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House Warming
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The day starts off with Itchy building a little present for Scratchy. As he marvels at Itchy's work, the present is shown to be a pretty treehouse. Scratchy hugs Itchy in thanks and goes up to play in the treehouse. Itchy, feeling satisfied with the job, turns away. A giant explosion is heard, and Itchy turns back to see the treehouse, and Scratchy, ablaze.

Itchy runs over to the tree and laughs. Scratchy jumps, but to his dismay, Itchy stands there and laughs, so he ends up crashing to the ground. With Scratchy burning to a crisp, Itchy has to come up with a way to kill him. He sees a hose attached to a fire hydrant and rushes over to grab it. Realising that he would not want to kill Scratchy to do so, he "mehs" at it.

He turns back to Scratchy and notices a bucket of petrol. He kicks it over, but the liquid makes the fire worse. A scorched Itchy laughs.

With Scratchy burning to hurt and Itchy out of ideas to kill him, he decides to stomp out the fire with his boots. With the fire finally out, Scratchy struggles to lift his hand to signal he is okay, In a blackened, burnt, bloody mush.