replied.

A lady approached their table.

"Marge, I would like your look!" said the lady.

"Forget it Kiki! You're not putting your brain in her body!" said Homer being daft.

”Coooool!” Oscar cooed.

"That's not what I meant..." said Kiki. "Marge. You could be great as a model. Can you do domestic modelling? You look like a housewife."

"Forget it!" Homer butted in.

"Wait Homie, I could use some excitement in my life." said Marge. Homer gasped. "I'll do it! And maybe I'll be keep these!" She decided to keep her boobs.

"Cool!" said Bart. He then started singing how he got himself expelled for copying Krusty off the TV.

"No singing!" said Homer.

"Aw but Mom got a song!" Bart whined as he sat down.

"You're lucky you'll get soup in this family now sit your ass down!" said Homer.

”I’ll kill you if you keep being nasty!” Oscar snapped.

”Okay fine. Sing a song, no one will hear it though. The scene has ended...” said Homer.

Bart cleared his throat to sing but the scene cut to the next scene.


At a model show Marge was a model wearing oven gloves taking a meatloaf out of an oven on the catwalk.

"Sure beats slaving over a hot stove!" said Marge to herself.

People took photos.

"Mmmmm! Meatloaf!" said Homer in the crowd.

"This reminds me of that time the tap water was polluted with LSD by Shelbyville as revenge for stealing back our lemon tree..." said Lisa.

There was a cutaway of one afternoon Marge was preparing dinner and poured herself a glass of water to drink. Suddenly she started having visions...

"Oh! The walls are melting again! Hehehehe!" said Marge.

The oven opened on its own and the chicken popped out. "Excuse me ma'am, but personally I'm rather overdone!" said the chicken before flying away with rainbow smoke.

The cutaway ended with Homer taking Marge to Moe's.

"Homer, you never take me to see your friends at your local bar!" Marge gasped.

Homer's friends doted on Marge because of her new boobs.

"No need to fuss over me fellas! A clean glass of your finest beer Moe!" said Marge.

"Okay, but you did say not to fuss over you too much." said Moe.

Marge was about to eat a peanut from the peanut tray.

"I wouldn't eat those, Midge. They're spit backs." said Moe. Marge put the nut back in disgust.


Itchy and Scratchy one afternoon was being particularly boring. It was just Itchy hitting Scratchy with a hammer not particularly hard and Scratchy saying "Ow!" and Itchy giggling repeatedly before a PSA warning any kids watching not to take drugs.

"Ugh! I've seen more violence on the Teletubbies!" said Milhouse.

Suddenly Peewee Herman cycled past on his bicycle.

"Oh my god!" Bart gasped. "Peewee Herman!"

They went outside to see Peewee Herman.

Peewee Herman greeted them as he would. He was rather goofy.

Then he got a pager message asking him to return to his playhouse to the front desk.

He offered Bart and Milhouse a ride on his bicycle.

They arrived at Peewee's playhouse.

"Wow! It's just like the show!" said Bart.

"I never got the show, was it a kid's colourful fun studio show or is it for grown ups, making fun of a kid's show?" asked Oscar.

"I think it's the latter." said Bart.

Peewee Herman asked Jambi the genie what his messages were. Apparently his taxes were overdue.

"Um, we better get going." said Bart. "Look! A talking chair!" he laughed at the talking chair.


As they walked home they discussed how to get Krusty some fresh material.

"I know! If we cut his foot off people will feel sorry for him!" said Milhouse.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

"That didn't help your dad get back with your mom..." Bart sighed at Milhouse's stupid suggestion.

Kirk limped down the street with one leg on crutches. "I'm started to see this was a bad idea Milhouse!" said Kirk Van Houten.

Plot 3[]

What is Bart's plan? And how does Peewee Herman and a one legged Kirk fit into this?! And what more madness awaits!? And I think this is the longest story I've wrote!

At Home Bart found Marge was stooped over in pain wearing a brace for her enormous boobs.

He was concerned for her.

"Hi Mrs Simpson. My mom says I'm not supposed to look at you.." said Milhouse.

"What's with the back brace?" Bart asked.

"I think I'm getting back spasms! I'd be able to stand up straight if the guy's didn't keep pinching my tushy!" said Marge.

Helen Lovejoy came in and gasped in outrage.

"I thought you liked all this attention..." Bart asked.

"Unfortunately it's from the wrong sort of guys..." said Marge.

At the window were men ogling Marge. Such as Sea Captain, Moe, Dr Nick and Dr Marvin Monroe somehow...

"Perverts!" Helen screamed and shut the curtains on them.

