Simpsons Fanon

Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife Lenny gets a new HD TV that Homer quickly gets addicted too, and then the kids. Then the Simpsons take part in a wife swap with Ricky Gervais as a man married to a posh snooty bag who he hates. And zombie Eamonn Andrews cameos.


The chalkboard gag is a live action boy in school writing “I will not eat things for money.” Basically it’s the live action, real people title sequence.

The couch gag is live action, ie real people as a family much like the Simpsons sitting down on a couch.

The episode starts in its usual cartoon form thankfully. Marge and Homer are out one evening going to Lenny’s party at his flat they found uncomfortable to live in temporary when they found he lived next to a Jai Alai court. (Squash but with a hard ball and no rackets)

“Oh! I am so stoked for Lenny’s party!” said Homer.

“He said he has a big announcement.” said Marge.

“I wonder what is? He won the lottery?” Homer pondered.

“Or maybe he’s gonna get married...” Marge sighed feeling the romance.

“Now why the hell would he want to do that?!” Homer said with disgust. Marge glared at him. “Uh my darling beautiful wife I love very much!” Homer tried to break the ice. “I like your hat sweetie.”

“I’m not wearing a hat!” said Marge grumpy with him and annoyed.

“I mean the one at the house!” said Homer.


Anyone they soon arrived at Lenny’s apartment. Cleatus and Brandine looked on at the skyscraper wistfully.

“There’s another shin dig we can’t go to...” said Brandine.

“All because we’re afraid to use the uppity box.” said Cleatus. He was referring to the elevator on the side of the building with windows. Glass elevators are scary if you’re afraid of heights.

Marge and Homer arrived to the lively party in full swing.

“Hey Ned!” Someone greeted Ned because for some reason Lenny invited him. I mean he is Homer’s work and bar friend. When would he ever be in a social event with Ned.... Oh, church...

“Awwww crap!” Homer whined that Ned was there.

“Homer! Language!” said Marge. “Hey Ned!”

“Hi diddly ho Marge a rino!” said Ned greeting the Simpsons.

“Ain’t no party like a Lenny party! Cause a Lenny Party don’t stop!” said Carl dancing on the tea table. Then his watch beeped and he checked it. “I gotta work tomorrow, I better go.”

“Bye Carl!” said everyone as Carl left.

“Oh my god! I didn’t know Lenny was Newsfake Magazine’s man of the year!” Homer gasped at a magazine article about Lenny.

“Homer that’s an amusement park souvenir...” said Marge.

“Pffffft! Next you’ll be telling me he didn’t meet Woody Woodpecker!” said Homer pointing to a picture of Lenny at an amusement park with a mascot in a Woody Woodpecker suit.

“(Woody Woodpecker’s distinctive laughter)” Woody Woodpecker was doing his trademark cuckoo clock laugh and causing mayhem.

“Woody please! Calm down!” Lenny asked.

“Okay.” said Woody complying and standing still for a second.

“Woody if you can’t behave in a mature fashion at an adult’s party we could really use a babysitter.” said Marge. “It’s season rot and Matt didn’t write one with the kids.”

“Okay... this place is boring for a toon woodpecker where us toons have the personality of a hyperactive preteen...” Woody sighed. He did his trademark laugh (Ha-ha-ha HAAAAA HA! Blblblblblbl!) and ran off somewhere.

Marge apologised to Lenny for Woody Woodpecker’s behaviour.

“Ah that’s okay. Anyway Homer pointing out that photo was a cue for me to explain that I dated the lady in that suit for three months. Not a random cameo from Woody Woodpecker, Mr Narrator..." said Lenny.

But I like Woody Woodpecker...

“You did?!” Homer asked.

“Yeah but she then left me for the guy who cleans up the vomit from the roller coaster...” Lenny sighed.

“Eeeeeew!” Homer groaned in disgust.

Moe had something to say about Lenny’s celery snacks. “Lenny I see you cut your celery at an angle. Makes my straight cut celery look like crap!” He threw the plate angrily to the floor and it smashed.

Everyone gasped at him for swearing. Crap is a swear according to the Simpsons...

