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Hortense Simpson was the sister of Abraham Simpson II, the paternal aunt of Homer Simpson, and the paternal grandaunt of Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Maggie Simpson. She resembles Marge Simpson a lot, which may mean that she's also related to the Bouvier family.

Hortense simpson.jpg

Hortense Simpson
Gender Female.png
Status Deceased.png
Alias(es) Aunt Hortense
Hair Blue
Age 84
Relatives Parents: Orville Simpson and Yuma Hickman

Siblings: Abraham Simpson II, Bill Simpson, Chet Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Hubert Simpson, Fester Simpson, and Tyrone Simpson
Nephews: Homer Simpson and Herbert Powell
Niece: Abbie Simpson
Great-nephews: Bart Simpson and Stanley Simpson
Great-nieces: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson