Simpsons Fanon

How I Spent My Strummer Vacation Bart and Homer have a big fight so Marge signs them up for Rock camp to learn to get along, much to their joy as they find they both like rock music.


Homer goes to Moe’s one afternoon.

“Hey Moe got any beer?” said Homer.

“Sure check the fridge.” said Moe.

Homer seems to think he can just go in Moe’s fridge behind the bar and take beers for free.

“Hey I’m at work! You gotta pay for that!” said Moe taking the beer bottle from him.

Homer looked in his wallet. It was empty of cash.

“Hey where’s my money?” Homer asked out loud, he found a note.

“Dear Homie, had to buy Maggie (And Oscar) some diapers. Love Marge.” said the note.

“D’oh! Stupid freaky kid!” Homer groaned.

There was another note. “Had to borrow money for the book fair, sorry Dad. Signed Lisa Simpson.” said Lisa’s note.

Homer whined.

Then was another note. “Need cash or they will break my legs!” Based on Bart narrating it was his note.

“I don’t want to know...” Homer concerned by the note. The next note was illegible. “Well now this I can’t read! All it says is “Grrrrrr! (Inhuman snarling noises) Had to buy fish heads for lunch.” I wonder who wrote that?” Who do you think Homer...

“Sorry Homer. I ain’t no charity case. No money no booze.” said Moe.

“Yeah Homer, don’t you carry a credit card around with you?” asked Lenny.

“Why yes I do! I completely forgot! Thanks Lenny!” Homer went off to get some money.

“What happened to green hat guy?” Moe asked.

“Uh you shot him Moe! Don’t you remember?” said Carl.

“Oh dear God!” Moe was horrified.


Homer went to an ATM to get money out, but the machine kept rejecting his card.

“Take the card you stupid machine!” Homer yelled.

“Okay! Don’t yell!” The ATM machine whined in a mechanical voice as it accepted his card. He withdrew some money and went to Moe’s.

“Yoink!” said Snake taking his money.

“Hey! That’s my drinking money!” Homer chases after him and rugby tackled Snake and beaten him up. Never get between Homer and booze.

“Oh! A bag with a dollar sign on it! I could drink all night and all of tomorrow with this!” Homer took some money Snake robbed from the bank as well.

Then he saw a pet saw selling licking toads.

“I’ll show him!” said Homer. He went in there and licked the toads.

“Sir are you gonna buy those toads or just lick them...” said the shopkeeper.

“Lick them. Now go away.” said Homer.

Then he donated blood. A little bit too much based on how woozy he was stumbling out of the blood bank.

“Thank you for the kind donation Mr Simpson!” said the nurse. “Are you okay?”

“Jewish? Ohohoho! No I’m not Jewish...” said Homer woozy from blood loss.

“Yes thank you very much Mr Simpson! Ahahaha!” said a cartoon vampire drinking blood from a blood pack.

“Dracula don’t drink the blood donations...” the nurse sighed.

Homer went back to the bar high on toad poison and woozy from donating blood.

“Homer what did you do to yourself? sit down!” Moe got him into a booth before he collapsed.

“What do you want you gargoyle?” Homer woozy from blood loss and toad licking asked.

“Why you!” Moe was about to sock him but Homer went “Uh uh uh! And pointed to his I donated blood badge.

“Sorry Homer, here have a beer on the house.” Moe gave him a free beer.

“I don’t need your charity! Here do you take large cartoon sacks of money with dollar sighs on them?” Homer offered some of Snake’s stolen money.

“Do I?!” Moe asked joyfully with dollar signs for eyes and till sound effect. “Narrator that’s a little too silly...” said Moe.


The Simpsons are having dinner one evening but Bart won't eat his broccoli.

“Bart eat your broccoli sweetie...” Marge sighed.

Bart refused and left the little green trees uneaten on his plate.

"Eat your broccoli!" Homer demanded.