Will Moe’s swearing ruin this party? We’re gonna have to wait while we see how Bart, Lisa etc are getting on since canon doesn’t mention them...


Bart and Oscar came onto a film set made like the Simpsons house as they walked down the main hall and into the living room in evening gowns.

“Okay that title sequence with live action people was creepy.” said Bart.

“Yeah they had pink skin with no overbites and five fingers on each hand!” said Oscar opening a door that had the live action people having dinner at a dining room inside. Oscar screamed and slammed the door.

“Um okay...” said Bart grimacing. “Anyway Matt strangely only did that title sequence for this episode’s first broadcast. Here’s the alternative titles...” the scene cut to a title sequence.

It was animated as usual. In school, Bart was doing a chalkboard gag. “I will not laminate dog doo.”

The couch gag is the Simpsons sit on the couch but a skewer goes through it as it is on a roasting spit and the Simpsons are rotated around above a pit of fire that opens in the floor.

“That’s much better...” said Oscar. “I never want to see those ugly live action people ever again...”

“Anyway can’t believe Mom and Dad wouldn’t take us to Lenny’s party just because it’s a grown ups party...” Bart sighed as he was now sat in the couch watching TV in his evening gown for when he references Hugh Hefner.

“Can’t believe they didn’t hire a babysitter!” said Oscar. “I am so tempted to have a house party. Or screw up and call round random people like Krusty, order a cartoonishly long hoagie or some devil worshippers again...”

“Oh shoot! We’ve been at home with no adult supervision for twenty whole minutes and I haven’t broke anything! Quick throw that vase!” said Bart ordering Oscar to throw and break a vase.


Back at the party despite Moe saying the word crap, all was good.

Homer was talking to Lenny when he forgot what Lenny looked like again.

“You’re Lenny! Awww! I wanted the black one!” Homer whined.

“Homer that’s Carl...” Lenny sighed.

“Anyway I love the bass from this groovy music!” said Homer as the apartment shook from loud bass.

“Homer that’s not bass, that’s the jai alai game going on next door.” said Lenny opening some curtains to show the glass wall between Lenny’s apartment and a Jai Alai court currently in use with players wearing some sort of large glove to hurl the ball at the glass wall. Every impact shook the apartment with a loud boom Homer mistook for bass.

“Oh...” said Homer. Wondering how Lenny could live with that.

Suddenly Lenny tapped his glass with a spoon as he had an announcement.

“People! People! I have an announcement.” said Lenny. Everyone listened. “I know you’re all wondering why You’re all here. The truth is I’m dying.”

Everyone gasped.

“To tell you that I have adopted.” Lenny continued.

“Awwwwwwwww!” Everyone cooed.

“A new faith,” said Lenny.

“Huh?” Everyone asked.

“In the power of technological advances to make me happy!” said Lenny. “That’s right! I brought a new plasma screen HD TV!” He revealed from behind theatre curtains a huge TV screen was mounted on the wall.

Everyone clapped with applause and admired the graphics as Lenny put the TV on.

Homer was especially entranced by the TV.

“I’ve never seen a picture so highly defined!” said Sideshow Mel dramatically.

“Can’t believe he’s the sideshow on my kids’ favourite TV show now and not that Sideshow Bob Guy.” said Homer.

“Homer he’s a convicted felon and is in prison on multiple counts of attempted murder, attempted mass murder, Terrorism... electoral fraud...” Marge explained.

“Whatever... Lenny! This TV is amazing!” said Homer as the Phantom of the Opera was on. It’s the gayest supervillain ever! Fear his scented candles! Scented!! “Hehehe! You better watch out! I might just spend the rest of my life on your couch!”

Lenny chuckles sheepishly. “You don’t mean that literally of course?”

“You’re right Lenny, I-“ said Homer. He matrix dived at the couch while that one tune from space 2001 an odyssey played with the drums and the planets!

Mrs Krabappel, Dr Hibbert and Barney who were on the couch watching Homer in matrix dive undo his trouser belt and take off his shoes dived out of the way. He landed, caught a sandwich hoagie with one hand and the remote with his other and changed the channel. “Lenny bring me your deepest chamber pot. Chop chop!” said Homer.

