Simpsons Fanon

Homer's Odyssey is the eleventh episode of my fanon. Bart's school takes a trip to the power plant and Homer gets fired again. Also featuring Black Smithers!

  • Dan Castellana as Homer Simpson
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson

Guest stars

  • Hank Azaria
  • Harry Shearer
  • Tress MacNeille
  • Phil Hartman
  • Eileen Stevens as Oscar Tamaki


The chalkboard gag is. “They are laughing at me. Not with me.”

”I’m laughing with him...” said Oscar.

Bart's class are being taken on a school trip to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

“Now I hope we don’t have a repeat of that infamous trip to the Springfield Penitentiary, children?” said Mrs Krabappel.

“I didn’t open that door Mrs K!” Bart whined.


On the bus Otto is late. His excuse was that he was partying late last night.

”Woooo! Sorry I’m Tardy Mrs K. Partied hard last night.”

Mrs Krabappel wasn’t impressed with Otto.

“Hey Otto. Got any new Tattoos?” Bart asked Otto.

“Well I woke up with this one this morning...”

“Cooooo!” said Bart. “Well I still have this one from Christmas....”

Lisa was annoyed at Bart for showing off his defiant tattoo.

“Bart sit down at once. Since there’s no space sit next to Wendell.”

“But Mrs K! Wendell is always travel sick...” Bart whined.

“Maybe so but there’s nowhere else to sit Bart...” said Mrs Krabappel.

Bart sighed and sat down next to Wendell.

Wendell a pale sick boy groaned.

”The bus shaking as we go over pot holes makes me queasy...” Wendell groaned.

Bart winced he really didn’t want to be puked on today.

“Keep your arms in the bus children! We all know what happened to that little boy...” said Mrs Krabapple.

“And I was that boy!” said Bart standing on his seat with one of his arms hidden in his shirt to pretend he only had one arm. Everyone laughed.

“Bart sit down!” Mrs Krabapple told him off.

Wendell groaned from the bus going over potholes.

“Mrs Krabappel! Mrs Krabappel!” Bart calls out.

“Bart if I here one more word out of you I’ll make you sing in front of the whole bus...” Mrs Krabappel warned him.

“Can I choose the song?” said Bart.

“No it will be a degrading folk song like Polly Wolly Doodle.” said Mrs Krabapple.

"We're gonna make you sing, Bart Simpson," chimed Sherri.

"Yeah, Bart Simpson..." Terri chimed. "We're gonna make you sing."

Bart tried to be quiet but Sherri and Terri kiss him, thus making him scream.


Mrs K makes him get up and sing a lame folk song.

Oscar thinks Bart's singing is funny and that he actually sounds good. Bart explains that he used to sing all the time for his aunts Patty and Selma before his sister Lisa was born.

Eventually Bart is allowed to sit down. They soon arrive at the plant.

“Hey it’s the Plant! You made it Wendell!” said Bart. He slapped Wendell on the back and he was sick everywhere.

“Eeeeeeew!” Everyone groaned.

At the Power Plant Mrs Krabappel and Miss Hoover got the vomit cleared up while Bart spoke to Otto and looked at his tattoos.

He rolls up his sleeve and reveals a screaming skull that is on fire and has a knife impaled straight through it's head.

“Cool. I want one.” said Bart.

”Huh. Not until you're 14, my little friend.” said Otto.

Bart looked at him like he had three heads. “Otto...” Bart showed off his Mother Tattoo from Christmas.

”Oh yeah. Well that was pretty naughty Bart. I bet your folks weren’t cool about that.”

“No. They were absolutely furious about it, Otto!” said Lisa.

Bart made a face at her.


At the plant they are met by Black Smithers. Yes a black Smithers, don't ask. He gives them a guided tour of the plant.

“This is where all the power comes from that powers your video games to egg timers to making yummy candy!” said Black Smithers.

“What have you done with the real Mr Smithers sir?” Oscar asked.

Black Smithers sighed and ignored his stupid question.

Then Black Smithers shows them a cartoon of the mascot, Smilin' Joe Fission.

Bart stands up during the cartoon so we see his silhouette. "Bart! Sit down!" Mrs Krabapple tells him off.

“Hi! I’m smiling Joe Fission!” said a cowboy atom. Um... Texanium? Well there’s a Californium... why not?

Some blue growling little monsters appeared.

