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James Bouvier
James Bouvier.png
Gender Male.png
Status Alive.png
Alias(es) Jimmie (by Marge), Mr. Bouvier (by most Springfieldians), Angry Old James (by Bart), Uncle Bouvier (by Lisa) Toilet Brush (By Abe)
Hair Greenish-blue, graying
Age 34

63 (in real life)

Occupation Teacher at 4th grade of Springfield Elementary School (former)

Springfield Power Plant supervisor (former)
Inventor (part-time)
Sciencist (non-canon/part-time canon)
Owner of Bouvier's Goods (non-canon)
Springfield Elementary School phychiatrist (non-canon/canon, former)
Composer (non-canon)

Location 742 Evergreen Terrace
Relatives Parents: Clancy Bouvier and Jacqueline Bouvier
Sisters: Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier and Selma Bouvier
Grandfathers: Pépé Bouvier and Ferdinand Gurney
Grandmothers: Bambi Petitbois and Alvarine Bisque
Ex-Wife: Angel Bromfield
Sons: Alwar Bouvier and James Bouvier, Jr. (illegitimate)
Adoptive-Son: Harakiri Bouvier (non-canon)
Brother-in-Law: Homer Simpson
Ex-Brothers-in-Law: Robert Terwilliger, Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure, Abraham Simpson II (also older sister's father-in-law) and Fit-Fat Tony
Nephew/Nieces: Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson and Ling Bouvier (adopted)
Uncles/Aunts: Chester Bouvier, JoJo Bouvier, Arthur Bouvier, Herman Bouvier, Lou Gurney, Charlene Bouvier and Gladys Gurney
Aunt-by-Marriage: Alfreda LeDoux
Cousins: Pierre Bouvier , Jane Bouvier [Dotty Bouvier]], Alfreda Bouvier II, Tootsie Bouvier, Rowena Bouvier, Cousin Dot, Cousin Cathy, Jawmes Bouvier and Marnie Simpson
Cousins-in-Law: Omar Simpson and Miranda Potter
Cousins Once Removed: Axel Bouvier, Polly Bouvier, Dolly Bouvier, Lolly Bouvier, Holly Bouvier, Brit Simpson, Lily Simpson and Magpie Simpson
Nephew-in-Law (Future): Milhouse Van Houten
Ex-Niece-in-Law (Future): Jenda
Great-Nephews/Nieces (Future): Kirk Simpson, Picard Simpson, Zia Simpson and Maggie Simpson, Jr.
First Appearance Simpsons roasting an open fire
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta (season 1-5 only)

Harry Shearer (season 5-present)
Mandy Patinkin (The Simpsons: Time Catastrophe)

"No, you shut up, you fat prick! Leave your son alone! Marge wrote to me about what you’ve been doing locking that poor boy up! I ought to report you to the authorities!!"
―James Bouvier.

"Abe, for the last time! I am not a toilet brush!"
―James Bouvier.

Dr. James Robert Bouvier, Sr., PhD CE ChE BMath ME NuclE is Marge Simpson's younger brother and Lisa, Bart and Maggie's only maternal uncle.


James Bouvier was born on September 27th, 1958 (in the timeline of his original appearance; in the current year, 2022, he would've been born in 1988). From his younger years, James was stated as a gifted person with 260 IQ and a huge mechanical and mathematical skills. Everyone in school loved him because he was both handsome and smart. He is obsessed with Harvard University (as well as his niece Lisa) where he wanted to go to study. Despite his nerdy appearance, James is a very moody person. He hated Simpsons family from his teenage years and wanted them to die. His mother kicked him out of house because of his aggression, so he was forced to move to the Simpsons' house.

He later became an atheist ("If that fat lazy jerk marries my sister, i will stop believe in God FOREVER AND EVER.") and had a weird mental illness Dr. Hibbert called Simpsonphrenia - an illness similar to schizophrenia, but caused by Simpsons family "naughtiness". He became crazy and started to lose his sanity after this that became reasons to his unexpecting emotional outbursts and heart attacks. His final and almost fatal heart attack happened on Thanksgiving Day, when James started screaming at Bart when he ruined the holiday and suddenly felt dizzy then fell in coma. He was in coma for 4 years, and woke up on Maggie's 1st birthday.

