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Holidays of Future Passed: Back and Forth based on Erik Nikolas’s Holidays of Future Past: BackStory.


The episode starts in a rainy back alley with Bart and Oscar being chased by evil vengeful Lisa and James Bouvier from Erik’s continuity. They are obviously menacing Bart that’s why his running.

Lisa are you nuts?! Leave me alone!” Bart whined.

“You have always put me down! But not any more!!” Evil Lisa yelled.

Bart was trapped by a wall in the alleys.

“Lisa, please!” Bart begged.

Lisa took off her white pearl necklace and suddenly strangled Bart with it!

Bart gasps and wheezes. “Lis! No! Ack! Can’t breathe!”

Lisa smiled evilly satisfied as Bart was dying.

But Oscar blasted her away with a force push. “Stop! You’re killing him!” Oscar yelled.

“That’s the point...” said evil Lisa.

“Yeah stop interfering!” said James Bouvier carrying a science experiment plasma rifle thing that also toasts toast in the morning for him.

He pointed the strange device at Oscar.

Oscar felt powerless as he saw Erik scribbling on a note pad. He was causing these turn of events as Lisa resumed strangling Bart.

Oscar got an idea and scribbled in his notepad. He summoned Gamblor, Hoju the homosexual Jew, Tyrannosaurus Sex, Justin Timberwolf, Larry Christmas and Chin Kee the racist Chinese stereotype.

The mad characters subdued Evil Lisa and James Bouvier.

Erik scowled and scribbled something furiously. A gust of wind blew the zany characters away.

AlvinLuv leapt out of a dust cart being bitten by rabid Clownjas as he wrote something in his note book.

Suddenly a posh Hugo arrived.

“But my dear sweet sister! What are you doing?!” said the weird eloquent Hugo.

“Alllllvvvvviiiiiin!” Oscar yelled like Dave the human.

“Oz no!” Bart whined.

Oscar scribbled and Hugo lost his ability to speak eloquently and just growled and snarled and ran about in all fours bare footed as he leapt on Bart.

Bart screamed because he was frightened of Hugo.

“Bart its been fifteen seasons since Hugo got out! Stop screaming so loud!” said Oscar nagging him.

“Okay.” Bart screamed quietly.

“Stop this madnesss you two! And go away! You’re wrecking my story!” Erik whined at Oscar and AlvinLuv.

“Madness... this is 300!l Oscar yelled.

“Oz you quoted it wrong again... and that meme is old...” Bart whined.

Suddenly a time window opened.

“What is that?!” Bart asked.

“Looks like a window into time and other universes... hey look! A universe where the Simpsons are green!” said Oscar laughing.

“Uh okay...” said Bart.

“I told you time is but a window!” said Vigo the carpathian.

“Go away Vigo...” everyone yelled.

“Come on! We can escape Evil Lisa and James through here!” said Oscar taking Bart’s hand and the two boys leapt through time. Mmmmmm... Digimon Xros Wars crossover...


Holidays of Future Past future era

It was shortly after the events of Lisa’s storyline with her daughter Zia where she was happy Zia looked up to her and wanted to be a genius too. Plus she liked Queen Amidala from Coamic Wars and that’s just awesome! thought Lisa as she drove home from somewhere with her daughter Zia and her husband Milhouse wearing a burka because Michigan was now under sharia law.

“Except I liberated Michigan...” said Oscar. Silly Oscar doesn’t get power vacuums in Islamic states...

Unfortunately Lisa’s car broke down.

“We need to get a mechanic.” said Lisa. In this future Nelson is a mechanic pimping people’s vehicles again except his time it’s cars not bikes. And sometimes he just does repairs.

“Lisa please!” Milhouse whined in his burka as Lisa called her ex boyfriend Nelson. “Nelson bullies me! Call Bart!”

“My brother’s not a skilled mechanic! In fact he’s nothing but a lonely slob living in the school with no job, an ex wife and two sons that hate him!” Lisa ranted. “When I need a job doing, I get someone with a job!”

Milhouse sighed.

