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Kassandra Simpson
Gender Female.png
Hair Red
Relatives Husband: Bart Simpson 1993-2008

Wezlee Queensland(2018- Parents-in-law: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Sisters-in-law: Maggie Simpson and Lisa Simpson


KaseyTheTitsy (Kassandra Simpson) is a gimmicky country/pop/rap star. She is known for creating diarrheal country/rap songs about boyz and wearing see-through shirts to live up to her country/pop/rap star name.

Her not-so-secret "husband" is Bart Simpson, who is having an open affair with Kasey while he's married to Rapsta Chik. Though she is not legally married to Bart, Kasey has changed her last name to Simpson anyway as a diss to Rapsta.

She also has a red tattoo across her chest that says "I <3 B.S" (initials for Bart Simpson) though many of her critics and rivals, including Rapsta Chik, insist that it stands for "Bull S***" in reference to her Tennessean country roots from growing up on a cow manure farm. Kasey has also often mentioned to the media about her tramp stamp that says "I <3 BART" and has shown it in some of her music videos.


Her music is briefly mentioned in the episode "Sleeping With Sideshow Bob


Your My Slave 2017.