Despite being an atheist, he picked a new religion - pastafarianism, and as the result, stopped eating any kinds of pasta.

Cash game crew[]

When he was around 16, he made a team of a professional card game players, which included Sideshow Bob, Fat Tony, Snake Jailbird, Kirk Van Houten and formerly Homer.

Non-canon appearances[]

Howland or Abraham I.png This article's information is considered NON-CANON in both canon and fanon, as it might feature something from Treehouse of Horror, takes place in the distant future or has something out of the original canon of the show.


In the year 2010, aged 49, he is the member of the group of scientists who are healing Mr. Burns' 17 stab wounds.

In the year 2013, aged 42, he has an adopted son from Japan, whose name is Harakiri.

In the year 2041/44, aged 64, he is very rich as he runs a successful and worldwide household goods company. This helps his great-niece Zia to borrow money from him which he hates.

In "Flanders' Ladder" future vision (on the age of 53), He threw a Hammer at Bart but it went like a boomerang hitting his head and knocking him out. Killing him.

In "Barthood" future vision (on the age of 43), he got himself the life support machine that shocks him when he's having a heart attack. He reacts badly on Lisa and Bart arguing, to which Lisa starts insulting her uncle. He had a heart attack while Lisa was insulting him, as his machine didn't prevented it.

Even though he was absent and wasn't mentioned in "Bart to the Future", it is evident that he's more senile than his other parallel versions, judging by a huge amount of medication hanging on the basement's door. He's also severely handicapped, which is evident by a wheelchair similar to Stephen Hawking's in front of his personal garage.

Treehouse of Horror[]

In the 1st THOH episode, he moved to the new house with the Simpsons. The house later hypnotised James into thinking the family wants to kill him, as he prepares the weapon to kill him. After the house exploded after thinking if he wants Simpsons to live in him, everyone realised that they forgot to take James with them.

In the 2nd THOH episode, Lisa, Bart and Homer had nightmares after eating too much Halloween candies. In Lisa's nightmare ("The Monkey Paw"), James wishes for a new house for himself, which is a huge castle. After this, he wishes for Simpsons' disappear, and every family member get sucked into a black hole created by the paw. In Bart's nightmare ("The Bart Zone"), James is turned into a walking head by Bart for his uncle being angry at him.

In the 8th THOH He gets angry at Homer for locking up Hugo. Then he gets scared by Hugo and drives to Canada .

In the 13th THOH episode, he has been transformed into a Platypus by Dr. Hibbert.

In the 16th THOH episode, the witch turned the citizens of Springfield into their Halloween costumes. James was turned into toilet brush, although he wasn't wearing a costume as he doesn't celebrates Halloween.

In the 23rd THOH episode, the black hole created by a super collider sucked everyone into it except Maggie and James who somehow survived.

In the 25th THOH episode, the ghost family from Simpsons' shorts a.k.a Tracey Ullman Show arrived to the current Simpsons. 1987 James and 2014 James argued about their old and new families.

In the 29th THOH episode, in first segment ("Invasion of the Pod-y Snatchers"), James is the only one who doesn't use smartphones and other "new-century" gadgets. Here he is portrayed as an old-fashioned guy who uses rotary phone for communicating. In second segment ("MultipLISAty"), James snaps as he was angry at his niece who killed Nelson and Milhouse and nearly killed Bart.


Homer Simpson[]

In earlier 1990 episodes, James appeared to develope a huge dislike on his brother-in-law. Unlike Patty and Selma, who are just taunting him, James is clearly tries to kill him like he tried to do with every family member. After James woke up from coma, he starts to realise Homer is not that bad and became a friend with him.

Marge Simpson[]

James and Marge often argued with each other as kids, like Lisa and Bart today. They was frequent visitors in "Sibling Rivarly Inc." because of them rioting. Despite this, they seem to care about each other and comfort each other in every situation. Strangely, Marge developed a romantic feelings about her brother when she was in high school. It happened because of James being more intelligent and handsome. she stopped after she saw him rubbing naked in the garden screaming “THE TOILET BRUSH IS MY KING!”