“Hey is that Frink’s old house?” Milhouse asked as they were near Professor Frink’s house.

“Yeah.” said Lisa.

“Whatever happened to him?” Milhouse asked.

“Either he hung himself in Future-Drama or n this era we don’t speak of it because it involves the Clone Wars where Kang and Kodos made Clones of us...” said Lisa.

Coooool! Clone Wars!” said future Oscar imagining the CGI Clone Wars cartoon and the 2D animated prequel featuring General Grevious, Count Dooku and Shaggy as a Jedi who gets killed because he panicked.

“No Oz! Not that Clone Wars!”:Lisa whined.

“I’m cold...” Milhouse whined.

“We have to wait for Nelson! And you’re in a full Arabic burka! Go to sleep dear.” said Lisa to Milhouse.

Milhouse went to sleep.

Suddenly in a flash of light younger Oscar and younger Bart appeared in the middle of the road. However most cars were hover cars now and had very little use for roads.

“Kids get out of the-Oz? Bart?!” Lisa gasped.

“It’s a long story...” said past Oscar.


A future where Lisa married Nelson instead of Milhouse

In a potential future Nelson Muntz is at his garage repairing a yellow and black hover car.

Arnie Pye as a cyborg is reading the weather.

“Look our folks as there is forecast for a downpour of acid rain and razor snow!” said Arnie Pye on the radio. Yes, razor snow...

“I’m singing in the raaaaaaiiiin! Yes just singing in the rain!” sung Groundskeeper Willie singing and dancing in the acid rain with an umbrella. As he sung it melted his umbrella.

“And- Yaaaaaaaagh! It burns!” Willie screamed as the acid rain burnt him.

Nelson sighed.

His son Murphy Muntz arrived.

“Hey I told you to help your mom pack!” Nelson scolded Murphy.

“She doesn’t want help. Then she went on about feminism and that she doesn’t find it polite you’re telling her to take it easy because of the baby...” said Murphy Muntz.

“Ooooooh! That woman...” said Nelson. Speak of the devil! Lisa arrived dragging suitcases.

“Babe! I told you to take it easy because of the baby!” Nelson whined.

“And I told you as a feminist I find your so called chivalry offensive! I don’t want to be treated differently just because I am carrying our latest child!” said Lisa carrying an ugly hybrid between herself and Nelson. The baby girl had Lisa’s hair of starfish points but Nelson’s button nose and the rest of his facial features... ie his heavy scowl.

Oscar arrived with bloody wounds and ice shards stabbed through him in multiple places.

“What happened to you Dweeb?” Nelson asked him.

“Razor snow...” Oscar sighed.


The present but the morning after

Bart and Oscar arrived back in the present.

“Where are we? This isn’t Springfield?!” said Bart in an unfamiliar town.

“No but this is tomorrow morning after the time we left the present to escape Evil Lisa and your uncle James.” said Oscar.

“Well at least we’re in the right time... but where are we...” Bart asked.

“Why you’re in Big Town! Now get off the set boys! We’re shooting a movie!” said a director.

“A movie?” Bart and Oscar asked as it was obvious a film was being shot.

“Jones what the hell! Get these children off the set!” said Mr Bossman. Who I assume runs things around Big Town. He was exactly like Thaddeus Plotz from Animaniacs. Someone actually edited character art of him and made him yellow like a Simpson character...

“Oh great, a grumpy old film studio CEO... come on Bart before I see any cartoon creatures escaping from a water tower...” said Oscar.

“Hey sonny! A little more respect for your elders! Capiche?!” said Mr Bossman.

Oscar rolled his eyes.


Erik was at the Simpsons furiously working on his fanfictions and material where Lisa is a psychotic killer who kills or tries to kill Bart, at one point she killed Maggie at one point and then went on a rampage against everybody who was mean to her.

“In other words she went Carrie on everyone...” said AlvinLuv.

Cue the Dark Lisa universe where Lisa goes Carrie on her teachers and school friends.

“Shut up Alvin...” Erik snapped. He’s surname was the same as the first name of a frustrating person Oscar met on the Loud House Wiki. A Nikolas Blaskhe.