“Oh no! Radioactive fall out! I’ll just stamp out these out!” Smiling Joe Fission stuffed the blue monsters under a rug and stamped them out. One escapes and growled before being kicked away by Smiling Joe Fission.

Then Smiling Joe Fission encounters some orange rods.

“We’re uranium 235 fuel rods!” said the rods.

“And that one is Rod Flanders.” said Oscar.

Bart laughed.

“Shhhhh!” Mrs Krabappel hushed them.

“We are really, really hot today Joe!” said the rods sweating.

“We wish there was some way to cool down!” said another rod.

“Well luckily there’s a nice cool swimming pool over there!” said Smiling Joe Fission pointing to a swimming pool.

The rods cheer and run off to the pool. Smiling Joe Fission watches them dive and splash about happily.

“Of course those rods are so hot kids, that they boil the water they’re in!” said Smiling Joe Fission.

The uranium rods are in boiling hot water yelping and crying in pain. “Ow! Ow! Ouch!”

"Any questions?" Black Smithers asks. Everyone puts their hands up. "One's not about my skin color. I'm Mr Smithers' long lost African cousin, okay!'

"Oh, so you haven't been on holiday Mr Smithers, or Matt hasn't accidentally colored everyone in wrong..." said Bart

"No!" Black Smithers yelled.

They then go through several security doors.

“Follow me children!” said Black Smithers.

"Mr Burns sure is secretive or paranoid of visitors..." said Bart to Oscar.

"Hey that guy from the title sequence is eating a sandwich with the tongs!" said Oscar as the random background guy from the title sequence was having his lunch using the tongs for picking up deadly radioactive samples to hold his sandwich.

“This is a energy monitoring station. It’s to warn if a reactor is malfunctioning.” said Black Smithers. “And if you look out the windows you’ll see where our water rejoins the rest of nature.”

Oscar sees a three eyed fish swimming about where the waste water is expelled.

They pass over one of the concourses where employees are at work. Some of the kids have parents working at the plant. Sherri and Terri say hi to their dad.

Bart says hi to Homer while he's riding a cart, but he is distracted by Bart and crashes it into a gas pipe that sets off the poison gas alarm. It's quickly rectified by some hazmat workers, but Sherri and Terri's father, who is Homer's supervisor fires him.

However Mr Burns is watching from his office and demands to know what is happening. Yellow Smithers explains Homer caused an accident and has been terminated by Mr Mackleberry. Probably quite rightfully under his own judgment, since Homer's accident could have cost lives. Mr Burns angrily demands Mr Mackleberry be called to his office at once.

”How dare he fire my employees! I decide which slack jawed fool gets fired!” Mr Burns shouted.

”Sir, it’s common practice to delegate certain responsibilities to-“ Smithers stammered but Mr Burns glared at him.

”Mr Mackleberry report to Mr Burns’s office at once.” said Smithers over tannoy.

However he's not angry about the accident that happened under his watch, he's furious that Mackleberry took it upon himself to fire an employee. He immediately sacks him and orders Smithers to contact Homer and explain he is reinstated but has been demoted to safety inspector.

"And take your cousin home before people start wondering why you were brown in this episode!" said Mr Burns.

"Um it was a coloring error..." said Matt Groening.

Meanwhile the fourth graders are going on a trolley ride through the factory. They see various things such as the radioactive lakes full of blinky the three eyed fishes, passing the cafeterias and the concourses.

Oscar and Martin watched the cartoon again.

The big with uranium rods came up.

“And these are rods of Uranium 235! Hi Rod!” said Smiling Joe Fission.

“Hi Mr blasphemous cartoon!” said Rod Flanders in the theatre.

“Rod... you don’t even go to our school... why are you here...” Oscar sighed.


Homer laments being fired from work that evening until there is a knock at the door. Smithers is there with two goons to explain Homer is being reinstated however as punishment for his accident he is demoted to safety inspector. A boring job that involves sitting at a computer terminal all day that operates the plant.

Mr Smithers then takes his leave, stating he must fly his cousin, Black Smithers home.

Homer celebrates by going to Moe's as in canon but he's able to buy drinks.

"Wow! My hair is black!" said Moe. "And my apron is so orange!"


Matt slumps on his desk with embarrassment.

Barney with blond hair burps.

"Okay we get it! I accidentally colored everyone in wrong!" Matt cried. "Are you finished?"

"Um no. Is that why Chief Wiggum used to have black hair, Akira used to be pale and Bart used to have a blue t shirt?" Oscar asks.

