Simpsons Fanon

Lard of the Dance but with corrections to my canon.


The couch gag is the Simpsons sit down on the couch only for it to be pulled backwards so they fall on their butts. Nelson then peaks out from behind the couch and laughs at them.

The episode starts at Try and Save.

“Oh Hell no!” said Bart and the camera pans to his family going to a cheap stationary store for school stuff.

“Why are we going here? Why can’t we go to Try and Save?” Marge asked.

“Because I... did a really bad thing and can never go back... Oh staplers!” said Bart. Running off to get staplers.

Marge sighed annoyed by him evading questions.

Lisa bought notepads because they used the same paper as college.

“Dad they have all kinds of paper here! Loose leaf, graph, lined... (gasp) College ruled...” Lisa Lisa sighed taking the paper.

“Why can’t you just write on your arm like I do?” said Homer with a message on his arm reminding him of something.

“I’ll handle this!” said Oscar. “Lisa... what’s paper made of...?”

“Trees.” said Lisa. "Could we get rice paper instead?"

Hugo was greedily eating the rice paper. By sucking it up like Kirby or Mr Conehead of the Coneheads. What? It’s edible!

”Nevermind...” said Lisa.

“And what do they do to trees to get paper from them...” Oscar said a mocking tone.

“Cut them down...” said Lisa.

“Exactly...” said Oscar smirking.

“Grrrr! Oz I need paper for school. I have no choice! As much as the thought that trees were cut down to make this paper pains me. I’ll have to grin and bare it for now!” said Lisa.

Bart was humming and pushing rubber bands and paper clips into the trolley.

“Bart you’re buying a lot of rubber bands and paper clips! Don’t you need a note book?” Marge asked him.

“Nope. All work is done on computers now. Only need rubber bands and paper clips... and staplers." Said Bart taking staplers and firing them at a cardboard cutout of security guard Don Brodka which was a memorial to him.

“Bart stop shooting staplers at that security guard who was horribly murdered!” said Marge.

“Jobsworth...” Bart muttered as he left the cardboard cut out. He imagined it telling him not to come to Try and Save. “You better not be coming to my store or it’s straight to juvenile hall! Capiche?” Don in Bart’s imagination said while smoking a cigarette.


“Protractor throwing stars! Ninjaaaaa!” Yelled Hugo throwing protractors

“Hugo!” Marge told him off. “Calm down! There is no need to act like you’re at the Circus Hugo!”

“Sorry Mom...” said Hugo tidying up the protractors.

”Lisa!” Milhouse gasped when he saw the Simpsons in the nameless cheap stationery store. He wondered why they were there and not the Try N Save.

Outside Try N Save were wanted posters being stuck up for Bart. Wanted for shoplifting. And Oscar. Wanted for first degree homicide.

”Ooooooh... that’s probably why...” said Milhouse. “I didn’t know Bart stole...”

Meanwhile Milhouse was spying on Lisa and wanted to make a good impression before he attempted yet again to ask her out. He found a glue stick that he thought was a hair styling wax stick. He used the glue to style back his cowlicks like his Fallout Boy ones.

“Now to play it cool...” said Milhouse. He went past Lisa showing off but tripped and fell on a pen display and spilt pens everywhere.

“Hey babe... don’t you hate that we have to go back to stupid school again tomorrow...” said Milhouse trying to woo Lisa.

“I like school...” said Lisa.

“Me too! We have so much in common!” said Milhouse.

“Milhouse you have a pen glued to your cowlicks...” said Lisa.

“You don’t like it? It’s gone!” said Milhouse ripping the pen out of his hair taking some blue hair with it. “Want it?”

“Eeeeeew! No! It has hair on it...” Lisa whined.

“Okay Milhouse... stop hitting on my sister...” Bart sighed as he escorted Milhouse away.

“Uh Quiffy... there’s a pen stuck to your cowlicks...” said Oscar as Quiffy has a pen stuck to the tip of his big Quiff.

“You don’t like it? It’s gone!” said Quiffy tearing out the pen along with some brown hair it was stuck to.

Lisa found a Krusty speak and say.

“A Krusty Speak and Say?” Lisa asked playing with it.

“S is for shiksa! Hooahahahaha! S H I.... eeeeerrrr I think there was a T somewhere....” said a recording of Krusty’s voice.

Marge gasped horrified when Krusty spelt out “Shit” instead of shiksa. “Hmmmmm! That toy isn’t age appropriate sweetie...” Marge took the toy from her.