“Hi.” Posted Nikolas in an important forum for debating one of the Loud House episodes.

“Nikolaaaaaaas!” The admins yelled.

“Ugh even with out him here, he still does random non sequiturs I don’t get...” Erik groaned about Oscar.

Probably because Loud House wasn’t a thing during season 23 of the Simpsons...

Meanwhile in the basement James was working on an invention with Evil Lisa pacing up and down.

Hugo arrived eating fish heads.

“What are you making there Uncle James?” Hugo asked.

“The Aginator.” said James Bouvier.

“Coooool!” I brought back the dinosaurs again...” said Hugo.

“Grrrrr! You! You have made a mockery of science for the last time!” Evil Lisa yelled brandishing a knife at Hugo.

“Whoaaa! Easy there sweetie! I only want you to kill Bart and your father... that fat oaf really riles me...” said James muttering to himself about Homer.

“I think we can all agree Dad must die!” said Hugo.

James nodded aa he worked on his invention.

“Say kids how about we cross the multiverse like a certain drunk scientist grandpa and his whiny grandson in a cartoon that will beat the socks off of Family Guy in the near future!” said James.

“Sure but why are you referencing Family Guy and (reads script) Rick and Morty... whatever that is...?” Hugo asked.


Bart and Oscar got home.

“Where have you been?!” Marge scolded them. “I’ve been worried sick about you Bart!” she smiled at Oscar. “And you too sweetie.”

“Bart must diiiiiieeeee!” Erik Nikolas screamed lunging at Bart with a fireplace poker.

“Go go gadget boxing glove arm!” said Oscar as a red boxing glove on an extendable mirror thing launched out of somewhere and punched Erik flying.

Bart sighed at him referencing Inspector Gadget.

Homer dumped Erik Nikolas, James Bouvier and Alvinluv in the bins outside and they never bothered the Simpsons ever again.

“Good now we can get back to normal. As soon as we De program Lisa...” said Bart.

Evil Lisa in a Hannibal Lecter gurney growled and drooled.

“Hmmmmm! Bart I am still cross with you for being out all night without telling me where you were! Go to your room! You’re grounded mister!” said Marge.

Bart sighed and went to his room.

“So we went to the future to escape crazy Lisa and found this place called Big Town...” Oscar explained.

Plot 2[]

Holidays of Future Past era

In the future in England the medical robot at Maggie’s apartment she stayed in with her band contracted a computer virus and went on a killing rampage! The casualties were Maggie Simpson and her band. But this was an alternate universe as otherwise how would she have her baby in Holidays of Future Passed?

Oscar feeling homesick and fed up with American food and their weird deadly weather teleported home to England. He left customs as people were arriving by Mad Max future warrior piloted planes cobbled together by the future road warrior people from the Mad Max films.

“What a day! What a lovely day!” One of them yelled.

Oscar arrived on the streets of London. There was the church of the Beatles after they were canonised. The Benny Hilton hotel where Maggie stayed at and Dalek police officers going about exterminating people for littering or parking on a double yellow line.

“Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” screamed the Dalek police officers as they exterminate petty criminals with their death beams.

There were also Mary Poppins clones flying around and TARDISes spinning about.

Oscar winced as Benny Hill Music played. “Oh no! Helen Fielding!” He cried as Helen Fielding was in a Benny Hill Chase with a Dalek police officer and a man in a gorilla costume.

Getting out of the Benny Hill Chase with Helen Fielding, Oscar went into the Benny Hilton hotel.

The desk lady asked him who he was seeing.

“Maggie Simpson.” said Oscar.

“Yeah right, we all want to see the Maggie Simpson and the Pacifiers...” said the desk lady.

“No you don’t understand! I’m not a fan bothering her, I am a friend of the Simpsons...” said Oscar.

Suddenly there were explosions upstairs.

“What was that?!” Oscar asked.

A rogue medical assistant bot blew a hole through a wall and was carrying a gun.

“Prepare to be terminated!” said the robot.

