Krusty's Silly Hate Crime When Krusty tries to fly his plane into a building after being declared bankrupt and having his stuff taken, Bart takes it upon himself with Lisa's help to educate Springfield about inappropriate behaviour in the current climate.

Then the family visit Krusty in the mental hospital when the encounter some familiar inmates...

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Simpsons received their inheritance early from Grampa after visiting him at his home because he thought he was dying. However it was just gas.

The Simpsons sighed.

“Abe don’t scare us like that ever again...” said Marge.

And something about Aunt Hortense Simpson who eerily looks like Marge in canon.

Homer screamed at Simpsons.Fandom.

On the way home Marge is annoyed Bart just wants to spend his inheritance on a hundred tacos so she takes the family to the bank to teach them to save money by putting it in the bank.

"But I need tacos! I need them or I'll explode! That happens to me sometimes!" Bart whined.

”No! That’s a waste of money Bart! You won’t eat 100 tacos in one sitting!” Marge nagged.

Comic book guy left a Taco Bell with a wheel barrow of tacos. “Ah these should be sufficient snacks for my marathon of watching all of Doctor Who.”

Oscar then ran out the Taco Bell with a wheel barrow of tacos giggling while dressed as a Dalek.

Marge tries to explain to the kids that their money is in good hands in the bank.

George Bank’s son and daughter run out the bank screaming.

Marge winced.

”Like I said, your money is in good hands kids. Kids?” Marge asked.

”No we’d rather run off with Dick Van Dyke as a loveable chimney sweep!” Bart yelled.

”Kids no! We’re going to the bank!” Marge went after them.

But the bank has been taken over by the intelligent apes from planet of the apes!

“Mom...”Lisa groaned as the ape people from Planet of the apes were at the booths.

“A bank clerk in a monkey mask is still a bank clerk Lisa.” said Marge.

“Damn you! Damn you all to hell!” Homer screamed hitting the floor with his fist. “You damn dirty apes!”

Marge sighed. “I knew it was a bad idea for the banks to have a Go Ape for insurance savings day...”

Bart gets bored so he starts a fight in the bank by doing voices.

"Whatttya mean the banks outa money?!" said Bart in a silly voice.

"They took our money!" He made another voice.

A fight breaks out amongst everyone. Bart laughs at the chaos he caused.

Oscar looks through the insurance leaflets and finds one with a bootleg Charmy Bee on it but female with green irises holding a magnifying glass up to her eye so it was distortedly huge.

Oscar showed it the Blue haired lawyer in a rare moment where he wanted him to sue someone. The Blue haired lawyer headed off to cease and desist the insurance company.

”And that’s why I’m sure you’ll find signing financial papers and going through your accounts far more fun than a weekend with Batman...” said a bank advisory clerk to Hugo.

”How dare you! I love Batman!” Hugo shrieked and threw the pens everywhere.

Lisa got a checking account, Oscar found forty pounds Stirling/Fifty five dollars and thirty six cents in an old account he had in England, Bart got a flip book check book.

”Of the Hindenburg explosion! Coooooool! Booooooom!” said Bart.

”I don’t think check books are for children...” said Marge.

”I’ll be responsible...” Bart sighed.

”I pay Lisa a check to the order of one cent...” said Bart. “And do the Johnny Hancock...”

”It’s Footpenis now!” Johnny Hancock sorry, Footpenis yelled.

”Why....?” Bart asked.

”None of your business! That’s why!” said Johnny Footpenis.

”And there...” Bart gave Lisa a check worth only one cent.

”Thanks...” Lisa sighed.

At school...

”One million dollars! Thanks Bart!” said Milhouse.

”That’s a post date check. Don’t cash it in to the year 10,000...” said Bart.

10,000 AD.

In a Jetson inspired sky city Milhouse as a head in a jar robot goes to the bank.

”Finally! I’m a millionaire!” said Milhouse.

Bart is held upside down by Jimbo while writing a check.