Oscar took all the calculators and wrote BooBS on them in calculator letters. 58008 then turn the calculator upside down. Bart laughed.

“Oscar stop that!” Marge told Oscar off.


Sometime later after shopping with his family for school supplies Homer went to the Kwik e Mart.

“Hi Apu! My usual please!" said Homer.

“You’re usual bucket of ice cream covered in miniature pies.” said Apu.

”And...” said Homer impatient.

”One Kwik E Dog, one bubble gum cigar and the latest issue of Success magazine.”

”Thank you.” said Homer.

“And can I help myself to the pick and mix to make my own donut topping?” Homer asked.

Apu made a very annoyed angry fluster. “Aghdahgrrrrdadageh! Why must you make a mockery of my make your own donut service?!” Apu yelled. “Ugh.... Fine... as you wish Homer...”

Homer put a twizzler, a Mars bar and some Jolly Rogers on a pink frosted donut and paid for it.

“And one Playdude to read while I offer Ganesh a peanut!” said Homer.

“That’s it! Pay for your goods and get the hell out of my store! And come again!” said Apu telling him off. “That all comes to... 63 cents?! Stupid machine! We are more expensive not less!”

Homer chuckled at Apu getting frustrated with his till and once Apu rudely told him the actual price he paid for his goods and left.

Oscar was next.

“One blue flavoured Squishee Apu! And one tofu dog, I’m aware they’re vegan... I’ll get a meat one later at sloppy Joes...” said Oscar. “Topped with ketchup and mustard. Hold the onions.”

Apu made Oscar a blue squishee and a tofu hotdog topped with ketchup and mustard. Oscar paid for his goods. He then tried the tofu dog.

“Ugh! This doesn’t taste right!” said Oscar disgusted with his tofu hotdog.

“Well, I did just clean out the grease trap of the hotdog maker.” said Apu.

“Ugh but without the grease all you can taste is the hog anus!” said Oscar chewing on his tofu hotdog.

“Uh excuse me child but there is no anuses of any kind in my tofu dogs! They are strictly vegetarian!”

“Yes I was reading Homer’s nonsensical lines. Now grease up my hotdog!” said Oscar.

“I’m sorry Oscar but I sold all the grease to the rendering plant!” said Apu.

“People buy Grease?!” Oscar gasped.

“Why yes! Grease is a valuable commodity! Why it’s used in many things! Such as soap, cosmetics, baby food... the movie Grease...” said Apu.

“I better tell Homer! He loves hare brained schemes!” said Oscar. “But first let’s engage in idle conversation while people in the background cause trouble in your store. I’m getting you back for not allowing me to claim the lottery winnings to a lottery ticket just because I’m a minor...”

Apu sighed as the man who helps himself to the grapes was eating the grapes. Snake held Apu at gun point demanding all the money in his till.

”Hey it’s Wednesday you kleptomaniac! Relinquish your earnings my Hindu friend or die!” said Sideshow Bob dressed as Krusty again.

”No it’s Thursday, Bob. My stealing day!” said Snake.

Oscar’s phone rang. He had changed the tone to the Friends theme. For reasons.

Marge then snuck in and stole a bottle of liquor.

”Marge...” Oscar frowned at her in disappointment.


Oscar told Homer while drinking his Squishee.

“People buy grease?! Then I must be rich! Woohoo! My arteries are clogged with yellowy, fatty gold!” Homer was ecstatic.

“Yeah now if only there were some way to extract that yellowy, fatty gold...” said Oscar. “Oh wait! We can! It’s called liposuction!”

“Yeah but it costs money Einstein! I’m trying to make money not lose it...” said Homer.

At home Homer was frying up some bacon.

“That Bacon is fried up enough boy!” said Homer. He threw the bacon to the dog. Santa’s Little Helper ate it while moaning. “And now for the profit taking.... heheheh!”

Homer poured the boiling hot grease into a tin.

“Um Dad... I don’t think the dog can handle anymore bacon...” said Bart. Santa’s Little Helper was very fat...

“Time to give him another squeezing!” said Homer.

“Homer! That side of bacon was for my bridge night...” said Marge.

“Whoa! Whoa! You play bridge...” said Oscar.

“Yes Oscar...” said Marge.

“And you have bacon sandwiches...” said Oscar.

“Yes Oz...” said Marge.

“Wow you live an interesting life...” said Oscar sarcastically.