“Hasta la vista baby!” Oscar quipped and blasted the robot’s head off with a shotgun blast.

In the mayhem he made his way to Maggie’s apartment while shooting at rogue medical robots.


Meanwhile Maggie was taking a pregnancy test. She was not happy it was positive.

“Hey, why should I wear the condom?” One of her band members asked. Probably the blond one...

Because you’re the man, stupid...


When Springfield was founded by Jebediah Springfield aka Hans Spungfield and Shelbyville Manhattan. They fell out because Shelbyville wanted to allow everyone to marry their cousins. Springfield was disgusted and wouldn’t allow this. So Shelbyville and his loyal townsfolk stormed off to make Shelbyville. A town that still hates Springfield to this day.

What Homer didn’t tell you though was how Ogdenville and other neighbouring towns were formed.

“God Morgen Freeman, Jebediah.” said the Norwegian founder of Ogdenville, um Sven Ogdenville. Also the Norwegians all along knew Morgan Freeman would be God in Bruce Almighty.

“Narrator that means Good Morning in Norwegian...” Lisa whined.

“Go away and form your own town you silly Norwegians!” Jebediah ranted. “And take children’s author Roald Dahl with you!”

While the three smaller communities bickered. Bossman’s ancestor sighed as his larger community stayed united and formed a larger prosperous town called Big Town.

There was also that weird town Ned moved to once where everyone smiles, are frightened of moustaches and they make cute little porcelain figures. They formed on a porcelain mine. Um you do mine porcelain right?

The Norwegians who formed Ogdenville muttered about their woes.

“This is the second time we have been insulted by the Americans! After our ancestors lead by Lief Erickson were attacked by the Skraelings!” said an Ogdenvillian. (Ancient Americans)

“And why was our homeland so bitterly cold?! Brrrr! I’d rather we lived in Norfair than Norway!” Oscar’s possible Norwegian ancestor whined.

In his imagination the Norwegians were now Norfairans. And instead of hailing from a bitter icy tundra and having to invade people to survive. They hailed instead from Norfair, a volcanic underground region within Planet Zebes of magma filled caves.

Lower Norfair theme played.

“On the other hand, Norfolk is much nicer...” said Oscar’s Ogdenville ancestor.

As time passed. Springfield and Shelbyville continued to bicker and sometimes declare full scale war on each other! Meanwhile Ogdenville was isolated and insulted by the warring towns. Like that bit in the Bible where the boy is enslaved by two rival brothers and he sets them against each other.

Meanwhile Big Town ignored this silliness and prospered as a coastal town that even if the other three towns wished it harm, they’d have to sail to it. So they left Big Town alone to prosper. It soon turned from a fishing town to a making movies. Some Springfielders held some very odd links with Big Town...



Bart able to relax now Lisa was no longer evil, for now. Hung out with his friend Milhouse. He had something to show him in the National forest.

“Is it a dead body?” Bart asked.

“It’s better than a million deaf bodies!” Milhouse replied. Bart looked at him horrified. “Sorry that’s my ancestor Benito Mussolini’s blood in me from my mother’s genes! Sorry!” Milhouse slapped himself for letting the evil in his mom’s ancestry take over.

Bart tried to imagine Mussolini with blue hair, a big nose and geeky red glasses inhaling from an asthma pump.

“No Bart! Mussolini doesn’t look like me! I have no idea why our creator Matt says Mussolini is my mother’s ancestor!” Milhouse whined bursting his dream cloud.

They arrived at the prehistoric caves Milhouse showed him in Trilogy of Error/Cave Bart where he found Fat Tony’s fireworks.

“I sometimes come here to cry.” said Milhouse.

“Okay...” said Bart not interested.

This grotto had dinosaur bones in it.

“Dinosaur bones!” Bart gasped with glee.

Oscar’s baby Chomby cried.

“Awwwww! He’s depressed about being the last of his species...” Oscar explained comforting the cartoon dinosaur.

Bart rolled his eyes.

“Hey Bart did cave men have TVs?!” Milhouse asked.

