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"Bite me." - Jimbo Jones.

Corky James "Jimbo" Jones is also known as James, Jamesbo, and Hector Gutierrez, is one of the bullies at Springfield Elementary, with Dolph Starbeam, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Nelson Muntz, and the Weasels. He is a sixth grader, and has been held back multiple years.

Introduced in "The Telltale Head" by Bart as 'the worst kid in school'. He is the second-in-command of the bullies, being their leader when Nelson isn't around, not that Nelson has any interest in hierarchic systems. Jimbo has an on-and-off friendship with Bart Simpson that depends on how badly Bart is willing to behave and whether he has any lunch money or not.


A real low-life, Jimbo is acknowledged as the leader of the bully gang in the absence of Nelson, the latter being more fearsome and domineering, as well as tenacious and explosively deviant, even moreso than him. Jimbo is often seen hanging out with fellow bullies and best friends Dolph, Kearney, and sometimes Nelson and his girlfriend Lisa Simpson. Jimbo sometimes shows a decent friendship with younger, yet more popular fellow troublemaker Bart, although Bart is more of a rebel than a bully, and Jimbo is just as likely to bully him as any other smaller, weaker person. Appropriate to his kind of person, Jimbo only picks his excursions when he knows that he can get away with it, as when in the face of someone or something more threatening and stronger than them, Jimbo will flee or when cornered, grovel to save his own skin.

Jimbo enjoys intimidating his classmates and shoplifting. He has been kicked out of all four Space Mutant movies. Jimbo used to have a skateboard, just like Bart. He smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol with Dolph and Kearney. Jimbo also sometimes uses marijuana and other narcotics. It is also implied that Jimbo has a job as a police informant.

Despite his reputation as a bully, Jimbo is Christian, and sometimes shows strong moral standards. At one point, when he reveals to Martin that the "paint" vendor he got the unicorn tattoo from was actually a tattoo parlor at the Skewed Over event, he notably showed hesitance at beating up Martin at that point as he "had it rough already", even stating to the other bullies that it might not be a good idea to beat him up. However, he ultimately chooses to beat Martin up with the other bullies.

Jimbo's parents are Mr. Jones and Carol Jones. It is often implied that his mother is sexually promiscuous, possibly working as a prostitute. It is also stated that Jimbo's mother and Kearney have been sexually involved sometime in the past. She sometimes walks around topless, which impresses Kearney and Dolph. Jimbo has a sister; he, Nelson, Kearney, and Dolph use the case from her retainer as an ingredient in a stinkbomb to sabotage Springfield Elementary's bake sale with. It is hinted that his family is moderately well-off when, during the time a teacher's strike closed the school, he and his mother watch soap operas and sip tea together in a very nice living room. Given that Jimbo's father, Mr. Jones, seemed to be a beer-drinking lowlife when seen in another episode, it may be that Jimbo is an illegitimate child. His mother may be involved with "bad boys".

Despite his lowlife nature and cowardly stature, he has been shown to be the most cunning and plotting of the three as the impromptu auxillary leader. Many times when Marge Simpson is around, they are able to successfully deceive and distract her before pulling off their antics right under her nose. When Lisa saves Bart from the bullies one time, Jimbo says to Bart, "It's a lucky coincidence you happen to be your sister's brother.". Another time, Jimbo laughs at Bart's pajamas, and mockingly asks if "his mommy bought them for him". When Bart replies with "Of course, she did. Who else would have?", Jimbo looks blank for a while before declaring that Bart has won ("this time").

He was kidnapped by Stewie Griffin in "The Simpsons Guy".