Marge shook her head.


Three days later...

Homer is still at Lenny’s apartment watching a fish tank screensaver on Lenny’s HD TV. Either that or there’s a fish tank simulator channel.

“Gaaaaasp! Look at that picture quality! You can see the soulless emptiness in that shark’s eyes!”

“Yes ain’t it beautiful...” said Troy McClure sitting next to him after fetching a beer. He was clearly aroused by the fish swimming about on the ocean or fish tank channel. “Hi I’m Troy McClure and I've been to such parties as The Night Before... and American Pie!”

“Will you go away. This is is a time skip to introduce my kids who haven’t had any lines or screen time yet...” said Homer annoyed by Troy.

“This makes me feel very hungry.” said Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch as an anthropomorphic cat person sitting down. The fish on the TV made him hungry.

“Guys! Please!” Homer groaned.

Someone knocked on Lenny’s apartment door. Lenny let in the visitors who were Bart, Lisa and Hugo.

Homer was flicking through the TV.

“Ooooooooh! Two and a half men! You can see the soulless emptiness in Charlie Sheen’s eyes...” said Homer as Charlie Sheen walked by the camera.

“Shaddup Homer...” said Charlie Sheen.

Homer screamed.

“Dad! Please come home! It’s been three days!” Lisa whined.

“Yeah I made a potato salad in that time!” said Oscar holding a bowl of potato salad.

Bart frowned and grabbed the bowl and smashed it on the floor.

“You idiot! That potato salad took me three days to make! Three days!!” Oscar yelled strangling Bart.

“Ack! Ecccck! Oz! Stop with the Spongebob potato salad references!” Bart whined as he was being strangled.

“Dad please! Oh! HD TV!” Lisa noticed the HD TV.

“Mom didn’t say anything about HD TV!” Bart gasped with joy having got free from Oscar.

They giggled and sat by Homer now that Troy and anthropomorphic Salem had left.

“Woooooow!” The kids gasped.

“Later if I have the energy we can go up to the TV and I’ll show you how thin it is...” said Homer.

“Wow! There’s a rainbow outside!” said Lisa as there was a rainbow outside. Care Bears slid down it like it was a slide followed by the angry leprechaun from Treehouse of Horror XII muttering Irish sounding gibberish followed by gay men.

“That’s rather interesting narrator...” said Lisa sighing at this nonsense.

“Oh yeah? Well right now there’s a commercial with a dancing cold sore!” said Homer. On the TV was a dancing and singing cold sore on a lady’s face.

It was singing Break out! and dancing.

Later Homer was watching a Nascar race featuring a grandfather, a father and a son all with the same name racing each other.

“And Lance Bareback III wins!” said the announcer. “Defeating his father and grandfather Lance Bareback and Lance Bareback Jr.”

“Whoooooooa! I can feel the heat from that fire!” said Homer on fire as embers flew about.

“Beat it! This is my alone time!” said Lenny throwing lit matches at him and setting him on fire.

Homer put himself out and left.

“Can I have a picture with the TV?” Homer asked.

“Oh I ain’t failing for that one again...” said Lenny. There were loads of wall pictures of Homer with the TV.

“Oh yeah...” said Homer.


Homer was at home, grumpy as he watched TV on his non high definition TV. A CTR with bunny ear arial antennae.

“Stupid non HD TV! Picture quality so bad I might as well rub dirt in my eyes...” Homer grumbled.

“Homer I have some news.” said Marge.

“You’re pregnant?!” Homer screamed.

“No! No no no!” Marge explained. Homer sighed with relief. “I have entered us into a competition, where the first prize is... A brand new HD TV!”

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I love you!” Homer kisses her passionately.

“Hehehehe! Now I hope we’ll win!” Marge giggled.

“There’s a chance we won’t win?!” Homer gasped.

Plot 2[]

Some time later Homer was in the front lounge on his own gluing pictures in his collection book.