“Probably not unless we’re in a cartoon with cartoon cavemen like the Flintstones...” said Bart. “Why?”

“Because of that...” said Milhouse pointing to a big plasma TV installed in a wall of the cave amongst the dinosaur bones.

“Okay...” said Bart.


Bart and Milhouse watched the TV. On it was a programme about a place called Big Town. That’s where I ended up with Oscar! thought Bart.

There was a superhero in costume called Cleato Man. He was fighting robbers and villains. Bart studies the hero hard he looked just like...

“Cleatus Spuckler!” Milhouse and Bart yelled at once.

“But why would Cleatus the yokel guy be a super hero...” Bart asked.

“Let’s find out!” said Milhouse, They went home to somehow coax their families into taking them to Big Town, somehow.


Holidays of Future Past era

It had been months since Kirk and Picard Simpson made up with their father over the Christmas holidays of 2044.

They were far more happy to see him.

And he was in a better mood when he was told by his transporter it was in operation.

“Transporter receiving dispatch.” said a computerised female voice.

Kirk and Picard arrived to spend some time with their dad.

Unfortunately Oscar was there being odd...

“Awwwwww! They’re cute! Can I have them?” Oscar cooed thinking Bart’s kids were cute.

“No Oz. You can’t have my boys...” Bart sighed.


Bart and Milhouse somehow got their families to take them to Big Town.

“Well it gets us out of the house and away from your uncle Jimbo.” said Homer.

“And stops him from brainwashing Lisa again...” said Oscar.

Part of a Lisa’s imagination was now as well as libido in a cage, Jealously, Reason and Conscience. There was a demonic purple Lisa called Evil. She was chained up similarly to Libido but violently trying to escape.

In the real word Lisa was trying to fight a murderous urge to harm Bart.

They were watching the video on the prehistoric TV again.

“Cleato Man: the Farmer Hero.” said the programme. Presumably his powers are over farming and agriculture. He can grow crops at people?

The Simpsons sailed to Big Town with a boat they made by summoning the Amish to help build a boat for them.

The amish arrived as soon as Marge rang the bell they gave her.

“Yes maiden of the blue hair?” The Amish asked.

“Can you build us a ship?” Marge asked.

“Ah, of course. And it will be a fine vessel too!” said the Amish. They built a ship, but the Mennonites were too busy gambling again. Why they were gambling when they’re devote Christians I don’t know...

Future where Lisa Marries Nelson.

Oscar was at school with Murphy Muntz as he was beating up kids. Oscar thought his father Nelson was carrying on the random theme of naming their children after famous black gentlemen the Muntz’s have a habit of doing. Ie Nelson Mandela Muntz.

“Um Eddie Murphy Muntz?” Oscar quipped.

“No dweeb! It’s just Murphy Muntz!” said Murphy as he gave a boy a wedgie.


In the present the ship was finished. The Simpsons and the Van Houtens sailed to Big Town under Bart’s directions.

However as soon as they docked and departed the ship they were arrested by Big Town’s cops.

“Hey! What did we do?! Read us our Miranda rights, man!” said Bart annoyed as he was handcuffed.

“I’d prefer you read me my Miranda Hart rights...” said Oscar being stupid.

“Oz shut up!” Bart growled annoyed.

However someone was missing.

“Oh my?! Where’s Milhouse?!” Luanne gasped. “Kirk you were supposed to be watching him!”

And thus Kirk and Luanne argued once again.

The Simpsons sighed as they sat in the large prison cell with the bickering Van Houtens.

Meanwhile Milhouse wandered about Big Town and bumped into Professor John Frink.

“Great Glavin! Milhouse what are you doing here?!” Frink asked.

“What are you doing here, Professor?” Milhouse asked.

“Ah touché. Allow me to escort you to my laboratory with the mad experiments and theatrics and the mutaaaaaants!” said Frink going on a tirade again.

Milhouse sighed.

But they encountered Executive Producer John Frink.

“Glavin!” He muttered in Frink sounds. Then he decided to executive produce them, whatever that is. But I’m sure it’s excruciatingly painful.