"Ay carumba! I can't wear blue! It's just not me!" Bart whines wearing a blue t shirt.

"And I'm still not finished! Look at the school!" Oscar is standing in front of the school one morning. "It's grey! It's supposed to orange!" Oscar rolled his eyes. Then we go to Homer's workspace while he's working. "And why are Homer's tongs sometimes orange and sometimes grey?"

"Okay stop breaking the fourth wall and get back to my scene!" Homer yells. We return to Moe's. Moe suddenly gets a prank phone call.

"I P freely? Hey everybody! I.P. Freely!" said Moe.

Everyone laughs at him.

"Oh it's you again you little puke! When I get ahold of you, I'm gonna gut you like a fish!" Moe yelled down the phone.


At the other end Bart was laughing having pranked Moe.


At School, Sherri and Terri are angry because their father got fired for firing Homer and Bart lets slip that he was reinstated which makes them even more mad. They are determined to make Bart's life hell.

At work, Homer is in his room working at the terminal when the guy with one huge eye walks in to tell the news that Barry Mackleberry committed suicide. Homer doesn't care much, he never liked Mackleberry.

At School, things get worse for Bart after Sherri and Terri explain their father killed himself. They prank him with all sorts of horrible pranks until Oscar finds out and promises to get them back, with a spider on a string.

Homer drives home and argues with the old couple that live in the brown house. That night Barry Mackleberry's ghost haunts him and makes him his sworn enemy. However Homer's asleep dreaming about asking Marge to change the channel.

At School Oscar scares Sherri and Terri with a toy spider on a string. They vow to get him back, because they secretly think he's cute.

That afternoon Bart and Oscar skateboard home from school. They pass the bus stop. There are an unusual group of people waiting. They are, Sherri and Terri's grandmother, Bart as an adult, a red haired lady and some mobsters Bart made up in Bart's guide to life with funny, gross names like Halitosis Harry and unpleasant armpit odour Ernie.

Bart was feeling naughty. As he skateboarded past he nicked the bus stop sign. The bus went past and wouldn't stop so the people went after it frantically.

"Those people are so weird. I swear the bloke in the middle looks like you as a grown up, Bart." said Oscar.

"Uh yeah, sure..." said Bart.

At home Marge had words with Oscar.

"Oscar, people around town have been complaining about you painting everything weird colours..." Marge sighed.

"I'm just painting everything their proper colours... Why is the school grey and not orange? And why does this Bart doll have a blue shirt?" Oscar asked.

"Okay that's enough now Oz..." Bart sighed as he confiscated the Bart doll.

Marge sighed and gave Oscar a stern but softly stern look because she thinks he’s cute. Especially when he acts like a baby.

”Goo!” Oscar gurgled like an infant.

Plot 2[]

That night after Moe's Homer is almost run over on the Springfield bridge. He is so incensed by the lack of safety signs he vows to make the bridge safe. However he decides to wait until the morning when he's sober to tell his family.

He also argues with the Winfields again on the way home.

”Run fat boy! Run!” Mr Winfield taunted him.

”What does Marcellus Wallace look like!” Jules yelled.

The following morning Homer starts his campaign but is struggling with ideas so he lays on the sofa until the kids start poking him. Maggie pokes him very hard in the eye.

"Uh, Homeboy, didn't that hurt?" Bart asks.


Eventually they get him to go around petitioning but everyone slams their doors on him, including Bart.

"Sorry, but you're not giving up that easily Homeboy!" Bart replies before shutting him out again.

Homer goes on the news and with Kent's support gets his wish. The bridge is made safe with traffic signs. However he decides to continue protesting to make all of Springfield safe for everyone much to the annoyance of the newspapers who even ask in their headlines for him to stop already.

Eventually there are signs all over Springfield warning people of danger. Springfield then becomes very boring.

Meanwhile in Canon Mr Mackleberry somehow has the authority to fire Homer. Homer can’t buy beer ad goes home to break Bart’s piggy bank.

In my Fanon Homer accidentally dropped it.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.

“My piggy bank! I love-ved you piggy! I love-ved you!” Bart cried over his broken piggy bank.

Homer rolled his eyes.


Then in canon so consumed with Guilt over being desperate to steal from his own son, Homer writes a suicide note and goes off to kill him self. By throwing himself off the bridge but not without tearfully saying goodbye to his family.

“Bye Marge.”