“And there’s my collection of Family Circus newspaper comics completed... hehehehe...” Homer read his collection and chuckled before deciding the hobby was a waste of time and threw The book in the fire.

The green phone rang. “Yello?”

“Homer Simpson, congratulations!” said a male voice.

“Oh my god! I won the HD TV?!” Homer gasped.

“No no no. No one ever wins that.” said the voice.

Homer groaned.

“You won third place. A family trip to Fox Studios!” said the voice.

“All expenses paid?!” Homer gasped.

“Uh... um... I have to go.” The line went dead.


At Fox Studios a boy was selling Botox at a lemonade stand.

And a dog will be seen eating cat food in the land. A dog was eating cat food.

The Simpsons and others who won the tour of Fox Studios were in a buggy train being driven about by a tour guide. A Raphael clone tour guide.

“And there’s where we make The Best Damn Sports Show, period. And there’s where we make the Worst Damn comedy show ever, Period.” said the Tour guide. There was a studio for a terrible comedy about college girls. There was booing and jeering coming from inside.

“And There’s Dan Castellaneta from the Tracy Ullman Show.” said the Tour guide as Homer’s actor made a cameo.

Homer screamed. “Aaaaaaagh!” And reality fell apart around them.

“You fools! You messed with the natural order!!” Sir Raven from Grim Adventures screamed as the universe collapsed in on itself.

And there was nothing...

“Oh great the universe collapsed because Dad saw his voice actor...” Bart groaned.

After Bart rebooted the universe by unplugging and plugging the outlet plug of the universe back in again they continued their tour of Fox Studios. They were now inside walking about.

“And here’s where we develop many of our reality shows... There’s a dwarf or a midget? America decides.”

Herve Villechaize was in that studio set.

“The plane! The plane!”

“Okay Warwick have you got your alien teddy bear costume on yet?” a producer asked Warwick Davis.

“They’re Ewoks from the fourth moon of Endor! Not alien teddy bears!” George Lucas yelled at the producer as Warwick Davis dressed as an Ewok/Alien teddy bear and holding the costume’s head arrived on set. Also in the Simpsons episode Codependents Day George Lucas is a dwarf in their universe.

“Moving on to A Million Dollar Fart Off.” said the guide.

There was fart noises coming from a studio.

Oscar and Bart laughed. Marge sighed at their immature sense of humour.

Krusty had just lit a cigar and threw the burning match into that studio.

“No sir! Don’t!” A studio crew member warned. The A Million Dollar Fart Off studio exploded violently killing everyone inside.


Lisa cleaning the soot off of herself and remarking her clothes were burning from the fart explosion passed a door labelled Mother Flippers. No it doesn’t involve flipping the bird at mothers or a dolphin house wife mother.

“Mother Flippers? What’s that?” Lisa asked.

A douche bag goatee beard executive cane out from that studio to explain.

Bart recognised him from that time they were in a 19th century fly on the wall show.

“Hey! We know you! You’re studio tried to kill us on that stupid Live Like It’s Eighteen Ninety Five show because we weren’t entertaining enough!” Bart yelled.

“Get him!” Homer yelled.

The Simpsons except Marge and Lisa were beating up their sworn enemy the Fox executive from Helter Shelter. When they went to live like a nineteenth century family.

Marge and Lisa sighed.

“Oz when you’re done pummelling that guy would you read his lines...” Lisa sighed.

“Sure... Ahem!” Oscar was reading a script. “Uh, this is a reality programme dear, where we take two wives from two very different families and they trade places for a month.”

“I already saw that exact same show last week on another network...” said Lisa.

“Um... here have a Fox studio sweatshirt sweat heart...” said Oscar stuffing a blue sweater with a hood on Lisa.

“This is an ABC studio’s Sweatshirt.” said Lisa.

“Yes and the zip goes all the way up...” said the battered and bruised executive as he zipped up the sweater all the way over her face asphyxiating her.

Lisa made muffled screams as the executive lead her into a cage full of terrible American Idol singers!

“And I’m saving all my love for yooooooouuuu!” They sung badly.

“Hose them down.” said a guard. Guards nosed down the terrible singers and poor Lisa.