“Homer are you selling grease?” Marge asked in disbelief.

“No.... I’m making money through savings and hard work!” said Homer sarcastically. “Of course I’m selling grease!”

He left with Bart carrying tins of hot grease.


One school morning.

“Come on Bart the school bus is here!” said Lisa as she left for school with Hugo and Oscar.

“Whooooa! Not so fast boy.” said Homer grabbing Bart by his shorts.

“But Dad it’s the first day of school!” said Bart.

“Not for you! You’re learning the grease trade business!” said Homer.

“Homer! Bart is going to school!” Marge yelled.

“(Frustrated growl) You’re really pushing it baby!” Homer growled as Bart left for school.

“Thanks for trying Dad...” said Bart getting on the school bus.

“Fine we’ll try again at three on the dot! Don’t be late!” said Homer.

“Thanks a lot Marge!” Homer growled as he went off to sell grease alone.

Homer was driving about annoyed. “Stupid kids and School! Annoying nagging wife thinks what’s best for them! Goku doesn’t get this much trouble...”

In a cutaway at Goku and Chichi’s house.

“Oh no! Frieza is attacking again! Come on son! We’re off to save the world!” said Goku to Gohan.

“Oh hell no! You are not pulling our son out of school to risk his life fighting an alien dictator! He has algebra to study!” Chichi stopped them.

“Sweeetheart... there is a almighty alien warlord attacking Earth... we either go down fighting or we die like cowards when Frieza tosses a miniature sun at the planet...” said Goku getting frustrated with his wife.

They bicker over Gohan’s education.

“Quick son! We can fly!” said Goku to Gohan and they flew away because Saiyans and half Saiyans can fly!”

“Ooooooh!” Chi-Chi growled frustrated.


At second grade class. Ralph is up doing show and tell. He has plasters on both his eyes.

“And that’s when the doctor said I have two lazy eyes!” said Ralph.

“Very interesting Ralph. Now please take your seat.” said Miss Hoover.

Ralph, completely blind at the moment walked out of the classroom.


“Hey Blindy! Nice trip!” said Nelson tripping Ralph over. Ralph yells as he crashes into something.

“Haw Haw!” Now this is really, really odd. Because later in Stealing First Base Nelson feels sorry for a blind kid. I get the impression blind people wrote an extremely angry letter to Fox and they had to change Nelson’s character to be sympathetic to blind people. Because it’s just not funny.

“Like when I claimed I had Tourette’s to get out of doing a test and it got censored...” said Bart.

In second grade Skinner calls over the Tannoy. “Calling Miss Hoover’s class! I have an important announcement!’

“Hi Principal Skinner...” said Miss Hoover.

“Now I need a volunteer to guide a new student around!” said Skinner. Only Lisa raised her hand to volunteer. “I assume only Lisa has her hand up... come to my office Lisa...”

Plot 2[]

Lisa was in Skinner’s office. “There’s a school dance coming up Lisa so it is most important you help this new little girl fit in. Show her round, how things work, the cafeteria etc.

“I understand Principal Skinner, Sir. I know what it was like to be the new kid once...

Lisa’s first day of school... Lisa sat down next to a girl. Lisa had a Monkees lunchbox.

“Eeeeeeew! You like the Monkees?! You know they don’t write their own songs!” said the girl.

“They do too!” said Lisa.

“And that’s not even his real hat!” said the girl pointing to a band member’s hat.

“Nooooooooooo!” Lisa screamed.

In the present she was crying about this memory as Skinner gave her a tissue box.

“There, there Lisa. And um if you show our new student the trophy case. Spin a lie. Say the trophies are at the metal cleaners being polished...” said Skinner.

“I understand Sir...” said Lisa cheering up.

“Good! Come in Alex Whitney!” said Skinner. A popular girl wearing a tartan skirt came in.

“Alex, this is Lisa Simpson. Lisa, meet Alex.” said Skinner.

“Oh my god! You’re name is Lisa!? Shut up! I love that name!” Alex Whitney gasped. By the way Alex is voiced by Lisa Kudrow from Friends. Let the hilarity ensue!

“Did she just tell me to shut up?!” Lisa gasped.

“Uh... take this outside...” said Skinner ushering the two young girls out of his office.

“You’ll want a locker in this corridor. It’s library adjacent.” said Lisa.

Alex was on her mobile phone texting.

“You have a mobile?!” Lisa gasped.