“Bye Lisa. My little genius.”

“Bye Bart. Try to be good!”

“Goodbye Maggie. I’ll never get to hear your first words or watch you grow up!”

In my canon.

“Oh god! That’s so heartbreaking! Why Matt?! Why would you write that?!” Homer sobbed loudly.

“I think he just really hated you that episode then realised he went too far. I’d have killed you off for real...” said Oscar.

“Oh thanks Oscar...” said Homer.

In canon Oscar does just that. The Simpsons are too late to stop Homer and he dies by drowning himself.

“Oh Homer!” Marge cries. And so did the kids.

“That’s horrible! Make it stop! Make it stop!” Homer in my canon cried.

“Matt how can you be so cruel?” Bart berated their creator.

“It’s called sadness! You need sadness in a show!” Matt ranted.

Later that evening Bart was going on about something involving Nelson while Oscar was drawling piggies.

“I am trying to draw an evil little piggy! Can’t you see I’m trying to draw an evil little piggy?!” He twists his head like the girl in the Exorcist. “Now be quiet.”

Bart was speechless.

In canon Marge explained she had a job working for a Mr Berger. It was revealed this job was... being the slutty dressed rollerblader girl at Gulp N Blow and other burger joints that delivers the food to drivers and blows bubble gum bubbles.

Marge as the rollerblader girl (A carhop) delivering a burger and fries to an impatient Otto.

Oscar laughed. “Ha! Your mom was the burger joint rollerblader girl!”

Bart was mortified.

”Well I tried to get a job once...” said Oscar glumly.

”How?! You’re just a baby, Bumpkin!” Marge gasped.

”I’ll explain in a cutaway!” Oscar whined.

“I'm sorry, young man. You're just not ready. Pick up your check at the front office, and for god's sake, put some clothes on!" A boss in his office explained then yelled because for some odd reason Oscar was naked during the job interview.

”Um okay...” said Bart.

The Simpsons were then watching TV. Whatever was on, it involved Bette Davis and Joan Crawford being absolute bitches toward each other.

"The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"

"Miss Davis was always partial to covering up her face in motion pictures. She called it art. Others might call it camouflage — a cover-up for the absence of real beauty."

Bart laughed.

”Hmmmmm! Why can’t those two be nice to one another...’ Marge sighed unhappy with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford sniping at each other. If they were born a few decades later and were still alive they’d break out in hilarious cat fights with the hair pulling and slapping!

At Mr Burns’s office.

“Who the devil are you?!” Mr Burns said to Black Smithers.

“I’m Mr Smithers but Black sir.” said Black Smithers.

“Get out of my office!” Mr Burns shouted.

Black Smithers left.

“Mmmmmm! Black Smithers...” Homer groaned and drooled.

Oscar was disturbed by more wrongly coloured characters as Nelson was purple.

“Why, Mister?! Whyyyyyy?!” Oscar cried and sobbed loudly.

“Don’t have a cow man.” said Bart.

“What the--- Bart!” Lisa yelled.

Bart laughed.


One day Homer was walking about the bridge he tried to commit suicide at. A car nearly ran him over.

”Hey watch where you’re driving!!” Homer snapped. He sees there aren’t any adequate road signs so he campaigns for them. Having already campaigned for safety so much that the world is boring. And X Men style Sentinels from Kids Next Door Safety bots.

Bart winced.

Well he will witness them first hand as Ralph playing on a seesaw is wrapped up in bubble wrap by the safety bots.

Oscar is skateboarding so the bots programmed to prevent him being hurt grab him and put a helmet arm pads and knee pads on him. He is then attacked by Nelson, Jimbo etc.

Richard is loafing around playing jacks when the Safety bots calculate the sun is very hot today and that children might get burnt so they squirt slimy cartoon high factor sun cream all over Richard. He sits there oozing slimy cartoon sun cream everywhere.

Eventually kids everywhere are wearing helmets and wrapped in bubble wrap unable to move.

Then Happy Beppy Gary and Betty and their boss Flappy Bob the clown approve of this “S’mothering”

”Now no kids will get hurty wurtied! Hold on that’s not a good rhymey whymy...” said Happy Beppy Betty.

”Look kids! I’m a clown!” said Flappy Bob.

Timmy Turner sighed. “Your universe too?! Also I’m actually scared of clowns but I don’t run around screaming like Billy...”

Billy glared at Timmy. He was wearing tangelos.