Homer was talking with the executive from Helter Shelter he was beating up for trying to kill his family just to boost show ratings. He was interested in Mother Flippers.

“What’s the prize for taking part?”

“Enough money to buy a HD TV.” said the executive.

“Woohoo! I always wanted a HDTV! Where do I sign? Where do I sign!” Homer wanted to go on it.

“Wait hold it! Are you sure you want everyone to see your family’s most private moments and mock them once again?” The executive asked.

“Sure! Just check out my DVD!” said Homer showing a DVD of his family he made. “They’ll never let me near Lake Havena ever again... hehehehe!”

Homer was signing his family up for the show.

“Homer what are you doing? We have to find Lisa.” said Marge.

“Signing us up for this mother flippers wife swap show where we swap you for with another mother of another family for a month! Ain’t that cool?” Homer asked.

“I suppose that could be interesting... or it could ruin our lives...” said Marge.

“I’m sure it will be cool! These things are always hilarious! Imagine what a poor dame will see when she stays with us! We’re so dysfunctional! Ahahahaha!” Bart laughed.

Homer glared at him. “Don’t fret sweetie. You’re a wonderful mother and I want to share you with the whole world!”

“Ooooooh Homie!” Marge was touched. “But I don’t think I want to be humiliated on TV!”

“Relax sweetheart. I’ve been on one of these, they’re great fun and no one gets hurt...” said a tourist. “And if you say yes it’ll make a good ad break!”

“I’ll do it!” said Marge.

“Can you be a little more enthusiastic.”

“I’ll do it!”

“Maybe less enthusiastic.”

“I’ll do it.”

“Maybe the first time was better.”

“I’ll do it!”

“Uh just do it how you feel comfortable.”

“I’ll do it! I’ll dooooo it! I’ll do it.” Marge was finding how to read her lines.

“Eh... we’ll get it in the end...


After commercials.

The Simpsons rescued Lisa from the American Idol Cage.

“Jiggahlyyyyyyy puff... jiggahlyyyyyyyy eeeeee puff...” sung the the Jigglypuff song singing black guy. Oscar and Bart quickly put on fluffy ear muffs. Hugo and the other Simpsons were too late and fell asleep from the Jigglypuff song. It was super effective.

“I am the king of the foreeeeeeeest! Not queen, not duke, not prince...” sung the fat Chewbacca lady.

Bart and Oscar winced at the cringeworthy singing and dragged Lisa who was sleeping out of the American Idol Cage.

Eventually the Simpsons were all awake and having a coffee in a bistro at Fox Studio when Lisa was told the news they were on Mother Flippers.

“But Dad is it really worth embarrassing us and broadcasting our most private moments on TV?” Lisa asked.

“HD TV!” said Homer.


“TV?” said Homer.

“Daaad...” Lisa sighed.

“Yes T-Visa?” Homer replied.

“Never mind...”


The Fox Executive introduces the Simpsons to the family they were swapping with.

“Simpsons meet the Heathbars. You’ll be mother flipping with them.

The Simpsons were impressed with the upperclass family.


“Hey Marge they only had one kid! Talk about sensible!” said Homer.

“You’re the one that wouldn’t wear a condom! You said they made sex boring!” Marge snapped under her breath.

“This is Verity Heathbar. She’s the youngest college graduate.” said the Fox executive.

“I got my tenure at 28.” said the snooty bitch.

“Ooooooh! Bart when did you get your tenure?” Homer asked Bart.

“I got my tenure right here!” Bart pulled down his shorts and pants and mooned the Heathbars. Marge was mortified.

“Oooooooh! I have full tenure!” said Homer also exposing his buttocks.

“Um we need to pixelate those...” said a Fox executive.

“There ain’t enough pixels in the world?!” A crew member cried.

“My eyes! It burns!!” cried another.

“Um, let’s just censor them with Ryan Seacrest heads...” said the Fox Executive.

Next the father of the Heathbars was introduced.

“This is Charles Heathbar. Voiced by our guest star, Ricky Gervais...” said the Fox Executive.

