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If You Really Want It

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4, July 2013 (U.K) 30, June 2013 (U.S)
R&B, rap, hip hop
Rapsta Chik, Young Prince
Young Prince

 If You Really Want It is the fourth single from Rapsta Chik's fourth album and it will be relesed on the 4th of July with a music video debuting on VEVO on 30, June 2013 and Hunger TV on 1, July 2013. The single features Young Prince and Sarah Simpson.



Sarah: If you really want it 

Be at my room

If you really want it

get into the bed

if you really want

then take your clothes off and jump in

if you really want it

Verse 1 (Rapsta)

2 Years ago I would have said I'm not easy

2 Years ago I would have said I'm not sleazy

But then I went to college and you got on me boy

You rocked me like a sailor on the seas (ahoy)

2 Years ago if you asked me for sex

I would have said yes but it was all a big hex

(fast rapping): Ok now here we go

I'm not a hoe

Man whore

You're a bore

But you're abs beg to diffa! (diffa!)

You say I got a hot bot

But you a hot shot

How did we end up fucking (fucking)

You say your gonna cum let her rip then

Then when your done put your tip in

Ok sweet pie you had my meat pie

Are you gonna boohoo when we break up (cry)

But we just fuck buddies

I ain't no hussie

Whoops my term just ended (bye)

(chorus x2)

Verse 2 (Young Prince)

If you really want it I could be your gentleman

If you really want it we can have sex in bed

If you really want it I could show off my talents

If you really want it touch me, then come and show me how it's done

It's not bout me, it's not bout you

It bout the way we make our moves

Let me tell you secrets, bout my group

I can't believe that I'm with you

They tell me I'm a loser, a freak, I don't care

Cause baby when I'm with you all those words turn into air

Your my inspiration, makes me wanna scream when i'm in bed

Baby, Let me you something, your the best I ever had.

(chorus x2)

Music Video[]

The music video is college themed, Sarah does not appear in the video.


The video starts with a car pulling up to a college party and Rapsta comes out and begins to rap her verse on top of the car's hood in a black leather mini dress and boots, Young Prince raps his verse on a bed surrounded by sorority girls, during the final chorus Rapsta and the sorority girls perform a dance for the boys and Prince, when the song finishes Prince and a girl walk into the bedroom implying that they are going to hook up, while a boy shows Rapsta his abs, but Rapsta declines.