Meanwhile the story took a darker turn as Sherri and Terri mourned their father. Teach him to act above his post and fire Homer.

”Supervisors are allowed to sack...” Lisa frowned.

A darker cover of Time in a bottle by Jim Croce played as Sherri and Terri stood at their father’s grave.

If I could save time in a bottle

The first thing that I'd like to do

Is to save every day 'Til eternity passes away

Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever

If words could make wishes come true

I'd save every day like a treasure and then

Again would spend them with you


At the Simpsons house. The spare room.

Oscar was reading explicit hentai manga.

"Ah, nothing like a little manga reading before dinner." said Oscar reading.

Marge off screen: "KIDS! PIZZA'S HERE!"

The kitchen table had pizzas on it in boxes.

Homer ran in first, followed by Bart, Lisa, Oscar reading his manga and Hugo running about like a dog.

Homer embarrassed frowned at Marge, he wasn’t willing to feed Hugo tonight.

Marge looked at him disgusted.

Homer sighed and found the only pizza that had anchovies on it. That everyone hated. He gave the box to Hugo who took it in his mouth like a dog and fled upstairs.

Suddenly the kitchen phone rings and Homer answers it.

”Yello? Oh my god! The prince of Nigeria?! Really?!” He gasped. “Ah ha... ah ha... You want my credit card details so you can give me a million dollars?! Why sure! Hold on just a sec your royal highness.”

“Dad no! It’s just stupid credit card scam!” Lisa warned him.

”Lisa don’t be so rude about the prince of Nigeria!” said Homer.

”Dad it’s not the Prince of Nigeria calling you.. it’s just Bart trying to get access to your bank account...” said Lisa.

“Why yes your royal highness, I will be put on hold.” said Homer. He hummed joyfully as he fiddled with the phone cable absentmindedly.


Later in Season thirteen, Spoilers! Homer thought this adventure was about him getting an RV.

“No. That was Call of The Simpsons/Naturepants where we got stuck in the forest because you drove Flanders’s RV off of a cliff.” said Oscar.

Oscar then took the kitchen phone and rang for Directory enquiries.

”Yes where is there nearest supermarket.”

Marge gasped and took the phone from him and put it down.

“No more directory assistance! It's not free.” said Marge gently but firmly to him.

Bart was eating pizza.

”Well, I'll get a lawyer on that.“ said Oscar. “No, a whole team of lawyers, who will dine on mustard flown in from the Orient.“

”No more Oriental mustard!“ said Marge flustered.

”Kalae kistnae... Sabayooooo nyeh!” Oscar rasped in gibberish annoyed.

”Oz no! No more gibberish!” Lisa groaned.

”Okay Lis.” Oscar said to the bread compartment/bread box.

“That's a bread compartment.” Lisa sighed.

“You're a bread compartment!“ said Oscar.

Lisa sighed.

Marge gasped. “Bart where did that cartoon turtle ninja come from?”

“It’s okay Mom. It’s just Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Because we both like pizza and saying Cowabunga. Cowabunga!” said Bart saying his not so often said catchphrase Cowabunga. Michelangelo was eating pizza.

”Cowabunga dudes!” said Michelangelo.


At school.

Sherri and Terri we’re still upset over me killing off their dad for overstepping his authority at the Power Plant.

”Oh god! Matt what have you done to me?!” Purple Nelson screamed.

”Why is my shirt blue?!” asked Bart wincing at his blue shirt.

At the Power Plant.

“You know, I defy anyone to tell the difference between these donuts and ones baked today.” said Homer eating a donut. “Hey, my boy's supposed to be here any second on a field trip. They been through here yet?”

“Come on, Simpson. If they wanted the kids to see you sitting around on your butt and stuffin' your face, they'd take them on a tour of your house.” said a rude co worker who didn’t like Homer very much.

”Yeah well I can sit on my butt all day munching donuts all day now that stuffed shirt Mackleberry has been fired for disciplining me.” said Homer eating a donut.

”Homer he was supposed to tell you off for crashing into those pipes. He was our supervisor...” said the co worker.

At the head office, boss’s office.

”Sir ever since you fired Mackleberry and rehired Simpson, accidents in sector 7G have quadrupled.” said Smithers annoyed.

”Who’s Simpson? And Smithers, where has your dark complexion gone? Why you’re as yellow as a banana!” said Mr Burns clearly senile.

Smithers sighed.

