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Stepdaughter of Ned Flanders, younger sister of Kaitlyn Lawson and the daughter of Tiffany Lawson.



Kayla was first seen in the episode "Ned's Wedding Party", where she attended as a bridesmaid. On the episode "Marge Goes Green", she and her sister were seen at the Springfield Recyacle Park. After that, she is seen more often a backround character and does not speak again until "Christmas Tale" scene 20, where she was building a snowman with her family.


Kayla Lawson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Brown
Age 9
Occupation None
Location Springfield, Evegreen Terrace 744
Relatives Father - Mr Lawson. Mother - Tiffany Lawson. Sister - Kaitlyn Lawson
Voiced By Yeardley Smith

Justin Bieber

She is very smart like Lisa, but is also regular bullie and keeps making fun about her sister. Her IQ is 157 and she doesn't like basketball - the opposite of her sister - cause she is really short, only 4'1 feet.

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