Bart Simpson[]

James, despite thinking different about his family after the Thanksgiving accident, uncle Bouvier still hates Bart. He helped Lisa to taunt Bart when he was in coma, and tried to help Sideshow Bob to achieve his goal.

Lisa Simpson[]

Lisa loves her uncle much as any other member of the family. She wants to be intelligent like him and does everything for his attention. According to James himself, Lisa's second word was "Jimmie" after "Bart" (although in reality it was "mommy").

Maggie Simpson[]

James disliked Maggie for oftenly sucking her pacifier, as he tells her to "grow up". After it, Maggie and James start to love each other. James is the one who hears every time Maggie speaks, which makes him proud of her.

Ling Bouvier[]

He has a good relationship with her and usually looks after her during the week when Patty and Selma are working.

Abe Simpson[]

James and Abe have a good relationship, although they often call each other names. An example is when Bart throws Lisa's Thanksgiving gift into the fire As Abe goes "Hey, that got her going!" he replies with "Yes, Abe, it did."

Friends and foes[]


Simpson family

- Homer Simpson (sometimes)

- Marge Simpson

- Bart Simpson

- Lisa Simpson

- Maggie Simpson

Springfield residents

- Kirk Van Houten

- Ned Flanders

- Principal Skinner

- Clancy Wiggum

- Reverend Lovejoy

- Sideshow Bob

- Snake Jailbird

- Waylon Smithers, Jr. (sometimes)


- Homer Simpson (usually; arch-nemesis on James' side)

- Bart Simpson (sometimes)

- Lisa Simpson (sometimes)

- Marge Simpson (as kids; formerly)

- Clayton McNerdy (high school rival)

- Veronica

- Mr. Burns

- Russ Cargill

- Eugene Harvey


  • Marge's kids inherited something from him - his "pranky" figure came to Bart, his intelligence came to Lisa, and his babyhood pacifier addiction came to Maggie.
  • James doesn't have any musical talent, as the result of which he hates Lisa playing her saxophone.
  • He doesn't knows about his sister's half-brother-in-law, Herbert Powell, although he states that he can feel any member of the Simpsons family from many miles.
  • He is the only Springfield resident who knows the true identity of El barto, his nephews graffity-tagging alias.
  • He is the only Springfield resident to know about status quo.
  • In The Simpsons' shorts, James' face was always covered by newspaper because he didn't wanted to make eye contact with the family.
  • James adresses everyone he meets for the first time/he wants to be polite with "Mr./Mrs./Ms. *surname*".
  • He is the only Bouvier family member with natural hair color, as he states.
  • His hair started graying at age of 16, like Marge's.
  • He doesn't have raspy voice like his sisters and parents.
  • He has green eyes (although Marge has hazel eyes) and weights 143lbs.
  • James also says he goes blind a little, but he feels okay with it.
  • His name was supposed to be "Christopher Bouvier", but the creator forgot how he named the character and named him after James Bond (although he doesn't watched James Bond movies).
  • His age was supposed to be at least the same as Homer's.
  • He is a member of Stonecutters society and his number is 666th, right before Herman Hermann, who is 667.
  • His favourite food is Depressetti, a pasta with the flavor of "anxiety and despair" by the recipe of his grandmother Bambi, as revealed in "Treehouse of Horror I".
  • He was allergic to Simpson family before "Lady Bouvier's Lover", although he seems not to have the allergy as he felt himself completely normal in front of some family members.
  • He is both addictive and allergic to book dust.
  • His hair can turn into different shapes and even act as James' hands.
  • He wаs originally supposed to be Marge's half-brother, i.e his father having him with a different woman.
  • He appears in several episodes that aired after he fell in a coma, due to difference in production codes. Since he appears next to Marge in those episodes and even directly talks to her, it is presumed that she was hallucinating him.
  • The reason why women are inexplicably attracted to Homer (despite him not being half as handsome) is because he accidentally stumbled and got covered by James' pheromone liquid, who was late for his chemistry class.
  • James is the second person in his family to be named Dr. Bouvier, the first being his great-great-grandaunt, Margot Bouvier.
  • He once had a relationship with a potato when he was 16 untill homer Told him they turn them into fries.