“You can call me Charlie, but don’t call me late when there’s scones about!” said Ricky Gervais as Charles. The Simpsons were confused. “It’s dry British wit...”

Oscar laughed. “Oh I get it! Hahahaha! Mmmmm... scones....”

Homer rolled his eyes.

"And this is our son Ben." said Charles. The heathbars were posh so presumably over educated him to the point he was a dork with a musical instrument and could speak fluently in different languages etc.

Oscar smirked. "Note to self. Sing Michael Jackson's Ben at him."

Bart winced and sighed exasperated with Oscar.

"Ben plays the lute and can speak fluent Mandarin." said Charles.

Oscar cracked up laughing. "Note to self. Make fun of Mandarin by saying that I speak fluent orange too."

Bart sighed.

“I’m sure you’ll both get along just fine...” said the Fox Executive.


At the Simpsons house Homer had a cardboard cutout of Marge with stickers on it. “Now you listen here Charles! These are all the areas of my wife you are forbidden to touch! Especially the hair!”

“Oh don’t worry. I’m a bit of an elbow man myself. A little different, nothing weird, just humour...” said Ricky Gervais as Charles.

“You take a long time to say nothing...” said Homer squinting at him.

Eventually it was time for the wives to swap. Marge went to Charles’s mansion. Verity stayed with the Simpsons.

As soon as she arrived she bitched about her husband. “I despise Charles. He never showed me any love. Not for all those dank, dusty years....”

“Um okay...” said Homer.

“Eight dusty cruel years...” said Charles talking about his wife. “But enough about me. Tell me about yourself Marge.” said Ricky Gervais warmly.

“Oh! Well my hair is blue... I’m a Pisces...“ said Marge.

Charles got bored but tried to remain gamely and polite. “Marge do you like comedy?”

“I like a laugh as long as it’s good natured.” said Marge.

“Super! I am a funny man myself. A little dry wit, dinner party jokes, weddings...” Charles boasted. “And here are my co hosts, Stephen Merchant and eh... Karl Pilkington...”

Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington arrived and sat down at a table suddenly everyone was at. The conversation consisted of witty banter and jokes about things like fishing, wives, TV etc. And Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant laughing at Karl Pilkington every time he said something. And calling him rude names because of his baldness.

“Ha! You useless bald headed Manc twat!” Ricky Gervais laughed.

Marge didn’t find that funny. She felt sorry for Karl Pilkington.

Plot 3[]

In the Simpsons house that night Verity was still ranting about her husband while chewing her glasses.

“Charles hasn’t satisfied me in years...” said Verity as Homer was trying to go downstairs to sleep.

“Yeah that’s how I feel about Notre Dame football...” said Homer. Silly reference time!

We cut to Quasimodo and the gargoyles playing American football.

“Hut! Hut! Hut!” Quasimodo and his gargoyle friends formed a ruck.

“Narrator that was stupid...” Homer sighed.

“Eight cruel, dusty years...” said Verity wearing her glasses.

“She looks like my late dad as a woman...” said Oscar. “He was a right dork...”

“Go to bed...” Homer sighed as all the kids were supposed to be asleep by now.

Meanwhile Marge made dinner for Charles while he was doing an episode of the Ricky Gervais show in the dining room. And the Heathbars son um... Ben was playing a violin.

“Oooohhhh! My daughter plays the saxophone!” said Marge serving a chicken and mash and green stuff.

“Fascinating Marge. But I am trying to do an episode of the Ricky Gervais show! I do late night comedy shows, witty banter, mocking Karl’s baldness....” said Ricky Gervais as Charles. “Hey this food ain’t half bad!”

“Why thank you! I made that!” said Marge.


Bart was watching Itchy and Scratchy when Verity came in.

“Bart! I told you to do the dishes! And I don’t call that doing the dishes...” said Verity.

The dog was licking the dishes and Maggie was passing them out the letter box of the back door. There were plate smashing sounds from outside.

“Toon Link stop breaking them!” Oscar yelled.

“Ha! Tyaaaaaaaah! Haaaaraaaah!” Toon Link yelled while breaking things.

“Well my mom says why bother punishing me... I never learn...” said Bart.