While the Simpsons were processed by the commissioner and interrogated, Lisa escaped.

“Hey! After her!” the guards yelled.

But Lisa was clever and fast. She out foxed the guards and escaped to the filming area of Big Town where she found Cleatus dressed as Cleato man doing a scene in court with Judge Snyder and Sideshow Bob.

Lisa was shocked. And Sideshow Bob... “oh I mean, Aaaaaaagh! Sideshow Bob!”

“Oh it’s quiet alright Lisa, we both know my rivalry and hated is more towards your brother than any other Simpsons...” said Bob. “Besides I’m not planning anything evil today, just filming an episode of Cleato Man...”

Lisa glared at him. “Yeah sure...” She knew otherwise that he was always up to no good.

Plot 3[]

Meanwhile everyone in Springfield wondered where the Simpsons had got to. Then the decided that Town was a lot more peaceful now without their antics.

“Good riddance I say.” said Skinner. “None of Bart’s shenanigans today...”

Bart had left a prank of flour bombs to go off in Skinner’s office. They exploded covering his office in flour.

“No Homer mangling my merchandise or helping himself to the pick n Mix to make his own donut toppings... or mocking my god, Ganesh...” said Apu in his shop. Snake came in to rob him. “Oh but to trade him for all my local shoplifters...”

“Well to bad Apu because I’m not going anywhere! Now empty your till!” said Snake.

“Hi everybody!” said Dr Nick randomly.

“Hi Dr Nick!” everyone replied.


Meanwhile after getting executive produced. Professor Frink and Milhouse went to Big Town’s Palaeontology museum.

“Wow look at all these bones Professor.

“Yes well, Ga-hoy, Milhouse we’re not here to study and observe dinosaur bones. We’re here to rescue your parents and the Simpsons.” said Frink.

“How did you know they had been arrested?” Milhouse asked.

“I’m a scientist! I know everything!” said Frink.


Elsewhere in the Simpsons and Van Houten prison cell, there was something wriggling under their laundry which suggests somehow a week had passed.

Colin, Lisa’s boyfriend from the Movie bursted out of the laundry gasping for breath.

“Oh thine lummox! I never, ever want to be stuck breathing the odours of Homer’s underwear ever again!” Colin groaned.

“Colin how did you get here?!” Marge asked helping him out.

Colin in an Irish brogue replied “I did swapsies with Oscar. He escaped and I get to see my darling Lisa!”

Marge giggled charmed by Lisa having such a lovely boyfriend. “Oh I’m afraid she already escaped on her own, but she’s very resourceful and will spring us all soon.”

Bart gagged in disgust at the thought of Lisa having a boyfriend. I was hoping he was just a thing for the movie...


At the palaeontology museum. Milhouse and Frink debated their plans to save the Simpsons and Milhouse’s Mom and Dad when Oscar was loudly singing the theme tune to Jurassic Park III while playing with plastic dinosaurs.

“Nah nah nananah nah nah nana nah naaaaaah!”

“Shhhhh! Oscar, this a museum!” Frink hushed him.

“Sorry...” said Oscar sarcastically.

Meanwhile Lisa was sure Sideshow Bob was up to no good again but was interrupted by a heated argument between Cleato man and Mr Bossman. The argument consisted of Mr Bossman shouting at Cleato Man and Cleato Man stuttering and mumbling like a slack jawed yokel as usual.

“Cleatus your firrrrreeeed!” Mr Bossman sacked him. Mr Bossman also had a habit of wobbling his jowls when angry or happily hiring someone. Like Mr Cosington.

“Fired?! Oh dang!” said Cleatus. “Brandine dun gonna like this...”

He went off somewhere. Probably to tell his wife, who may also be his mother, because of yokels and incest... the bad news.

Lisa sighed feeling sorry for him.

Erik wrote that Cleatus lived in an apartment.

“As if. Brandine is scared of the uppity box!” said Cleatus referring to the elevators in the apartment.

Erik insisted on this rather than canon.

“No Erik... he lives in a rickety old shack in rural Springfield with his wife Brandine who might also be his mother or sister and their many freaky children...” said Oscar.