Oscar was in the lobby of the plant protesting for Black Smithers. “We want Black Smithers! We want Black Smithers!”

Plot 3[]

Bart sighed as he was dropped off at the Power Plant to collect Oscar to take him home.

Bart was bemused as he sighed as Oscar was escorted out by Crusher and Lowblow. He was jabbering about Black Smithers.

”Black Smitheeeeers!”

Elsewhere Homer was protesting about safety and putting warning signs everywhere.

Then the Greek poet Homer write about Odysseus and his odyssey. It’s about sweaty muscular action heroes fighting giant monsters of Greek mythology.

Odysseus was fighting a man eating cyclops.

Bart as Marge drove through town, witnessed all this. Including the man eating cyclops.

He grimaced exasperated.

Homer Simpson however has a poor memory and later in season 13 thought this was the time he got an RV with a cup holder.

Marge arrived home with Bart and Oscar. She sighed as Oscar was still hyperactive and going on about black Smithers and purple Nelson. However he was mostly harmless and she liked looking after him.

”Bumpkin you’ve had quite an adventure today, now how about you sit and watch some TV.” Marge suggested.

”Okay dokey!” Oscar said in a silly voice as he went to the lounge and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

He was watching a ridiculous parody film called Conan the Librarian where Conan the barbarian works in a modern day library.

Conan picked up a short fat balding man who asked for help finding something and told him angrily to use the Dewey decimal system.

Then a customer was late returning books so he sliced them in half with his sword.

”Cooool!” said Oscar.

Bart winced exasperated.

Then Homer came in and wordlessly shoo’ed Oscar from the couch, he sat in an armchair while Homer laid upon the couch.

“All he does is lie there like an unemployed whale.” said Bart to Lisa.

Oscar had a thought cloud. Inside was a whale with an overgrown stubble wearing a filthy vest sat on the couch watching midday TV.

”No Oz!” Bart sighed wafting his thinking cloud away.

Oscar groaned.


The Simpsons had a family meeting.

”Poo poo!” Oscar gurgled.

”Eh?” Homer asked.

”Oh that’s just Oscar telling us he has a full diaper...” said Bart.

”Eeeeewww!” Homer groaned.

Marge sighed.

”Why are we having a family meeting anyway?” Bart asked.

”Good question boy. I think your mother called it. Why Marge?” said Homer.

”Well my sisters are coming over.” said Marge.

Homer groaned.

”And I want everyone on their best behaviour.” Marge insisted.

”Ah. That means no monkey business.” Homer particularly addressed Bart. Because he’s always being naughty.

Oscar screeched like a monkey and um acted like one too.

Homer face palmed.

”And Homer.” Marge added.

”Yes dear?” Homer asked.

”You have to face consequences at work. If you screw up badly then, poof! There goes your job!” said Marge.

”Well I guess I’m really lucky or I work very hard then that old man Burns is keeping me on.”

”Dad. Oz... Supervisors are allowed to sanction employees under them...” Lisa sighed.

”Not with sacking.” said Oscar.

”Also Oscar, Dino keeps eating my prize winning petunias.” Marge sighed.

Oscar’s cartoon dinosaur that looks like a baby Chomby coughed up a petunia.

Oscar grimaced.

”Homer what are you doing now?” Marge asked.

”Writing a story of some Greek fellow called Odysseus fighting a cyclops.” said Homer.

”For the last time! Dad is not Homer the Greek poet!” Lisa groaned.

”Mmmmmm... Moussaka...” Oscar suddenly wearing his chiton and sandals with olive leaves in his hair moaned and drooled.


The Mediterranean, antiquity times.

Odysseus wouldn’t give Greek Hero Oscar his chocolate bar until he explained how he created it. As chocolate hadn’t been invented by the Aztecs yet.

”Are you a wizard?! Are you a radioactive ghost?! Are you a radioactive wizard ghost?!” Odysseus yelled.

”Not only do we not have chocolate we don’t have radioactivity either Odysseus...” said Greek Lenny.

”Actually Atlantis had radioactivity...” said Oscar.

”Also Plato decided to name his Monologues or accounts about Atlantis after some Yu-Gi-Oh cards.” said Oscar. Plato named his Monologues Timaeus and Critias.

”Plato came first, doofus...” Ancient Greek Hugo sighed.


This is the only episode to ever feature Black Smithers. It was a mistake with the inks. One of the cartoonists accidentally coloured him brown instead of yellow.