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Hell on Earth
April 24, 2022
Punk, alternative rock
Nick Riverra, Jesse Shatkin
Jesse Shatkin

Hell on Earth is a single by Springfield-based singer Nick Riverra, released as the lead single from his third studio Breathe. The single is Riverra's first since 2014's "Goodnight & Goodbye".


After the release of his second studio album Nick in 2014, Riverra took a hiatus from music in order to focus on his acting career. After a few high-profile acting gigs, including Soul2Soul and The Eyes: Confrontation, Riverra began to miss making music and decided to work on his return. His friend and Soul2Soul co-star Rapsta Chik offered him a contract with her label, Livin' Life Records. Riverra worked on Breathe in secret, wanting the official release to be a surprise. "Hell on Earth" was chosen as the lead single as Riverra thought it'd be a good comeback after eight years away from music.


"Hell on Earth" is a punk song that runs for three minutes and twenty seconds, written by Nick Riverra and Jesse Shatkin and produced by the latter. The song lyrically discusses a desire to cause chaos and anarchy and fight against society, with Riverra declaring during the chorus that he wants to "raise hell on earth".

Critical Reception

"Hell on Earth" received positive reviews from critics. Adrianna Morgan of Springfield Shopper called "Hell on Earth" as well as the Breathe album a strong musical comeback for Riverra, with her pointing out that it was smart for him to make his return during the pop-punk revival of the mainstream music industry.

Music Video

A music video for the song was released on April 24, 2022, featuring Riverra performing the song with his guitar on a mountain of giant blaring speakers.

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