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Jennifer Muntz
Gender Female.png
Status Dead and then came back alive as a ZOMBIE
Hair None
Age 1,000,000 years old
Father: Chuck Muntz

Mother: Sarah Muntz
Brother:Kerli Muntz
HalfSiblings:Andy, Janet
StepFather (future):Nelson Muntz

First Mentioned Homer's Sister Come To Town


Along with Janet Muntz, Jennifer was a baby that Sarah got herself impregnated with for under $5 from Nelson Muntz and Mr. Burns. Jennifer's biological father is unknown because Sarah got pregnant after a gang bang with Mr Burns, Nelson, Melvis Spuckler, and Barney Gumble.


sarah went out of Melvis Spuckler's butthole and she went into labour in the woods because the hospital thought she was a trailer trash dog with rabies (which, she was) and he putted a cover on her legs because Sarah's butt smelled like rotten Yorkshire Pudding from England and he opened her smelly legs and he delivered Jennifer from her butt somehow.


her umbilical wrap around her neck after Sarah choked it. She didn't want a baby to slow down her gangbang sessions. Sarah went on to produce an album titled "Jennifer: Pregnant For Under 5 Bucks" after the experience, which never shot up to the Top 40's Billboard list.


Jennifer came back alive and she crawled out of the ground, and continues to be a turn off for all men who were in the slightest bit interested in gangbanging Sarah Muntz, much to Sarah's disappointment and endless butt-smashing (her own butt).