“Oh! Don’t be such a Phoebe!” said Alex. Hehehehe! She’s referencing her character on Friends...

“Smelly cat... smelly cat.. What are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat... it’s not your faaaaaauuuuulllt!” Oscar sung while playing his guitar.

“Oz! I said that’s enough! Stop playing that stupid song!” Lisa yelled.

“Oh boy I hope we get a cameo from David Schwimmer...” said Oscar wandering off.

Lisa winced.

Alex was putting on perfume.

“Is that perfume?!” Lisa asked.

“It’s pretension by Calvin Klein.” said Alex. Mmmmmm! German Denim... “try some!”

Alex sprayed some perfume on Lisa she coughed because it was potent. “Mmmmmmhmmmm! Kack! Haaaack!”

“Yeah it is a bit strong.” said Alex.


After school, because of Marge’s meddling... Bart and Homer went to the Krusty Burger restaurants in town to get grease from the fryers and creep out the Squeaky voiced Teens working there.

“Man you’re greasy...” said Homer getting rather close and personal to Squeaky Voiced Teen.

“Sir....” Squeaky Voiced Teen asked his boss for help.

“Hey stop hassling my staff!” said Krusty.

“Krusty!” Bart cheered.

“Hooahahahaha! What are you doing here um... my favorite fan...” said a Krusty.

“My Dad is selling grease...” said Bart.

“Uh... okay...” said Krusty. “I know! You could go to Italy! They’re always greasy!”

Bart laughed. “Classic old fashioned racism! Hilarious!”

“Thanks but tickets cost money Krusty and errr we do not have time for a vacation this episode...” said Homer.


Homer then poured loads of grease into the back of Marge’s orange car. Bart looked at the grease.

“Mom is going to kill you, Homer...” said Bart.

“Well she shouldn’t have let me borrow her car...” said Homer.

At home Marge is on the drive wondering where her car went. “Oooooooh!” She was annoyed.

However something sucked up Homer’s grease. “My grease!”

It was being sucked into a tanker driven by some rubber necks from a rough area.

“Hey! You’re stealing our grease!” Homer whined.

“It’s our grease now...” said the rough guys clobbering Homer with a shovel.

“Oooooow!” Homer groaned.

“Are you asking to die?!” said Oscar angry as he pointed a gun at the rough necks.

“Oz no!” Bart told him off for pointing guns at people.

“Fine... I’ll beat them to death with my karate... Aaaaaiiiieee!” Oscar beat the rough necks soundly with karate.

“Let’s get outta here! We won’t steal grease no more!” The men fled.

“Hey they left their tanker!” said Homer. He chuckled and filled Marge’s car boot with grease.


At school during recess the next day. Lisa was introducing Alex to her friends. Well her on and off friends. It’s weird...

“This is Janey, Alison...” Alison from Lisa’s rival. “Wanda, Sherri and Terri. They’re identical twins.” said Lisa. Sherri and Terri were there with the other girls.

“Oh twins eh? Which one is the evil one?” Alex asked.

Hugo laughed maniacally having tied Bart to a playground bench to perform surgery on him.

“Help me!” Bart cried.

Lisa winced and made a forced laugh.

Alex then explained her life.

“So when did your parents move here Alex?” Lisa asked.

Lisa hit a raw nerve.

“My mom wasn’t ready to have children when my dad got her and his second wife pregnant in a threesome. So Lily adopted me and my sister Ursula.” Alex explained. “Then my dad left us one day and Lily then committed suicide by sticking her head in the oven and turning it on...”

“Eep!” Lisa said feeling uncomfortable.

“I’ve been living on the streets since I was fourteen... then I lived in a burnt out Buick LeSabre until I was eighteen. I never got the chance to go to school so it feels great to somehow be a kid again...” said Alex.

“Okay...” said Lisa.

Oscar went to palaeontology class with Hugo only to yell Unagi at the teacher who was Ross from friends.

Hugo was cleaning a fossil when he was startled because Oscar screamed “Unagi!!” at the teacher and he ran off screaming.

“Oz!” Hugo told Oscar off.


Lisa and Alex were still chatting.

”So what’s haps around here? What do you do for fun?” Alex asked.

”Well Malibu Stacy dolls are really popular in Springfield. You should get one. The latest has an achievable chest!” said Lisa.

”Uh huh... didn’t those dolls use to be a lot more fun when the hadn’t got political and feminist with that Lisa Lionheart Malibu Stacy?” Alex asked.