”Thanks for the bribe Simpson! I’ll let you go as soon as the check clears...” said Jimbo. He took Bart with him.

Later Bart sees Krusty outside the bank signing autographs.

However he's just finishing.

"Hurry up Bart! I got a Krusty face painted on my stomach! It's still wet! Press your stomach against mine and I'll share it!" said Milhouse.

"Um no thanks..." Bart replied.

"Fine. I'll get all the girls!" Milhouse showed his belly to the girls. They screamed and ran away. He laughed his nasally laugh.

"Ok kids that's a wrap! Krusty has to go now..." Krusty sighed as he left. Bart groaned in disappointment but had an idea. He put acheck to be posted back to him in Krusty's pocket.


Bart received his check but Krusty just stamped Cayman Islands on it.

Bart heads off to the bank.

"Hey! Krusty didn't sign this property! Make him sign it!" Bart whined.

"Oh little boy, see this stamp is Krusty's offshore bank account and when- Hold on." The bank clerk explained but suddenly realised something was up with the offshore accounts address.

He made a series of phone calls. Those ended up with a Kingpin look alike in the Cayman Islands on the phone to someone.

"Hohoho! I'm sorry, I can't diverge details of that customers secret illegal account! Good bye!" He put the phone down then realised what he had said. "Oh crap! I shouldn't have said it was a secret! Oh crap! I shouldn't have said they were a customer! Oh crap! I certainly shouldn't have said it was illegal!" Then he decided to fan himself. "Oh it's too hot today..."


Krusty was making popcorn in his house when the SWAT bursted in and arrested him.

"Hey! I paid for this popcorn!" said Krusty annoyed.

Bart was still waiting in the bank when the bank clerk approached him. "Oh I'm sorry I forgot about you. Thanks to you little boy Krusty has been arrested for tax fraud! (Bart gasped in horror) Yes some might call you a hero. Not me though, I loved Krusty."

Bart was upset he got Krusty in trouble.


Krusty was in court being told they would garnish his salary.

"Garnish my salary? With what?! Salt and pepper?!" Krusty asked.

The court was serious and stone faced.

"Awwww that was a joke because I don't know what garnishing my salary means!" Krusty groaned.

The judge explained it meant they'd look after his wages for forty years when his taxes will be paid off.

"Forty years?! But I don't intend to live that long!" Krusty yelled. He was upset.


Krusty's show was taken over by IRS. He couldn't afford cartoons anymore. "How about a nice cream pie, I could go for a cream pie right now!" Krusty asked. A tax man off screen shook his head. "Oh right we can't afford those now?! Well throw something!" The tax man threw a suitcase at him. It hit him in the eye. "Ow! That corner! (Yiddish cries of pain)"

Bart was embarrassed for him.

The Krusty burgers were changed to IRS burgers.

"I'll have the tax burger with loan fries." Homer asked.

"Sir that's just a Krusty burger with fries." said the Squeaky voiced teen. Homer took his food after paying for it.


Krusty woke up one morning to find his stuff being auctioned.

"What the?!" Krusty yelled.

His suitcase was auctioned to Patty and Selma who used it as a foot spa.

"I'm going back to bed..." Krusty groaned. However his bed got auctioned. He tried to sit on his couch but that was auctioned too! Some moving men collecting it for its new owner threw him off the couch.

Then they tried to auction the Krusty biplane.

"No don't auction that! It's my pride and joy!" Krusty protested. "I once saw the biggest moon! It was like a pizza pie! I even wrote a song about it but Dean Martin stole it!" said Krusty.

”Hey Selma, you should get that plane! That would go great with your suitcases!” said Patty.

”No, I only really got this suitcase to use as a foot spa. Oooooohhhhh! Oh that feels good!” said Selma with her bare feet in a suitcase full of water. Eeeeeew.

”Eeeeeeugh! You ladies can keep that...”

”I wager 2000 dollars for the plane!” said Aunt Mabel.

”Nooooooo!” Krusty cried.

”So we can all, come outsiiiiiiiiide!” said Aunt Mabel.