"Thanks Helen." said Marge.

"So what do the Flanderses and the Lovejoys think of your um..." Bart asked.

"Vanity is a sin Marge, but I suppose I would be a hypocrite given my... You know when I transitioned from Harold..." said Helen, whispering the last part.

Meanwhile at the Springfield Friars Club chopped liver was being pumped into it from a large tanker as a tube went in through the doors to deliver the chopped liver... um...

In a steam room/sauna Krusty is stressed and trying to relax in a towel.

Bart comes in wearing just a towel.

"Hey! How did you get in?" Krusty asked Bart.

"The doorman died." said Bart. Yeah the doorman suddenly dropped dead on duty.

"Aaaaaaw... He was my agent!" Krusty whined.

While Bart was suggesting ideas to him Oscar shyly poked his head round the door.

"Um are we supposed to be naked under our towels?" Oscar asked.

"Yes Oscar. We're both naked right now except our towels.

"Well I'm still wearing swimming trunks!" said Oscar as he came in. "And why does the sauna's thermostat have Murder as an option?"

"I need a new doorman! Scoot! This is a private members club!" Krusty shooed Bart and Oscar out of the sauna.

"Wait! We have an idea of how to save your career!" Bart begged.

"Well it can wait until dinner. They're serving chopped liver! Mmmmm! Chopped liver... double entendre..."

"Chopped liver also means a person regarded as insignificant on a social level." said Oscar to the fourth wall as a dictionary entry came up.


At dinner Bart's idea was a mad as expected.

"We'll cause a riot at the shoe expo!"

“Coooool!” said Oscar. He um likes mayhem...

"Go on... I like! I like!" said Krusty.

At the shoe expo, which Moe really likes for some reason... there were various stalls for novelty shoes and shoe related things.

For example Fat Tony and his gang are giving a man cement shoes, the poor guy.

Frink was selling Flubber shoes.

Mike Tyson/ Drederick Tatum was selling shoes but he called them ugly so everyone left. His sponsors were cross with him.

"My outspokenness is my undoing." said Mike Tyson.

Marge was still suffering back spasms.

"Kiki I'd really like to go home, my back is killing me!" said Marge.

"I'm going to inject you with something called smiling solution." said Kiki. She injected Marge with something.

"Did you just drug me?!" Marge gasped. Suddenly her face forced itself into a big smile.

"Technically it's a venom." said Kiki.

"Mmmm! Smiley potion! That's just what the doctor ordered!" Ned took an interest in the injection Kiki used on Marge.

"No Ned... you're not taking over the world again..." Oscar said with a face palm.

Meanwhile elsewhere at the Expo Bart, Milhouse and Krusty were in a corner with Stampy, Bart's elephant.

"Krusty, here's the plan. A mad stampeding elephant, played by my old friend Stampy, will attempt to step on poor sweet Milhouse, and you will save the day by saying the word Magumbo. I've taught Stampy all morning to lie down when he hears that word. It took quite a while cos he err kept using me as a pacifier..." Bart explained.

Stampy was eating straw.

"Watch. Magumbo." said Bart.

Stampy lied down.

"He's as big as Brando, but he takes directions!" said Krusty.

”What happens if you say Columbo?” Oscar asked.

”Nothing. I didn’t train him to respond to that...” Bart sighed exasperated.


Meanwhile Marge was advertising shoe horns.

However men in the audience kept catcalling.

"I'd like to plough you!" said a man.

"Hey stop objectifying my mom!" Lisa yelled.

"In a minute. Woooooo baby! You're an object!"

Thank god this was set before the rise of extremist feminism...

Suddenly Bart cried out as Stampy was pretending to crush Milhouse.

Everyone gasped in horror.

"Who will save this poor innocent boy?" Bart asked.

Krusty appeared with his trademark laugh. "Hey elephant! I have a word for you! Um crescendo? Nintendo? Offendo? Diffendo? Incendio?" Krusty forgot the code word.

Stampy picked up Milhouse and puffed him in his mouth.

"No Stampy! Stop eating people!" said Bart. Stampy grabbed him and stuffed him in his mouth too.

Everyone gasped.

"Oh! If he bites I'm sunk! If he swallows I'm good!" said Krusty.

"Cooool! Elephant vore!" said Oscar.

Lisa could see Stampy acting up in the background.

"Dad! It's Stampy! You've got to do something! He's got Bart!" said Lisa.

"I'm on it..." said Homer.

"Be careful or- Oh dear..." Lisa warned. But Stampy had eaten Homer too.

"Alright boys, aim for the tube in the middle of his face!" said Chief Wiggum.