“My kids are not freaks!” Cleatus yelled.

Holidays of Future Past era

Oscar blasted his way past the rogue medical bots to Maggie’s apartment. He saved her from a rogue medical bot by shooting it.

“Hey! She was supposed to die!” Erik yelled.

“What are you doing here Oz?” Maggie asked him.

“Homesick.” said Oscar. “And sick of American food. I think I got a cavity from eating Fruit Loops all the time...”

“Fine... I’ll go shopping with you...” said Maggie.

“Mags we have a song to record!” Her band whined.

Oscar went to the shops to buy Kellogg’s cereals.

He passed the cornflakes, the coco pops and the Rice Krispies and saw the following abomination...

He was outraged to find a box of chocolate flavoured Rice Krispies probably called Cocoa Krispies. Actually it’s a real cereal. Stop stealing the monkey cereal you silly elves...

“Yeeeeeuck! Why would you combine the chocolate monkey cereal with the elf cereal! That’s disgusting! Why have you done this Snap, Crackle and Pop?!”

“Oz Coco pops are just chocolate Rice Krispies... why is Cocoa Krispies any different?” Maggie sighed.


In the present the Simpsons escaped prison. Probably because Dolly Parton helped them with her exploding makeup.

They all reunited. Lisa was happy to see her boyfriend Colin. Bart was nauseous to see her kissing Colin and retched. Hugo argued with Erik over his existence.

“You are not in the main universe in my canon!” Erik ranted.

“Well he is in my canon.” said Oscar.

Erik stormed off.

Oscar was on a time holophone to his future self and griping about Chocolate Rice Krispies and the elves shamelessly pilfering the monkey cereal.

Bart grimaced at this bizarre conversation.

Hey then came across a depressed Cleato Man who had lost his job.

“Omg! It’s Cleato Man!” said Bart.

“Dah, I’m not Cleato man any more rich city folks. I’m just plain ol’ Cleatus Spuckler now...” said Cleatus sin a superhero costume with a C on the chest.

“Why? How come?” Marge asked.

“I’ve been given the sack as you rich city folk say.” said Cleatus. “They dem already found a replacement they has!”

“Who?” Bart asked.

“Okay Alco Man you’re in this scene! Aaaaand action!” said the director.

Barney dressed as a superhero belched loudly.

“Well he’s better than Apu...” said a producer.

“I have no idea why I’m in this episode.” said Apu.

“We have to help Cleatus get his job back!” said Lisa. “Because it’s a good thing and he could be really useful when fighting super villains!” said Lisa.

And so the Simpsons formed a super hero squad called the Invincible Cleato Man squad. And wore super hero costumes such as masks and capes and gloves etc.

“Wait we need to find Milhouse.” said Superhero Kirk.

“Oh yeah! Where did he get to?” Bart as Bartman asked.

“He’s at the palaeontology museum with Professor Frink.” said Oscar.

“Ugh... okay to the palaeontology museum! Invincible Cleato Man Squad, away!” said Bartman.

But the museum was being robbed by burglars.

“Zounds!” Frink gasped as burglars stole valuable dinosaur bones.

Milhouse helped the burglars because he got confused.

Guards arrived just as Bartman and the superhero squadron arrived. They arrested the burglars and Milhouse and Frink, mistaking them for being in league with the burglars.

Bartman broke Milhouse and the Professor out of prison.

However they couldn’t help Cleatus and sadly he gave up wanting to be a superhero.

“I just want to get back to Brandine, and my kids... and my shack...” said Cleatus.

However with some coaxing he offered one last bit of advice as Cleato Man.

“Find Super Intendant Chalmers. He’s behind the robbery, and whoever ate Mr Bossman’s sandwich.” said Cleato Man.

The Simpsons sailed back to Springfield, went to Super Intendant Chalmers’s apartment and found him there dressed in a superhero costume as Dr Caligarus.

“Mwuhahahaha! I am Dr Caligarus!”

“No. You’re the school’s superintendent in a dumb costume sir...” said Bart.