”Hey those dolls are great and they only made a success because Oscar and McBain went Commando and fired a rocket launcher at the forklift carrying an older season’s doll with a new hat.” said Lisa.

”Okay... what else is fun?” Alex asked thinking Lisa’s adventures were weird.

”Well... Jacks are in right now.” said Lisa.

”Oh that game with the little rubber ball and the caltrops.” said Alex.

Lisa jabbers on about Jacks being in and out of trend. Now it was a thing again... etc.


Meanwhile in the hallways Bart was explaining to a new kid voiced by Mart Leblanc the latest toy for boys.

”Krusty the clown is hilarious! You’ll plotz! And uh the dolls are really popular right now...”

”No they’re not doofus! You’re the only boy in school with a a Krusty doll...” said Jimbo.

Everyone laughed. Bart blushed as he hugged his Krusty doll. “Well... um... Radioactive man is pretty popular.”

”Uh huh... I think this school is stuck in a social clique where kids aren’t allowed to be kids and have to grow up too fast or be classed as losers...” said the boy. “Now I must role play as Dr Drake Remoray.”

“Um okay...” said Bart.

”Hey, how you doin...” said the Matt Leblanc boy to all the girls. They weren’t interested.

Suddenly the tannoy speakers rang out with xylophone tones as Skinner had hired the xylophone lady from Grease to play the xylophone before messages but she wouldn’t stop playing so he confiscated the xylophone.

”Attention students. The following pupils are gay: Milhouse Van Houten. That is all.” said Skinner.

Everyone laughed at Milhouse.

”Oh that Skinner’s behaviour makes me so mad I! I.... I..” Oscar growled. “I got it! I’ll have pizza!”

A floating pizza with a face appeared. “Howdedooooo! I love you!” It said.

Oscar grabs and promptly devours the pizza as it screams in horror.


However Lisa soon realised Alex wasn’t as nice as she thought. She was going on about jazz when Alex allowed Janey etc to whisk her off somewhere.

”Hey! She ran off!” Lisa whined. “How rude!”

At home.

”And get this! She walked off when I was in mid conversation with her!” Lisa ranted.

”I’m sure there was a reasonable explanation dear...” said Marge.

”And get this! She has a mobile!”

Marge gasped.

”She wears perfume!”

Marge gasped even more.

”And she drinks iced tea...”

”Oh.... Well I like iced tie...” said Marge.

”Well good. Because she invited us all over to her mansion tomorrow...” said Lisa.


Alex’s mansion.

”Sorry Lisa that I walked off. The girls wanted to show me this trees.” Alex made a phoney excuse.

”Sure... No hard feelings...” said Lisa.

”Good. The girls and I got you a present.” said Alex giving her a gift.

”diamond earrings!” Lisa gasped. “Oh but these are for pierced ears...” said Lisa.

”Thats okay. We’ll help! All you need is a stapler and lots of wet towels.” said Alex. Ouch!

”Uh no thanks.” said Lisa.

”Ey suit yourself...” said Alex waiting until Lisa left to roll her eyes.

”Look at me! I’m Lisa See? Hopeless in virginity! Won’t go to bed, till I’m legally wed! I can’t I’m Lisa, see?” Alex and the other girls sung mockingly. And laughing.

”Hey!” Lisa yelled.

Meanwhile the rest of the family had iced tea and sesame cakes. But an African warlord wouldn’t let them have any.

”Mr Simpson. Stop eating my sesame cake...” said the guy.

”Mmmmm...” Homer enjoyed the sesame cake.

”Stop eating my sesame cake!!” The warlord/poacher yelled.


At school the student body are deciding the nights events for the end of the academic year. Lisa explained so far they have an Apple themed evening with apple bobbing, apple shy, apples on strings apple picking etc.

”Don’t forget apple bobbing!” said Skinner.

”I said Apple bobbing already Principal Skinner.” said Lisa.

Alex doesn’t like the idea. “My old school weren’t big on fruit. How about a school dance?”

“That’s a great idea Alex.” said Lisa

“Certainly not! Steve Jobs threatened not to sue if he could run our apple themed events which were nothing to do with Apple but about the fruit!” said Skinner.

”Sir remember when I got a scorpion in my apple sauce...” said Lisa.

”Oh fine! You can have a dance!” said Skinner.

”Oh but wouldn’t the loud music scare the ponies?” said Lisa.

”There wouldn’t be any ponies at a school dance, Lisa...” said Skinner.