"Erm his trunk?" Lou asked.

"That's enough from you college boy..." said Wiggum.

"Mom! Do something!" Lisa cried.

Marge stood between the officers and Stampy.

"Wait! My son, my husband and the Van Houten boy are in there!" Marge asked.

"Sorry ma'am but we don't negotiate with elephants!" said Wiggum.

"Mom!" Lisa protested.

"Honey, forgive mommy for what she's about to do..." Marge climbed on the roof of a stall while the police were taking their time.

"Hey officers! Check out these headlines!" Marge exploded her boobs! Everyone stopped and gasped at them. Including Sideshow Bob for some reason. He was in the concept art poster for this episode so there.

"Wooooow! Look at those Magumbos!" said Krusty.

Stampy trumpeted at him.

"Oh yeah. Magumbo!" said Krusty.

Stampy lied down and spat out Bart, Homer and Milhouse.

"I did come out of his mouth right? Because I'm not showering again.

"Eeeeeew! I'm covered in elephant slobber!" Milhouse groaned. Krusty picked up Bart and Milhouse and posed for a heroic photo for the press.


The Simpsons were in a waiting room at the surgery while Marge had her implants removed.

"It's a shame Mom getting them removed. But I guess she wasn't liking all those guys leering at her..." Bart sighed.

"I just wonder what everyone else got upto after the Expo..." Oscar asked.

Meanwhile Sideshow Bob was revealed to only be on day release so after the show Wiggum and his officers took Sideshow Bob back to prison.

”Gahahahaha! (Evil laughter basically.) But I didn’t get to explain to my arch nemesis Bart Simpson What I have been doing since we last met!” said Sideshow Bob.

”Ugh... Fine...” said Wiggum. “You can recount what you have been doing since last time to us.”

”Well on Wednesday I washed all of my argyles... One Thursday I...” said Sideshow Bob.

Oscar groaned and checked his wristwatch. “Oh boy... will this take long? I’ve got a soufflé in the oven.”

Meanwhile Peewee Herman lost his bike and needed a ride home. A fat lady trucker took him home.

"They call me Large Marge, sonny." said the lady. She then told him a story of a trucker caught in a horrible car crash. "And when they pulled her from the wreckage, her face looked just like thiiiis!" Large Marge's face turned into a frightening monster with big eyes!

Peewee Herman screamed like a girl and got out of the truck and ran away.

The trucker laughed. "Tell em Large Marge sent ya!"

And Kirk got his leg back some how!

meanwhile back at the surgery Marge was restored back to her normal plain self.

"You're not disappointed are you?" Marge asked Homer.

"No. At least one of us should be able to put their arms round the other!" said Homer.

"Oh Homie!" They hugged.

"Now only you will be ogling me." said Marge.

"Oh we'll be doing more than just ogling!" said Homer aroused. Eeeeew!

Marge giggled.

”Eeeeeeew!” Bart groaned.

"Let's all go out for fried chicken!" said Homer.

"Mmmmmm! Fried chicken..." said Oscar.

The end!

Deleted scenes![]

Homer was taking Marge shopping when catcallers were bothering them because of Marge's boobs.

"Hey nice melons!" said a man.

"Hey!" Homer yelled.

"Homer! I'm holding melons!" said Marge holding melons.

“Oh.” said Homer.

"Nice Hooters!" said another guy.

"That does it!" Homer yelled.

"Homer! I'm holding hooters!" Marge said holding some owls.

"Ooooh..." said Homer.

"Your wife's hot!" said the man before running off.

"Why you!" Homer yelled. "That was asking for it!"

"Homer! I'm hot!" said Marge on fire.

“Narrator you ruined the joke...” Peter Griffin sighed.



After Maggie was chasing the cat and hurt herself on the cat flap and cried. And Marge comforts her.

Marge can’t hug Maggie because of her big boobs.

Maggie gasps in shock at the big boobs.

“Oh Maggie..l I’m sorry sweetie. The silly doctor will remove these soon...” said Marge.

Bart then called. “Mom...”

Marge wedged her big boobs in the kitchen sink. “Can’t let anyone see these!” She then answers Bart. “Yes dear?” As he comes in the kitchen.

“Mom can I have a cookie?” Bart asked.

“Fine... you can have one...” said Marge.

“Mom they’re on the top shelf. I can’t reach...” said Bart.

Marge sighed and put pots and pans over her breasts and using her elbow got the cupboard open and knocked the cookie packet into Bart’s arms. Bart went to take a cookie.

“Hmmmmm.l. No. I should really save myself for dinner...” said Bart.

Marge made an exasperated groan.