Verity was disgusted with his violent cartoon.

“Bart, I am going to turn that cartoon into homework!” said Verity.

Bart screamed. “Help me camera man! I let you smoke a cigarette in my room!”

“That was a joint and I have a name...“ said the camera man.

Bart was then reading an essay on all the violent things that happened in Itchy and Scratchy. “And then Itchy pulled out Scratchy’s heart. My brother Hugo and my friend Oscar then started role playing as Mola Ram and chanting Kali ma shakti de... then I yelled at them for missing my cartoon the end.”

“Good. Now Homer care to read your essay about CSI Miami...” said Verity.

Homer took out a screwed up essay. “CSI Miami. A guy died in Miami so CSI Miami invetigigated. Then a family said how much they loved Olive Garden. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up Letterman was talking to Alias.”


At Charles’s mansion.

Ben was playing a lute. Marge was very impressed.

“Quite so ma’am. Now I must attend my Mandarin lesson! Chow! Chow!” Ben said something in citrus fruit and went off to learn how to speak like an orange.

Oscar came in dressed as an orange.

“Oscar what are you doing here?” Marge asked.

“I’ve taken up Mandarin lessons too!” He stood there in silence. “What? Oranges don’t speak!”

Marge and Charles face palm.


Then Charles told a story about genies and spousal abuse. Marge didn’t find that funny.

"So this man and his wife find a magic lamp."

"Oh." said Marge.

"The man rubs the lamp and a genie pops out."

"Hey Al! I'll grant you three wishes! But here's the catch. What ever you wish for your wife gets double!" said Genie from Aladdin.

"Remember that Marge. Double."

Marge was pensive. Ie thinking.

"I wish for a thousand dollars." said the husband.

"Okay but your wife gets 2000 dollars." said the genie.

"It doubles remember."

"Ok I wish for a car."

"Okay but your wife gets two..."

Charles chuckles as the punchline arrived.

"Okay, beat me half to death." said the husband. Charles chuckled.

"You see the genie roughs him up a little. But because his wife gets double... she gets beaten, to death." said Charles.

"That's not funny! That's disgusting!" Marge said annoyed.

Ricky Gervais did his “Yeah I told a joke in bad taste, wasn’t really funny here I am telling you even I the comedian didn’t find it funny...”

“I did like the genie though, I can really imagine him curly shoes... smoke all over the place... my husband painted blue...” said Marge.

Meanwhile at the Simpsons Verity was doing something in the kitchen. Homer smelt cooking.

“Mmmmmm! What smells so good?” Homer asked.

“I’m burning your underwear!” said Verity.

“Ooooooooh!” Homer groaned.

Obviously his underwear was so disgusting she felt it needed to be destroyed.

At Charles’s mansion he wore kimonos but it wasn’t Asian night and drinking cocktails while making awkward passes at Marge.

“Charles your married! You have a son!” Marge explained.

“Verity doesn’t love me! And Ben’s not mine! He’s whozit’s kid. Some guy who she did fancy and had a one night stand with!” Charles ranted.

Marge gasped and explained he should be careful Ben doesn’t hear him.

“Oh don’t worry. I gave the maid the night off to take Ben out somewhere.

The maid went to an Irish pub with Ben.

“When can I go home...” Ben groaned.

“When I get sick of these beers! And I never do...” said the drunk house maid.


Meanwhile at the Simpsons.

“So, why is this episode called Homer Simpson, this is your wife?” Bart asked the fourth wall.

“It’s a reference to This is your life. Hosted by Eamonn Andrews,” said Oscar. Suddenly the This is your life theme played as zombie Eamonn Andrews arrived with a red book.

“Homer Ssssssimpson... braaaaains... This, is your life.... (Zombie groans)” said zombie Eamonn Andrews opening the red book.

“Wait! Eamonn Andrews is dead Oz...” said Bart.

“I know. That’s why he’s a zombie...” said Oscar.

“Uuuuuuuh.... braaaaaaains!... mrrrrrrrrrr...” said zombie Eamonn Andrews.

Bart winced exasperated.