”No!” Bart face palmed annoyed.

”Auntie, the Doctor says you shouldn’t fly with your angina...” Oscar explained to Aunt Mabel.

They decided to let him keep his plane, but his mansion was sold.

Krusty was found on the streets drinking liquor by Bart.

Bart feeling sorry admitted he caused all this.

"Oh that's real helpful! I've lost everything! My show! My job! My house! I tried to drink a cola on the bus and they took my pass!" Krusty yelled.

"Well, my mom says when God closes a door he opens a window." said Bart.

"You're mother is a dingbat! There's nothing for me now!" said Krusty. "I was a big cheese! Now look at me! Sipping liquor from a bottle in a paper bag..."

"Look if it makes you feel any better you can punch me in the face." Bart suggested.

Krusty was almost about to do this but he didn't. "Nah, I can't do that. It's not me... go home kid..." Krusty sighed.


One night everyone was awoken, disturbed from awkward conversations i.e. Chalmers dating Agnes... by Krusty's sad laughter as he wildly flew his biplane about town.

The Simpsons came out to see the spectacle.

"Krusty's happy again! said Bart.

"Uh no, he's crying." said Oscar looking through binoculars. "And he's heading right for the IRS building!"

"No Krusty! Don't!" Bart yelled.

However he crashed into it with a massive explosion.

"Krusty!!" Bart cried.

Everyone in town headed to the the collapsing building. Emergency services dug out survivors. Unfortunately the only survivor was Krusty somehow. He groaned as Wiggum arrested him.

"Krusty you're under arrest for acts of terrorism!" Wiggum took him away.

"Krusty why?!" Bart cried.

"Terrorism?! I'm just depressed and angry at the IRS! I don't know why I did this! Please Officer!" Krusty protested as he was taken away.

"Is this a bad time to announce my snack kiosk company aloha snackbar is starting its grand opening?" Skinner asked.

"Yes it is!" Bart yelled. "You all need a serious talking to about the political climate! I'm calling a town meeting for tomorrow!"

The Simpsons then went home to sleep.


The next day Bart and Lisa had a long lecture in the town hall in front of everyone about not flying into buildings, not wearing armour hotdogs or running snack kiosks called Aloha Snackbar, even if they do specialise in Hawaiian cuisine.

"Can we still talk about that fish guy from Star Wars? Admiral Ackbar was his name?" Homer asked.

"Yes but no screaming it out loud!" Bart explained. They then had a seminar on what had happened in New York before the meeting drew to a close.

The Simpsons decided to visit Krusty in the mental hospital/asylum.

Bart and Lisa encountered some familiar faces incarcerated in the hospital.

"Look! There's Ms Botz the babysitter bandit! (Ms Botz was pacing up and down her cell) Leon Kompowski, the guy who thought he was Michael Jackson who helped out Dad when he got incarcerated, (Leon waved at them) and Mr Sherman?!" Lisa pointed everyone out. She was surprised to find Jay Sherman in a gown yelling "It stinks!" repeatedly at a warden

"Yes Mr Sherman everything stinks." said the warden.

"Mr Sherman? What are you doing here?" Marge asked.

"Oh hello Simpsons! Well it seems all the bad films I've had to review have finally drove me crazy!!" He pulled at his hair at that last point. "Nah just kidding. They've drove me cynical and pessimistic." said Jay.

"Well, we're here to see Krusty." Bart replied.

"Oh, patient zero..." Jay sighed. Krusty had already developed a reputation.

They went to Krusty's cell.

Krusty greeted Bart with his trademark laugh.

"Hey hey kids! Hooahahaha!"

"Hey Krusty. So how are feeling? You're not still planning to fly into any more buildings are you?" Bart asked.

"Look, like I told the judge I don't know what I was thinking that night! I was gripped with depression and loss over my stuff and anger at the IRS I wanted to make them pay! But never again. When I get out I'm starting a new life as a fisherman..."

Bart was sad he made that choice.

