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Homer's Bad Day Homer has a very bad day when a bus full of Italian tourists mistake him for Donkey Kong then he has several DIY mishaps. One of which causes problems with the Flanders when Todd starts swearing!


One day Homer is mowing the lawn. Suddenly a tour bus pulls up.

"Look at the American computer monkey!" said the driver as the tourists looked out the windows.

Homer started hooting and yelling like an ape.

Mario stood next to him. "Get a picture of a-me next him!"

Homer chased Mario around the garden to Donkey Kong noises. He then started throwing barrels at Mario. Mario hit them with his hammer to destroy them, however one caught him causing him to lose a life.

Meanwhile the rest of the family were indoors confused by this spectacle.


Later Marge came down to a mess. Homer’s underwear on the stairs, questionable stains splattered everywhere, a moose in the living room. She was very cross as everyone sat in the messy kitchen having lunch surrounded by garbage and demanded everyone get to some spring cleaning.

"Or none of you will leave this house!" Marge insisted.

The Simpsons think little of her nagging and try to leave.

"Uh mom it's hard to leave the kitchen when you're standing in the way..." said Bart.

"Push her down!" Homer was being silly.

"I'm serious! You'll all stay in until this house is spotless!" said Marge.

Bart tried all the doors.

"You'll find escape is impossible." Marge said smugly.

Suddenly a door was unlocked in the living room.

"Skeleton key!" Oscar said smugly as he twirled a set of skeleton keys on his hand.

"Freedom!" the family barged past Marge and ran outside to freedom!

Marge grumbled in frustration.


Marge is doing Housework when Homer comes in to watch TV.

"Hmmmm! You could at least set an example for the kids and help out a little!" Marge ranted as she cleaned up around Homer.

"Fine..." What do you want me to do?" Homer groaned.

"You can start by cleaning the basement and getting rid of that giant stone head!" Marge explained.

"But I like that head!" Homer groaned.

Homer went down to the basement.

He found some cleaning solution that was a parody of Mr Clean. However it required use in a ventilated area.

"You're not the boss of me..." Homer said to the yellow bottle with a muscular man on the front. He poured the solution on the floor and was soon overcome by the fumes.

He began to hallucinate the mascots on the cleaning bottles come to life. At first he thought they were cute but then they turned evil! They started attacking him!

"I must destwoy you!" said one of the hallucinated mascots.

Homer screamed in terror.

"Homer! What's wrong?!" Marge called to him.

"Um nothing..." Homer replied.

"Then stop screaming so loud!" Marge told him.

"Ok..." Homer said before screaming quietly.


After he was finished hallucinating, Homer went out into the backyard to build Santa's Little Helper a dog house as the old one collapsed.

However he has a series of mishaps and swears loudly after hammering his thumb and nearly sawing his arm off. Then he glues a plank of wood to himself... Then...

"Done!" Homer builds a shabby dog house without a door way to get into it.

"Where's the door? How's he supposed to get in?" Lisa asked.

"He just-D'oh!" Homer yelled.

"Face it Lis, Dad's never been good at DIY." Bart explained.

There is a montage of Homer suffering mishaps throughout his life doing DIY. For example building Bart's clown bed, building the barbecue etc.


One evening at the Flanders at dinner.

"More vegetables Todd?" Ned asks his youngest son.

"I don't want any damn vegetables!" said Todd.

Everyone gasped in horror.

"You go straight to your room this instant young man! No bible stories for you tonight!" Ned scolded him. Todd ran off crying.

"Neddy, don't you think you were a little hard on him?" Maude asked.

"Now Maude, kids need rules and boundaries. Now where could he have learnt such language?" Ned asked.


During the next day Ned spied on his sons to find out where Todd could have picked up swear words.

"Well he didn't get them from Rodd..." Ned was crossing off a list.

He didn't get them from TV either as all but one channel was locked out.

One afternoon while gardening, Ned overheard Homer in his backyard swearing and kicking another badly made dog house.

"Um Homer..." Ned asked as he came to the fence to speak to him.

"Yes stupid Flanders..." Homer asked as he addressed Ned.

"Do you mind cutting back on the sailor mouth?" Homer stared at him. "The potty talk... The gosh darn diddly arn swearing!!" Ned eventually yelled.

"Oh the swearing..." Homer replied. "Why?"

