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Stepdaughter of Ned Flanders, older sister of Kayla Lawson and the daughter of Tiffany Lawson.



She was first seen in episode "Ned's Wedding Party", where she was a bridesmaid. She was next seen in "Marge Goes Green", where she attended at the Springfield Recycling Park. She is seen as a backround character since and is the only character in Flanders-Lawson family who doesn't speak in "Christmas Tale".

Kaitlyn Lawson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Dark black
Age 14
Occupation Founder of The Springfield Teenage Basketball club
Location Springfield, Evegreen Terrace 744
Relatives Father - Mr. Lawson. Mother - Tiffany Lawson. Sister - Kayla Lawson
Voiced By Sara Gilbert

Justin Bieber

Description == She is a really calm kid, really smart and does her homework together with Lisa and Kayla. She rarely gets bullied(though her sister jokes about her all the time) and because Dolph has a crush on her, she can defend Lisa from bullies. She really likes basketball so she started The Springfield Teenage Basketball club. She is 5'9 feet long.

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