Then the Joker arrived.

"So, this is the harlequin who defeated the IRS? I'd shake your hand, but. Electric Joy buzzer, my favourite trick!" said the Joker.

"I wouldn't start celebrating so soon, they'll be up and taxing everyone again soon enough..." said Homer.


Eventually Krusty was released. Bart and Lisa went down to the docks as that's where he'd be.

They went into Sea Captain's store he was on the phone to someone.

"Arrr! I'll call ye back. I have customers." said Sea Captain.

Bart inflated a balloon.

"Have you seen this clown?" Bart asked. Showing a partially inflated balloon that made Krusty's face distorted.

"Arrrr! That'll be Handsome Pete! He dances for nickels!" said Sea Captain. "Pete! Get out here! You have customers!"

A midget sailor clown arrived from out back and started dancing while playing sailor music on a concertina.

Bart sweat dropped.

Lisa took the balloon and inflated it further. "No, we meant this man! Krusty the Clown!"

"Arrrr! No I'm afraid not!" said Sea Captain. “But I do have other clowns in the back! Is Oscar around? Because the craven sea pup left his Clownjas in the back...“

Clownjas bounced about jabbering.

”Uh no...” said Bart.

Bart saw a check from Rory B Bellows in the “Do not accept checks from these customers box. He saw Rory B Bellows used the same exact stars on his checks as Krusty’s.

"Let's go Lisa..." Bart sighed. They left but Handsome Pete just stood there. Bart came back and gave him a quarter. The Clown started dancing again.

"Not even a quarter?! Arrr! He'll be dancing for hours!" Captain Mccallister sighed.


“Lis, look! Rory B Bellows uses the same stars on his checks as Krusty!” said Bart.

”Rory is Krusty!” Lisa concluded.

”Yes I know....” said Bart.

Bart and Lisa found Krusty as Rory B Bellows at his boat however he wasn't in much of a mood.

“Hey Krusty.” said Bart.

”I’m not Krusty. I’m Rory B Bellows...” said Rory.

”No your Krusty the clown....” said Bart.

”I don’t do party tricks...” said Rory.

”But you draw stars on your checks like Krusty does...”

Rory breaks character and starts talking like Krusty. “Ooooooooooh! Can’t you see I don’t want to be Krusty anymore?!”

”And you have his pacemaker scar and his third nipple...” said Lisa.

”Stop that! That’s private!” Krusty yelped pulling his jacket closed.

”Then wear a shirt...” said Bart.

"Hey hey hey... Look I've got to get out to see. Those fish won't catch themselves..." said Krusty.

"Look at you... you should be on TV making kids laugh, showing cartoon, humiliating Sideshow Mel!" Bart replied.

"Well I can't! I've got no money! Any money I do earn goes straight in to my taxes that I'm forty years behind on!" Krusty explained.

"So you're just gonna give up? Just like that?!" Bart asked.

"Yes! Now get off of my boat!" Krusty snapped.

Bart and Lisa did so.

"Come on Bart, Krusty doesn't want to be a big TV Star." said Lisa as they left.

"Yeah, he doesn't need celebrities as friends..." Bart replied.

"Yeah, I've got all my friends here on this ham radio..." said Krusty tapping a radio. However it zapped him and he accidentally knocked it into the sea.

"Okay, so I miss being famous and my friends! But so what?" Krusty asked as he drifted away.

"What about the illiterate Tv clown with the third nipple who had more respect than all the scientists and teachers put together?" Bart asked.

There was a splash and Krusty swam to the nearby shore. "Yeah! I'm not gonna let those bums get all the glory!" said Krusty shaking his green hair into its usual style. "And who told you about my third nipple?!"

"It's in all the interview magazines you appeared in..." Bart replied.

"Oh. Well let's get back to work kids. I took out that boat under a fake alias. Rory B Bellows. I can restart my career on his insurance!"

The boat blew up.

"Insurance fraud... That's our Krusty!" Bart sighed as they all laughed.

The end.

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