"Because little Todd has started swearing!" Ned explained.

"Fine, I'll promise to stop swearing. But you have to do something for me."

"What will it be neighbourino?" Ned asked.

"Shave off your moustache." Homer asked him.

"Why?" Ned asked.

"Because it looks like you have something to hide..." Homer muttered.

"Okily dokily!" Ned replied.


That afternoon Homer was chatting in the kitchen with Marge over cups of coffee.

"And get this! Stupid Flanders asked me to stop swearing!" Homer ranted.

"Hmmmm... he has a point Homer. Maybe you should cut back on the cursing. Before Maggie starts talking!" Marge explained.

"But I'm so mad all the time. If it's not at the boy it's the DIY! If it's not the DIY it's at the boy..." Homer groaned.

Marge sighed. "Homer. When my father came back from the navy he started swearing a lot and my mother didn't like it. So she made him put a quarter in a swear jar every time he cursed." she explained.

"And did it work?" Homer asked.

"Why yes! Until he started smoking..." Marge sighed.

"Fine..." Homer sighed.

There is then a montage of Homer swearing. He injures himself building the dog house again. "F***!"

Money goes in the swear jar.

He loses a bet on the football.


Money goes in the jar.

One day Ned speaks to him about the promise he made to shave his moustache. "All done! Nothing under there except my lips!" Ned explained.

"Son of a-"

Money goes in the jar.

A pin at bowling won't fall over.

"You c***!"

Money goes in the jar.

Homer is sleeping in his hammock in the garden when suddenly a beehive falls on him and he screams as angry bees fly out.

A badly stung Homer puts money in the swear jar.


Meanwhile Marge manages to catch the kids to get them to tidy up like they were supposed to the other day.

“But why?” Bart asked.

“Because there is garbage everywhere and a deer in the lounge! Now get to work! Lisa you do your room, Bart you do the lounge and Hugo can do the kitchen.” said Marge as there was a deer in the lounge.

“I don’t wanna!” said Hugo running off before returning dressed as a housewife on a summers day with a mop and bucket. “Okay!” He said enthusiastically.

Bart face palmed.

Lisa was in her room vacuuming when the Hoover sucked on her saxophone, sexually... and it made a dischord. Lisa grumbled annoyed and yanked the vacuum cleaner away from the saxophone.

“I’ve told you two before! Not in this household!” she scolded the vacuum cleaner and her saxophone.

She then gets annoyed because she can hear saxophones playing oh when the saints. Outside Bill Clinton and some children from school are playing saxophones.

“Hey Clinton! Get back to work!” Moe yelled.

“Bite me.” Bill Clinton replied.

Lisa sighed. Then the Hoover was sucking on her saxophone again, sexually...

“What did I just say?!” she yelled at inanimate objects.

In the lounge Bart accidentally scrubbed away a valuable painting so that all that was left was a blank canvas.

In the kitchen Hugo cleaned the dishes and scrubbed the floor.


One afternoon working on the dog house. Homer crushes his carpentry table.

"Oh dear..." he says calmly.

Then he steps on a nail and it goes through his foot! Ouch!

"Fiddly dee! That'll require a tetanus shot!" said Homer. "I'm not gonna swear but I am gonna kick this dog house down! Raaaaaaaagh!" Homer screams in anger as he kicks the dog house to pieces.


After visiting the doctor for a tetanus shot, Homer is moaning at his pile of wood that was supposed to be a dog house.

Marge came home with something.

"Homer, I have a surprise for you!" said Marge.

It was a brand new, finely painted white and blue dog house.

"Marge! How did you afford that?!" Homer asked.

"With all the money in your swear jar of course." Marge explained. "There's another surprise inside!"

Homer looks in the dog house. Maggie crawls out. "Oh Maggie..." he sighed.

"No behind her!" Marge took Maggie from him.

"Beer!" Homer squealed with delight as there were some bottles of Duff in there.


One afternoon Bart and Oscar are watching old commercials from the earlier series. There was a Duff advert of a guy's hand holding a bottle of Duff in a rainforest. Bart had a flashback of himself and his sisters poking Homer as he laid on the sofa on morning after losing his job. He was watching the Duff commercial.

Then Homer suddenly swears when he drops something on his foot.

Maggie takes out her pacifier and swears the same swear word.

Everyone gasps in horror.

The end.