Holidays of Future Past era

During the events of Holidays of Future Past, some how thi episode fits in the future timeline of the 2044 future.

Bartman and Milhouse as um whoever he was as Bartman’s sidekick, were now able to more openly be superhero’s and not keep themselves secret from their parents who would likely spoil their fun.

Bartman had a little help saving Big Town from Dr Caligarus in the form of his sons Kirk and Picard Simpson.

There was a cool fight scene and Maggie in labour pains was driven in a hover taxi to the nearest hospital by Kearney.

While this was happening Oscar was at the Simpsons watching TV.

“Peter, I’m a meme!” said Dawn French in The Trouble with Maggie Cole joyfully.

Oscar screamed with anguish. A perfect response to someone saying they’re a meme...

Then Hayley Cropper from Corrie came back from the dead. No I know she not Hayley Cropper in this but still...

“Why did we let Oscar install British cable...” Lisa sighed to Hugo.


Super Intendant Chalmers dressed as Dr Caligarus was laughing maniacally and moonlighting as a comic book super villain.

Cleatus as Cleato Man but pessimistic of the whole thing and just wanted to go home to his shack with his wife/cousin Brandine and their deformed children. Explained Super Intendant Chalmers one day ended up in Big Town while he was acting out a scene as Cleato Man. The directors felt he made a good villain and gave him a job as the main antagonist Dr Caligarus. However, Cleatus explained he got a bump on the noggin during a scene and went mad thinking he really was a supervillain called Dr Caligarus.

“Just like how Baron Von Rotten became Judge Doom!” said Oscar.

Bart grimaced at him to show he was exasperated with him.

The Simpsons and Van Houtens and Cleatus decided they needed to knock some sense into Super Intendant Chalmers.

Although considering how much fun I’m having in the future time period with him. Presumably this didn’t work.


Shortly after Moe Goes From Rags to Riches

Despite Bart and Milhouse making up and being friends again, they still had the occasional tiff. For example this one involving Santa’s Little Helper and Milhouse’s goldfish.

“Bart you’re always lying to me to spare my feelings! Like that time your dog Santa’s little Helper ate my goldfish and you said I never had a goldfish.” said Milhouse. “But why did I have the bowl Bart? Why did I have the bowl?”

“I dunno, you wanted to be an Astronaut?” Bart asked.

“You were cosplaying as Mysterio from Spider Man?” Oscar asked.

“Oz that was just silly...” Milhouse sighed.

“Come on Mil... we just made up...” Bart whined.

“Long live the king...” said Moe’s rag in the shape of Scar from Disney’s The Lion King.

“Cooooool!” Oscar said joyfully at the silly Jeremy Irons reference.

Bart and Milhouse face palmed.

The present.

The Simpsons etc were knocking some sense into Super Intendant Chalmers.

Oscar was watching the violence and Batman sound effects while eating a bowl of Cocoa Krispies with milk.

There was frantic monkey screeching as cartoon monkeys attacked Snap, Crackle and Pop for infringing on coco pops and it’s monkey mascot.

“Oz no!” Bart whined.

Eventually they must have got some sense into Gary Chalmers because....

“Ow! Ow! Okay okay! I’m back! Knock it off!” said Super Intendant Chalmers. He got up still dressed as Dr Caligarus and dusted himself off.

“Thank you Simpsons and Van Houtens and Cleatus. You can leave me alone now. I’m feeling much better and I need to get out of this ridiculous outfit and I to a smart suit. And then I need to get back to the school to see how Skiiiiiinnnnneeerrrr! is doing without me.” said Chalmers.

The Simpsons feeling this resolved everything went home and everyone returned to their normal lives.

Oh and the Simpsons and Van Houtens hijacked a blimp and left Barney behind who still thought he was Alco Man and Bob tried to kill Bart again.

The story closes as if it were a story Lisa was telling to her grandkids. Who both inherited her starfish hair.

“And then I murdered my brother Bart and we all lived happily ever after. The end!” said Lisa smiling wickedly to her grandchildren.

Yeah sure Erik...

The End!