Simpsons Fanon


  • Nancy Cartwright
  • Dan Canstelleta
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson, Princess Cresentia
  • Julie Kavner


Eric Punio bonds with Bart and they have fun together. Homer is worried Bart thinks Eric is a better father figure, so he tries to convince Eric to not hang out with Bart anymore. Meanwhile, Lisa, mistaken for her doppelganger, Princess Crescentia of Sweden, is kidnapped for a ransom.


The chalkboard gag is: "Cannibalism is not a career choice."


At the Simpson family household, Kent Brockman appears on TV with a news report announcing that Princess Cresentia of Sweden is coming to Springfield.

We see that Princess Cresentia somewhat resembles Lisa with the same pearl necklace. Her identical hairstyle is combed to the back and her eyes are a bit triangular.