"No Dad! That stuff killed you remember?! In Treehouse of Horror 11?" Bart argued.

"Halloween episodes aren't canon! Now eat it!" Homer tries to force feed Bart.

"No! I want to live!" Bart struggled and escaped. Homer chases him around the dining room.

Marge and Lisa sigh. In the background Homer strangles Bart.

Late after dinner Homer has Bart and Hugo forced to sit at the table until they eat their broccoli.

"Dad we're not eating it because it's poisonous!" Bart protested.

"And it's yucky!" said Hugo.

Lisa tries making smoothies for Bart and Hugo with the broccoli in them so they won't notice.

However Bart spills the smoothies because he knew the broccoli was in them.

Homer angrily fights with Bart.

The family agree they need to see a psychiatrist or something.


One evening Homer gets drunk at Moe's because he's still mad at Bart and has to get a taxi home. However it is part of a tv program called Taxicab conversations and Homer doesn't know he's being recorded and drunkerdly bad mouths his family. What's worse is they're watching!

He gets home to an upset family annoyed at him. Despite his protests they pack his stuff and drive him to the seeming middle of nowhere and kick him out.

"Marge please!" However it's not the middle of nowhere, it's rock camp! "Oh my god! Rock camp!"

"We weren't just listening to your drunken rant sweetie. Which were justified, your job is stressful and Bart is a handful. We also heard your drunk ramblings of your dream to become a rockstar!" Marge replied.

"Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Homer kissed his family and took his bags.

"Bart, you're going too! We've booked it as an activity for you two to get along! See you you soon!" Bart is dropped off with Homer and his stuff. Including his guitar.

"Well, let's go in boy..." Homer took Bart to rock camp.

The camp was ran by the Rolling Stones! Mick Jagger and Keith were mostly in charge. The rules were don't disturb Mick when he was working in his office. Lights out at night meant lights out. And no mentioning that duet Mick did with David Bowie singing Dancing in the Street. And no illegal drugs either.

Homer found most of his friends were attending the camp and Bart was pleased Otto was there.

"Wow! All our friends are here! And er Fat Tony's gang are here too..." said Bart as the Curly haired goon was there.

"Eat the broccoli." Homer had brought broccoli with him for some reason.

"No." Bart replied.

They spent the first night playing music around the fire. Then Mick told them to get some sleep as they had an early day tomorrow.

Homer woke everyone up the next morning playing a guitar.

"Dad! Careful with that!" Bart yelled. It was his guitar. He took it off of Homer.


Bart and Homer got up early with everyone and they took part in an activity that involved Lenny Kravitz (Whom Lenny liked very much because he was called Lenny). Tom Petty and Brian Setzer giving out instruments for everyone to play, however they all wanted guitars despite Elvis Costello asking if anyone would try the bass. (Which Homer thought was a fish.)

"Base, not 'bass' Dad..." Bart sighed.

Homer rudely knocked Elvis aside and handed out all the guitars.

Lenny Kravitz then has everyone dress up to sharpen their image as rock stars. Bart makes Homer scream by getting his hair dyed green and styled and face piercings.

"Aaaaaaaaaagh! Your mom is going to flip when we get home!" Homer yelled at Bart's makeover.

Homer chose to just dress like Lenny Kravitz. However Lenny felt that Homer's fat belly ruined his look and was greatly offended.

Lenny Kravitz then embarrassed some guy called Kenny by mentioning he stuffs the crotch of his pants to look big down there.

"I thought I could trust you!" Kenny, a guy in a sweater cried and ran off.

Next Brian was jamming with the camp goers in a hut. Homer decides to swing a guitar really hard by its wire over his head until it goes flying out the window and flies into Mick Jagger's office while he's inside working.

"Simpson!!" Mick yelled.

Meanwhile at home, Hugo and Oscar were watching Monkey Trauma Centre. A hospital drama with monkeys dressed up as doctors and nurses.