”Shut up, childish me! We’re trying to get popular!” Lisa’s Brain scolded herself. The popularity area of her brain got bigger and bigger...

”Uuuuuuuh....” Lisa acted stupid as if she forgot stuff to learn about popularity.

Outside the lockers she put up a poster for school dance.

”School dance?! I didn’t agree to no school dance?!” said Skinner.

”Yes you did sir... in your office. Remember?” Lisa replied.

Plot 3[]

Alex then took Lisa to the Little Sluts clothes store to dress inappropriately for little girls and instead like harlots so pedophiles get aroused!

”No freaking way! Alex I’m not wearing that! My mom wouldn’t approve, and she’d be right! I’m only eight years old!” said Lisa.

”So’s your look...” said Alex.

”Hey!” Lisa yelled. “Now you listen here!”

”Okay! DMY! DMY!” Alex replied calming her.

”DMY?” Lisa asked.

”Don’t mess yourself.” Alex replied.

”Eeeeeeew!” Lisa groaned.

”Yes that’s why we started using acronyms.” said Alex.

”Well, we look pretty, Lisa. Sorry you want to look dowdy...” said Sherri and Terri dressed inappropriately for little girls at what is just a school dance.

”Mmmmmmmmm! Forbidden....” said Gary Glitter.

The girls screamed.


Bart was showing the new boy around.

“Hey! Your mall has a Dingo Junction!” said the new boy pointing to a Dash Dingo themed store.

”Now how comes Crash never got that popular?!” Oscar asked the fourth wall.

”Mooooom! This game is for babies! Sony is edgy and cool! Only Nintendo makes baby games!” The boy from Try and Save groaned.

”Okay! No more fun colourful mascots! Only Grand Theft Auto, the same Fifa Soccer game every year but with a new year on the title and hundreds of Call of Duty clones!” The CEO of Sony yelled.

”Hey!!” Monkey and Tombi cried.

Oscar rolled his eyes.

The new kid voiced by Matt Le Blanc took Bart into the Dingo Junction store. There were hats and t shirts with Dash on them. Plushies and lunchboxes and games.

”Oh my gosh! Dash Dingo! Dash Dingo 2: Mortex Dundee and the revenge of the outback! Dash Dingo 3: Warped!” said Bart looking through the games.

”Oh my god! Oh my god! Dash Dingo: The seven Crystal babies” said the new kid.

”Mmmmmmya... I prefer Kyro the wagon...” said Database. He got beaten up by Jimbo and his gang.


Then for some random reason Homer filled the house with Emus.

”Homer no! We are not running an Emu farm!” Marge told him off.

Homer whined.

At school. Nelson was having an odd debate about Huckleberries. “The thing about Huckleberries is, once you go fresh, you never go back to canned.”

Skinner arrived finding it odd Nelson wasn’t going on about beating people up.

”And errr.... Then I totally pulverised the guy!” said Nelson quickly. Skinner left satisfied.

”Anyway, If the berries are too tart, just add confectionery sugar.” said Nelson.

”Why is there no fruit called Tom Sawyers?!” Bart yelled.

”Because I’m obviously far more popular and my name has a ring to it...” said Nelson as Huckleberry Finn.

Lisa arrived walking awkwardly in high hills and dressed like a slut in a black dress.

”Whoooooooooaaaa!” said the boys at her makeover.

”I’ve got chilllllllllls.... they’re multiplying! And I’m losing controoooool!” A John Travolta kid sung while Oscar played his guitar. Nelson winded the John Travolta kid.

What it’s a reference to when Sandy got that slutty makeover at the end of the movie...

Then Milhouse was at the school nurse having been given a very painful wedgie.

”I’ll get the forceps.” said Doris who to save money, is both the lunch lady and the school nurse.

”And then Danny Zuko and Sandy flew away in Kenickie’s Greased Lightning car that suddenly can fly, the end!” said Oscar in the nurse’s office toilets sticking something down that sounded like diaper tapes.

Milhouse rolled his eyes.

Then Lisa strangely could not get a date with any of her boyfriends or boyfriends to be.

”Sorry, taken.” said Langdon Alger the quantum lichen.

”Nuh uh...” said Nelson with a big brute of a girl, like that monobrow girl on steroids Arnold from Hey Arnold once dated.

”I’m already spoken for!” said Ralph with a date some how.

She went to ask Milhouse who was having his wedgie administered to.

But Milhouse even had a date already! A girl with braces was there.