"Why are you watching this..." Lisa asked.

"Because it has monkeys in it! It's funny!" said Oscar.


Then they jammed. Bart Jammed with Brian Setzer. He was pleased he was finally getting the hang of his guitar.

Then they had dancing lessons with Mick Jagger. Unfortunately his dancing style was rather embarrassing...

"This is so that Egyptian dance Couch gag we once did in the early 90s..." Bart sighed as they did an Egyptian dance, walked like a duck and did the chicken dance.

"Now do the angry mom..." said Mick doing a finger wag gesture.

Bart half heartedly copied.

That night they had lyrics lessons with Tom Petty around the fire. Jason Vorhees was watching them from the bushes for some reason...

However soon the camp soon came to an end, much to Homer's displeasure. He even tried to take a guitar with him so Elvis Costello had to confiscate it from him.

Mick felt sorry for Homer though and invited him to join them as a groupie across America. Homer joyfully accepts.


Homer gets an all access pass that he treats literally... He eats food from the Squeaky voiced Teen's table that was meant for the Rolling Stones and the other rock stars from Rock camp who were guests at the gig. And he even goes in the ladies toilets.

However he's dismayed that he won't be playing but just testing the microphones. Seeing his family crestfallen at what he's been reduced to Homer disobeys orders and sings and rocks out.

This angers the Rolling Stones so they chase him around the stage in a giant devil head car that breaths fire. However disaster strikes when the accidentally drive off stage into the crowd injuring people.

The Rolling Stones apologise to Homer and offer him another chance to follow them on a gig. However he just wants their devil head car so they accept and give it to him.

A day later, Homer is driving the kids to school and drops them off. Principal Skinner tells him the devil car is not an appropriate choice of vehicle. Homer burns his clothes off with the flamethrowers.

Skinner is embarrassed.

Bart laughs at Skinner's predicament. "Coooool! Thanks Dad!"

"Simpsoooooonn!" Skinner yells.


At home one afternoon the Simpsons are watching the music video for Dancing in the street with Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

"Why on earth did Mick do a duet with David Bowie?!" Bart asked.

"I don't know..." Homer asked. Baffled.

Homer was driving Bart to a friend's house in the devil head car when they saw Spinal Tap.

"Look! Dad! Spinal Tap!" said Bart.

They stopped for Spinal Tap.

The lead singer admired their devil head car.

"Hey can we borrow that for our gig? Our props manager has still not fixed our deflated balloon devil..." said the lead singer.

"No way.' said Homer.

"Daaaaad! Please!" Bart whined.

"Okay fine.... but I want it back though." said Homer relenting.

"Thanks. How about two tickets to our gig for the both of you." said the lead singer.

"Cooool!" said Bart. He hoped there wouldn't be another riot...


One evening Homer went down to dinner clearly having been asleep. He thought it was early in the morning.

“Good morning honey, what’s for breakfast.” said Homer.

“Homer it’s five pm! We’re having dinner!” said Marge as they were all sat at the dining room having dinner. Some kind of meat and vegetables.

“What?! Wait was last night when we mysteriously moved the clocks forward eight hours?” said Homer.

“No Homie. You came home steaming drunk and fell asleep in the hall!”

“Impossible! I think I’d remember that!” said Homer.

“It’s true! I couldn’t wake you for work this morning so I had to call Mr Burns and tell him you couldn’t come in because you had violent diarrhoea!” said Marge.

Bart laughed hysterically.

“Marge! Couldn’t you have used a less embarrassing excused?” Homer whined.

“But you did have violent diarrhoea!” said Marge. “Nobody open the laundry closet upstairs until I say so.” Eeeeeeew!

Bart would not eat his broccoli again.

“Eeeew! Deadly broccoli!” said Bart pushing the broccoli aside.

“Eat your broccoli!” Homer yelled trying to make Bart eat his broccoli.

Lisa sighed.

“Here we go again...” she muttered.